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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

met my darlings lynn and yinhui today! <3
went to subway! and got a cheese steak, footlong, with tomato lettuce and cucumber.
i tell you ah. the uncle there was so genourous and smart.
he knew wad ingredients i wanted. he even knew that i wanted honey mustard! :D
had 2 cookies. yummmmy the cookies are like dam nice can.
tabaoed everything to sentosa :D
ohh i also bought teenage cause got HANAKIMI poster!!
sat at the sentosa express thingy. was so nice lah the view.
<3 so sua ku can. 1st time sit and like kept looking out of the window.
we were sooo cold that we went to toast sth to eat [4gotten the name]
The set meal was like bread + 2eggs + hot beverage. 3.40-3.60
but yakun still nicer.

went to lynn's hse after that and we played DDR!
wah really can jian fei man.
played till like midnight and went home =)

i had fun fun fun !

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wah today 1st day work with snoopie machiam like known her for dam long already
and she keep asking me to go pluck eyebrown with her >.<

nick really came early for work today!
and we went walking ard town.
omg can. i was helping him find a nice earring when i dont even have earholes.
so mahlu ._."

after work, adam gaurub dan nick and me stayed outside of paragon to drink.
so called "happy bday nick" kinda celebration i guess o.o
after that me and nick went Adam's house.
so melt melt can. watching those 2 guys play guitar and singing.
watched a movie and cabbed home after that.
i alighted 1st. even tho the cab did go past his house >_>
the bloody fare was over $20 bucks when it reached my house.

was with tuesday from 4pm-7am.
happy birthday tuesday :D

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Monday, February 26, 2007


today he asked me if i was working!
and i was. but when i ask why. he said "nth just asking" D:<

and and. he wants to go work early tml to go shopping.
thats why he smsed me.
and i suddenly recall that my nick previously was "i soo wanna shop"
is it a coincidence? *ponders*

anyway. had so much fun gossipping with my darlings lynn and yinhui.
we sat at bedok swimming complex *as usual* and stayed till like 1plus am going to 2am.
i love them lots! lovelove<3
they are so sweet can. find me at spags after my work :D
how can you not love them. tell meeee!!
hahaaa. dont be jealous that i have such nice frens :x

love yah to bits.

pieces of me @ 2:33 AM.
Saturday, February 24, 2007

arghh i was so tired can.
was staring at the screen, watching wuzun kiss ariel in a drama till 3+ to 4am in the morn!
and i had to wake up at 8+am cause im meeting shuyi gerald at amk kbox.
i expected nick to oversleep.

starting when we went there, i was like super emo.
den sing like sian sian, a lot word dunno, soft soft.
was like thinking of so many things lah.
but at the back i still opened up and sang till my hearts contempt.
shuyi and gerald make a good pair. and both happen to live in amk. XD
we ended near 3pm. and at 3pm, nick msg me that he just woke up x.x
hmms. after that, went walking ard amk till ard 4+pm and i left for sean's hse.

met xy wn yn zl seng alibaba and elroy at tanahmerah mrt.
from there we went his hse.
so dam big can. esp the top. its so nice.
played blackjack a while and headed for dinner.
the food was so dam nice! haha. and we still got angbao ! :x
went home at like 8+pm.
so early. im sooooo not used to it.

his bday in 3days time.
ahh thats so fast!

fun day_

pieces of me @ 11:54 PM.
Friday, February 23, 2007

had mac bfast with my darling lynn and yinhui.
mine was only $2! haha.
lynn woke up late !! D;< *angries* haha nah jk
and i got to work, ON TIME! [by 3secs]

today, he worked dinner.
haha i love hamdan.
the way he teach cashier is so good.
got clocked off at 4+pm.

today dinner was super not slam for a fri dinner.
we had so many ppl there. all can walk ard and keep talking.
the that karan is so nice. keep carrying all the food.
i really eat snake leh ytd.
we closed dam early. like at 10?
and we did everything by 10.30 LOL!

today staff meal was like dam nice.
it was actually only 2carbo and 2 chx prima.
in de end, the chefs so nice can.
they added crayfish, pep bread, fish and chx, potatoes pizzas.
and there was even cake.

the worst part was, it was super not slam LOL!
so nice right XD

today he was like trying to predict what i am, how my life is like by LOOKING at my hands.
in the end, ALL WRONG! hahahaha!
say wad i do dishes and wash clothes!
baka. saying my hand rough and hard la!
but after that he touched my hands and were like. why your hands feel so diff from what it looks like. =3
many things happen on the way home.
but he's gonna stop at spags soon =(
oh. he says he's gonna join me gerald and shuyi at kbox tml.
but i doubt he'll make it. haha.

i dont want it to end this way.

