Random Thought

Thursday, January 27, 2005

yesterday havin been bloggin so....
i'll blog veh veh long today.. heh
ok.. hmmmm.. today is chao boring

oh ya.. Mr Zaldy ask me..
u got flu today ar.. and he rmb my name already
yay!! i dunno y i so happy
my test got 13.5.... sian half
but considerin i nv study...
quite high?

hmmm.. a maths is lyk
huh? and wat? and die?
and its lyk.. i dun wanna have anymore test!!
ahhh!! stressed!! okok.. hmmm..

today after school i saw V..
yea.. he cropped his hair..
not so shuai but do i care?
i nv stopped lurbin him
but its just that he doesnt noe
so wad can i do.. hais..

open up ur door
can't u hear that i'm knockin at ur door?
i waited outside ur door frm July 2003 till now..
how long more??? ahhh
ok.. lets not talk abt this

hmmm.. talked to siew ling today.
she seemed to be a rather nice person
she said she wud find me on monday
monday? that is lyk
the day we are playin match wit u all
hais.. i dunno la..
scarli i lyk her how?
hais.. i'm not a byee..
i'm straight.. lol.. not crooked..
except my backbone..
la la la..

played dota..
but not i dc is de host dc
liew.. evil!!!
its lyk.. i dun wanna play liao
and jun kai was kind enuff to teach me
everything i wan to know
whoot.. sweet.. so many ppl teachin me
end up i'll be de most pro of all pros.. lol..

k la.. today got nth much to blog again.. so i'll stop here
bye and tC

pieces of me @ 11:07 PM.
Tuesday, January 25, 2005

whOoT!! lemme tell u 1 thing
we wOn bedOk NoRth!!! hee
erm.. win by 9 marks.. 14-23
hmmm.. i went to de boys match
then ppl keep sayin..
wa.. cheeseng.. ur sub.. i was lyk..
yeah!! i go help u all play and lose.. LOL
hmmm.. talk to zhi yuan
i was lyk.. ehh.. mux win hor..
and he was lyk.. cfm win de la.. whoot..
hee.. and he so chao shuai wen playin.. whoots!!
chee leng..!! omg!! he lyk super hero.. whaaha
run so fast.. so "short" but intercept ball.. whoot!!
chee leng.. wo "ai" shi ni le!!! =X la la la

si b boys.. keep sayin rishun.. pls lor!!
i wan to see de not rishun.. is zhi yuan lor.. =D hee
la la la.. anyhow say.. here is the jersey number

4: Chee Leng
5: Edwin
6: Chee Seng
7: Zhi Hao
8: Jian Wei
9: Fok Hun
10: Zhi Yuan *
11: Kang Long
12: Zheng Le
13: Daxin
14: Rishun
15: Guang Jun

la la la.. idiot.. y kang long get 11.. hee

today lesson is chao borin
eddie tot i cry
and get tissue paper frm yining
but i tried to stuff back
but its lyk.. eeeyerrr... gross..
so i use blow nose den throw

oh ya.. benjamin got highest for maths..
congrats ya.. anyway
when he talk to me
i dun even understand wat he is talkin abt
its lyk.. er? all question mark appear on my head..
then i jux nod and say.. ya.. ya.. oops?

hmmmmm... wad else neh.. oh ya..
i HATE mdm hoe.. its lyk.. wadda hell?
she is lyk.. wad? dun wan gif us paper den dun lor
hais.. i oso hack la..

k la.. nth else interestin..

shld i open my heart
so that sum1 else cud once again enter my life?
maybe that should be de thing i shld do...
if i open my heart..
de one that was once inside will run away frm me
nv enterin my heart again

*-)]] i nv stopped lovin euu.. its just that u dunno..

pieces of me @ 10:59 PM.
Monday, January 24, 2005

today went skl.. 1st lesson bio!!
we played games and my group got 2nd least..
wahahaha.. we got lyk.. negative 200? whoot!!
sean is a nod bad person la..
wahaha.. veh obedient.. =X
i ask him sit whr he sit.. lol.. oops?
no la.. i was kiddin.. he was just being kind..

