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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I think my body is tired physically!

Slept like at ungodly hours for the past few days and woke up very early volunteeringly!
I got home at around 5.20plus plus and slept at like 6am plus!
Woke up at 10am and had to run to so many places!
Now my whole body is like shivering and feels like no energy! Think its like lack of nutrients and rest cause I've been skipping my lunch for quite some time now due to exams and staying at home.

But Jolene is a very happy girl today cause at the ultimate end of the day, she met up with 11 other lovely people whom she have not met for 2 years! And that is her secondary school classmates! YAY!

WENYAN says "lol u are a syper happy girl everyday" So I changed! I am a SUPER super happy girl today! :D

Not much change for many people! But SEAN! You've becoming more handsome eh! =D Serious!

Melvin and Sean came my house after that randomly! LOL! Seriously, my house is turning into a resort! =D

PS: Watched Last Chance. DONT WATCH K! I'll seriously rate it 0.5 stars out of 5! Bahhs! Draggy, boring, not funny, no climax and very typical.

On and on and on the days went
I took a lil sip.

pieces of me @ 11:19 PM.


I reached home at like 1am plus! SO HAPPY TODAY! =)
Like we spent 2hours in ONE shop! And like 30mins or more in the dressing room together!

Anyway, going out again for like random meet up! Ivan's driving here yo! :D Die la! So late still go out! TSK!

Gonna do what I preech
Cathay Arcade Rocher Lassel past by me today.

Past is meant to be a past!
Present is a gift! =D

pieces of me @ 1:16 AM.
Friday, February 27, 2009

omg! I wanna share this picture with ya all!

Dam blardy cute! :D

Faster! At the count of 3 2 1 we all go awwww together k!




Awwww~ LOL!

Psst! Why aren't you doing it! ';...;'

We didn't do it!
Wud dis face lie to u?

pieces of me @ 11:48 AM.

I want baileys like super badly!
And some people isn't helping by constantly telling me that he's drinking it!

Anyone knows where to get baileys? I really really wanna drink! LOL!

At bleach 314 already! =D Whoots!

I hate my body clock! =(
I always sleep so late! And waking up super duper early! =(

pieces of me @ 10:29 AM.

Omg! My day is filled with loves! =)

Read finish the manga! Faster come out more please! It's so interesting!
Now watching bleach! At 302! Now it's like at 346 epi!
After that gonna look for more manga! :D
This time, I'll do the searching! =P

Anyway, shit lah! I found the problem to my iPhone internet usage thing! So dumb! Dam angry lah! Roars! It's like they use it even when you never use the program! So scam!

Secret training somewhere! BWAHA! =D So much fun oh so much fun!

After that went to airport to meet up with my 3 lovely lads. I've been seeing them too much serious! And each time I see them, they shocked me with "Lets go your house" LOL!

Bimbs! Baking at Kat house! Slap?

PS to kat: I will upload pictures! I should get back that habit of mine! Now my blog looks so boring! BAH!

Love filled holiday! Serious!

Don't think too much. Don't assume too much
Cause at the end of the day, you're the one that'll be hurt.
//This applies to everyone, not only myself

pieces of me @ 12:35 AM.
Thursday, February 26, 2009


Someone introduced a manga to me.
It is like quite nice in the sense that I can learn a little more things about animals.

Informative yet interesting manga.
Yup! I love those.
Not those love love kinds. Yucks.

Chiong ahhhh!
Finish this manga before 2pm!

pieces of me @ 11:41 AM.


I forgot to blog this!

TS made this for me before he left house today! So touched can!

Too bad I din't see it before I entered the exam room! Cause I din't know he sent an mms!

Yes you are Super Tian! =D
And I'm super woman! =P

pieces of me @ 2:00 AM.



Though SA really buang and I really got a HUGE feeling that i'll get sup paper cause more than half I really don't know how to do! No jokes. No exergerrating!

But heck care lah! It's over! :D

SORRY to those whom I've ignored in MSN the prev times! Was frantically studying!

There's so much I wanna do this holiday!
There's so much I have in plan this holiday!
There's already so much in my calandar dates that are booked!
There's so much I wanna learn this holiday!

