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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

//Long ago when we were all Singapore Idol contestants!
HAHA Just kidding!

School started! And it's the second week now! I love going to school! It really feels like back in TP! Even while going to school, I can see friends, during our lesson break, I see friends! During lunch, I see friends! Going home, I see friends! Just walking along the campus, I see friends!

Really love how it feels like! I even met my primary school friends, secondary school friends, poly friends, work friends! OMG right? It's like all gone different route and lost contact but can because of SIM, we meet up again! So cool! What's best? Making new friends! Walking along SIM, you'll see a lot of those new friends that you made! You want to meet them after lessons, or go for an outing. Cause our lessons are so similar!

What's best is, everyone is SIM is motivated to study together! All of us are kiasu together! HAHA! We will work with each other and push each other to study! So what if it's only the first or second week? We are already studying! UOL has low passing rate? Fret not, cause we will mug till we all pass together!

If you ask me, TP or SIM? I can only say, I can't compare! But I love both my school!

TP is like play hard and play hard and when exams are near, study for that 1 week! SIM is really like play hard and study hard! We play together, we study together! Yay! x)

But it's time to go back to my TP life and feel the way TP used to make me feel! Back as a programmer for the camp, it might be the very last time I'll ever experience TP's camp ever again! So I'm gonna cherish this opportunity! =) I want to fall in love with TP all over again!

I'm gonna prepare for my camp already! =) See ya all folks!

Anyway, before I leave, a video from my husband! =)


PS: I made my video on the left side not to be on auto play anymore. Cause I think it might be quite annoying sometimes! So just click if you want to listen!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess I have to catch up with the post! But I'm so lazy! So I'll give really summarized version!

21st August: IITSC prog meeting, Timbre w/ P

Had IITSC program meeting in the morning. Went home to bathed and change then off to meeting Panthers again! At the start it really shocked me cause everyone was late! But it got better afterwards! (: Yay! No pictures that day! ): Actually have but Hiuching have yet to upload!

22nd August: Work at RWS

Went to work at RWS that day! It was fun and I got to meet more new friends this time! Worked as Foyer which is the best job ever too! :D

23rd August: Work, Chomp Chomp

Went to the work at Taka before having last minute chomp chomp dinner with Sylvia Sophia and Michelle! :D Tauhuey!!! I love the Tauhuey's there! Oh yeah!

Got home and saw 2 Mod Parade package arrived! EXCITED MUCH! Cause it was the bohemian, size candy beads top that I love so very very much!

24th August: Work

Nothing much happened! Just working working! I ate Nasi Lemak that day! So nice!

That day, I chopped my own hair! Gross, I know! HAHAHA!

25th August: Work, SRC Interview, Facial

Went to work at taka! Had Nasi Lemak with Hiuching again! It's the 2nd day in a row! SRC interview after that! Everyone in the room was all so nice! :D All keep saying "Put CV for all hor!" HAHA! Okay, I love all those in the holding room! Friendly! I like! :D Esp ZX, kept coming to me and giving me the orangutan look!

Met my mom early that day and we had lunch at Pizza Hut! It was 1 for 1! Super worth it!

This dessert was heavenly!

Everything was shioking nice! :D

26th August: bugis shopping, jap restaurant, arena, zirca

Was suppose to go USS that day! But something happened so we just went out instead!

Started out by eating at a Japanese Restaurant! It's dam cool! The way you order! We din't take any video that day but this was the video taken a long time ago! Note: LONG AGO AH, don't go and do whatever things you always do -_-

So some pictures! (:

My hair seemed so flat that day!


Poor girl! Eating rice only!

Our similar nails!

This shot artistic right?

I saw kaijie there too! Decided to stalk a picture of him! :D

Really, the food was nice! :D


After lunch at Iluma, we went to have...... KOIIIII! HELLYEAHKOI! I don't know is it the name or it's really the quality, but koi really taste niceeeeee!

Went bugis street for some shopping! And guess what! I SAW BSON AND REX! HAHAHA!

Doing what we do best!

That day, I spent $111 on 6 or 7 items! Saw so many union stuffs and tempted to buy all! Earrings, rings, top, dress! OMG! But I managed to suppress my obsessions and just bought myself a union pounch with lanyard! :D

Went to do what girls like to do back in secondary school! Take neoprints!

