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Sunday, August 22, 2010

//This is dam cute

10th August: 1st day of work at Taka! Dinner at Shokudo!

It was the first day of work at Ngee Ann City. Initially we were all doing data entry! But the system went down suddenly and all of us were made to pick up calls! It was alright and quite fun because there were so many of us! But after that it was back to data entry! So dry I'm gonna die!

After work, went to dine at Shokudo with Tweetbutt, Paddlepop and Michy! The stupid Vongole Spaghetti made my stomach feel runny and needing the toilet every now and then! After dinner, we did window shopping around 313 and Cineleisure.

Michy said a very bimbotic line! "We take to outram and pei Jolene". Sounds like "Wah, you so nice to accomany me!" But it turns out, "taking to outram" means changing train at Dhoby Ghaut, walking to purple line and change to Outram. After that, I still had to walk back from Outram to green line! It's more of me accompanying them, but don't worry michy, I know your good intentions!

No photographs! That's why I want to get a Cam badly! ):

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

//The unforgettable Genting trip with the 29 Graduates of TP then.

6th August: Off to Genting

Stayed at home for the first half of the day to rest at home as I would be leaving for Genting at night! My first day of 20th year, spent on a coach! LOL!

This time, it's also a big group going! It consist of my family of 4, my 3rd uncle's family of 4 + 1[cousin's bf], my grandmother + grandfather, small aunt and small uncle +1[gf], so all in all a total of 14.

Took the 10pm bus and thought I could fall asleep, but in the end I couldn't really fall asleep. Think it's because it's an old bus and it's super jerky, even though the seats are new with big big space!

7th-8th August: In Genting...

Spend most of the time in Casino. Half of my life died in the Casino due to the excessive people smoking there. I watched 2 movies there too! So dam cheap! :D Played stupid games like standing outside to see who can tahan the cold longer, but only for a while though! And did jumpshots outside! So cold but we just jumped and played! :P

Walked down to mushroom garden for lunch one day! It's like a must everytime when I'm with my aunt. Ate 2 free meals from Casino, one of them was western! You should try it, it's nice!

9th August: Back from Genting

Spent the first half of the day just eating dimsum and checking out! Omg, the bus back was superb! There are only two seats in a row, so imagine the size! What's more? There are movies and games for entertainment just right in front of your seat! There will be an attendant serving you food and beverages! Nice!

And the movies are all so nice to watch that I din't fall asleep during the whole ride home! I watched G-Force, Alients in the Attic, Caroline and Ice Age! FOUR MOVIES![yes i know, all of them are kids related movie! I'm still a kid!]

Went home and it was so nice! :D Had to rest well for work the next day! Hiuching and I were just talking about work and we asked Sophia if we could work and she instantly asked us to start work the following day! Sweet!

HAHA! I just heard on the news that the moon is shrinking, so I commented "omg, i just heard that the moon is shrinking! the earth is gonna die at 2012 nooo~" in my twitter, and guess what, the person that replied to that tweet is SRC! HAHAHA! "its only shrinking by 200 yards out of a total diameter of 2195 miles. so minute you wont even notice the moon has shrunk." //PS: SRC is Student Representative Club, in UOL.

Super funny! And it replied my tweet TWICE! HAHAHA! So free!

There is IITSC meeting tomorrow! Better sleep early! (:

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

//Gosh I love everything about her!

I seriously feel like doing something about my hair but I have yet to go and do anything yet. But since I've waited so long, let me wait a while longer till maybe 1 month before school starts before doing anything? In that case, if it sucks I got 1 month to let it grow and do something about it, and if I liked it, I can leave it the way it is! HAHA!

Anyway, been so busy lately that I haven't been able to rest well. Thankfully, today was an off day and I spent my time well at home recuperating. But at least, the tiredness wasn't spent in vain! I love this whole week and how it was spent! So what if I get too tired for work next day? I am having lots of fun at work that I don't really care!

PS: I think my period is about to come. If you know what I mean.

Meeting Xinni tomorrow! So happy! :D

//Updates next time when I'm free!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Gonna try to be short~ But there are 10days to update! HAHA!