Live each day to its fullest! :D

I'm gonna spam my youtube now!
I'm gonna have to complete my club stuffs -_-"
I'm gonna have so much meeting!
I'm gonna finish my driving till at least left 1 lesson before holiday ends!
I'm gonna watch my huan zhu ge ge!
I'm gonna go break my virgin for clubbing! HAHAHAH! [Literally break it]


Not forgetting spending time with friends!

Bahs! Shan't waste anymore time here!
Gonna go watch my youtube and learn some stuffs there!

Only you know I know!

pieces of me @ 1:51 AM.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009


paper in 4hours time!

Was really stressed out and couldn't concentrate!
But I found a way to make myself feel better! =D
Though after doing that, heartbeats doubly triply fast. Mind all scattered! But feels so good! :D

PS: Thanks TMM for acc thru the night! LOL! Waking me up at 6am just to ask me to study cause I fell asleep! :x If nobody acc me I think I sure sleep all the way! :P

Heh! It's a secret
We're gonna blow you guys off man


pieces of me @ 10:16 AM.



14hours 30mins to my last paper!
and only 16 hours 30mins to freedom! =D


Anyway, spent most of the time sleeping + watching youtube + talking on the phone today!

I spent like 4hours plus sleeping!
2hours plus watching youtube!
Near 1 hour talking on the phone!

Jolene ah Jolene! What you doing! HAHA!

But anyway, once again, breezed read through the entire SA except the last chapter cause I really don't understand + too tired to continue just now!

Re-revising chapter 4 before memorising the rest!

Youtube rocks! =D I'm so gonna spam youtube like mad! LOL!

And I din't know doing THAT could be so tiring!
Even though it's just for like 5mins! HAHAHA!
//PS: It's not what you're thinking!

I lost 0.7kg
And I think I've slimmed down!

pieces of me @ 12:00 AM.
Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When I thought FIM was ungodly, SA is worst!

SA is like dry and like 2x more notes than FIM!

Format of paper is like 20mark MCQ, 80mark Essay!

Seriously I can't make myself focus to study! ROARS!

Somehow, everything feels better after just whining to some people for a while.

I think it's just me
The soundtrack of my study

pieces of me @ 2:02 PM.


And tml's the paper!

Anyway, I swear I really am dreaming or something!
When I woke up, I swore I saw 11.30 on my phone! So I went to wash up and all. And check my time, it was only 10!

Then I think I saw the "grading" of my picture turns out to be 5/20 which I was dam shock! But suddenly, gmail dont have any reply?! LOL! Wth!

Side note, a very very long lost picture! Was telling someoneeeee about this "joke". LOL

Caption: "My doctor said that I can only drink one glass of wine per day. I guess I can live with that"

Something like that! If I never recall wrongly!

Days swiftly come and go
I'm thinking of her

pieces of me @ 10:16 AM.



The day I'm relieved of my stress!
DOUBLE my stress actually! =)

Tuesday tuesday whoots whoots!
Tml's the paper! But can't wait for tml to come cause I'll be freeee!

But but but!! Coming back to reality, YES its tough and stressful! =(

I think you shld know what i mean
Yup, I've learnt a lot from you in the last 1 hour!
Things I'll never learnt from other people

pieces of me @ 2:53 AM.

My room reeks of alcohol! x(
But ya! I never drink again! Due to studying! LOL!
But I did drink like red wine at his house and at Cathay!
But nope! It won't affect my brain cells! :D

Random people made random trip to my house just now! HAHA!
Played jenga and drank! Thanks Ivan for taking the rep for me and drinking for me! :D
Yup! They just left too!



YAY! I really wanna thank everyone that took the effort to really come down and make this day a success! From the random house visits to the Cathay visits and all! Really really! You all not only never complain but still come willingly! Esp to the GET people whom just finished their proj at ungodly 5am plus the previous day and still come down! The people that all sms-ed him when I msged them to msg him! Etc etc! It couldn't have been this great without you people! =D

Smelt like puked for so long and din't bathe cause of... *AHEM* SOME PEOPLE! HAHAHA! Idiot irritating people! =P But I still love you! HAHA!

And I'm glad he enjoyed his day today! Yays!

There's still one last part of the surprise! =D Oops!