then its lyk.. chem..
i chao hate that teacher
she was lyk.. scoldin eddie when he only got 1 nv do..
its lyk.. wadda hell lor?

ok.. as usual.. we quarrel.. this time reli till veh crazy
its lyk.. i reli got pissed k!!
till i dun wan to talk to him
till he said sorry.. hee =D

physics test!!
oh gawd.. its was sooo easy kae...
but it was oso veh hard..
as in its a easy paper..
but cox i nv study..
its hard

erm.. then durin maths ar..
i went to walk ard my klass..
then i was lyk.. luffin
so tiya look at me at that "are u alright" type of look
so i jux walk there
and he jux pass me his fone..
i was lyk.. er? u pass me ur fone for?
then i nv do anything he jus put back..
then i kinda curious..
so i just take the fone w/o askin?
oops? rude? ya.. i guess so.. but... lyk i care?
his fone is veh nice kae!! i was lyk... oooooo
i can press de button ma.. and he was lyk lookin at me
wit that "u sure u are alright" type of look and say
ya.. of cox can la.. and luff..
but idiot leh.. b4 i can press.. the cher came..
arghhh... its lyk.. huh? haven press
then in de end no chance to press

oh ya.. maths test was pretty easy
oops? and u noe wad?
i nv studied!! whoot..?!!
but i pity eddie leh..
cox he had to crap wit me..
so its lyk.. he help me do chi compo lor
he offered to help summore i was lyk..
errR?? are u sick? but i din say la..
then i was lyk.. okok.. u help me do!! yay!!
then its lyk.. i tell him my story in english..
and he help me write in chi.. wahaha.. my dictionary
whoots.. nice hor? k la.. thankew idiot.. =D

we left for match..
and i was veh confident that we cud win
but u noe wad was the score at last?
44-19... we kena trashed!! i so sad..
then i got play..
almost score lor..
then 2 ppl whack my arm
then now my arm chao weak..
then wen i shoot free throw..
omg.. so wai.. ahh
2nd shot.. oso so wai..
and my team mate..
all no form liao
nv play properly..
so in de end..
enemy get rebound..
so natural instinct.. run back!!
then they out.. so.... side ball
but b4 i knew it..
i was sub out
cox ar.. my thigh and arm injured
coach saw wad
but after whole thing complain i so weak
i was lyk.. wadda hell lor
i already lyk got esma no esma
den i still pin my whole life to play
and u still scold me..
kp la.. but i noe is all for my own good la
i jus hope i can play well tml..
cox ar..
even if lose nvm
dun be the lousiest skl amg all can liao
at least 3rd worst..
cannot worst then that de..

lol.. look at the time!!
i spent 1 hour jus to blog this.. lol
its 10.58 now..
and i still got loads more homework
but i'm chao tired so...
i'm off to slp..

pieces of me @ 10:05 PM.
Friday, January 21, 2005

si eddie.. pig sia u..
msg me.. good morning idiot..
which was lyk.... so late liao...
ok la.. wadeva..

aiyo... huijia ar... meet her then soooo late
meetin time was 10.30.. then she meet at 11....
ok... nvm... la la la..

we tabao KFC as usual..
den we makan.. yum yum..
we at yining hse actually wanted to do homework de
but in de end.. we ended up playin.. lol..
ehhh.. and her dog tried to bite me.. arghhhh... evor..
okok.. my parents wan me to go china town.. lol.. bye!!

`+__ PS * sorri ar.. my holiday cum week end veh borin de..__+`

pieces of me @ 6:39 PM.
Thursday, January 20, 2005

today go skl wit the tot that..
and the 1st person i saw was tiya..
he was askin if we won or we lost
but i just looked away so hui jia talked to him
which i dun even bother
then i went to my sittin arrangement
then when i was there
everybody was lyk askin
heys!! u win or lost.. and its lyk..
i lost.. i lost.. lyk.. so ashame to say that..

argh.. today weemeng told me vincent nv come skl
make me so worried sia
then in the end he told me he got come
late nia.. arghhh. idiot la euu....