pieces of me @ 11:56 PM.
Thursday, February 22, 2007

i just realised that my blogskin doesnt display the time o.O
haha btw i know u all are sick of the jaychou blogskin :X

gimme more time lah and i'll [might] change it.

pieces of me @ 10:09 PM.

im awake at this time.
cause i cant sleep.
but i wont regret know why?
cause he just called me to talk!
and we talked for 1hour 47mins.
he said, one day can go out together. and he mentioned other ppl's name. >.<
and said that he can make time for us anytime.
before putting down, he was like "so more long nights like this on phone?"
haha. theres hope!

its just a matter of time.

pieces of me @ 5:52 AM.
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bahh today i woke up w/o the working feel.
i think im still in the holiday feel.
summore working s2. rahhs!
[oh btw those of you who have been reading and dunno what s2 is, its actually shift 2. means 11.30pm-3pm den 6pm-10/11pm]
roll call- me.cashier, nick.bar, andy.1-4, shuyi.5-7.
they seperated me and shuyi again!! T_T
while working, nick asked me when i was working again.
and ask me to put mon and wed cause he was also working! :D get the hint?
and omg la. i hate cashier.
i was doing closing. i did till 4.30.
was suppose to clock out at 3! >.<

lunch was very very nice.
and me and shuyi ordered one choc brownie to eat.
CK dam nice la. he scooped the icecream dam dam dam big.
cant stop laughing la. its realy very big. if you were there u wud have known.

dinner was average. nth much.
oh the newer attachment guy is soooooo much better den the 2nd new attachment guy.
and TABLE 34 was SO GL CAN!
say wad. service so bad. then dont wan pay service charge.
dunno is they no money or wad la.
but they keep saying they are rich ppl. carriny chanel's bag.
chanel's bag so wad. maybe prirated leh!
well anyway, they kept saying till shuyi cried lohs. fck sia.
den gary gan gan go do the yayapapaya sign to them.
from entrance to bar, they kept looking at gary and he kept doing that.

after that, me gary andy adam michelle and shuyi went to youth park to eat.
they dam funny lohs. keep pushing me to other guys.
so far, got steven gavin gary andy huoleong and the legendary nick.
i think still got but i dont bother to rmb only.
but nvm, i play along with them LOL!

went home after that.

pieces of me @ 11:40 PM.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

roars. i slept at 7am in the morn and had to wake up at 9am cause im visiting friends house.
in the end i kept lai chuan-ing till 10plus. and out meeting time was like 10.30?
bathed, changed, called jia and went down to meet her.
she was really like my bf sia.
i always made her carry my bags.

so yea, we went to YIning's place 1st.
the food was sooo nice can.
got our angbaos! tell you ah. yining's parents is dam generous.
$6 inside! i think maybe cause they are very rich too.
but rich and not stingy. its a good sign ! :x

after that it was xy's house.
met zl at the MRT station. cause zl must bai fang future mother-in-law ma :D
its only the right thing to do.
xy and zl dam good la.
zl's mom gave xy 20$ ang bao money.
xy's mom gave zl 22$ ang bao money.
and xy's mom's sis gave zl 10$ ang bao money!!
xy's mom and her sis gave us 4$ and 2$ respetively.
note the diff! haha. but understandable one lah =D

jia's house was next.
everyone was eyeing the conflake thing.
but i've gotta admit its dam nice.
and everyone was like fascinated by the toothpick-thingy. even me!
her mom is dam cute. and her dajie this year like not shy liao
still can sit with us.
and so dam paiseh can. collect 3angbaos from her hse. psps!! >.<
the orange xchange was so funny.

my house was next!
and weining went to dabian at my house!
pollute my whole air and toilet bowl only :x
worst part was, i fell asleep in my own house!
but i wasnt the only one. xy also fell asleep.
they were like watching the chi drama till so head in [tou ru] till dowan leave sia.
i think they stayed at my hse for quite long. i dunno also. i fell asleep.

after that it was alicia's house.
so many nice things to eat can!
and its so windy there. so nice.
the aga-aga was so nice.
so was the beehoon.
but i was sooooooooooooooo full can!
and her neighbour so nice. make pineapple tarts for them! and it looks sooo nice.

weining's house was the last.
sorry ah weining. we all are dam full. and dam rush.
really duibuqi your parent's hard work! all the food was so nice but we were so full already.

actually i had one more hse to visit but it was already so late so i decided to go str8 to meet shuyi. she waited since 6+PM for me!

