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Friday, August 31, 2007


Okay, was just looking through friendster and i realise that THIS PERSON is the most loser person on earth ever. [well maybe only for today]

LINKS: http://www.friendster.com/20546129 or CLICK HERE

So she goes around, adding people, and saying "intro please".
Not shy ah someone. Furthermore, all guys. ha?
Note: Please note the time of all the intro please.
I think someone just has nothing better to do.
The top 10 reply is all about the people she ask "intro please" reply or other ppl asking who she is.

FF. What I call a failure flirt.


pieces of me @ 1:54 AM.
Thursday, August 30, 2007

YAY today is the end of my papers
and the START of my hols!

So went to marina to take a chill.
The oh-so-clever-ronald was so clever. HAHA
Cause we ate subway and you know subway is pour the drinks ourself?
He poured like 3/4 ice HAHAHAH so funny!
Me and xinni ate FOOT-long, while the guys ate like.. half of us?
Somemore after we ate, we were still like "eh, not filling le. how?"
And everyone was like so stun LOL! =)

Me and xinni went to find sharon vale chuhui and weichoy at hk cafe after that.
Went to kope some dessert from them xP
Went to IT Fair and yes i aimed a lappy already =D and its ASUS!!
Gonna take a see again later in the day. [yes now its 12.59am]

Quite summarised right. hahahaha! Lazy to really say in details xP


pieces of me @ 11:38 PM.
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Or I will ask the pretty, nice, FAT lady below to rape you!!!

rahhs. Have like 12chapters to study.
And i have like 12chapters left.
Been on my comp since ytd.
Even if i go to my living room, i'll watch TV.

Was on photobucket and friendster whole day long!
And i was viewing quite a few of my ACS friends' profile.
Been a long long long time since i last saw them.
Some of them, the last time i saw them was since pri6!!
Since hols are here, i'd probably take the chance to meet them.
Can't wait to see them again (=

Still wondering how i met people from overschool since pri school.

pieces of me @ 7:02 PM.

Was talking to Lester the other night and i found out that we are quite lucky.
He's in LRM in business school and he has 4papers, 2 on each days.
So he only has papers on 2 days, but 2 papers on each day. Quite sucky right.
Furthermore his 1st day, the 2nd paper was at 7pm at Sports Complex.
And today, his paper is like 4hours away from each other.
I I I ITTT~~ hahaha!

Suppose to be studying NOW! Yes now, but have been on the comp since i woke up.
Ponder upon photobucket.com and found some rather interesting picture.
Here's one of them.

Holy Crap! Please put some clothes back on. And if you think raping cant get any worst, think of this picture. Imagine your face get smack in the middle of those big enormous butt cheeks. Oh gawd! The thought of it makes me shiver. The butt probably weight tons.. Millions of tons. If you ever bully me, I'll get her to rape you -grins*


pieces of me @ 2:32 PM.
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today before my SAS paper, before I even study anything, I was watching this "Natural Geographic Channel" show, showing about bite force of animals.
I thought it was pretty interesting so I thought of sharing it to everyone.

First I would like to ask, out of Human, Domestic Dog, Crocodile, Shark, Tiger, Baby Hyena(few months old), Adult Hyena, Wild Dog, Turtle. Out of all, whose bite force do you think is the strongest? No peeping of answers ah! Vote before you look at the ans.

The biggest bite force animal is... [highlight bottom text]

Crocodile with 2500 pounds of bite force!! =D

Okay so THAT was quite easy. Now choose the next one you think has the most bite force.
Human, Domestic Dog, Shark, Tiger, Baby Hyena(few months old), Adult Hyena, Wild Dog, Turtle.

The biggest bite force animal is... [highlight bottom text]

TURTLE!! With bite force of 1004 pounds. Quite shocking right? I was also quite shock!

So yea it continues on and on but i was kinda lazy to keep doing the vote thingy so in your heart, make a list of who has the most bite force to the least. [Highlight below for answers]

Crocodile 2500 pounds
Turtle 1004 pounds
Adult Hyena 1000 pounds
Tiger 691 pounds
Shark 669 pounds
Baby Hyena 603 pounds [note: The readings came only from when the baby hyena was biting the machine thing, thinking it was milk. Woahh strong eh?]
Domestic Dog 328 pounds
Wild Dog 317 pounds
Human 127 pounds

isnt it interesting to see such things? I don't know but one of the most interesting channels that I always think is Natural Geographic Channel cause you can learn all sorts of things and see all sorts of things you won't ever see in your life before =D

I hope you gain some knowledge !!

pieces of me @ 7:24 PM.

SAS test at sports complex today!
Really cool to feel the "Sports Complex" kinda season =D
Really pity the next person who sat at my place during sports complex.
Cause somehow before the paper even started, my whole bottle of glitter in my pencil case spilled.
So being the holey transparent kind of pencil case, all the glitter went through the holes onto my paper and table and hands and everywhere!
I spent the reading time and 5-10mins of the paper time just to sweep away the giltter!
But of course gave up after that =P

Relatively easy for a paper considering that i only studied today morning at 10+am xP
God must be blessing me ! hahaha! Everything i read came out and those i dint, dint came out!

1 more paper! Wheeee!!

pieces of me @ 7:19 PM.
Monday, August 27, 2007

Yay! One more horrible subject down! 2 more to go!! ((x

Today while doing the paper I swear I don't know whats going on in my head.
I thought the paper ends at 4.00pm so when the time reached 3.00pm, i was thinking why the time passes so quickly. So I chionged through my paper.
When 4.00pm reached, I was wondering why the teacher isn't collecting the paper and i realised that 4.30pm den end HAHAHAHAH!
Stupid stupid silly silly dumb dumb Jolene.

Went out for dinner with my famm and just got back. Time now is 8.46pm.
Haven't even started studying lah!
Jolene you better start studying if you dont want the same thing to happen for your SAS =X

Btw, watching Hey Gorgeous now.
The F2 look so old leh. But got highest for performance tho.
And the M1 look so cute leh! His muscles are just nice. And he plays the guitar!! Quite mee ren le. =X
Too bad partner still looks cuter no matter who else appears on Hey Gorgeous.
Okay shall go print my notes now =D


pieces of me @ 5:57 PM.
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good luck everyone for tml's paper =)
Break a leg!! Jia you!! Good luck!! Gambatte!!

I swear things are getting into my head very very slowly.
And when I go to another chapter, the things that I rmbed came out of my head.
T___________T So there's 8 whole chapters to memorise.
More than 50pages of handout notes.
More than 300power point slides to read.
Plus the notes are in point form so we have to read up some from tb which makes life a living hell.

Its ONLY 100marks.
Its ONLY 3 Short Questions worth 10marks each.
Its ONLY 3 Essay Questinos worth 20marks each.