PS: Thanks to someone for the Tiramisu cake! =)

Oh yea, be yourself
Like how you used to feel like!

pieces of me @ 1:09 AM.
Monday, February 23, 2009


Though not a flying cow, but definately not a flying sheep either! A landing sheep! Crashed and burnnn! HAHAHAH!

Yes it felt nice to see you near my hse busstop just now! :P
Though it doesn't mean anything! HAHA!

But YAY! The last to see you at your 19th, 1Xth age k! PROUD! =D

Hope you get a lot of smses flowing in right now!

Loves lots!
Thanks for appreciating it all! =D

pieces of me @ 12:28 AM.
Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm praying hard that 20marks of CPF will come out in FIM!

Cause I've memorised it till no return! Even bathing also try to recall recall! :D

Doing selective reading and memorising now! =D
At Insurance and Reinsurance! Whoots!

This whole subject is so vague! The topics can zooom from insurance to CPF to MAS to gozzilla!

PS: Omg! Typed this post at like 7.35 but forget to post!
Anyway, additional updates!

I realised, actually I think stil can pass?
After reading through the past year paper, and the kinds of questions, I was a lil bit more relieved! Cause it aint as hard as the term test!
And I think cause of that, I got my cool back and now reading through less stressly really helps! :D

14hours more to the paper!
Jia you!

pieces of me @ 10:45 PM.


Have just BREEEZED read through my entire FIM! Woohoo!

Time to go to bed for a little while first! Before reading 1 chapter of SA then go and memorise and fully understand FIM. =P

Plan's gonna succeed! Yay!

But I'm still stressed though! =(((
Somehow, I wish tml comes! But then again, I wish tml doesn't come! AHH!
Fickleminded Jolene!

Yup, I understand that phrase of what you meant.
You want it, yet you don't want it. The irony.

Nobody wants to feel they're the last one there
Everyone wants to feel that someone cares

pieces of me @ 3:45 PM.

1 Random note:

I love my hair today!

PS: Yes I din't bathed! Cause I bathed before reaching there. Anyway, as soon as I reached home, I started studying! Fell asleep at like 12+ woke up at 5+ suddenly. Went to study 1 chapter and to fall asleep again! Pathetic I know!

And yup, my notes are diff from the normal IT notes. Here's a picture. And the thing is that it is quite thick. It takes me 5 mins just to read one page! READ only. Not including understanding + memorising! =(

You get older
Blame turns to shame

pieces of me @ 11:40 AM.
Saturday, February 21, 2009

OMG! Somehow, when I always go to my blog. The song in my head would be the first song played! WTH! It's dam freaky.

Anyway, just got back from AhSoon's bday chalet.
Was studying the whole day before meeting Rio at whitesands.
So many old birds there!

I admit I had fun there. But halfway, my heart just wasn't there anymore.
In my head it was just so full of FIM and SA.
So I kinda lost my mood halfway =(

FIM and SA is so dam stressful!
Most of you might say "Aiya, what's the big deal. Exam only"
But if you're not in FBI, then don't compare.
Imagine me bringing my bag full of notes just so I can study in the bus to and fro.
The worst thing is not understanding what I read. I don't understand a single thing at all!

Can't believed I gave up movie!
Can't believed I stupidly gave up Baileys and red wine!
Can't believed I super stupidly choose study over fun!
But yup. I just did.

The traditional T_T face.

So stressed! =(
I so wished monday doesn't come.

I really feel like crying.
But I know crying doesn't help.
So don't be stupid.

Feels like pulling her hair all out!
I don't know why I am like this also

pieces of me @ 11:27 PM.

It's a jolly day!
I'm a happy girl.

And that is how it is!

I've READ, not studied, 3 chapters! 3 more and I'm good to go!

Suddenly I got form to study I have no idea why!
Perhaps cause its just 2 days to my test!
Ahhh. That's the real me! Last minute and absorbant!

Chiong ah!
You can! Do it!

pieces of me @ 1:08 PM.
Friday, February 20, 2009


Caption: When pubic meets pubic! LOL!

Yes I'm dam bored and not studying =D

pieces of me @ 11:30 PM.

Any idea who is this? I was drawing this person just now!

