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Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

rahhs. this few days never really come online cause busy studying!!

all but ytd and friday.
slept whole of ytd!!
friday spent like 1/2day or MORE!! playing comp :x
oops~ its not tat i dowan to but so long never play.
sure tempted or wad right? :x

tell u all ahh. die die must watch de chnl8 9pm show.
each day i dread for 9pm to start for tat show!! :D

studying is well. completed some le. 13days to Os. 27 to freedom.
just making use of de time im left with.
hope i wont screw up my grades.

btw i dreamt tat my eng either got a B or a E cause both looks alike in de front
before i can see whats at de back, den i woke up!!
nuuuuuuuuuuu~~ what if its an E!!
omg!! gotta buck up!!

The Seven Tall Helpers.
here i come >.<

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

rahhs! today bio so freaking hard.
i tot i was save cause almost the whole class dunno the last Qn
but i happened to ask my friend from "branded" sch and he was like
"SO EASY!! you dunno meh?"
ok its its like. i tot the A1 standard is being pulled down
apparently NOT! its still there!! higher den it was!!
cause we dunno the freaking 8marks Question ):

side note: i realise i 4got to blog about grad day. so i shall write it here

Grad day was superrrrrrr nice!!!
Its like. The video was like. awwww cry!!
got one part we were taking class picture
den its like. all the 4/1 students had to stood.
and like so many cameras suddenly.
felt like super star! haha.
and got some parents also took our pictures!!
whooo 4/2!!! :D

we like got 1st in so many stuffs?
the Puffer-Jelly got 1st
so many others la. just lazy to list.

felt so nice to go up stage and get the thing from sunny chong
<3 he's like soo warming.
i rmb he was like "congratulations jolene. finally you graduated."
in that super fatherly voice!! <3
gawd my heart melted man!! haha.

after everything, ALL sec 4express's form teacher made something for them
all BUT 4/4. aiya expected la. mdm ho give them HCl only ma :x
Mr Chong actually cried. omg!! like tats how attached our class is.
we dont need to always say" omg we are so united"
cause we know it in our hearts. words are just words
but action makes everything different.
i like the thing MrChong gave to us.
he and danielYong FTW!!!

they wrote comment about us. and i laughed loudly at mrYong handwriting
so primary sch can!!
but he was like wad change font blah blah.
he even said he wished he got to know the 6 of us ealier.
awww. he even smsed me that its because of ppl like us that makes him want to teach another year more!
<3 love the ONGs forever!!

after that our group went to hang out a while (:
talked till like super late and all rush home cause wan to watch "i not stupid II"
oh well. tats it for now.


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

got to church today.
waiting for gavin *as usual*
still rmb that time someone said.
" give this to your brother" referring to gavin
sooo ya.. freaky =D

and deidrea bought her friend here which i already knew who he was =D
yea. he's super friendly. talked to ppl i nv talk before LOL!
after that my friend told him that he was over friendly and he got pissed!! :O
today my church had some diff events thingy.
told us about the diff ministry ask see which wud we prefer.
dint see anything to my eyes yet. but if i were to join one, i'd join the tuition one =D
in that way, i can see whether can i be a teacher or not! bwaha!!

the receptionist at the tuition center is like so unreasonable la!
last week, i paid 160 this month. and i had 100 deposite.
so i should have paid 60 only. but they never said.
so i asked them about the fee. cause my friend only paid 60.
and they say next month need not pay.
but the receptionist told me next month hafta pay.
its so unreasonable la! why my friends dont need to pay and i have to.
i feel as tho i kena cheated loh!!
how could this happen to me? bleah._."

well anyway. things look much much MUCH better in forum now ._."
at least i got back my moderation post and wasnt DEMOTED ._."

life sucks... for now

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Friday, October 13, 2006

oh this is stupid.

i from moderator become Public Relations.

and we had a big flame war in the forum because of the new revamp.
Ohana will fall. Its just a matter of time.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My targets for Os.
Eng: C5-B4
Emaths: A1-A1
Amaths: B3-A2
Phys: B3-A1
Overall Sci: B4-A2
Bio: B4-B3
Geog: C6-B4
SS: C6-B4
Overall: C6- B4

L1R5: 24- 16

possible: Eng, Amaths, Phys, Chem, Bio.
abit impossible: Geog, SS

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

today its the last day of school.
well... "Last" day.
cause tml still have to go to school. oh well (:

oh btw i got a new phone!!
*ok its like few days ago but nvm*
yea. feel that my life is much better!!
cause this phone has a function that i can write any notes or whatever in it
and i can rmb to do my work etc etc.
organised now!! (: *happy*

having remedials tml. spot whats wrong k?
phys: 8.00-9.00
bio: 9.30-11
SS: 10.30-12
bio [weaker students] : 11-12.30

i'm not sure of the timing but its something like this.
stop the "wrong" thing?
if you dint, the wrong thing is..
man. and ms deepa dont understand.
rahhs! what is this? =oh well. we cant do anything can we?

