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Monday, August 31, 2009

New song! :)

Boys Like Girls- Two is better than one!

Introed by DENVER LOW !

I really love the times spent together with friends. Knowing that now is the best time to cherish every moment.

Short update on today.
-Met up with groupmate @12.15pm.
-Met Ms Sherlyn @ 2.30pm and got the rewarding "I think your lit review is good" *jumps with joy*
-Lunched at biz with SK
-AngKiong with Clement, Denver and Weichoy
-Deposited money!
-Denver and Weichoy took mus with me to my house area! :D
-Received a GAY sms from MC about Europe! =D

Spent massive amount of time with them today!

Well, Enjoy the song!

pieces of me @ 10:33 PM.

It feels nice to complain and rant out everything that is in your heart.
It's a cheap way of telling people, HEY! I'M BETTER THAN HIM/HER/THEM/IT! HAHAHA!
And it makes one feel good too!

But after all the complains and rants, it all gets back down to earth. It's like the song, welcome to the world.

At the end of the day, work has to be done. Uncompleted work that were not suppose to be yours have to be done too. By hook or by crook. Just try your best. And there'll be rewards! Just like today!

Lit review got complimented! :D Whooo! 4days non stop of lit reviewing is rewarding! Imagine doing the review for 4 days, and each time when you're about to sleep, MP just can't leave your mind and when you think of a good idea, you just have to wake up, switch the comp on and start typing cause you're afraid of missing out that idea! Thats was me for 4 days straight! LOL!

I'm gonna settle all my flash and website design by today! After that it's bed time and dinner time for me before waking up and continueing!

Got an sms from MingCong about Europe!

This would be the thing that would motivate me to work hard and save money now! :D

Work work!
Hush Hush

pieces of me @ 8:49 PM.

Hello! It's me! The picturelessblogpost again! :D

I'm just typing this out to make me feel happier!

I've finished what I was suppose to for Sunday!
1. Finished lit review!
2. Finished Report: Feasibility Studies

I'm like super proud of my report, feasibility studies! I really think it's nicely done! Left some more edition before it's perfect! Hohoho! :D Maybe gonna add summore things inside! Haha!

Today gonna do all the technical stuffs for my project. Namely the making of website and flash and embeding everything. I've learned how to change textbox colour thanks to Weeyou! HAHA! :D It's like during programme meeting then he nothing to do so bo bian must help me! :x

I think I can do it! :D

Side note!
Super happy that my parents are so supportive of me going Europe! LOL!

I'm feeling happier and happier each day! I think its cause a certain prick that isn't in my life anymore to make me feel down I feel quite good when people ask me "Jolene why you so high" or "Jolene what happen? Why so happy?" Cause it means that the happier me is back bit by bit! Wheeee! :D Alrighty then! Gotta prepare for school now! Ciaos!

Happy happy happy happy happy!
Do you know how to spell Jolene?
It's spelled as Jay, Ohh, Ell, Yee, And, Yee

pieces of me @ 10:22 AM.
Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello it's me again! :D
//I'm just talking to myself about me and MP so just ignore this post cause its all rants and reminders.

I'm just bored!
I think doing MP, or just work in general, would make your brain all tired! Despite sleeping well for the past few days, my brain would still be easily tired and drained out and thus making me sleep super early!

Well, there is just 5 more days to go! Technically, 4.... Erm, yah moving on.. Somehow I feel like wishing that the four days come quickly, but another part of me wish for the 4 days to come as slowly as possible cause of all the unfinished work.

I know that I am able to finish my work in time. But somehow I just wish to finish everything by Wednesday [which is impossible], or maybe Thursday would be fine cause I can dedicate the whole of Friday to just printing our report! Lit review is a must to finish by Thursday can I can print while I'm sleeping! :D

Okay, time to set a timeline for myself!

30th August, Sunday
-Finish Lit Review
-Finish Feasibility Studies

31st August, Monday
-Finish up all flash.
-Add basic ratios to stock.
-Website buildling
-Everything about website.