went back to klass..
and guess wad...
its lyk... we cannot stop quarrellin de lor
then everytime end up he apologise..
muahahaha *evil grins*
he was lyk.. aiya.. u nv tell me i oso noe u all lost
idiot la u... >_<

den Eddie ar.. wan to get my number then he type so slow
then i was lyk.. u type fin i already pack fin liao la
then he was lyk.. ur problem la
then as usual.. QUARREL
then i was lyk.. u dun wan den nvm lor
but he de end he said sorry.. wahahaha.. =D
i saved his name as fake idiot
so he saved my name as idiot..
idiot leh he..

ahhh.. i beginning to get irritated by Ms Peh
the way she said.. Klass? Are you wit me? aLLo?
ahhh.. its drivin me nuddss!!!
but her lesson are chao fun.. *lap clap*
its lyk.. we hv fun, laughter, peace and joy(yining trade mark)

today in the middle of klass
sum1 called me and i was lyk
wth.. call me durin skl time
then it was unknown number
so he was lyk.. halo.. jerrome ar..
i was lyk.. erm.. wrong number
i think it was his fwen lor.. idiot
that idiot guy i saw yeaterday..
wadeva.. lol..

MR FOK..!! u suk man
he was lyk sayin that my grp was pathetic.. no paper
and my grp was lyk.. ya.. we pathetic.. we are pathetic
we admit we are pathetic
then he bwg and he walk away.. LOL!!
yay!! and he is so MCP!!!
i hate him.. we were arguin
then he was lyk tellin use how violent his sister was
and u noe wad happen?
tiya was lyk..
nowonder u so thin
then the whole klass luff
then i was lyk..
ehh.. cher.. mux stay back ar that guy
then when he say
if 1 stay back.. the whole klass stay back together
then i say.. nvm nvm.. dun need stay back
and i luff.. and the klass luff wit me.. yay wahaha..

LOL!! eddie had to use his butt to spell MISSISSIPPI
its was soooo funny!! esp de i!!
LOL.. its lyk.. he was lyk.. 1 line down.. then for de dort
he got and push him butt out.. LOL
it was comedy man.. wahahhaa.. funny!!

wahaha.. b4 we went home..
ahem see ahem nametag and called ahem name
then ahem say bye to ahem
wahaha.. ehhh..
ahem.. that ahem see my name tag then say my name de
so ahem ar ahem.. dun think too much la
i noe u are happy liao lor..
wahahaha.. u good lor..

hmmm.. ok.. i hate thursday..
everybody ps me en wendy
so we chit chat then go home..

pieces of me @ 5:01 PM.
Wednesday, January 19, 2005


pieces of me @ 9:26 PM.

heys heys.. today DAMN cold ok..
oh ya..!! oh ya!! today dar clouds oso nice nice de..

ok.. theres this sec 1 boy..
damn xia lan de..
fuck him sia
cut Queue lyk nobodys business
fuck him ar
if he ever cut my queue again i will push him till he falls down
whack him or even slap him kae..
then when i walk pass him i say fucker to him
wahaha.. oops? la la la

okok.. today we learn a new formulae...
Benjamin Bullshit Twice For Ameer's Cousin To Ameer..
LOL!! its so funny kae!!!

u noe wat he said
when will u guys not be in klass
i wan to use ur klass room
fuck off la
then u noe wat he said
my klass is willing to pay $5.10 for this klassroom
nb.. then the whole klass keep quarrellin
den i damn du lan liao lor
then i jux say out..
wah lau.. lame leh u all.. klassroom say money
lyk we ppoor liddat..
i reli damn du lan wit Mr Yong Lor!!!

then ar.. b4 we left the klass...
a lot ppl say good luck to me sia.. omg...
1st was Eddie, den Zhen Long, den Tiya, den Shaila
den Yesslin, den May, den b4 we went off..
so pai seh sia.. its lyk... keep sayin mux win leh
then i was lyk.. errrrRrs.. how am i going to face klass tml..
its lyk.. the score is 38-29..
and we lost.. hais..

yup.. we lost.. so sad.. but we almost catch up once
Nan scored 2 3-points and 1 2-point.. and she was jumpin lyk mad
i cud see how happy she was
if i was her
i wud be doing that too
mebbe even worst