Answer will be revealed in the next few post! Be in the look out! :D

I think it's dam cool how I know where you are even without you telling me. Even without me asking you.

Not today

pieces of me @ 10:25 PM.

Today was one of the best phone conver yet! =D

So much climax inside! HAHAHA! =D

You don't have to try that hard to just have fun talking.
I guess we just lost that part and had it long forgotten.

Yup! And enjoy your fish cake!

pieces of me @ 7:46 PM.


Be sure to check out Nike Women's new launch!

A little doodle!

Think the doodle is cute? You can create one yourself too!
Just logon to :http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikewomen/en_SG/training_tool

There is also a features that enables you to keep track of training!

Girls, what are you waiting for? Check out Nike Women now!
You're a male? It's okay! Check it out for your sisters, girlfriends, wife or even friends! It'd be a great gift!

Nike Zoom Sister One+, The ultimate training shoe for women.
Pictures gotten from http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikewomen/en_SG/products

Can't wait?
Click the link below now!


pieces of me @ 3:33 PM.

I got a dam good news... [dont know is it good news to you or not but it definately is for me] but I'll let you know at a later date! =D haha! yay! =)

But for some it might be a bad news? I don't know!

Heart itchy right? Too bad! HAHAHAHA!
This is a biggg secret! =P

Btw, FIM status:
1 out of 12 lecture slides studied!

I caught a glimsp of heaven
Accepted by the people around...

pieces of me @ 10:46 AM.

Studying now! =)

I'm so shock that I'm actually studying? Though not fully concentraded but yea.
Think I'm getting more independent? Or is this called self-discipline?
//I think it's self-discipline afterall.

Anyway, when I study, I love to listen to classical music, especially piano pieces. So I'd always go to this guy in imeem for music pieces. And each time I go there, I'd always be eager to see some quotes he post in imeem.

This was the one today.
"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved"

So I thought of doing a little doodle. Though noob skills, but this is me! =) Tried shading but fail! Might upload a nicer version. I have no idea why the yellow turned green! But yea! I love the heart shades and the metal part of the lock shades tho.

pieces of me @ 3:17 AM.


Sooo ya. =)

Anyway, I admit I like games like Diner Dash and the thrills of getting expert score and earning money to buy upgrades! But the game they designed are like "so simple" to earn money that when I have even yet to complete 3/4 of the game, all the items are already upgraded to the max and my money keep accumulating! That's one frustrating part! LOL! They should like make the thing more expensive or something! Or the score harder to reach!

Expert score is like example $3,400 and I can get score like $4,400. It's like a $1k difference! Which is quite huge la!

Nvm, Hell's Kitchen is da bomb now!

pieces of me @ 12:44 AM.

Just reached home like 30mins ago!

Today was a tragic day! From meeting Dawn to study, it turns out to be like a NOT studying day for me again!

I woke up super early [as usual], and Dawn gave me a call at like noon telling me she wanted to go study. So I said okay.

Came school, tried to study but too hungry! So took a trip to cheers blah blah! Basically buy food.

PSS: I dam sad! Ruffles got no Cheeze nor BBQ! But I bought sour cream in the end!

After when I reached back clubroom, and ate finish, I went out to talk to emo ivan. Talk talk talk! Suddenly Maryam appear! So it was already time to go for dinner! So blardy fast right! Today had Maryam Dawn Kat and Joyce! =D

Summary: Jolene din't get to study at all.

Conclusion: I should stop meeting the bimbos! LOL! I'm seeing them EVERYDAY can! Like seriously everyday! But somehow, now they feel like a drug to me! Have to meet them! My iPhone has pictures filled with them now!

I'll be on the roads again
Like it used to be, the other day

pieces of me @ 12:34 AM.
Thursday, February 19, 2009


Was playing face book's biggest brain! Whoots! Got like 2265 within 3 tries! :D
My first try was only 1999 tho! HAHA! TRY IT!

Who's got the biggest brain!
Not me!

pieces of me @ 1:34 PM.

I found out that im lazy to blog day by day! Oh no! haha!

Ytd spent the whole day doing things but studying! LOL!
Today, I finally got my studying kaki! BWAHAH! Thats.... DAWNIE! LOL!
So ima gonna go to school! Whee!
Gonna go find Yiru perhaps! Getting him to join OLTC! Whoots Whoots! :D :D

And we're going anywhere to study but clubroom! x3 Unless lib too many people! hahah!