1st-2nd August: Study

That day was purely spent to study! Just study study study, mug mug mug! But I managed to finish everything by that 2 days! :D

3rd August: RWS, Study

Went to Resorts World Sentosa for uniform fitting, making of photo ID batch and all! I'm officially a staff worker le! Yay! :D But it took what seems a decade to finish up all process.

During work I made a new friend! She was also from TP, HTM. I could have bought the FREE shutter bus back to tamp but something in me made me stay and accompany that girl to take shutterbus to vivo, then take train when she only has to alight at bugis. HAHA! Weird right?

After that it was back home to study again for the exam the next day!

4th August: Exam, CLUBBING!

Took my Maths Bridging exam on that day! The paper had 2 section, Section A [6questions 10marks each] and Section B [2questions 20marks each] and with a total of 3hours to do the paper.

Section A was really easy till can score full marks kind, but Section B was a killer! I literally died at Section B! But I think I'll still be able to pass Maths Brdging!

After that headed to cityhall to meet my 2GFs for clubb! We went butter that day! My 6th clubbing time only k! Not clubber! :P We went there to celebrate my birthday and guess what? THE WHOLE WORLD WAS THERE! LOL!

First I met Tatyi, Chris, Giddy outside butter. Then Kahyuen who was just nice queuing behind for the drinks!! Then Yvonne, Geraldine, Benchow, Steven JJ, Apple, Rayna, MeiWei, Dexter, Yuanlong, FangYong, Zain, BrandonLee. Dont even know who I missed out! HAHA! But it was dam fun! :D

This time I still went to get the free drinks alone cause it wasn't enough! But I wasn't afraid of not finding them cause the group was so big and Dexter was so tall! LOL!

IT WAS DEFINATELY THE BEST CLUBBING EXPERIENCE EVER that day! LOL! Everything was just so fun! :D Dancing and dancing! :)) Birthdays could never have begun any better than this!

The afterclub was dam funny! We wanted to find macs but fangyong couldnt lead the right way! In the end tragic stuffs happened! :x Which I shall not mention here! HAHAHA!

5th August: Met iNtsc!


Went to meet up with the iNtsc then! Omg so love them so much, so touched! I love love love them! I love my bimbs, Jenny Maryam Katherine Berlinda Dawn NaNa Joyce Shihan! And not forgetting the guys, Uncle Bok, Lou, Cai, Soon, Yeo! Simply love all of them! They made me feel so touched that I even felt like crying! :D

I love the bag and the card and of course the shirt! :D I love how all of you made time from your army, work, school just to meet me, your youngest bimb. I love each and every single one of you! You have no idea how touched I was but I really was! :) And I'm ever so thankful that we are even close up till now! It wasn't like a "lets form a clique and not meet up" kinda thing! I'm glad we're still meetig up!

Thank you alllllll! MUACKS!

And what better ways to end it, but with your parents? (: Chionged home before 12am to my family so that I could be in time for cake cutting! It's always a tradition! :D And I love that tradition! HAHA!

THANKYOU for making my 20th birhtday seemed less pityful! HAHAH!


More updates another day! Gotta rest well for tomorrow's event!

Long day ahead waiting for me!

1) Work from 10am-6pm.
2) 6+pm go and watch YOG preview with tweetbutt.
3) After YOG preview, head over to meet FionQ for dinner.
4) Clubbbb after that!
5) Chiong home and rest and sleep well sleep tight.

HOW TO SURVIVE! LOL! Can I not work on Thurs? :P

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

12 Random facts about me:

1. Tag photos from the last picture of the album.
2. Will be late if it's to meet more than 2 people. If it's one on one, most of the time I'll be early.
3. Love to keep things that could be a memory to me, thus my messy room.
4. Got three pillows on my super single bed
5. Don't really comb my hair, even after bath.
6. Too much of a perfectionist, though a very imperfect one.
7. Always believe to have to smile and be happy even though things aren't favourable for you.
8. Tries to be ahead in the music industry and spots music that will be top hits in the future.
9. Tomboyish since young. Started playing warcraft since primary 4 and continued games like diablo, cs, unreal tournament, starcraft etc. Started playing basketball since primary 5. But turning more and more girly
10. Refuse to sit at "priority" seat.