___ to whole team ___
hey.. good luck.! u did ur best wad!! ^^,

oh ya.. to Zhen Long.. thx for ur msg leh.. so encouragin sia
*touched* wahaha.. i veh gan dong!!! =D
and u did say good luck to me.. hee..
who says ur shy!! oh.. c'om man.. u're not!!

pieces of me @ 7:34 PM.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

wait wait!!
before u read... i have to clarify sumthing
GEOGRAPHY FILE IS PURPLE!!!! yippe! *jumps wit joy*

today we move to resource room.. song bo?
then mdm ho ask me to borrow OHP
4/3 ?DAMN EVIL... meanie...
keep disiaoin me.. cox i noe most of them.....
sooo.... ya...

he is a nice person..
me, yining en ah jia cold
he turn the air con higher i think
a + point.. wheet... ahem ahem.. happy ba

erm.. pe!! yay!! got high jump..! yay!
ehh.. si weining... nv die b4 si bo..
pull my pants till can see my ahem liao la..

hmmm.. today tummy pain.. *tears*

today the Mr Gui "piao" lai..
we ignored him lyk siao lor
then he "piao" zhou..
so fun! =D

TRAINING... si bei cham
its lyk.. ahhhh.. dunno la....
but its lyk.. i reli damn scared lor
i tell u tml b4 i release at 11 ar..
i sure cry de lor
i too scared le..
its lyk.. omg.. tml match.. and i cfm on bench de
hais... oh ya.. rmb to bring jacket
la la la.. no fair.. yining en jia de jacket same color..
then almost same pattern de
then me leh.. diff colour en pattern..
hais.. ehh? but nvm la.. its only a jacket
i wanna buy a purple jacket
en a purple bag
en a purple wallet
en a purple pencil case
thats all
mux work more.. wahahaha..

k lahs.. shall stop here... bye!!

pieces of me @ 7:08 PM.
Monday, January 17, 2005

today is monday..

Phsyics!! Mr Zaldy!!
yay.. today mark was lyk.. can i see william
then mr zaldy was lyk.. william.. stand
then william stand
mr zaldy was lyk..
there.. u see william already!! LOL

theN Ms Peh nv come...
get well sooN.. i miss yuuu..
then mR gui!! LOL
he taugh us maths and we were lyk..
huh? wad just happened?
he talks damm soft..
he is lyk... soOooO "happy"??

wahahaha.. then we choosin file colour..
i think it was geography
then aRrr..
insTeaD of mE suggestin purpLe..
Tiya suggested purple i was lyk..
huh? wad? ya..!! ya!! purpLe!!!!
u can tell rite? my blog... font color + many many
i finally found my purple mate
so many ppl like pink.. and i was lyk.. eeeeyer...
pink is more lyk gay color to me..
purple means romance.. thats way yh and lynn said
means i'm a romantic person =X
la la la.. kiddin.. wahaha..

oh ya.. in chinese lesson
the idiotic 3/1 guys played wit that door
then Tiya tried to push back
then the 3/1 push and hit Tiya
and he was lyk so damn du lan lor
he sooooO fierce.. i scared of him liaOos
hais.. so "gentleman" yet so "fierce"
tsk tsk tsk.. =X

wahahaha.. he told Mdm Ho tO Listen for announcement tml
theN Tiya asked me.. hao lian ar..
i was lyk.. ya.. ya.. so proud =X la la la

then in msm ho period..
we keep luffin and luffin cox she rub the board so funny
machiam swimmin si bo..

tOday Mr Happy showed us viideo..
then ahem talk to ahem so gay for em..
hee.. if u r in 3/2.. u will understand wad i wrote
see.. u do hv a chance lor ahem
who says u dun hv any chance?
lol.. ehh.. en ar.. dun be too sensative la
i mean its lyk.. cfm will hv a change de lor.. hee

ok.. today after skl... went tm..
ate curly fries.. so nice man.. omg
and we went to take neoprint..
i will put it in my blog if i got the time
yup.. and this is my day..