Ytd me TS and Ber had a dam funny way of conferencing! HAHAHA!

Been super tired nowadays! And i seriously think there's a problem with my menstrual cycle thingy. Since quite long ago! Its like I suddenly "come menses" but its the a bit a bit kind. Now there's like no more. My body is dying! NUUUU! At least I got back my appetite to eat! Yay!

Look at the stars
See how they shine for you

pieces of me @ 12:54 PM.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Listen k!!!


Yes it's definately worth the buy! =)

My phone is dam sexy now! =P
All that's left is my sexy red cover!

pieces of me @ 2:00 PM.

Had an awesome day today! =)

Went school for revision tutorial [which was of no use]
Went to photocopy notes!
Headed over to TM with Xinneh for a random walk [cause we both dont want to go home early]

Went to eHub to meet kat dawn and ber.
Thanks Nic for the fetch! Really appreciated it!

Had bowling and arcading! I finally won dawn in Mario Kart! BWAHA! Thanks to Ber!
Did our secret game! BWAHA! Bimbo watch out for our game please! :D Cause of that stupid game I missed my last bus home!

On the side note,
I realised I'm a really lucky person! Really! Actually I realised that from the very start from very long ago! Just that it was forgotten! I have many people that love me, dote me and treat me well. I have many friends that always go the extra mile. Surrounded with love and care. Seriously, there is nothing else I can ask for.

So some belated vday dedications! [Can skip this part]
Act Dang
I seriously love you all k! Though I'm the only one in TP! But I'm really glad we din't stop contacting each other! I just hope that you'll be a lil bit more free for me. =( Your JC has ended! Please make time for me! I'm always making time for you all! 6years of friendship! And HUIJIA! 8years! Treasure you all!

Being the youngest amongst you all, despite having to call ALL of you before I can eat, I still feel lucky! To be able to mingle with you all makes me feel happy already! Like you all accepted me though I'm not really your batch. Thanks for doting on me! Like I'm really your small sister! I really feel loved with you all! Thanks for all the gifts! When looking at them one by one, I was really very happy! I don't know why, but with you all, it's always fun!

My crazy bunch of classmates! You all rocks so very much! Esp the GAYS Xinneh Nicole and Sharon! Though I always "bully" you but you all should know I love you all! HAHAHA! Not bad ah! 3 of you got driving liscenes le! Next is me nicole sebast and weichoy! Whoots! JYJY!

My studies club! I hope I've been a good subcom last year and a good subcom head this year! To my IMI freshies, I hope I was a good LT Head! I hope I did contribute to you all. I hope you all did feel welcome to be in IITSC. I love you all seriously! From seniors to juniors to freshies! To those running next year, please don't let the club cui k! =) You all might not be able to tell but I really love every single one of you! I care for you all a lot! So anything, do tell me k! =)

Without you, there wouldn't be the me now! =) Special thanks to Yuanlong Dexter and Ckm. Though you all cannot see this cause you're in NS! But yah! Esp CKM! If it wasn't for you, I'd wouldnt be in IITSC and know all these great people! It was you that I was at Jon's bday that day! Ophix is my roots k! Forever O O O OPHIX!

Yes Venos! My lovely clique of HB! You all treat me so very nice! I'm so sorry if sometimes this love is not reappropriated! [I think thats the word] But I'd like to let all of you know that I love you all so very much k! =)

Yes I love my family the most! They are always there for me and all! When I'm upset they would know! They would ask me who bully me and I would always tear when they ask that! I think I'm the luckiest person on earth to have them as my family! Even my cousin! Even though I'm 18! They still treat me like a small sister! Taking care of me since years ago! I love them!

The rest, doesn't meant I don't love you all! =) Anything can always count on me!

I gotta stop remembering things!
... eHub! T_T Quite a few things to rmb

pieces of me @ 12:55 AM.
Monday, February 16, 2009

Have you ever heard of the song "Same Script Different Cast"?

I think the situation is just like this now. HAAH!

Been meeting them a lot lately! Loving them more and more!