Who am I kidding huh?!
.. ):

pieces of me @ 7:12 PM.
Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well its not like I really went to chase the whole show.
I only watched the final round and Keely is more likable to me.
Shawn won? Its like he only won cause he's young and cute.
He don't have any vocals. At least, not enough to be a winner.
I'm not criticizing anyone here but you have to admit its kinda true.
Before the results came out, I think it's quite obvious who will win.
I still preferred last year's campus. They have much better vocals.

Have not anyone notice that ALL winners are all guys?
Singapore Idol I- 1st and 2nd winner are Taufik and Slyvester;
Singapore Idol II- 1st and 2nd winner are Hardi and Jonathan;
Superband- Mi Lu Bin;
Jue Due Superstar- its WeiLian;
Campus Superstar I- ZhiYang;
Campus Superstar II- Shawn;
Even Malay, Tamil's Superstar's are all males, guys, man, boys.

I'm not running some sexist kinda thing here but IMHO, the reasons why guys win is cause they have those girls or i should say "Xiao Mei Mei [little girls]" out there voting for them. I dare say it cause I've known some girls who went mad and just voted like crazy for them, which they dont even know them. Wherelse guys, even if they are crazy over them, they won't really vote for them. True? Rather I should say.

And its also a competition to see who is richer. If you dad is the President of Creative, who is a multi-billionare. Even 1000, no.. 10000 calls seems nothing to gain fame for his son/daughter. Imagine you spend just a little portion of what you have in exchange for your son/daughter to gain publicity, fame etc. Quite worth it right?

Its also a competition to see who has the most friends too. Imagine if you are a loner with no friends even though how superbly your vocals may seem. It might make you lose on the 1st round of the competition. Compare to one that has 1000 friends. I mean, out of 1000 friends, at least 50% wont mind spending their pocket money on drinks just to vote once for you right?

So I'd say, its a quite unfair, cheater bug competition. IMO, Media Corp is only out to leech money from citizens. Nowadays, everything also vote. Reasons why they are holding such competition is to leech money. Their 1st prize for Campus Superstar II winner is $2000. But the money they gain from it is much much more. Clever scheme in disguise.

Okay so I said a lot of crap xP
DISCLAIMER: I wasn't out to criticize anyone. Everything is just my own opinion. If offended, Sorry.

We'll be the superstar of our own world.

pieces of me @ 11:08 PM.

I realised its the simple things that make people contempted. (=
And i am contempted right now!!

Well anyway, vale tag me [on 31st july- OOPS =D] with this 10weird things or habits or known facts about myself and had this must tag back other people but i think i shall give it a rest to that so don't need to tag back =)

1) On buses, i love to sit behind the "button" and inside the seat. Quite weird i know xP

2) I love to observe things around me and take snap shots of them. Pervertic..? Hmm...

3) I just totally adore purple =) Known fact to most! =D

4) I like to give an identity to my friends. So I'd normally call them names that arent their real names. Eg; Partner, KuKu, Uncle, Scandal, MOMO, chunhui, etc etc.

5) I'm a left hander in disguise.

6) The most simplicity of things can move me to tears.

7) If I'm out with another guy alone, it doesn't mean that he's my bf. So don't start assuming ya.

8) I am the wife of JayChou, Mitsui Sasori and Toshiro Hitsugaya.

9) I wished to be a well known singer. So can get to meet Jay personally! =) [Fat hope, yea i know. But it doesn't hurt to dream!]

10) I think people who are brought up well is very elegant in the things they do. Be in gentlemanly or lady-like. I wish to be like them but too bad, I'm just very chor lor =D

HAHAHAHA! Bet you regretted wasting 2mins of your time like that huh! xP

pieces of me @ 2:06 PM.

If anyone is feeling stress, please take a look at this video.
It was my favourite since sec1 or sec2 when we were circulating the real video cause they don't have youtube then.
I remember that i could mimic the whole video word for word last time. ((x
Hope you like the video!! Its called Subtitles. And you will know why soon.

I'm off to study... Well at least I'm off to TRY to study (X

i want a time machine!

pieces of me @ 11:37 AM.
Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's weather was so nice!! =)
I wanted to sleep somemore. But i had a very terrible dream yesterday =(
I wish it will never happen!!!

Woke up at 9am but slept and woke up at 10.45 afterwards and remembered that I was meeting MOMO in school at 11. [note the time]
So obviously I was late... Only by an hour =D
Upon reaching school, I only saw a very stupid gay wearing black shirt with pink prints on it =X So yea went to mensar to eat kway chap! YAY kway chap!

So went lib to study after that!
Study a while and went to find ShuQi and XinYi after that. Outside library i saw Partner. =)) Haven seen him in a while!! loves.
I swear I really hate my ISFUN notes and i think MOMO, Shuqi and XinYi knows why.
And I love their tutor! Very motherly! Very like our Ms Kang !!

After that went to PS with MOMO cause he dont know how to take the shorter route there!
Imagine if he took bus to toh payoh then take MRT down to dhouby gaud. SO FUNNY!
And I swear he dont know how to drink water for nuts HAHAHAHAHA!

So waited for his dental thingy and headed off to PS.
He wanted to G-mask his handphone yet don't dare to ask the person questions! HAHAHA SMALL KID =X
Now I very tempted to G-mask lappie too =D
$88 for a shirt and an unique identity for my lappie! Quite worth it.
Ate my dinner and left PS which i saw my scandal!! ((=
Went home after that!!

Saw so many people today! From Babra[bus] -> Fishy, hanchih etc[bus stop] -> Jean, XinYi [bus stop staircase] -> Jacqualine, ChanMeng, Wesley etc etc[Mensar] -> Partner, Bonbon etc[Outside lib] -> CK, KokGuan, JY[AS concourse] -> Kat, surya, ben [IT Concourse] -> scandal[PS] -> etc -> etc
So cool eh =D can see so many people in one holiday hahaha!

But one thing quite funny. Each time i see MOMO, i will see my partner and scandal. If so, then I would want to see MOMO everyday =)

The pieces of my heart are missing you.

pieces of me @ 9:49 PM.
Thursday, August 23, 2007

Was suppose to meet xinni and sebast in school today at 12.30
But woke up at 10+ near 11 and thought i was late! [but i was wrong! xinni woke at 11.45 while sebast woke at 11+ also ._."]
So reached school, took a SLOW trip to book shop, took my time to shop for pen and realise they haven reach!
So I figured I could do some self studying while waiting for them.

So I went, found a place. Sat down, took everything out!! Got everything ready, mode was right and all.... And suddenly, my phone rang! Sebast!! T_T So much for studying myself! After I put down the phone, Xinni called!! They super got Mo Qi lah! So went to design for lunch and head off to study again!

I swear this time really no shou huo! But its okay lah. We got shou hou in another way =D

Btw was listening to ping and pong then. As usual, their lame crap. This was their conversation.