pieces of me @ 6:14 PM.
Saturday, January 15, 2005


how come she will reject him?
if i was her.. i sure accept de..
but base on my situation
i rather stick to my target.. hee
then to hate my fwen
anyway.. i'm not despo or wad
so i dun need him
as mr zaldy said
there are so many fishes in the sea
cfm can catch 1 nice fish de wad
if that fish is not the fish i wan
then jux wait to catch another fish
thats abt it

= tryin to 4get =

pieces of me @ 10:40 PM.

today had training...zZz
and blah blah blah
normal things go on

then i went to meet huijia
she ar.. chao late lor.. wahahaha..
but nvm.. used to it le
then we meet weining they all after on
wahaha.. chao late lor..
then we ta pao kfc go her hse eat
yum yum yum.. so nice.. *drools*

ok.. we din reli start work immediately
but inventually... we did
oh ya.. then halfway ar
sinling, yongxiang and kelvin go weining hse
i was lyk.. errrr... then yining was lyk.. eeee
wahhaaha.. oops.. erm.. then we do the project
finally finish.. yay! *wipes sweat*

after that went east point..
so late already.. wahahaha..
then some1 say i look lyk butch @_@
sure bo.. eeeyer.. i look lyk meh
k la.. stop here..

pieces of me @ 9:55 PM.
Friday, January 14, 2005

ahh.. mdm rao nv go to skl today..!! ahh!!
ehh.. si may.. call tyia a gay.. argh.. then he carried her bag

then we went back to class then ar... wahahhaa...
me, huijia en yining keep askin everybody.. wats our name..
si eddie.. nv die b4 ar.. say dunno my name..
wahahaha... ehh.. dun sad la.. dunno ur name now..
noe ltr oso not too late ma.. ^^

wahaha.. today skt sit beside me.. den ar..
borrow ruler frm me.. then i say i dun hv
then ask yining lend him
then he stare at my pencilbox and say
ur pencil so big.. then i ps then keep ma
then wahahhaa.. yining... u good lor
wahaha.. see.. i help u leh.. la la la

Ms Fahana was lyk... talkin abt indonesia
then talk till hotel got pros..
then ar... LOL...
me, yesslin, eddie and yining
talk till so bian tai.. and that eddie..........
keep zheng dui wo.. epos..

muahaha.. now at yinings hse.. talk so many things
so funny.. keep di siaoin her.. k la.. need to go liao..
byebye =

pieces of me @ 4:32 PM.
Thursday, January 13, 2005

u pissed me off

1st was eddie..
he asked a Qn and i was kind enuff to ans it
and he said.. oso not talkin to u
wadeva.. that made me moody for half of skl
then when i was ok.........

yining angry..
i understand how she felt
the jealousy..
the anger...
S.W. u pissed me off
today when he talk to me
i ans in a damm buay song way
its lyk..
how can u make my fwen
its lyk.. dun u noe how she feel for u
and yet u keep talkin to the S square
u pissed me off... reli..

pieces of me @ 8:45 PM.
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

tOday.. ex 2/2 had a gathering whoots
so fun.. its lyk.. tho we're in diff klass
we still can be close fwens.. aint it cool?
me en... *takes a deep breath*
yinhui, lynnette, yining, xinyi, huiyi
*pants for breath*
we went to makan togather after school
and we talk abt loads of things.. aint it cool?
i mean lyk.. so fun lor.. then so fast 2 hours pass le
sob sob.. boo hoo
den den den ar.. haiyo.. we take cab machiam take bus..
but nvm la.. i ok nia
yinhui is da worst..
mux walk walk walk walk so far

oh ya.. today chi test.. i got 22 over 136..
whoots.. whose daR guRl man..
=X la la la
then ar.. tyia and me..
wahaha.. keep lookin at each other then luff
i reli hope *ahem ahem* was me
lol.. then she can be happy liao
hmmmm.. then today i hi-5 wit tyia..
and run to *ahem ahem* and hi-5 to her..
but she wash her hand... awww man..
today i hi-5 wit a lot ppl sia..
only tyia is i ownself say hi-5 de..
then eddie, suhaila and many many more
all suddenly wan to hi-5 wit me.. wahahaha
hais... *ahem ar ahem* pls talk to him leh
wish u were me.. hais
then u wud be on cloud nine
*see! my eng inprove k...!! =X la la la*
k la.. i shall stop here..
buai bye