1st September, Tuesday
-Do up presentation slides
-Finish up report: Design and implementation
-Progress Report
-Edit changes to lit review or Report: Feasibility Studies

2nd September, Wednesday
-Finish up report: Evaluation and Conclusion
-Touch up on website
-Touch up on lit review
-Touch up on progress report
-Do up appendix and biblo

3rd September, Thursday
-Touch up on everything and anything!
-Print lit review

4th September, Friday
-Burn disc for project
-Printing of report
-Binding of report

pieces of me @ 10:51 PM.

Quick updates!

-Met for MP
-Met Ms Sherlyn for 1.5hrs
-Met bimbos for Proposal!

-Stayed home and slept
-Slept some more
-Slept yet again
-Did part of MP

-School for meeting
-someone's house for fliming
-85 for dinner
-MP at home

-School for fliming
-MP at school

Status Review:
Have done the flash part of my MP. Done and completed!
At the last point of lit review, left rephrasing cause sentence structure is horrible. Plus the need to remove some parts
Have a proper layout in my mind on how to do report- feasibility studies! I added in a lot of other features than the one needed.

Major parts left:
-Flash for everything else
-Report: Design
-Report: Implementation
-Website designing!

Acknowledgement so far for MP!:
- TS
- Wen Yan
- Wee You
- Ronald

Thanks! When I most needed help! LOL!
Esp Ronald my groupmate! HAHA! For always constantly checking through my grammatic errors and pushing me!


Someone, I feel that it is accomplishable!
Gambatte! The last lap

pieces of me @ 9:00 PM.
Friday, August 28, 2009

//I wrote another post but I think its too draggy so this is the simplified one!

Lit Review
-Out of 10 pages, 2 pages done with just 1 point!
-Think she's gonna get a big "NO" from Ms Sherlyn but at least can hear her comments plus it's not the final copy.
-Wants to finish by today ASAP!

Had a good rest!
-Slept at 5am.
-Woke up at 11.45am due to a call [which i din't managed to pick up in time]
-Had breakfast and 1hour later had lunch
-Slept till 3pm
-Dream of weird but good dreams

Busy weekend ahead!
-SAD! Cause not gonna join C183 in TGIF tonight!
-Saturday have program meeting! -Sulks
-Sunday have program meeting! -pouts
-Things to be completed by this Sunday
---Literate Review [5-10 page]
---Website Design on Dreamweaver
---All e-Learning material to be compiled by me
---Completing all MCQ on flash
---Report: Design [this != designing report]
---Report: Feasibility Studies
---Report: Implementation

Lit review is my main criteria now! No more draggin'! Suppose to be done last week thursday!

Looking forward to...
-After MP!
-Gonna catch up with SMQCP!
-Overnighting with TPSU!

There's somebody staring my show
It's nice to feel motivation and encouragement!

pieces of me @ 6:29 PM.

HTHT with darling SiJie was nice!
HTHT with _secret_ was also nice!
HTHT with Denver throughout the night was nice!

HTHTs are simply loved!
In the old trend, its called DUA love.
In the current trend, its called highly loves!

It's funny how a topic can get us so close and to open up.
To the old him, I'm glad you know you are a prick yourself.
We've exposed all your evil doings. Technically, can I considered myself as being two-timed? LOL! I think only me and sijie knows!

To the new him, we still haven't finished our mission of travelling around SG in busses with concession! My concession ending today luh! SAD! And I don't think I'm gonna renew!

PS: Old him and new him refers to different person.

Literature Review is in a roll now! Go go no fail! A A A! Z Z Z! :D

pieces of me @ 4:35 AM.

Again another pictureless blogpost!

I'm heading to MP lab everyday now. Just doing my work and me.
I'm glad someone acknowledged the work I did.
It made me happy! I'm glad she offered me what I want.
But now, I don't even know if that's what I wanted.
It's not about the pay, it's about the jobscope.
But for now, I'm just really happy that she acknowledged my hardwork and sees through my capabilities.

I wish I met her earlier.

HEHE! The post above only some of those in the MP lab today and the bimbs I met with might understand. I'm really happy! Really really!
I've worked hard just to be acknowledged and now I've earned it. I'm gonna work even harder and get acknowledgement from not only one person but the person I want most. Every step I take now, I think in a more logical concept.