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Japanese Class

another vid.
but i think most have seen it but no harm sharing :D

pieces of me @ 6:12 PM.

Funny Clip!!

You all should see ROFL!!

pieces of me @ 6:04 PM.
Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jo let me see this meaningful thing.

Topic: 10 Things God Wont Ask.

you all should see!! :D

btw i got new record for the monkey game!!

bwahah!! i rock!! :D

pieces of me @ 11:53 PM.
Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jo introed me another game again!!

Try to beat my record!! bwahah!!


pieces of me @ 10:51 PM.

Went to study with Monta, Jordan and Sep at airport today!
I passed them all the hard papers to do!!
While they taught me science!!
I now proclaim, Sep, the chem expert!! ROFL!!

Kk la. a bit of process =D wheee~~
Lets do it again some other time!!

pieces of me @ 10:08 PM.
Friday, October 06, 2006

Yay!! Went to celebrate mid autum!!

1st i met wn and jia at simei MRT.
We went to shop for our candles and lanterns and sushi!! <33
While waiting we were playing spot the diff from pokemon!!
So funny!! in the end we were playing instead of queueing up!!

Ok so we left for yn's hse and ate bee hoon + nuggets!!
And we ate mango icecream after that!!
The icecream so nice can!! omg!!
and its 7bucks per tub!! *drools*
and i LOVE her maid =D

and yay we left to play lantern!!
We were walking to a dark location which somehow we got LOST!!
RAHHS!! and those 2 girls that stay there dunno they walk till whree!!
After that it was like sooooooooo HAZY la!! PSI is like 80?
And halfway we felt so dumb!! we had candles and lanterns and lighters
so we just anyhow stop outside a house and lit our candle
and NOOB weining's lantern got burnn!! bwahahah!!

After litting our candles, we continued walking.
But in de end we walked back till the same place ROFL!!
Made a heart and our initials with the candles!!
Too bad i dont have the connective wire
If not i'll post them up le!! next time k?
But it was super nice!! whoooo!

Went back to the playground and made a campfire!!
So bigg!! rahhs!!
and Jia decided to be the magician and make us all disappear again ._.
Rahhs. Post the vid next time too!! =D sorry guys >.<
And Yining is our role modal!! Put in full strength to act sia!! ROFL!!

Too bad it was only 2/3 of our clique's strength!! ):
Hope you all can join us next time!!

Happy Mid Autum~

pieces of me @ 10:53 PM.

): dint got moderated but oh wells.

Time to put in 2x the effort!

Thanks all for encouraging me!!
Thanks my clique!! esp Weining and Elroy!! (:
Was so shocked that he even consoled me but.. ya. thanks (;

pieces of me @ 2:37 PM.
Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My results:

English: C5
Paper1 Pt1+Pt2: 35/60
Paper 2 : 23/50
Oral : 13.5 /20
Overall: 55.2

Emaths: A1
Paper1 : 72/80
Paper2 : 87/100
Overall : 88.3

Science: B4
Chem: 36.5/65
Phys: 43.5/65
Practical: 16/30
MCQ: 26/40
Overall: 61/100

Bio: C5. But if round up, B4!!
Practical: 29.5/40
MCQ: 26/40
Structured 28.5/50
Essay: 11.5/30
Overall: 59.7/100

Humans: C6
Geog: 25.5/50
SS: 26/50
Overall: 51.5

>.< bad right!! LOL!

pieces of me @ 3:20 PM.

LOL! just found out that i haven been blogging for the past few days !! (:

Rahhs!! Someone actually thought i had a boyfriend cause i kept saying muacks behind LOL!
Well its not la. Im saying that to all of you!! :D Cause you all reading ma >.<
Hmmms. My life is so boring till i got nothing to blog about!!

oh btw, that game right, Results are here. Anyone got the right ans?
House> Tree> Castle> Water> BrownColourThingy> UnderGroundThingy!!
See! Wasnt so hard was it? :D so fun!!

Oh ya!! I addicted to MindSweeper Flags!!
Played with Jo that time. And he say he pro!!
But i Pawned him !! <33 bwahhaha!!!
M3h IsH t3h pry00zzorrzz!!!1!!
M3h PwNNNZzz J0000!11!1

oh btw, about that language, its not any TWIT language.
Its l337 language if you dont know!! rofl!
kinda fun to say it lol. Plus its not twittyy!! :x

k la. i go le :D byee all

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