pieces of me @ 8:31 PM.
Tuesday, January 11, 2005

wat a fuck day

today.. so much homework.. dots
then in training
i said i butt cramp.. sock was lyk
got butt cramp meh.. got such thing meh
y i nv kena b4
fuck la..
u nv kena b4 means dun hv meh
u nv kena cancer b4 means dun hv such thing as cancer la?
then i told ana and huijia
fuck them oso la
ana mock me.. say.. aiyo.. i oso butt cramp leh
then jia was lyk.. aiyo.. den i neh neh cramp leh
fuck la... cb
insult to me lor
u think i dun hv pride de izzit
then hweeying.. dots..
when break
drinkin water...
dun say liao
then durin training
i talk to jia..
then ar
she ignored me lor
then wadeva la
at the end she apologised
then i 4gif her oso

wad a fuck day
thats my title
now fuck off u blardi fucker

pieces of me @ 9:51 PM.
Monday, January 10, 2005

iF eUu weRe tO hV a sTeaD..
i wud saY i'm haPpy fOr eUu..
but.. wat abt me?
sometimes life is just so unfair
u just wanna gif up
but.. dun ever say that..
love is complicated
u keep hearing ppl say
if u love someone
that let them go
but thats not true..
no.. it isnt at all
lovin some1 is not how u let go
but its how u hold on..
but often u hear ppl say
"ni she de wo nang guo ma"
well.. its true la.. but
u still gotta try
lyk me..
its already 1 yr, 5mths and 20 days
but hv i let go?
no.. i dint
i hold on
did i let u be sad?
no too.. i dun forced u to be wit me
but when u r happy
i will be happy too
thats wat true love is
if u love some1.. and desire to be wit them
then that is not called love..
love is when u desire to be for them
to be the 1st person to noe their sorrows
to lend them ur shoulders when they cry
to lend them ur listening ears
to lend them ur words of wisdom
to make them happy in any ways
as when they are sad..
u r sad as well
when they cry
u cry with them
ppl often say
if u laugh
the whole world luff wit u
but if u cry
u cry alone
thats not true for love
if u cry
i will be beside u cryin for u
if u laugh i will be laughin wit u
if u r wit the wan u love
i will say
i'm happy for u
Title : Love
Author: Jolene
Main Inspiration : Him

pieces of me @ 5:51 PM.

Hmmm.. today i went to skl.. then durin recess.....

i saw boon peng walk pass.. so i was thinkin..
"hmmm.. y i see boon peng no vincent.."
then i saw vincent.. whoot

Then after school.. *ps.. dun say i bhb pls*

same thing.. i saw boon peng.. and was thinkin
whr is vincent? hais...
then when i reached the bus stop,
i saw vincent~ whoot..
then he was lyk.. lookin at me? =X
thats wat i saw ba.. frm my point of view
then Bus 9 came..
love that bus
*that time me and him was on the bus,
and he was sittin beside me.. ^^, *
oh ya.. back to my story
then bus 9 was full..
and my and my fwens was lyk.. cannot go in
so we went back
and i was lyk.. complaining
wa lau.. bus no space.. then so wet summore
and i made all stupid actions
then i turn en faced him..
he was smiling at my direction..
and i noticed something
he look so shuai now
he hair lyk a bit dyed..
and he styled his hair a bit
so nice so shuai
then Bus 2 came
i went abroad the bus
hopin he was oso takin that bus but.....
nvm.. so i was on the bus..
then when the bus was leavin
i saw him lookin for me?
and when he saw me
he jux keep lookin at my direction as the bus left
i was lyk.. omg.. smilin all the way

then we went long john to eat
after that, we went home
and on the bus..
all i cud think of was
of todays incident
i jux kept smillin and smiling
so happy

+`__ r u tryin to hint me that i still got a chance?