I've posted some things in my draft which I initially wanted to post out but I think I shall just refrain from doing so to avoid maximum unhappiness! But what I can conclude from everything is that I shall learn from everyone's mistake now and know that I should not apply like how they did. (: I know it's not as easy as it sounds but, no point being all frustrated and getting all worked up! Might as well smile you way through?

So a happy cute video to make everyone at least be a tad happier after reading my post!

I want everyone to acknowledge me!
Everybody wants to know my name.

pieces of me @ 1:27 AM.
Thursday, August 27, 2009

A sucker for pats
That's me

Anyway, wanted to find a video of Owl City- Fireflies to put into my blog! But stupid people that put the video on youtube disable embed! And I happen to chance upon this song at related videos!

Nope, don't anyhow think ah! The song isn't about the name! But the lyrics!
//Cause I know SOME stupid people like *ahem* weichoy *ahem* thinks that I'm STILL w/ somenameintheyoutubetitle when everything was like an year ago. Boo! Sucker! LOL! Anyway, just enjoy the song. His voice pwns.

You be my princess
I'll be your toad
I'll follow behind you
on rainbow road
Protect you from red shells
wherever we go
I promise.

Noone will touch us
if we pick up a star
If you spin out
you can ride in my car
When we slide together
we generate sparks
in our wheels and our hearts

The finish line
is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let's go again

The blue shell is coming
so I'll go ahead
If you hang behind
it'll hit me instead
but never look back
cause I'm down but not dead
I'll catch up to you

Don't worry about
Bowser or DK
Eat this glowing mushroom
and they'll all fade away


to the mushroom cup
and the flower cup
and the star cup
and the reverse cup


I'll pause this game
so our love will never end

8 days left for MP!

pieces of me @ 10:13 AM.

Blogging in my iPhone on bed again!

Please bear with the pictureless blog for a while more. I'll be giving quick updates first.

MP meeting
Design lunch
Did MCQ flash with TS

Mac lunch
Yan attempted to help me with flash
Denver house overnighting

Design lunch
Random met SMQCP at design
Met SMQCP at bridge again

I realized I really missed chatting with SMQCP! Chatting with him is always all smiles and retarded thing and just shooting each other. After both our MP we'll definately catch up with each other.

Help! Dory symthoms are not going away. I forgot to bring water bottle for third day! I left my laptop charger at dnver houser. And a lot of other stupid things.

Flash is giving me one trouble. But I think I'm gonna sleep now cause too tired to think of solutions. Hahaha.

Tml gonna do a whole lot of shit! It's only left with 9 days!!!

& I kept telling everyone
"okay! After my MP!"

pieces of me @ 12:08 AM.
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm currently blogging on my iPhone in bed now.

Recently Denver has been calling me dory, the blue fish in finding nemo. [Though I think I was the one that started it]. But really. I'm becoming more and more like dory!

I've been super clumsy nowadays. And not to mention forgetful! Stupid things I did!

1) Prepared my water bottle only to forget to bring it out, not once, but twice! And only out of 2 tries!
2) I on-ed aircon for 2hours plus only to find out that my window wasn't closed. LOL!

Stupid I know. Anyway, yay I finally know the title of the jap song I like! Thanks to Yan! See left for video!! =D when I hear this song. I feel happy. You see the place for performance! Omg so big right! I think it's at Tokyo dome or something! Dam hugggeeeee!

MP is really on the roll now! Go go go Jolene!

pieces of me @ 1:27 AM.
Sunday, August 23, 2009

OMG! Super behind time!
Quick update!

Went to school for SIP briefing.
Marina for dinner.
Denver house for poker.

Whole day at Invest Fair 2009.
Lunch at subway
Dinner at pizza hut.

Sent Huanyi off at 7.30am
Got attached [HEE Secret]
Marina bowling
Coffee Bean
Thai Express
Europe planning

Gosh, this week spent lots of money!

I haven't completed my lit review!
But my comp is dam sucky now!
And internet lags!
So tml bah!
It's not an excuse! I'm really tired!
Chiong investfair at 10am.
Chiong to airport at 7.30am.
Not funny, really! Plus Friday slept at 5am, Saturday at 1am.
Waking up at 8am tml! (:
Do work do work!
I'm super looking forward to life now!
You should too!