11. "It's okay" or "It's alright" are my favourite words even though I'm super angry or upset just to make the opposite party feel better.
12. Takes either super long to reply or never replies on sms/msn. [A bad habit I have to change]

*added more*
13. Got more than 30,000 unread emails in my hotmail.
14. The type to blabber nonsense or secrets found out by myself out loud. But if it's a secret someone tells me I'll keep it till he/she lets it out herselves.
15. I need more alcohol than the average joe to make me feel numb.
16. I club for free drinks and to dance. I don't club cause of guys!
17. Don't really like to reply SMSes or MSNs, especially when I'm busy. I tend to forget to reply lots of time!
18. Allergic to smoke still. And used to be allergic to perfume.
19. Cherish friends, families and any types of bond.
20. Prefers action-packed-complicated movies to cartoon to romance.
Wa lau, took me super long to think of all these HAHA.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

//The day my phone was still with me..

In case you don't know, my phone [the iphone with a pretty coke cover] was stolen. Main suspect I only got a blur side view of the photos! The girl in black on the top right hand is one of their group one! The white guy also!

And the ones on the top left hands were 2 very nice people who gave us prawns! (:

Can say you gain 1 you lost 1.
In this picture you see two different extreme.

Well aynway, officially finished Chapter 5- Functions with serval variables but there is two questions that I don't know how to solve and what's worst is that most likely to come out one! Oh shit! Jia you jia you!

Off to the last chapter! (: Then its revision time!

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

//Ugly faces and got zoomed into by photographers of the camp ._.

Nowadays I'm just studying and studying. I think I'm more of a night person than a noon person. I do my stuff better at night so I always spend my time studying till 2-4am before sleeping and waking up before 12pm the nxt day. Now, I'm just glad my test is at night 7pm. Since I'm so used to studying at night already.

29th July: Study

Spent the whole of my Thursday studying at home! Purely studying and mugging! At least I finished chapter 3 and moved on to chapter 4 by then already! :D

30th July: SP Outinig

Studied all the way in the afternoon till evening before getting ready for outing with Panthers + SP OG.

Met Panthers at Dhouby before going to Timbre. Met the SP group there and waited for space but they said if we wanted to sit all together we have to wait for at least 2 hours, so we just went with a change of plans.

Went to parkmall and wanted to eat Jap food but the place suddenly only opened to buffet only! So suay right! The last place we ended up for dinner was the Chicken Rice beside TauHuey!

I guess it was more of like, Panthers outing and SP outing. But we just sat beside each other. Till now I still feel guilty of not joining them. I din't even talk to them which felt utterly weird. If I took the initiative and opened my mouth and talk to them first everything would be okay! Shit Jolene! You've changed! [HAHA @ Shang]

After that headed over to SMU to their cafe and played board games! It was so fun and I tell you, they are really violent people! HAHAHA!

Eeling and Jocelyn left while the rest of us headed over for Tauhuey! (: Chris and Bson were two idiots lah! They're not the ones buying yet make things hard for the person buying!

Walked to Bugis with Rebecca to catch our last train! We made it in time! Yay! :D Have a nice talk with Rebecca! It's not HTHT, don't get me wrong! It's more of Karma talk! As we talked we hit our own mouths in case karma strikes us! HAHA!

That day was a budget night OMG! Don't believe $10 can have so much fun! If minus tauhuey, we spent just nice $7 dinner and $3 board game! But Tauhuey made the $10 + $2! Tsk!


31st July: Grandma birthday


Managed to study a bit before going to my grandma's house! Each year it gets more and more crowded! Guess the olden big family is like this! First it was just my grandma + all the uncles, aunts and cousins.

Then the cousins get married so the family +1, +1, +1 each year. Then comes the babies! +1, +1, +1.... And other cousins get married, +1 +1 +1... So now the family is a big big family! So crowded and happening that it's so happy!

But I sense a terrible feeling that there would be conflict soon!

I'm just glad that my grandmother is still around! Just early this year she lost the will to live cause she fell down! But to survive from a fall and still have the will to live on, I know she is super strong!

She's the pillar of this family! If she's gone, God knows what will happen! We might not even visit each other anymore. ):

Question to note: Blood is thicker than water, but why do families still fight amongst each other? ): Sighh..

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