_cox i still lyk u.. i reli do_

* i hv nv given up on u *

~ Not Even One Mth
~ Not Even One Week
~ Not Even One Day
~ Not Even One Hour
~ Not Even One Min
~ Not Even For One Sec

sO if u ReLi aRe giViN mE a ChanCe, pLs teLL mE.. i wUn bReaK uR heaRt.. thaTs a PrOmiSe..

pieces of me @ 5:36 PM.
Friday, January 07, 2005

f la si gay..
copy my nick
go away la
f off la
i reli hate u lor
my nick so nice
let u copy
no life man u
u think jux by deletin the char
u think i can use the nick meh
wadeva la
i dun wan to play that stupid game liao la
i let u be gay lor
since u lyk to be gay so much
idiot leh u
i dun even lyk u lor
its lyk
quit it man
u're jux so gay
date me?
o c'om man
face the reality
dun getti oso nvm
we cant be together
u're a gay
and i'm pure
i dun be together wit gays ok?
and cox...

pieces of me @ 11:27 PM.
Wednesday, January 05, 2005


help me.. someone
i sufferin frm depression
hais.. so much trouble nowadays..
angry wit sss ppl.. eugene and co
sad abt him...
got homework today
then abt bball
wah.. its lyk.. sbs

sss ppl.. sian..
fuck daryl, fuck elroy fuck his brother
hate them y'all

him ar.. shld i fang qi?
but i still lurve him
fang qi ni bu dai biao bu ai ni
ke shi ai ni bu dai biao hui you xing fu
u hurted my hart
nightmares of u en her r comin at me
everynight i had that nightmare
its so scary
i cried in my dreams
woke up wit my pillow wet
pantin for breathe and eyes all swallon
let me go.. just let me
y wun u let me go
i reli lurve u..
but i hate u too
u made me suffer the way i'm sufferin right now
i hate the way this feels
u noe how it feels to hv nightmares of the wan u love
being wit some 1 else?
everynight its the same night mare
let me go.....let me go..
i wanna be free..
let me go
how wud u feel if the wan u love
dun love u back
but u jux dun wanna gif up?
think abt it
i noe u wun be readin this
but i jux wan u to noe..

ni bu ai wo bu yong jin
ke shi.. qing ni ba wo fang zhou
rang wo zi you zi zai de ai bei ren

as she wrote, tears rowed down her cheeks *tears*

pieces of me @ 10:05 PM.
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

heys.. how come people keep askin me
u and ling yong stead izzit?
u lyk him ar?
he lyk u ar?
k la.. i admit lor.. i like him before
but that was veh long liao
i dun even noe he got lyk me b4
but i still had the best experience wit him
the day we were on the beach
for the amazin race of chc
if he were to gimme a chance..
i dun mind
i dun wan to wait for sum1
who wun gimme a chance at all
its already 1 yr, 5mths, 14days
its so long
i just wanna gif up
i dun mind givin him a chance..
i reli dun
then when i saw u..
i waved at u and
u waved back
i dunno y i felt so happy..
but... i noe we're impossible
dun break my hart anymore

wO hui yOng yuaN ji de ni de..
bu neng yOng yuan ai ni
ke shi ni hui zai wo de xin 1314 de..

pieces of me @ 8:10 PM.
Monday, January 03, 2005

sorry guys.. haven been bloggin for so long
cox i was playin maple story..
add me if u got play too..
my nick is beibi
wahaha.. dun luff at my nick la
i noe u're smilin now.. lol
hmmm.. k.. back to my story.. abt my 1st day at skl
went to school and saw my class
oh man.. this will be a borin year i tot
but... things changes.. lols
my sittin arrangements was near all the jokers
whoot.. man.. that wud be fun..
i keep di siaoin zhen long..
dunno why oso.. lol... but its so fun..
like his eyes tho..
then eddie sittin behind me..
he kena shoot by mdm ho
he quite funny la.. quite fun
this klass wud be great man
but still
i miss yin hui, carin, hui yi, lynnette etc
i miss keith, kiang hua , rayner etc
i miss them all.. *tears*
if only we cud all be in the same klass..
why? why cudn't we be in the same klass
today.. i saw Vin.. i feel so relief now.. no more bad nightmares for me.. i keep havin the thots that he was being killed in the tsunami.. cox malaysia was affected too.. heng ar.. saw him..
kks.. end here

pieces of me @ 7:11 PM.

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