Tml will be a big batter!

The highly optimistic me is back!
That's for sure!

pieces of me @ 11:21 PM.

Hello world.

If I could make a wish,
I'd wish that everyone's frustration would disappear.
I hate to see everyone suffering.

I'm thankful.
I'm really thankful.
I need not say more, but please be thankful.
Situations might seem bad now, but if it was another choice, it might be even worst.

Cheer up everyone!
I wanna see everyone's year 1 face again!
All smiling and glowing with joy.


pieces of me @ 1:00 AM.
Saturday, August 22, 2009

I swear it's interesting how such names like "poker game home" can be linked to my blog! LOL! Someone searched this at blogged.com and came to my blog from there! Link he came from is...


Alvin you're famous! LOL! :P

Anyway, back from Denver house! :) I found the Australia Open House site! I'm so happy! Hurhurr! Expert google master!

Australia Open House, at 22-23rd August, Orchard Hotel. Info as below.

And the different seminals as listen below!
I think I might wanna go take a look at it.

I really feel like going for the invest fair leh! The topics seems interesting! Maybe I shall go for the 23rd august one! Give it a rest day from MP! =D Maybe I might even pick up a new skill for my MP leh! :D

Seminals are all in the site below!

It's time for you to think about your future!

pieces of me @ 3:32 AM.
Friday, August 21, 2009


Hi Jolene

The topics look fine. Are you going to include some basic ratio like EPS?

Best regards,

Sherlyn Heng

Stuffs like this just makes me think that working hard and chionging is the best thing to do. Looking at this makes me feel very rewarding! Looking forward to more of this kind of email! :D


pieces of me @ 3:30 PM.

I think I'm dam zai! I blogged about everything up till date! HOHO!

Sorry bitch, cause I love blogger more than you.
Cause you abandoned me with your suspense.
Die in hell bitch. Till I see you again.
If you ever get unsuspended, twitter.

LOL! Okay, I was trying to act like a drama but I think it failed terribly! Arghhh!

Had lunch with brother! So nice to have lunch with him! Cause I think there's a million things I can talk to with him! Thanks for helping me off my lights 2 days in a row when I fell asleep while doing work!

Okay, back to doing my literature review! I'll reward myself later by meeting up with loves C183PP! I still owe CPP $10. You better be there later ah CPP!

I need to find you
You're the missing piece.
I got to find you

pieces of me @ 2:13 PM.

20th August 2009- friends do care! (:

Went to school to do MP! I finished another part of my work! Yippee! Not before long, I found out that I was alone in the lab! Cause everyone left! LOL! Stunns.

But just continue doing my work! Do do do do do~ Suddenly, 3 monkeys tried to scare me by sneaking into the mp lab "quietly" but it was so loud that I heard everything! LOL! I turned behind and caught desmond's head sticking out lah! The 3 monkeys = Desmond, TS and Irving! They just randomly suddenly wanted to scare me! LOL!

Just nice I havent had lunch and they too! So they waited for me to pack up and we headed over to biz for lunch! TS look like a small boy right! With this cap!

His pang sai! :P

KPKP~ Met him in clubroom and he came with us!

Irving! LOL!

Desmond! He's the best lah! LOL!

After that, went to TM with TS. TMwithTS! LOL! :x Nvm! I think only I get my own joke! Saw Lin Clemen Dono! So qiao! LOL! Parted with them.

Headed over to CS to find Yan! LOL! He was with Weeyou who halfway left! ';...;' We went to watch UP!

Hoho! The show ah, quite funny here and there. And sad here and there. I think more funny than sad tho! :P Looking at this, I don't think there would be much 3D in the 3D show.

Toured him round the whole of T1! HE HAVENT BEEN TO T1 OMG! LOL! After that we headed home!

I swear I don't know whats happening to my body! I keep falling asleep even before 1am, sometimes even earlier than 12am. And I just wake up at 8am-9am! I don't even need alarm clock! And the weather nowadays very nice! I sleep with fan on also quite cold! :D

Welcome to the world
Now you're coming down to earth

I loved yesterday so much.
Cause they showed me friends do care.
From them, to he, to them! :D

pieces of me @ 1:23 PM.