Pong: Hiiii Piinngg!!
Ping: Hey Pong.
Pong: Why do you look so sad Ping?
Ping: I just held a weekend party.
Pong: Thats great! But why you still look so sad?
Ping: They party's great pong!! But the juice was warmmm!
Pong: Why ping?
Ping: Cause there weren't any ice.
Pong: Did you fridge broke down?
Ping: No pong. My fridge is fine.
Pong: Then why you dint use ice Ping?
Ping: Cause I dont know the recepie.
Pong: Ohhhhhhhh!

Hahahaha. The usual lame and stupid Ping and Pong with their high pitched voice! Love them still! =D
Listening to the OST of Secret, aka 不能说的秘密! The melodies are very soothing to the ears. You guys should get it! =) 25Sound tracks inside! Which is quite worth it! 1Song only worth $1 =X

I loath my periods
I loath studying with my periods
I loath stress with my periods
Cause periods = pimple.
Studying + periods = more pimple.
Studying + Stress + Periods = a million and one pimple.

Easily contempted with little actions.

pieces of me @ 11:59 PM.
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What are you doing here!!
Go study study study!!
Unless you wanna be like me and score 3Ds out of 5 subjects =D

Haven on the comp till my dad ask me to go youtube find for largest singapore flag cause his colleagues wanna take a see. =3
NOOOOOO!! Broke my record of not on-ing comp.
Gonna go back have a lunch, take a mug and run a jog later =)

Study Study Studyyyy ((x
Score Score Score!!

pieces of me @ 2:41 PM.
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are you sick of studying? =D
One picture to perk up your day!!
Its quite old so some of you might have seen it before.
If you cant see, click on the picture to enlarge.
NOTE: Not for the young, light-hearted one =D Not responsible IF anyone turns horny =X

cant help but to realised that we are quite similar =)

pieces of me @ 7:22 PM.

Partner msged me all of a sudden today and i was quite shocked! But inside was "JAY CHOU ON CHANNEL U!" hahahahaha! Thats the 2nd time he msged me that!

So went to watch my hub on chnl u. So funny i practically laughed my ass out. 1st part was the acting. I SWEAR ITS SUPER RUNNY! There was few scenes that that had to act out. One was the "One hand play song" part. They made the scene into a comedy scene lah!

2nd Part was the "pass the msg by acting out the word" game. So funny when they did the teapot and juice blender HAHAHA! The ending was SO FUNNY! =D

3rd Part: Ask questions about the show and give poster with signatures personally! NOTE: P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-L-Y!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

All the questions were easy lah! The host was like saying the questions are all hard except for 1st! I know all of the answers!! T___T if only singapore hosted such events! I think i will get everything!! bwhahahaha!
1st question: which finger did gui lun mei use to poke jay's face?
2nd : what year was on the banner when jay danced with gui lun mei?
3rd : when jay danced with the dad, how many times did he turn?
If only i was in the showwww!! I will be upclose with jayy! AHHH!

Okay i think im seriously madd~ Hahahaha! my HUBBBB~~~~~

I love my hub. =)
I love jay square.

pieces of me @ 5:22 PM.
Monday, August 20, 2007


Btw, was studying in the school library in the noon till evening. I swear only one chapter went in my head! I seriously need to study last minute in order to get stress enough, with adrenaline rush, to really chiong and read fast! But yeaa, slow and relax in okay i guess. Just that I dont have 8 days to study the 8chapters i have for ISFUN.

So went onliaaaaed [inside joke! =D] only to be spammed by CheongKengMun with "ima transexual~ xD!!"[inside joke also!] And one super retarded video! Which is so kaixin btw![openly joke hahahah]

Fake BoA

Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILkUxTMYzbY or CLICK HERE

Maeken Imitate BoA Kwon
Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJSU1POx1wA&mode=related&search= or CLICK HERE

After that, Denver showed me this video! Which is FTW in my opinion! [FTW= For The Win]
I just love it how the audience will dance along with the song! Its so cute lah! Even when doing the "G-R-DOUBLE E-N-LEAVES" they also follow! hahahah!

Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5auQSFtExM or CLICK HERE

After that Ronald surprisingly sent me a video. Its about SAF. Quite lame but quite funny in a way =|

Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2L6WpAgRoI or CLICK HERE


you'll be my best secret ((x

pieces of me @ 8:34 PM.
Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Jolene!! What are you doing here huh! Aren't you suppose to be studying?!"
Thats what i asked myself! And I cant give myself a satisfying reply!!
WHY!! T_T Motivate me to study please someone!!
I just cant get my ass of the chair!!

Going school an hour earlier to secure some marks for myself for the assignment tml!
Wish me luck!!!!

Cold shoulders method.
Good to use, not good to be used.

pieces of me @ 10:50 PM.

Just another random picture! =D
Shall post pictures up another dayyy.
Like there is a WHOLE lot of them to post up!

Next week is like study week and I still have to go school on some days with only ONE hour lesson! Its like wth right!!

Soo yea. Suppose to be studying now but turns out that i spent the one hour plus to watch happy feet with my family! Cause I bought this VCD which was only $4!!

I'm still thinking whether to renew my consession on 26th Aug. Next week is study week and next next week is test, which i only go school for 3 days. Either that, I'll only be travelling out when im going out with friends. SO HOW!! Please decide for me!! Consession is $52 with unlimited bus ride and last for a month.

I've been saving quite a lot of money lately. Only to be spent on stupid things like transport! Imagine one freaking consession is already leeching my pocket semi empty! =(( I wanna go shoppingg! I seriously need to get a new pair of slippers/shoes/footware!! My current ones are cui-ing away! Shopping anyone? =D I'll be willing to go with anyone! Even if you are william hunk or steven lim!! HAHA!

[rants] I want a new blogskin! So sick of clicking enter whenever i need to view my blog! I want to go out!! I want to spend every moment doing everything but study!! I just want.. The old times again... =))[/rants]

Till then, I shall tidy up my files and try to get my feels back to studying!
Love everyone lots! Gambatteeee =)


pieces of me @ 4:34 PM.

19th August

Today is a very important day to me cause..
its my ah ma's bday!!


So happy that I can even celebrate the 95th birthday with my grandma
I love her sooo much =)
Enjoyed the gathering at her place that day.
It was so re nao!
Small kids running everywhere, the aunts and my mom playing mahjong, the uncles and my dad talking about serious stuffs, cousins busy playing with kids etc..
Yup! The typical gatherings that normal families would have!
I hope you grow to a hundred ah ma!!


pieces of me @ 12:30 AM.
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today is a super boring day!
So funny, woke up this morning and got a msg ask if today wan go bai bai LOL!
Super cute le they all wan go bai bai together.