went down to spags and meet shuyi.
by that time it was like nearing 9pm. sorry shuyi >.<
we ordered crayfish parmiagiana.
and the Assitant Manager [AM], aka randy, made italian soda for us. FOC! =X
and yes rumours spreads quicker than u think it would.
they were spreading abt nick and me again. abt ytd's stuff.
and now they say i went down to see him LOL! how can!
i was meeting my gf ma. as in serious! but nvm >.>

while waiting for them to do closing, me and shuyi played with the thing right outside spags.
its so dam cool can. its like u use ur shadows to control.
started we all felt like we are small kids.
who knows a lot ppl older den us also play LOL! so shuyi, we are not childish! :x

after that walked to MRT station with them.
just when we parted with north siders, shamus and gary came.
the shamus like cannot stop smiling! D:<
i know what u are smiling abt okay! haha.
i know u not emo kia >.> gary also another one.
all deesiao siao one.
anyway, nick said i can go his hse anytime to see his dog!
ahh its like sooo big and its 52kg.
and and, best of all, ITS GOLDEN RETRIVER!! <3 <3

went home, bathed and slept. working s2 tml! haha oh well.

pieces of me @ 11:21 PM.
Monday, February 19, 2007

today is chu er.
went to grandma house at like 1pm.
and they gambled gambled all de way to 8.
of course we had lunch, dinner and yushen lau-ing :D
my brother got triple 7! and he got 7x de money. omg can!
me and my cousins were playing hotel.
i rmb last time i always got de 2 lousiest hotel.
now i got the best! summore upgrade dam fast LOL!
at the ending, me and my brother kept bidding on the land.
higher and higher sia >.>

went to my 1st uncles hse after that.
we reached at like 8.20pm+
and everyone was paying so much attention at the 2 newborns.
so cute leh they.
well anyway, i was so paiseh la.
i had to leave halfway.
shuyi jason and clarence went all the way to my place to pick me up.
after that we went to spags' cny party.

we were on the cab.
and we kept saying the place and the cab driver dunno.
still can stop and look for directions and all. so kuku lor.
cab there was suppose to be less then $5 but it ended up to be 7 =.="
when we reach the outside, dont dare go in sia.
all the ppl squatting outside smoking.
when we went in its really like a lot of ppl.
spent time playing cards and all.
after that huoleong, jason, clarence, shuyi, andy, and [the extra] ramesh went down for a walk.
that huoleong dam funny la. kept wanting to go inside a abandoned school. =
went back and played big2.
wah play with steven dam "fun" lah.
he took out his martellXO. *note. not martell only*
one martellXO cost abt $400 can.
loser of big2 must drink. but its not neat also. so still okay.
after that he still wan tar beer with me. RAH!
around 2+am, i was already quite shag.
nobody to go home with me. cause all north and west siders.
at 3am, a lot of them left. only left a few of us. and we played majong.
at that point, nick called me and he said he wanted to go down.
wah he went right, i kena deesiaoed like mad again.
a lot of them said he came to fetch me home.
of couse if he really did i'll be dam touched. but odds is they are right.
cause by then, the only ppl left wasnt really THAT close to him :x
and i did told him that i dint like to go home alone and all before. heh!
stayed till 6+am and cabbed home after that.
i paid 60cents only! LOL! de rest he paid =x

thanks for fetching me home. <3

pieces of me @ 6:07 AM.
Sunday, February 18, 2007

played back mahjong again today after bfast.
and omg can i won like 4-5times in a row.
slowly recovered back all my lost :D

after that went to bed at like 3pm?
you would be like "OMG so late still go bed!!"
but its the truth la :D

went to 2nd uncle's house and collected angbaos!!
im feeling rich now! haha.
i think i took more then 30mins waiting for cab home >.>
but alas. im at home now :D wheee.

im filty rich! $_$

pieces of me @ 11:36 PM.

omg im so suay laa >.>

played majong with my family and i ended up the one losing.
lost like 19+ i think.
de rest all won! even my mom. how can that be right! >.<

anyway, so many ppl's leaving spags. =( sooo sad can
nick, gerald, andrew, gary, jason, clarance, superman.
surprisingly. no girls leaving.
guess i might be the 1st.

im so gonna miss them.
plus i dont like the new batch of people.
not like im THAT old but they are like .. =\ well i dunno.

now accompanying my dad to wait for 3.08am.
thats when cai shen ye is coming. hoho.

sad =(

pieces of me @ 1:49 AM.
Saturday, February 17, 2007

bwahah i replaced shamus for work today :D
i dunno if got extra pay or not but i hope so !

hmms. work was okay.
today it was labled as IMM day. hahaha.
so irritating la some of them.
gerald was once again in my station. poor him :D
work ended at 4 that day.

oh man. when we going to lau yushen, you should have been there man!
you never see the way sebast and steven lau.
they are more like throwing the thing forward LOL!
i see the way de 2 biggest manager act like that its really hilarious.
and guess what.. WE GOT ANGBAOS!
5bucks okay! dont play play.
and the food was really really nice. <3

after that went home for tuan yuan fan.
my dad told me that de dinner wud start at 7.
but it started at 8+ near 9 =.="
after that i went to play some games from www.playfirst.com
i got top 10 for a game called Diner Dash! bwahha :D
gonna play majong soon. wish me luck.