19th August 2009- nothing beats family

Me and brother was home for dinner that day, so my parents suggested that we go downstairs for dinner! :D Yum yum! I ate deer meat, mango chicken, shao bo tou fu, kang kong! :D Yay!

This poster had been here since very long, but I still like it! LOL! :x

My father bought me my favourite of favourites! Macadamia nut! It's like the most expensive nut lah! [Compared to peanut, cashewnet. But don't compare it with coconut hor! LOL!] And he bought for my brother mango! Which is also his favourite! I don't know whether he knows that it's my favourite or its just a coincidenence? Either way, it's loves! Maca maca~ I suddenly feel like eating macadamia nut ice cream!

Lets have some fun.
This beat is sick.

pieces of me @ 1:10 PM.

17th August 2009- Look who's here!

Met up with MP group mates at 12pm for a little MP discussion! Went to meet teacher at 2pm! Asked a lot! I swear, I love this meeting the most! HAHA! :D Wheeness!

OH! Anyway, I was so shocked to be receiving message from two people! One of them is FY! =D He's in TP! Went to find them at Mensa! And there, I saw a mini Venos gathering! LOL! Yuanlong Rayna KahYuen and Derek [far away] LOL! YAY! Misses lots! :D

After that, went to tamp to eat burger king with Weichoy Denver and Nicholas! :D Whoots! I love eating macs! I ate their Taro Turnover and managed to tempt Weichoy to buy too! LOL! :P Retarded! HAHA!

Something really surprising happened! LOL! They actually took bus with me to my house backside! LOL! And took bus home from there! HEHE! Thanks manzzz! Stay over soooon yo! :D ITPM loves! (=

18th August 2009- Sausages!

Spent the whole day at home doing up my stuffs! And my dad came home with sausages! Whoots! Loves! Esp the cheese inside the sausage! :D Whoots!

Can you feel the love tonight?
I think I do!

pieces of me @ 11:55 AM.

15th August 2008- the oh-so-usual stuffs

Was super late for programme meeting! I wasted my cab money! Rawrrrr~ Nvm! Went to do some fliming! Honestly, I think my acting skill is super terrible! Sighs! I really don't think I should be inside! LOL! Cause the skills is cross cross!

While they were heading towards Ivan new new house I went to my grandma house at CCK! Had a nice talk with Alex on the way to Sim Lim to change bus. Wah bussing to CCK is dam long! T_T

Had a chat chat session with my cousin! Watching mei-chan no shitsuji. And before we know it, it was already 11pm+ LOL! So started to head back home. :)

16th August 2008- A random dinner and a long awaited meet up

Went to Jurong with my family to walk walk. They wanted to go there at 4.30pm to walk till 7pm. Lucky me and my brother are always late and we reached there at 6plus instead. Cause there had nothing to walk at all! LOL!

Went to this Seafood Restaurant! There was some event held there! I think it's for some old folks or something! :D

Cold dish! The lobster was shiok!

Sharkfin was double shiokness! The fins were really a lot! Not some very little sharkfin dishes! There were big chunks of crab too!

This pork rib was absolute loves! Very nice and tender!

Oh and the fish is super fresh too! Cause they just take and cut on the spot!

Red fin abalone! :D

Herbal prawn with essences of Ji Jing! :D We saw them took the prawns out of the water tank in front of our eyes! Highly fresh!

Shen Mian!

Caught unglamly! My hair was SUPER messy! Messier than my normal messy! Cause my dad my brother my cousin kept playing with my hoodie! Rawrs!

After that went home and back to paragon! It felt long since I was there! All the managers greeted me with a warm, "Hey! It's been long since I last saw you" smile. It felt nice. But there were many of whom I do not know of. Probably all the new staffs. At a corner, I saw them! My batch of people! Miss them so much that I could just hug them the whole day! It's been like what? Two years? Since I last met them!

The few of the closer us went over to bedok 85 to meet up with another manager that had left Spagheddies and had supper. It was nice! :) The feeling.