Well anyway, was playing this "Anti-TD" game.
Quite fun. Managed to unlock all the maze.
Screen shots are as shown below.
Interested? Go to "http://www.gamefudge.com/Anti-TD" or CLICK HERE TO PLAY

So yea, was watching slam dunk [again] HAHA!
And found the opening theme song!!
MISS IT LOVE IT!! hahaha!


pieces of me @ 3:35 PM.
Friday, August 17, 2007

Why is it that whenever I want to be late for school, i reach suprisingly early?
And when I dont want to be late for school, i reach suprisingly late?
RAHH! If so, I shall everyday wish that I want to be late for school everyday =D

Anyway, reach school and went to eat yong tau fu at 3. [when our lessons starts at 3! AHAH]
So yaaa ate till 3.30 then hari called to say teacher started without us [i think more than 10 of us weren't in class] =X
The solo interview was not as scary as expected.
Went home super early to catch my slam dunk movie :D :D

Oh btw, at the bus stop today, I swear I was stunned!
The queue at 38 was quite short. As in all short people. Only a few people were taller then me.
About 7 people infront of me were shorter then my chin!!
I think it's family genes cause i think they all knew each other.
The rest were just shorter than me! Even some guys! :O :O

Oops! Line removed! HAHAH SORRY!

pieces of me @ 11:22 PM.


Yes it is a super old anime!!
My very 1st so to speak.
I missed the starting song of it!
Could help but to miss every part of slam dunk!
As i watched the 1st part of slam dunk, it brings back memories!! hahaha!!
Watching slam dunk movie now!! HoHo!!

i love mitsui!!

pieces of me @ 1:03 PM.

16th Aug 2007

Ahhh was late for school cause i made something for ckm
Thankfully i only reach 20mins late =D
Had a big "buffet" at business school today LOL!

During my class presentation cheong called me so i went to meet him.
Passed him my wonderful beautiful present which i took back to bao guan for him.
The complicated family had planned 19station games for him cause it was his 19th bday
I swear he could just die.
After that, i practically just nuaed my whole day away.
The whole thing ended at like 10+ and i was still nuaing!!
Could have went home earlier but must wait for whole event to end just to pass him back me and janice's stuff.
Very lazy to blog about the wholeeeee event but i sweared he just died down there.
But yeaa i got to know mervin aka mermaid and kevin and andy =D
All are cool dancing peeeps ((x

Cant believe i din't went onliaaed the whole of yestcusday.
Been watching "the little mermaid" and "hercules" for the whole of morning!
I miss my cartooon~

at least i still know =)

pieces of me @ 10:01 AM.
Thursday, August 16, 2007







pieces of me @ 12:39 AM.
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HEY HEY! To all thierry henry fans, THIS IS A MUST WATCH!
To all non fans, THIS IS ALSO A MUST WATCH!
Well to me lah! Credits :WeiYang for introducing =)
We laughed like mad while watching! But of course you have to understand a bit of korean to really get the joke!
The nice parts actually start from a few vids back!
But no harm watching the 1st few cause its only 2mins+ per vid =D
Not obliged to watch so don't scold me if it isn't that nice and wasted your time.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 1

Links : http://youtube.com/watch?v=4NXBhbiSwWA or CLICK HERE
Comments: Reckless challenge is the most popular comedy variety show in Korea and French Football player Thierry Henry guest starred on June 9th, 2007.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 2
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IXMyUjV63vo or CLICK HERE
Comments: 3 of the 6 comedians on the show send video messages to Zizou and Becham after hearing that Henry has close friendships with those world famous football players.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 3
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dB26I2CQ-cw or CLICK HERE
Comments: Ha Ha does Korean national team's star player Ahn Jung Hwan's goal ceremony parody when Henry told him he resembles Ahn although he emphasized on the word, 'MAYBE'. Henry bursts into laughter when he heard that the bleached hair guy (No Hong Chul) is known as a Korean psycho.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 4
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=blOumpySzOU or CLICK HERE
Comments: The comedian with balding proudness (Park Myoung Soo) who claims he looks like Zizou does Zizou's head butting parody on Henry.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 5
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xqGyCkP4Mlw or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 1: Stealing the ball from Henry! (Park Myoung Soo and Jun Ha, the monster's challenge.)

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 6
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=k-8mHvtq1MI or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 1: Stealing the ball from Henry! (The shorty man, Ha Ha and the main MC, Yoo Jae Suk's challenge)

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 7
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PQQJwdjaxCc or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 2: 6 of below average players from the show defensing against Henry to keep him from scoring.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 8
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2P3hFORzzyQ or CLICK HERE
Comments: Henry promises he would take the Mu Han members out and invite them to his game when they visit London in the future. Yoo Jae Suk is excluded from the guest list because he mimics one of Henry's laughing gestures.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 9
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=msOgYg5GMy0 or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 3: Power shooting against the layers of polystyrene foam wall!

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 10
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NYaYCYqqZFM or CLICK HERE
Comments: Mu Han members are showing their own goal ceremony style and Henry meant to select the best one promising to do it in his next game when he scores. None was chosen in the end.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 11
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2BGzfxL28R8 or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 4: Want A Water Filled Ball Or Real Ball? Heading challenge. Don't be fooled by Henry, the Jim Carrey in football field!

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 12
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sxuqd4ttlrk or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 4: Want A Water Filled Ball Or Real Ball? Heading challenge. Henry checks if the 'water ball' is ok after Jun Ha, the monster, hit it with his helmet head.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 13
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lom9Mv7NuYo or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 5 (The last): Hitting the moving target. The target gets smaller.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 14
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7gNKw6DApC8 or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 5 (The last): Hitting the moving target. The score so far is Henry 2, Mu Han Team 2 (Scored by No Hong Chul and Donny)

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. 15
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5A84XFPR6Gc or CLICK HERE
Comments: The reckless challenge 5 (The last): Hitting the moving target. Henry plays with Donny hiding behind to surprise him. The game ends in tie but nice Henry says he wished Mu Han Team to win on this final challenge.

Thierry Henry on TV Show In Korea-Pt. [Behind the scenes]
Links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_6SZgB5xwIQ or CLICK HERE
Comments: This is a behind the camera footage from the show

Spent more than one hour just to "compile" everything =X
If you dont, SORRY! if you do, YAYYY! =D


pieces of me @ 10:44 PM.

Ahhh my blog got error just cause in the prev entry, as i was showing how to remove the code, i put the code in my post which makes my blog inaccessible too! rahh!! But took it off already =D

Anyway, was shock at how one single deck 69 bus can have at least 5 people that i know!
Today there was sharon, INT's log comm, gavin, weemeng and ryan!!
So headed for BPM class only to be shocked that our group was the first to present!!
Always first leh! CMSK1 1st, ISFUN 1st, BPM also 1st!! Rahh!!!!!!!!!!!
But I think we kinda screw our presentation!!