I love you all!
You all make my world go round!

pieces of me @ 2:44 PM.
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reached home! =D Whoots!

PS: Thre is a wedding going on at my void deck! The laughters of the people shocked me cause it sounded so ghostly and evil! Omg! ROARS! Nvm! I know im thinking too much! HEH!

Vday was perfect today! =)

pieces of me @ 12:29 AM.
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bimbo's night is a success! =D
Din't have any idea how fun taboo was till it was played with them!
We totally used club stuffs to describe the words! HAHA!

They've left home like 1hour ago!
I wonder how would later be like!


Thanks for the mini gesture


pieces of me @ 4:02 PM.
Friday, February 13, 2009

It's nice to see each other wear stuffs that they gave each other! =)

Bimbos are coming my house today! YAY! Gonna have a helluva fun time!

And Jolene can't wait for tml either! =)


pieces of me @ 10:06 PM.


pieces of me @ 1:56 AM.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Long waited..


Bring along any pictures taken with friends and stand to win attractive prizes worth up to $100!

Don't have the hard copy? Well just email the soft copy to digifriendship@gmail.com!

Date: 11-12th February 2009!

Join us at concourse NOW!

Co-hosting together is TALENTINE!

Date: 12th Feburary!

Come and patronise these two booths!

Any enquiries for Digi Friendship, please email jolene.iitsc@gmail.com
Or you can also email melinda.iitsc@gmail.com, kangyan.iitsc@gmail.com and benjamine.iitsc@gmail.com

Any enquiries for Talentine, please email mario.iitsc@gmail.com!
Or you can also email atiqah.iitsc@gmail.com and chinsoon@gmail.com!

pieces of me @ 3:13 AM.
Sunday, February 08, 2009

A random thing that me and Marcus did in clubroom that day during their P.meeting.

The idea of the cupid shooting inside was him! But I drew the cupid k! CUTE RIGHT!

Dam lonely all these people! HAHAHA!

pieces of me @ 11:56 PM.

Just let my phone vibrate all the way till tomorrow morning.


cannot be bothered already!

pieces of me @ 10:34 PM.


Jolene is super emo now! =(

Not only emo, she is just totally idontknowwhatotherwordstodescribe!

My phone cant be jailbroken! It's been an hour plus already! Reaching 2! What would happen if I couldn't even on my phone!

Shit la. My heart is pumping super fast right now! Like faster than ytd! T__T

iPhone, please be okay!
I really love you phoney!

pieces of me @ 8:55 PM.

Whoots! I just got back home! =)

Thanks for sending me all the way home! LOL! Making me the first to allight while detouring all the way! :x

Today was alrights ah! =) Rather loves.

Went to clubroom today! Yays! A lot of ppl were there! Haha! Me and Marc did a very retarded thing on the mini whiteboard! :P

I finally cleared some stuffs today! =)

Went to TM to meet Jenny Maryam and NaNa with Sheep Marcus and Cob. After that took bus there! =D Whee! I beat SOMEONE's high score! :D

Marc was super suay today! The me that normally keep losing in banluck still won $9 in less than 10 plays! I got like one gor ling, one ban luck and one ban ban! I played $1 only tho! Ask marc how much he lost!

After that was majong! I took over Dawn a while! Majonged with Sheep Jenny and Xiang! Jenny really is da jie da! =) I won a bit for dawn! But overall she still lose! =X

Went to pei someone mad a while! LOL! Appreciate it k! hahah! SELDOM i like that one! :D

And we had a nice chat.

And now I know that..
All along you still cared for me..

Just that you ..deleted.

It felt nice when you smiled at me when you saw me in clubroom today.

Today was a big accomplishment! Only two knows why! =)

pieces of me @ 3:14 AM.
Saturday, February 07, 2009

I think xinneh passed the loss appetite to me!

I'm losing appetite in whatever I eat!
Even when I was at starbucks then, looking at the sweet stuffs made me have the nauseous feelings!

Each time I cough, I would always feel like vomitting.
Not much appetite for lunch or dinner.
Even what I ate the pizza ytd, I also felt like vomitting! But I just forced the pizza down.

Maybe is cause I was sick then.
After that I keep having irregular meals.
Now is like just eat for the sake of eating!