After that, me and the girls just felt like clubbing tonight! And since dorothy told me she going rebel! We decided to just go home, get change and head for Rebel!

Went to Arena to take a look first! The place is EMPTY like mad! HAHAHA! And their freeflow of drinks is like only one drink and you cannot choose! But the live band was nice! Their voice nice! Really!

And say hello to Zirca! The person was really funny! Free entry to Zirca for tertiary students were till 12! But he said 11! So we almost paid, xinyi paid till the TV behind the cashier suddenly flashed "Tertiary students free entry before 12!" HAHAH! Made our refund and got in for free! (:

Guess who was I talking to? =)

Zirca was very very cui at the start! But thanks to Dorothy, Nigel and all their friends, Zirca was pretty fun in the end! We laughed at a lot of things there! And seriously Zirca is like international club! HAHAHA!

Oh yea, we din't go Rebel because the door to Rebel was closed that night! Suay right?

27th August: Step up 3, Zouk with Grads + LJs

Went to watch Step Up 3 at Cathey Cineplex! It was a TP Alumni Event that day! So cool seeing all the TP people there! Cheap movie tickets with door gifts, food voucher, and buffet! All for the price of $9 on a Friday night! Worth it right?

After that it was Phuture with the Grads yo! You have no idea how many of us were there! Plus the LJs! So even our picture appeared somewhere on the net! Taken by the Zouk person!

And this was us! And not all of us! Some of them were not there so imagine it! A LOT RIGHT? The bottom right two aren't our friends though! The rest are! HAHAHAH!

Some pictures! [A bit bias! I'm only gonna put those with me! :D] Credits to Dorothy for the pictures!

Haha! Finally almost saw a fight happened! Thanks lah BC! PS I really din't know it was a guy that bumped into me then you were pushing that guy cause you see him bumping into me! I really thought it was Doro! Haha! But its you or not you, I should still stop you right? Aiya! I don't know! =P But thanks! ((:

28th August: Program meeting, out with ckm dex mw rayna jy fy

Had program meeting in school before heading out to meet NicCheong! He was like! LATE for super long! Went to the busstop near his house and waited for him! I was waiting for him under the scorching hot sun! But he considerate and bought honey lemon for me! Yay! Forgiven!

Bussed together to Orchard and went to look for Dexter, MeiWei, Rayna and FangYong! Did some shopping and eating before meeting JY And FY parting! Had Korean BBQ! It was nice! Thanks darling for cooking for me! =D

Went to PS to meet Yuanlong before talking at the MRT there for super super long then going home! It's been a long time since I last hungout with them as a whole but I miss them really! (:

29th August: Work @ RWS!

Went to work at RWS! This time as inner right! ): Not fun to work there! But I love going home with my colleagues! They are always so nice to talk to! It makes me happy once I work there! :D

Today, a certain thing was a little awkward! =P

30th August: Nua at home day!

Today was Nua at home day! It's necessary for a "Nua at home day" per week! It allows one to rest! LOL! Anyway, spent the whole day reading manga! HAHA! Like a no life right?

31st August: Sentosa with my babes

Met up at Bedok to buy groceries! In the end the only thing we bought was 1.5l of plain water and 2chips! LOL! Wanted to take the free shuttle bus but wasn't in time so we just went for branch instead at Macs!

I look like a glutton!

After that rushed over to wait for the Shuttle bus! We got almost the whole bus to ourselves! LOL! Camwhoreeee!! Thanks WN for the flowers! (:

Playing with our new cammy!

And tadaaa! Arrived! :D

And below is a spam of photos from digi cam, 4lens cam and 3lens cam! (:

My banana in PJs nail! (: DIY!

Sorry XY i put this pic cut your face but i rly like this pic! :D

3 Lens Pictures Below:

4 Lens Cam!

Other pic!

And after we bathed! (:

The steps to our room!

After that, had Carls Jr for dinner! (:

It was totally an awesome day out! GFs, any pic u want me to remove tell me okay! :D I tried to put those XI-ed photo le! HAHAH!

I din't put a lot of pictures, SHY LEH! HAHAHA!


OMG! Can't believe I actually posted all the way from 21st Aug till end of August! I wanted to give up halfway I swear! But if I do, I know I'll have to find another day to do it up so I din't give up halfway! Any applause for me? :D

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