When the others were presenting, weichoy took ronald's vest to play and do cat walk!
SO FUNNY! SO GAY LAH!! hahahahah!
Den after that I also played with the vest! Then WeiChoy asked me to do cat walk so i literally "cat walked" there! LOL!
Like when entering the "entrance" [i think those that know the classroom would know what I'm talking about], i knelt at the entrance and do the "zao cai mao" action HAHAHAH sooooo fun! =X
Sorry if i disturbed the presenters! =D

After BPM we went to ta pao food and off to vale's house we go ((x
I think we really treat vale's house as our own!
"Kiao Ka-ed" almost everywhere!! From floor, study till sofa till the stairs!
ChuHui ah! She ahhh! I think she study like never study!
Slept for 51million times for 51years 51mins 51 seconds ah!
Kept talking to bear bear and etc!! Tsk!! chuhuiiiiiiiiii ah!!
Her mom is super friendly But her dad is super scary
Once her dad came home we immediately all go back living room study HAHAHA!

His dad drove the 5 of us back to school.
Spent the last few mins studying the difference between lease and term loan, and spontaneous and negotiated financing. Which came out!! HAHA! 12marks over 75 marks secureddd! woohoo!!
Finally everything is over! One more subject down! 3 examinations to go!

After that went to eat dinner with xinni chuhui weichoy weiyang denver and sebast.
Our siaaaa mian!! SO NICE! =) Went back after that!

its easy to find a good friend..
BUT not easy to find a good partner =)

pieces of me @ 10:10 PM.
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hmmm. Dont really have time to blog today cause i have a 25% test tml!
My results so far for BBFin is like ZOMGWTFBBQROFLMAOSH! hahahah!!
its like only 34.5/50! [50% of overall]
10% - participation
15% - assignment
25% - test

my participation is like shitty!!
i think i flung my assignment
so only thing to pull up my results is the test [which is the part which i most NOT excel in!!]
hahaha i am soooooo dead! 4chapters more to go! =X

Well anyway, for those of you who got the "savior of the soul" kind of shit in your friendster, here's the solution!

1. Delete your shoutout from your friendster homepage.(3rd link under "My Tools")

2. Go to edit profile > customise > remove ALL CSS under either Customize CSS or Add Media.

3. If it doesnt work, press control + f5 on the edit profile page and do step 2 again.

this is what scandal did for me!!
this is me and JAYCHOU!

this is me and gay rain [ps: i dont like rain. if fact i hate him!]

thankyou scandal! now i have a beautiful Display Picture[DP]
and thankyou scandal for all your suggestions ytd! made me shake off __insert name here__ =D
hahahah! so many people kept commenting about my DP!! [which is the one with jay!]
you all are just jealous that jay is MY HUSBAND!
ooops! i forgot! that was a 不能说的秘密!

hahahah okay its getting into my head already!
im off to studyyy!!
toodlesssss =X

pieces of me @ 11:17 PM.



so many LOL! can just die! =)

pieces of me @ 12:10 AM.
Monday, August 13, 2007

CMSK test!!!
So sad leh! WeiChoy [group 2] late.. Nicholas [group3, my grp] late..
And they missed the test! Even CLEMENT WAS EARLY!!
Overall fared quite okay. I got B for prev conv circle! HAHAHA!
The "usually talk a lot de jolene" got B!! =X not shock tho..

PRSP test..
Erm can say its the hardest amongst all other question.. [as so we assume]
Cause we looked through the materials from ole and we can assume that ours is harder!
Btw, yayyyy! PRSP got A!!
My few days of effort wasnt wasted! =)
Cause I remembered I completed Alice quite early and everytime I'm alone at home, I'll edit my prog here and there a bit!! yayyy!! My harvest bear fruits!!

After that, more than half the class went for lunch at KFC~
There was me, xinni, nicole, kaixin, chuhui, sharon, valerie, weiqi, sebast, ivan, denver, weiyang, junhao, alvin, jay and ronald.
While walking to KFC, i saw MOMO and scandal =D after that when reached KFC i saw partner!! Mo Qi Mo Qi!!
So sad lah. At 2pm, we were all still sitting at KFC and all decided NOT to go for BBFin Revision Tutorials! [ooppps!!]
So we all decided to go for movies and they persuaded me to watch disturbia! [which was a movie i dare not watch!!]
So yea, headed down for movies! weiyang chuhui and nicole dint join us.

Went to walk around TM before going up to find the guys at the arcade!
We knew that whoever grouped with sebast will lose! And we were right LOL!
After that we all randomly choose our seating arrangements!!
Sat beside my mo qi de kuku sebast and alvinA.
I think i was the only one that jumped really really high!! Always kena xia dao >_>
But really! I look and see all calm! Den alvinA and Ivan can just come and kachiao me! wthh!!
After the movies they all were like "EH! lets go watch 1408"
Like NO? After watching the TRAILERS only, my heart already popping out ah!!
Even if you all treat i also wont watch one!! RAHH!
So L.O.P. [lepak one corner] a while and went home after that.

I waited for jia 15mins at the busstop!! Den went home with her =D
MISSSSS HER SOO MUCH!! She's like my best friend!! hahahaha!

MO QI is all it takes =)

pieces of me @ 9:49 PM.
Sunday, August 12, 2007


Finally i completed my Java!!
Ohh yeaaa! Whose your daddy!!!
Thanks to those who helped me in one way or another!!
I am a happy person!!
Jolene is 100% revived!!
However i think she will die tml during her java lab test.
I'm so proud of my Java!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*jumps around with joyy*

Cant believe i spent like 1/3 of the day on PRSP!
Tml is my Java Submission and my PRSP lab test and my CMSK lab test!
Wish me all the best!!

Project status:
Completed: 6/6
Percentage: 100%

System.out.println("After tml, and its say bye bye to java!");

pieces of me @ 9:26 PM.


Jolene died just now while doing PRSP..
But she still has to thank MOMO aka Raymond for taking the time to talk to her and offering to take his time off everything else to meet her to do PRSP tml =D
Together we are the Mo Jo Mo Jo =D And our enemy is the POWERPUFF GIRLS!!
But too bad I shall purposely wear that shirt with bubbles on TUES!! =)
Slowly being revived as she does her PRSP.
Current revival status : 10%

I'm thinking so much lately. So much that it hurts. )=
MOMO's msn nick best describe what i was feeling.
"Just for one day, I wish"

Don't make it too frequent. It'll turn irritating.
Thats how I felt. Irritated. I wonder is that how others feel.

System.out.println("PRSP has let me see a lot of things normal days cant see")
Blessing in disguise.

pieces of me @ 1:05 AM.
Saturday, August 11, 2007


S O R R Y ! !
So please accept my sincerest apologies =D

PS: I was only joking all these while lah =D its my fault cause i shouldn't treat you like how i treat most people! MOST know I'm joking and cant be treated seriously. But i guess you are the some that cant really take jokes. So yes I will stop it ((x
PS.S: ignore the background!! If you were anyhow thinking LOL!! Cause really not purposely one!!

*edit: posted this vid at 12.54AM. but changed the time so that the 1st post will be this when the person im apologizing to will see it!*

pieces of me @ 11:54 PM.