I used to be the "Live to Eat"
Now I'm the "Eat to Live"

I dowan! T_T stomach please heal!
Appetite please heal!
Sick sick please go away!

pieces of me @ 11:52 AM.

They stayed in the kitchen room.
Drinking sips of red wine together.
Knowing those two needed time alone.
The teacher made his leave.

They caught up with old times.
Chatting happily as used to be.
While tasting the glass of wine.
In the same exact glass.

It felt somewhat unnatural.
But somewhat a reminisce feeling.
Left to the living room.
Where the others were to be.

As they lied side by side.
Fliddling with each other's phone.
Knowing they were closer then before.
Though not as close as then.

pieces of me @ 12:44 AM.
Thursday, February 05, 2009

Omg! Tonight got 9 blog post to chiong in EIR, 1 report to complete, and 2 test to study! Jolene SURE cannot make it! Esp since today got random visit from aunt and they just went home! Roars! Had to entertain my niece!

Gonna put on my "REN" banner! REN REN REN! Jolene! AJA AJA FIGHTING! =D

And there is nothing I can't do
I believe that I can do it! :D

pieces of me @ 10:52 PM.

Oh! I super enjoy talking to my dear classmate Wong Xin Neh! =P
Also to Kat and Ber and Dawn and Joyce! :D :D :D

Actually, I found out that I like talking to a lot of people! Everyone is there for different purpose kind! =P Just talking crap is also fun! HAHAHA!

Pictures soon I guess! Time to upload allllll my pigchures from iPhone to my old Nokia phone! :D

pieces of me @ 11:35 AM.
Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I seriously seriously love the people around me more! Now I'm able to appreciate them! =)

Firstly, I love Ber and Kat please!
They walked me over to my bus stop and waited for bus with me! After that we talked on the phone till 3.20+ am! How cool was that? Like so nice!

And ytd was super random! They all wanted to go exercise! I also wanted to go! So Ber lent me her FBT! [SEE! NV EVERYDAY WEAR FBT ALSO GOT THEIR DISADVANTAGE!]

After that when I already left clubroom, suddenly sky took out his HAVENT OPENED TOWEL and gave it to me! So sweet right! It's like I din't asked or anything! He auto auto take out and lend me! You rocks la sky!

Ran with them and did me some GYM! OMG! Gym is dam blardy fun! Addicted please! Muscles aching but the sense of satisfaction is there! WHOOTS!

Went back to clubroom and SEXY PINK TIAN MI MI helped me to accept all my friends in facebook! All 215 of them. SO PEOPLE! I GOT FACE BOOK LE K! HAHA DONT CALL ME SUA KU PLEASE!

After that went to Joyce's house for some swimming with Ber Kat Dawn Joyce! Really nice to swim with them! Thanks Joyce for lending me your swimming costume, goggle and towel!

Went to buy a lil drink and headed back to Joyce's house to drink and chill! All the way till around 1am before we left! Breezer! 2 for $11.90! Cheaper than usual! :D

Soooo for today, I super love many people!

But I really felt super dam happy!

PS: Sorry C183! Couldn't join you all in banluck! =(

Super Sexy PINK ZEBRA Tian Mi Mi! LOL!

pieces of me @ 2:03 AM.
Monday, February 02, 2009


Thought you missed out on ITCG's recruitment?


For those that still wish to sign up, please visit our booth at IIT concourse!

*exclusive for all IIT people only!

So why wait now? Good in DOTA? Just give it a try!

Have fun while playing!

As they always say,

Good Luck, Have Fun.

Or also known as,


See yaa! =)

pieces of me @ 1:56 AM.

Went out with Venos then with secondary school friends today!
Sad that I couldn't meet you to chill and talk. So sorry! But hey! There's always tml.

JY for your report k! =D

Anyway, today was so much fun! I totally love them all la!

Seriously addicted to Youda Farmer!

Stupid you have to keep telling me about iPhone and the jail breaked games! Make me so wanna jail break myself but I'm a IT gadget noob!
HELLS KITCHEN! WEDDING DASH! argh! Burger game!!! =)
Maybe soooon :D

It's been a long time since we chatted like that on the phone! =)
And the thing is that you called me.

pieces of me @ 12:49 AM.

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