pieces of me @ 11:37 PM.
Friday, February 16, 2007

was working today again. S2 summore.

my 2nd day being a cashier. quite okay.
but i close dam long :x
and i still dunno how to use the stupid nets machien.
got this customer hor.
i failed 3 times ! den she like so shocked and pissed.
when shuyi came to find me, i was still doing cashier closing laa. omg.
after that i went to pei her to buy shoe.
nick also came dam early today.
shock right! :D
but they went to marina to collect CO2 tank.

i think they purposely one la.
they put shuyi and huoleong same station.
and put me and nick same station.
like both de 2 rumoured "couples" same station. =.="
KK and Gary also came... to eat =3

went home with andrew and nick.
and yes! i am KPO Queen! :D
sorry la ahbeng. i know ur secrets =x

pieces of me @ 11:59 PM.
Thursday, February 15, 2007

today.. my hair isnt a virgin anymore..
cause i dyed it! :D
pics out later cause i just came home from work.
very tiring.
btw. i love my hair now :D

hmms. today i was the only girl waitress again.
ahh. but nvm used to it already :D
and you know what? i got promoted!!
im a cashier now! BUT dont think cashier easy lohs
if dam slam its like the bill nv stop coming out de >.>

while going home.. he told me.
if i asked him out earlier he would have went out with me!
and he said he regretted going out with de other person.
hahaha. i told you not to regret already :x
k ah. off to bed now.

smiling :D

pieces of me @ 11:40 PM.

its just me and my KOone today =)

after that met my teammates for vday celebration.
thanks for treating !!

pieces of me @ 12:22 AM.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ah. people keep talking and asking me about my course till im dam irritated.

but alas. i finally submitted my form (:
its dreamland for me now.

pieces of me @ 2:33 AM.

i guess i shldnt have said and asked some stuffs.
now im very turn offed.
what you said today. dont regret it the rest of your life.

whats the point of being the 1st to wish me happy vday?
i rather u wish me happy frenship day instead.

negative points.

pieces of me @ 12:02 AM.
Saturday, February 10, 2007

at yining's house right now.
at her house ah. really can like become really really fat!
eat soooo much. omgg

anyway, we made mango pudding and its really really nice!

pieces of me @ 12:35 AM.
Thursday, February 08, 2007

hey! today was working full shift.
morning was quite boring.
i kept repeating the perving story about ramesh to a lot ppl
his breathe really stinks like hell lor.
den he's like always come dam near u.
den ask if u need anything omgg!

u know ah. that steven [my manager] is so so so so sooo wuliao can.
i told him that i cud work on this and that date.
den he was like. sat sun full la. den go write on de paper.
den i cancel away. den he go write beside my name "use Jolene Andrew"
like wtf y write that. den he wrote below big big with a BIG HEART the same line..
=.= den i went to cancel again. and he said " you think u cancel i cannot write again ah"
and i replied " you think u write again i cannot cancel ah"
after that he went into the office. and lock de door. and do something to the comp!
rahh!! nvm la. so i dint bother afterwards.

during my break. i went to find YH.
i left at like 4. i walk walk walk. walk till i got lost! D:<
but in de end i reach there at like 4.20 when it was only a 6-7mins walk to her there =3
her full timer break so long one lor!
when he came back it was like 4.48! so i got shorter time with yh!
we ate LJS!! combo 1. as usual XD

when i went back to spags..
its like got something BAD happen la!
they keep grinning at me. keep asking me to go to the back.
after role call i went behind and its like !@#$!@#
STEVEN TAN PASTE "nicholas jolene andrew, inside a BIG HEART" ALL AROUND SPAGS
and for like 1/2 hour i was finding for all the stupid paper that steven paste ard la!!
not funny. u'll like see me run here den run there omg..

oh today there is like this new attachment guy.
whom know hell about eng.
superman ask him "which country are you from"
he replied with a bloody "ya"
we ask a lot of times he kept saying "ya"

and he made a lot of ppl no mood la.
in de end i need to train him how to do closing i was like wtf!
i talk to him, he was like singing song, or humming to himself.
i ask him if he know how to do. he said "ya"
when i ask him to do he was like "i dunno how to do"
and it was his 2nd day of work.
so its like 2nd day do closing also not sure not sure.
when everyone haven finish. he ask "can i go home now"
omg. summore that day we lesser by 1 manpower.
and its almost like sudden slam.
and he was like making a lot of mistakes [not saying that we cannot make]
but his really a lot. so its like. ARGHHH!
so busy till there was 3 managers at the end.
normally it'll be just 1. but there was 3.
so yo can like imagine la.

pieces of me @ 10:49 PM.

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