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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Deslocated and Fractured his left arm.

Currently @...
Changi Hospital
Ward 36, Bed 17
Lobby C, level 6

Visiting Hours @...

Operation starts @...
30th Sept 2008

Please visit him if possible! =)
It'll help him lots!
Anything contact me!


pieces of me @ 3:41 PM.

Quite cool shit stuffs! Look at the picture below and see what you see!
I saw these quite long ago but suddenly it popped back into my world again! LOL!

Actually there's 2 stuffs in the picture below one! LOL!

Cool shits!

pieces of me @ 3:38 PM.

26th Sept 08 - At home all day
Stayed at home the whole day! It's not like I wanted to! I wanted to do certs ah, go school do some stuffs! But too nua in the end stay at home whole day! =P Nothing special for that day! Just chionged through HOT SHOT!

Dam nice I swear! Not the typical love story! Yucks. xP

25th Sept 08 - Soccer Dcup, 1M
Woke up that day with a super nua body! Like super duper! Even had to force myself to get up of bed! Stomach was a lil pain! After nuaing in the bed for few hours, I decided to use all my strength to wake up and go for Dcup!

On the way to school, cause it was like 5-6+pm, a lot of sch release. So there was a lot of kids! So all their sweat and all fill up the first bus I took with smells. It was smelly and stuffy. Already felt like vomitting!

When got to the second bus! Wah! Worst! Smells of toxincs or sth! Really felt like puking from the start! But I ren-ed and reach school!

Reach school and Atiqah told me only one team playing! Say actually i dont need go down also can de! But nvm! At least got one team! Suddenly when 7 reached, we realised both teams not coming today! So it's like! AHHHH! Come school for nothing! Still wanted to go KY chalet! But never go in the end! Cause too sick! =x

Spot anyone familiar?

Know who is this?

It's TS!! He actually sent me all the way back home la! Like seriously thanks! >_> Really if he nv send I won't have the energy to continue walking le!




So diff was the 1 month ago!
I so strong! Whoots!

pieces of me @ 3:37 PM.

24th Sept 08 - Notice Board

*Below is a super cencored post! You will know what I mean! *

So went back school to do the notice board stuffs overnight! Below was our first accomplishment! But I had it cencored cause I want to keep everyone in suspense on what we're doing for the notice board! :D For those that already knew, SHHHH!!! =D

Really dam troublesome one! First had to print the design on A3 size paper. [Not to mention designing the imagine to be printed! Mario took 3 hours for this just for few images!] Then draw out on cardboard and cut again! After that we finally got our template to cut on the styloform box! :D

Vigress! They came clubroom to meet up to collect money ._.


The main focus is the pink toy! :P Dam cute right! hahah!

Our works! We did quite a lot of it! Whoots!

Sneak preview of the 5% completed notice board.

We did THIS MUCH!! Whoots! Really a lot k! :D

And my little styloform snowman! =P

Dcup soccer was nxt! :D Pall picker TS! He dam zai please!

After everything, headed oppo sch for prata with sheep.

My fav Masala!! =D Dam huge! I miss that can! hahaha!

While walking back, we saw tpsu MC! First thing one person said! "EH! MARCUS AND JOLENE!" LOL! Dam retarded! It's like hello! Not marcus! And tak-yi reaction dam fast!

I swear! :D

After that, someone bused 43 home! =P

YAY! 1 day before that month ago!
Super super happy!

pieces of me @ 3:25 PM.

23rd Sept 08 - CDC, Capt Ball Dcup

Went to payar Lebar to meet meiwei and headed off to Eunos CDC to sign up for driving.

I swear Jolene ALWAYS gets lost! I was suppose to take 43 to payar lebar! But I thought 48 could reach also, so I headed to take that bus! In the end!! It suddenly exited ParkWay and headed to express road! Next thing I know, I was at bugis! Wth!! But somehow managed to get to Payar Lebar.

At CDC, she keep psychoing me to take private la! But my mom want me to take school etc etc. In the end I dont want to argue le so just take private la. Test date 11 November for BTT.

On the way back to school, I met dao BenGoh on the same bus! LOL! Dam qiao right this world!

And there's meiwei! :D

Dcup-ed and whatsoever. BlahBlah. Lights suddenly went off at 9 and the match haven't completed yet and such.

After that accompanied officials to go oppo police station for dinner.

Halfway, brandon joined us! LOL!

After that, I went back school. At the busstop there, I saw bengoh, leslie and one guy! It's like im human iris! First thing help them iris for last bus! =X

Went back school to take the things needed for seal points while waiting for sone Aqua. Noticed board + seal points the entire night after.

Anyway, that day Randy dam sweet! He came to msn me this.
randy(: says:
randy(: says:
you there?
randy(: says:
if you happen to see this msg, i just want to say just now at clubroom dont know why you like moody moody de! if you got any problems or what can always talk to me okie! and check out manper's blog and tell me if you can come or not okie! <3

And I wasted LOTS of time that day!
Time and money!

pieces of me @ 1:08 PM.

22nd Sept 08 - HB girls + 1 outing!

Heh! Was on the way to meeting the rest at bugis that day. On the way, I notice this dam cute buildings I never noticed before everytime I sit on the bus! See the buildings! One block one colour! LOL!

Went to Bugis street to meet XiuZhen Apple and Fion darls. They all reached before me! Cause on that day, got a lot ppl emo den I leave hse later! LOL!

Fion ME! :D

Grab a lil bite and went to take bus to clark quay. The tragic thing is, after we board the bus, we were like "EH SHIT! Right direction bo? I think wrong leh!!" Den all alighted the bus! In the end we cabbed there.

Went to meet FY, did a lil walking and had our dinner at Waraku over at central.

For those that never been to Waraku, let me warn you first, THE BOWL LOOKS BIG! Compare the size to FY!

But inside so little! :P

Apple's! The only one that looks normal sized! LOL!

And mine! They bluff me de! Cheeze in menu look so much. But here look like cheeze flakes only!

After that, we headed to PS spot light and daiso for a lil walk walk! :D So many creative items there! I swear! haha!

Btw, I seriously think they cannot enter a lift with mirror! Sure zi lian de! =x

After that we went to Basement a dessert shop to eat dessert! :D FY TREATS US! WHOOO!!

Anyway, got lots of error on the menu! Can you spot them all? :D

YAY! F for FangYong we love FangYong! :D

And the lovely desserts!!! WOW!

Dam nice right? Shall bring u all go eat one day also! =D

Actually wanted to head to sch for bball that day but in the end dint!
Wanted to meet ivan ahmad they all also! But in the end also dint!


One group,
Three locations! X_X

pieces of me @ 11:57 AM.

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