Arghh. Haven do finish my PRSP and i have to go to my grandma house *dreads*
My parents left earlier so I have to go myself which is like a super long ride? Alone?
Imagine from Bedok to CCK. [CCK is Chua Chu Kang for those who dont know] Flick Cho!
Its times like this when i dread of going there.
I wan to bath den go there also cannot. Kena scolding like wth. But I'm still going to bath xP

Flick cho lahhhh! *angry*
Angry Angry Angry!!

pieces of me @ 6:07 PM.

YES! I know I should be doing my PRSP assignment which is like JAVA
And all i did was

import java.util.Scanner;

public class OnlineStationeryStore
public static void main (String []args)

Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);

But I really dont know how to do anymore!
From morning till now, [which was the time i was suppose to do my PRSP]
I watched CMM videos and commented it
Read PRSP lecture notes.
I watched prison break.. i stopped at the part where the person cut off that guys toe. OWHH OWHH OWHH!!
Read PRSP lecture notes
Watched random youtube videos
Read PRSP lecture notes

And lookiee!! Its 4.34PM already!! Xin bu zai yan!! rahhs!
Anyway, came across this maple video.
You must be thinking "OMG another maple video? NUUU J00 SARKZXZX`!!"
But I really loved the editing skills.
He "manipulated" the body parts and those kinda thing. So yes if interested, here it is =)

[Only applies to girls]

pieces of me @ 4:30 PM.

Ever wonder what CMM does in TP?
Here is one of their project of 5 classes.
I ranked them according to how i liked them.
Of course you might not like them as the same ranking as me cause everyone has different views and opinions
The ones i like least is on top.
The ones i like most is at the bottom =D
You can choose to view from the not so good to the better ones or vice versa!
Its up to you! =)

Baby One More Time (lip dub by CMM Class of P02 2007)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=waH2fZpL27I or CLICK HERE
I guess I ranked it last cause it wasn't really that special in the sense and their emotions weren't really there. They should have cut off the front part where the person was talking. But the part of the emotional girl was good [quite pretty to me =D]. The last part was a rather speechless but the girl is cute cause she's my ah ma and she is as siao as me!! [same genes u see =D]

Everybody - BSB (lip dub by CMM Class of P04 2007)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=d-6iiNJbgKc or CLICK HERE
Quite a good start. Just that I don't like the face of the 1st 2 person. [oops! no offence!!] Couldn't feel the energy there for a "rock your body" kinda song. =)

Lady Marmalade (lip dub by CMM Class of P05 2007)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zchHB4Fn_jE or CLICK HERE
Comments: Good start. Good effort for taking the time to dress up unlike the rest. The girls are very pretty! I think most of the pretty ones are in this class =X [If you don't think so means I really have different taste! T_T] I laughed at the part of the 2 guys "raping". Their dressing is FTW! [FTW = For The Win] Has a nice ending at the back. And I still think the girls are pretty!! XP

I'll Be There For You (lip dub by CMM Class of P03 2007)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0qhaU5xmuEk or CLICK HERE
Comments: I don't like the starting part, especially when he winked! HAHA! The teacher was so cute!! Helping them to clap the hands at the front part! ((x Can really feel the energy coming from this class!! Shaking and such at all the right points. Can tell that they all really enjoyed filming this down.

Umbrella - Rihanna (lip dub by CMM Class of P01 2007)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oHHojpdwnTs or CLICK HERE
Comments: A very unique start. Everything is unique. No other class did any gay gay kind of thing. No other class did any reporter kind of thing and using means of TV. No other class did any other special scene, for this case, the ghostly part. And btw, I think the middle guy is cute =D Although the last part was rather.. Erm.. See and you will know. Actually this is on par with the previous video but i gave this 1st for all the special things in it.

Comments to all: I think you all have a great camera man. So give your camera man a pat on the back okay!
Credits : All CMM classes involed and youtube user :tpcmm for posting the videos and sharing with all of us.

Anyway, while watching this and typing all the comments! I realised I spent more than one hour on this! Cause I have to rewatch and rewatch just to find out which one I loved most and type out the comments!! hahaa!

So yeaa. While watching, I showed this to my mom, dad and brother.
My brother's usual reaction "So lame. Nice meh?".
My mom "Wah TP's student so cute ah?"
My dad "I think that course suits you more. Do what you really want. Its not too late if u want to change course"
So fregging shocked right! But yes, I am DYING in FBI! ahhh! ))x

pieces of me @ 10:08 AM.

hahahah! look at the old old old last time ago de dick lee and his gay hair!
Anyway this is 林憶蓮- 情人的眼淚 featuring Dick Lee - 1990
the song has meaning to it =)
esp to those who watched
melting melting!! melts melting melted!!

pieces of me @ 12:36 AM.
Friday, August 10, 2007

10th Aug
Dint have any lessons today but since more than half my class went to school and Sebast asked me to go, so I chap ji ka =D

Soooo yea I went to school only to do NOTHING! hahahahaa!
So funny leh! today me and Sebast so got mo qi!
Some more our shirt was of same colour!
Nicholas and Sebast friend were like "eh couple shirt!!"
HAHAHA kns lah you all ((x But for today I play along only hahaha!

Went to itas with sebast to get the nacho cheese!! omg i really love them!
However I was utterly disgusted by that guy!
No basic cleanliness, has attitude problem and just bth!
Before that when i ordered nachos, this China guy served me! [seriously i like that guy!]
He wanted to use the plastic to pour the nacho on the plastic thingy.
But that uncle came and just use his BARE hand [the one which he used to deal with money, the most dirty thing in the world, and food with] to put inside that thingy!!
NVM LEH! One dropped and he used his hand to put back into that thingy!! WTH!!
I'm seriously not going back there to eat! Unless I have cravings for the nacho cheese again!!

Went back to design to enjoy my [not so clean] nacho cheese!! But aiya! As the saying goes "Dirty eat dirty grow up!! [from chi trans to eng]" (: (:
And no Nicholas! I think you think too much !! hahahaa =]

So lucky to meet Yanti James May at the back where my class was sitting!
So i watched funny videos while waiting for my class to complete the input output thing.
I swear jingqing is dam cute HAHA!
Cause initially he wanted to print notes! But he print wrong den his face become so sian!
So I help him print lah! LOL! So cute lah he (:

Went to CourtsMegastore with Denver, Sebast and Sebast's parents to see lappy.
Sebast parents SOOO CUTE leh! Small Small size one haha!
They also say i cute!! YAY!! =D
Sebast must thank me! I made your parents have a good impression of your classmates =X
After looking, his parents drove us back to opposite TP to have dinner.

While taking the bus 38 back home.
I saw this old man getting up the bus!
His hands and legs were all shivering!
I wanted to help him but this ah ma block my way!! argh!
After that he wanted to tap his card but he had a hard time just to even take the card out.
So i offered to help him tap! (: So helpfulll right xP
After that he wanted to get down!
I wanted to help him get down but I don't know why I dint!!
Its like I don't have the courage to help!
I also don't know why! Maybe cause people will stare?
Or was I afraid that I'll lose my pride or whatever shit! I don't know lah!
I am sure many people also want to help that old man!
But nobody offered help! They just sat there and looked! [just like me!]
I feel bad for not helping! Guilty conscience all over!
But at least I've helped that old man tap his card!! =D=D=D
But I guess life is like that..
I'm thinking.. Next time if I'm old.. And I become like this old man.
Would anyone help me up the bus? Or would people be afraid to lose face or being stared at and thus not help?