Accompanied Gavin to send the rest home and after that talked while we drove from Yew Tee to Bedok! Had a nice longggg chat! It's like so fast, my house just suddenly reached! Awww! Have more soon ! :)

That day, I din't get to see the faces of other people. Somehow I'm happy that they din't come, cause it'll bring up some memories, but still, it's the past and I wanna see them in this present. I really miss them.

Racing all around the seven seas
Causing panick everywhere they go.

pieces of me @ 11:46 AM.

14th August 2009- welcome to TGIF!

I wanted to be quite early for once today! So I went to take a MRRRRT and went to meet the rest at raffles! But instead, when I was already on MRT, here comes a call "Hello Jolene we going AMK leh! You wanna come find us or go TM find Denver and Alvin!" Wah shag balls! So I u-turned my trip back to TM to find them!

As they already eaten, they came and acc me to eat at long john silver! I don't know why I wont get bored of it leh! :P Plus got National day promo! Imagine 2piece chicken is at $4.50, 3 piece chicken is at $4.40! LOL! I swear August is a good month! Get promos to a max leh! Bday month of myself and nationald day! LOL!

IM BALDING! HOW! T.T! Serioussssly balding leh!

Denver's magical flower!

And I swear WeiChoy is dam noob! LOL! His house and AMK SO NEAR LEH! LOL! But after he missed AMK he just take bus all the way to pasir ris and MRT back to tamp! SO LOUSY RIGHT! LOL! Then we acc him to eat subway! It's a I acc you, you acc me day!

Went over to Denver's house and met up with Xinneh Sharon and Ivan, like just nice only! Played the off light and attack game! I started it! LOL! SO HAPPY LEH! =P It's like whenever I off the light right, EVERYONE can attack ANYONE with flying softtoy! Behind they just used like a stick and just whack only! When the lights are on, pretend nothing happen! I swear we play till dam hot lah!

Halfway the "Caps team" came and poker session began!

Caps team!

Capless team!

Caps team!

Caps team!

Sharon just fell asleep full force! LOL!

Went nearby his house for supper after that!

Phan drove me home! Yay! Xie xie! :D

So happy leh! That day! :) Cause.....

Your voice was all I heard.
So give me reasons to prove me wrong

pieces of me @ 11:26 AM.

13th August 2009- flash bugs

Headed over to school and went to MP lab to put my things down, grabbed my laptop and headed over to GET's MP lab to get my flash!

Somehow, the flash just cannot be installed lah! LOL! The key-gen is all wrong! And from ONE person helping me to install flash, it became like a whole crowd! [okay, was i exaggerating? LOL! But really suddenly more than 1 crowd around my comp!] Oh dam, so guilty! They were suppose to be doing their work lah! In the end, my comp went out of batt, Eugene acc me back to my lab to get my stuffs down. Imagine the whole of my battery life and I still cannot get it to work!

Thanks lah Eugene, I know my lab sucks! Boo. I know yours rocks! But I won't go your lab just cause it rocks! :P There's really a big difference between our lab! My lab is ALWAYS dark cause nobody wants to turn on the lights! Comps are slow and lab feels isolated with very little people! Their lab is really bright, with fast comp and whole lab filled with people!

In the end, I just did my work there lah! LOL! I gave up on the stupid flash! I helped kenny with his namecard printing! Whoots! All thanks to the phamplet I did for last year AGM that simple namecard printing is easy! :D

Went home for dinner after that!

Cause I do not accept any less
Won't sign away my life to.

pieces of me @ 11:16 AM.

11th August 2009- nothing beats rotting

Woke up early in the morning, all prepared to head to school, till I received a sms from Ronald saying meeting is postponed to tomorrow! Whoooo! :D So went back to sleep! Rotted at home all day. It's simply the best! :D

12th August 2009- MP MP and MP

Look at this! The MP marking scheme! Feels like a lot right! So many words!

Sebast's ai xin sandwich! It was really nice! :D Even the bread has no corners! LOL!

Met up with MP teacher at around 2pm. Talked and discussed, and realised I really have a lot of things more to do! Shit! Went for lunch at around 3-4pm. Hungryyyy! :D I had fish and chips!

After that we went to T1's food court with Alvin Denver and WeiChoy and went back home after that! Yay.

You're probably wondering why.
Why I like it rough.

pieces of me @ 11:09 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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