I think my post today is a lil too detailed, too long! oops!!

oh no my msg targeted the wrong audience! >_>

pieces of me @ 10:36 PM.

btw, i forgot to mention that..


i was so dam happy when i heard that! really really!
that relied on us ytd to make the crowd of 10,000+ people HIGH!
BWAHHAHA!! go tp go u go we go !!

(: im loving tp!

Sorry to those who keep saying SP NP all those better.
Cause it aint trueee !

pieces of me @ 11:19 AM.

9th Aug


I swear i was dam happy today =)
i managed to exchanged every color and in rainbow sequence!! bwahaha!
made a super good friend today!!
when i told chuhui i dont have any goodie bag, that person immediately gave me hers!!
So nice right =) and i was like so excited about the bag!
den she commented that i like xiao hai zi!! im notttt!! LOL!
Full grown adult! =X
i swear BK stuffs are getting smaller and smaller!

to all classes who has WDS assignment submission tml, wish you good luck all the best =)
not going to go school tml soooo yeaa !! plus my course dont have WDS.

if anyone is stress or what, you can play this game.
if you loved the previous Four Second Fury, den you should try this!
Its called Four Seconds Frenzy.
Its a higher difficulty but passable!! =D =D
link is : http://gamefudge.com/Four-Second-Frenzy or CLICK HERE!

i think its super obvious..
so its better you ask now before its too late =)

pieces of me @ 1:23 AM.
Thursday, August 09, 2007


Found another interesting games!
Credits : Nicole.

http://gamefudge.com/Four-Second-Fury or CLICK HERE
I swear its fun! MUST TRY!! 4stars out of 5!

pieces of me @ 12:51 AM.

Went school to do BPM project all the way.
From 9am, all the way to 2pm and had our bbfin lecture and went back to do the project all the way till 6!!
So funny lah! Everyone was snatching the plug for their laptops! Cute =D
Managed to complete our project at around 6!
I swear i was dam happy being able to compile everything with headers and footers!!

Went simlim after that to look for lappys!
But so many stored close! But mananged to bio a few.
I still think the HP one is more worth it!
But see how! Friday going to ask about it haha!! (:

pieces of me @ 12:13 AM.
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Remember the previous Tower Defence game i posted?
Help you refresh your memory for a while.


So yea! I said i will post the cheat code for infinity money right! This is it
Click on 1st tower and build anywhere.
After that, click sell tower.

Its as simple as that! haha! Anyway new game!
Quite sadistic!
Its on how to torture the person LOL!
Link is here http://gamefudge.com/The-Torture-Chamber-II or CLICK HERE
My highscore so far LOL! Im sure many of you will be able to beat lah xP
Have fun being sadist! =D while i go chiong my BPM.

pieces of me @ 5:47 PM.

3rd August
Woke up super early to chionged SAS and managed to chiong finish before going school.
The rest of my classmates were in school chionging already.
When i went school. I just realised that they ALL haven finish LOL! So funny!

I swear i cannot do proj with nicole together!
We will just zi high and laugh like mad woman!!
But it was fun lah x)
Finished our SAS by 8pm while the rest were still chionging.
They stayed till 11+pm and eventually kena chase by security so funny!
Lucky i left by then already (:

4th August
Went out with actDANG to TM's billybomers.
My pocket burns a big hole!! LOL!
But yeaaa. Cause celebrating me and xinyi's bday so yaaa i dont mind =D

After that chionged to town to meet ophix!
O O O Ophixxx!
Starting i thought it was just a normal outing lah.
After that they just bombed me and yuanlong [the INTSC president, same bday!!] with surprise and we were so shocked lah!
Okay lah yuanlong! Only for that day you are my jay chou husband okay =X
Slacked till quite lateee.
Here's the picturee =D

5th August
The actual day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! =D
Went to watch 不能说的秘密 with partner siewlin and lester.
So irritating. the 2 girls beside me keep talking and talking!
Critize all the way! Almost slap them lah! Rahs!
But i melted while watching the movie!!
Cried somemore! Derek was like "I think u're the only one that cried"
NO LOR NOT TRUE!! x( *sulks
After that i kept going "shh.. 这是一个不能说的秘密"
Anyway after that went to eat at some jap jap place.
Kept laughing and knocking my head on the back part!
Sayang Sayang ((=
I think they very bth me cause i kept going "shh.. 这是一个不能说的秘密 "
Thanks for spending the day with me!
Watchin my lovely husband with my love loves. =)

shh.. 这是一个不能说的秘密

6th August
Nothing interesting happened in school actually.
CMSK - quite fun =D doing conver 2
PRSP - playing games as usual

Our SAS lecture.. NOTE! : Lecture
Only has 16 attandance out of the whole attandance!!
And guess what!
Out of the 16.. 16 are from our class HAHAHAHAHA!!

BBFin - sleepy as usual! managed to sleep without the teaching catching me =D
I swear the room was super cold so i tabaoed milo up to drink. AHHH! so warrmm =))

Went home and chionged ISFun presentation slide till 2am ):

7th August
Sharon mama made breakfast for everyone! SO NICE =D
Ate one during prsp lect =X
I swear i wasnt listening lah! omg omg!! Kept laughing all the way!

ISFun lect- LOL ms kang kept aiming sebast today so funny =D Sebast ur fault lah! Keep talking. Den phone rang halfway so dam loud !

ISFun presentation - quite okay. Tho i said a lot of erms. but really hantam one! I nv have any scripts! So its all erm erm erm erm CUIIIIIIIII!! hahahaha

haha eh nicole fun fair ah. climb up down up down =X
So funny cam whoring and looking at all the funny pictures!
Esp the video HAHAHA! =X
I dont know why i kept laughing like mad then!
BUT ITS SO FUNNY!! [spiderfly fly away!!]

Home now!
Going to sleep late again later )x

ke yi yu jian ni yi jing shi bu ke shi yi le

pieces of me @ 5:04 PM.
Monday, August 06, 2007

was doing this stupid pig personality test during prsp lab
http://www.gamefudge.com/Draw-a-Pig or visit DRAW A PIG

HHAHA so retarded!!
Do 1st!! My ans are below!
no peeping till you do ah!!

Toward the middle of the frame, you are a realist.
Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
With 4 legs showing, you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.
The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are. You are a good listener.
The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life. You have a poor sex life.

hahahaha i have POOR SEX LIFE!!
so dont come finding me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

pieces of me @ 10:38 AM.
Sunday, August 05, 2007

A wonderful day just seems to pass away so quickly!
So just wanna thank all of you who rmbed/wished me/spent time with me!!
I took the effort to write down!

SMS- DenverKuKu, yukiDarling, weiningActCute, mattBigBalls, aliciaActGuai, lynnetteDarling, kianghua3DaysBigger, siewlinCuiDoll, lynnetteTP, yiningActBlur, dolyceHugger, xinyiActDao, junyongGayPartner, weeyouScandal, kwokfongTuition, yongchunHacker, jordanShemale, geraldCafeDelmar, terrance5thAugDe, shuyiQingAiDe, derekPartner, ginaCampMate, ShawnKetupat, kokguanLapCheong, zhenxiangBrother, BenjaminBenGoh, tengngBV, carinSmallGirl, yinhuiDarling, sasaAhGong, huijiaFakeFren.

MSN- cheryl, jon, junhao, eugene, hikari, sebast, vale, xinni, alan, kenny, ck, yuanlong, jonah, meiwei, huiyi, kaisen, raymond, amelia

Friendster - avelyn, junhao, nicole, nelson, eugene, lynette, sebast, valerie, richard, dean, nicholaslim, deborah, lynnette, chuhui, gina, kelvin, zy, huijoo, shuqi, nicholassoon, ivan, shi lin, ben, andy, melvin, yixiang, angel, dexter, zhihao, janice, jessie, sarah, mingshen, alicia, pearlyn, eileen, jiaxuan, kaifeng, shawn, amanda, jasmine, meiyee, freeman, shihan, sharon, kexian, weichoy, shermain

Spent time with me - mother, father, brother, huijia, xinyi, alicia, weining, yining, dexter, iman, yuanlong, xinyi, amelia, fion, mayrissa, yanti, eileen, ckm, jy, alan, ck, lapcheong, shermaine, budd, joycelyn, auntymona, sharon, dorea, siewlin, derek, lester, JAYCHOU! ((x

Special gifts - huijia, xinyi, weining, alicia, yining, weeyou, eugene, kenny, leslie, jasmine, lester, derek, siewlin, lapcheong, ck, ckm, dexter, iman, amelia, fion, mayrissa, yanti, eileen, david, james, ian, geraldine, joyce and JAYCHOU!

And Ohana, thankyou for putting a topic up at the forum!

As I wrote the names, i thought of how we met. Yes all of you!
And I was quite thankful that ive met people like you!
Yes i know! its super dramatic! but im serious!! ((x
You've mad my day! All of you!!
I really enjoyed myself !! LOVE YOU ALL!!

pieces of me @ 11:16 PM.


going to eat lunch and out to watch JAY'S 不能说的秘密


pieces of me @ 2:08 PM.
Saturday, August 04, 2007

yay! 3 assignments down! 2 more to go!
Next week is going to be a relaxing week! (:

I swear im dam tired.
Its 1.09am now!
Tml still going to wake up early!
Going to meet 3grps of ppl! [its really like omg]
Sunday going to watch 不能说的秘密!!
Busy busy busy!
rest rest rest! ! ! ! !

pieces of me @ 12:15 AM.
Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slept at 4+am woke up at 7+am today.
Reason? Pia ISFUN.

Went to school at 9am and started doing ISFun.
ISFun is so not fun. RAHS! But anyway, was playing games at lab while waiting for my grp members to do finish their work.
I found a quite nice, quite low class, quite dumb Tower Defence.
Its quite Cui but sometimes its all you've got.
http://gamefudge.com/Frontline-Tower-Defense or CLICK HERE
Found a cheat code to that game. And its infinate money!
Shall post the cheat code up in next post.
Cheat code rocks! Show you whyyy!

Btw kaixin this is for you!

At lab, everyone was soooooo hungry but they all dint eat cause they had to chiong proj.
Since they had to chiong proj, so i acc them to not eat also.
But i swear i was so dam hungry then!
Before going BBFin, bought sandwich to eat LOL!

I think the feeling then was almost like i was going to faint.
When i was writing, my hand was shaking. When sitting down, my legs felt no strength!
Imagine 4days sleeping only 10+hours! T.T
But nvmmm! After tml, we will be quite freeee =D
Fall sick soon please! :x

Anyway, YAY! 3days more to watching Secret!
Cant wait for it =)

looking forward for brighter days after tml.

pieces of me @ 7:49 PM.

Its 2.51am now and i'm still chionging my isfun!
could have been in bed by now but who ask me to overslept just now! TSK!
Jolene why like that?

Anyway, did 68.9% of all the work already.
Left 31.1% which is quite a lot IMO! >_>

Jolene! You can! Do it! ((x

pieces of me @ 2:45 AM.
Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Watch as how his hair progresses =D
From 2 rubber band, to 5, to 7, to 8! =)
Did this during PRSP lect. Dont let me get hold of your hair people =)
Hair Tyer: ME! (:
Rubberbands contribution: KaiXin, Vale, Xinni, Sharon and ME!
Pictures: Xinni's phone.

pieces of me @ 4:50 PM.

Went to met up with my scandal yesterday =)
Thanks for the ice milo and walking to MRT with me ((x
And omg i felt dizzy for more than 30mins lah!
We cant play swings for nuts eh?

Was so lucky to take the last train to Eunos.
Went to see them eat and went to Denver's hse after that.
Chionged ISFUN a bit. Chionged the Thierry Henny vid more LOL!
I swear it was super funny.
My waist muscle tore but i dont care i still continued laughing! SO FUNNY!
Shall share the video with you all some day!
Die die must watch one haha!

Drew my very nice connetivity diagram! I was SOOOO proud of it!
Come come i show you LOL! All drawn using touchpad and MS Paint except for CPU.

Weiyang fell asleep dam fast LOL! So only left me and denver chionging!!
But halfway we gave way to puzzle fighter and played till i fell asleep =X

Woke up and went school after that.
I swear i need sleep!
I've been sleeping for less than 8hours for 3days add up together.
My pimples are appearing! NOOOO!
Worst thing was, i saw SOOO many people today!
More people than usual. And i had that stupid big rudolph on my nose! argss..

During BPM lab, i dint even do my BPM lah!
Instead, i helped WeiQi type his POOCM.
WeiQi!! In order to repay me! You must be my tutor for 3years! BWAHAHAHA!
hahahaha jkjk. =D But i know even if i dint help you, u sure will lend a helping hand one.

Break was at design. As usual, i win the sissors paper stone/oyabeiyasom thingy.
I swear the chinese food is NOT nice
So please people dont even try food from there!
Went to find MsKang and asked her about ISFun again!

Went to find partner!
I was dam lucky cause its limited ed and initially it was only 1CD/ticket per Pax!
But lucky that person let him xchange twice! YAY!
Partner you rock! Lester you too! =)

Am falling alseep now.
I seriously having lack of sleep!
I shall catch some snooze now and pia proj later!


pieces of me @ 4:18 PM.

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