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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reasons why i love INTSC.

-mass cheer at TP open hse @ plaze-

-Cycling together-

-yuanlong and darren acting dumb but dam funny lah-

-their lovely kage bunshin no jitsu-

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Today i have a lot of time, so let me do some spring cleaning.
Of what? Of this. Dont get a shock of your life.

See how many emails i have LOL!
I think i can like just go bang wall right.
I think it'll like take forever. Oh well.. I have all the time in the world now.
I'd better clear before it reaches 10k or something. haha.

And yes, i know i shld like change my blogskin or sth.
I'm like dam lazy lah.
Maybe wait till i go for my Web lessons and i can create a skin of my very own =D

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Let me show you what happens after you go to orientation camps.
Esp when you are uber enthu.

500+ views

And crazy friend request.
Note: This is not all off the request.

Not to mention, my msn from 400-500 over friends jumped to 600 over friends.
That is what i call prosome.

Now in school, everywhere i walk, i'd like wave here wave there.
Really is like almost everywhere i go.
But i like the feeling tho.
Very homely (: And you dont feel like u're ever alone.

I love TP.
And Ophix of course (:
Not to mention, INTSC.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

23rd April

1st day of school. Lecture was alright. Kinda boring lah. But we have to get used to it.
After school, I met Gav and we went to TM.
On the way there, i saw Gina and frens, Freeman and fren, which became my fren in the end.

I like Freeman's fren, aka Zen.
She's like cute lah.
Well anyway, went to play pool together at Marine Parade after that.
I lost like 3 outta 4 times LOL! I cant hit for nuts .
And Freeman too pro lah.
But i think he a bit siao.
He even bought the cue from the shop.

Met Ophix at TP ! :D *yes again!*
Haha. Love them lah.
Went to techno to eat.
The only reason why they call it techno its cause it plays techno music. LAME!
Played those stupid games at techno till we kena chase out of techno! SAD RIGHT!
Went to lepak one corner at the nearby badminton court and yes we played stupid game again.
It was the most fun "OOM OOM CHUCKY CHUCKY TUKI TUKI TONGKA TONGKA" game we ever played!
And those people that lost are the GLs!
Freshie pwnnns. =D
And yes JY was acting like a stupid retarded bangala again .
But thats why i like him lah =D
Took many pics. But i dont have even one of it LOL!

25th April

SiewLin's bday!!

Went opposite to get bubble tea to drink with JY Yanti SiewLin YuanLong.
Had some bitching talking session as a Ophix.
Like who's the most handsome, pretty that kinda thing.
Dont ask me why we started that. Cant really think of a name lah initially.
Like if i suddenly ask you "Who's the most handsome GL" Who wud you say? haha.

After the rest had reached, we all like had some singing and picture taking.
Went TM after that.
Me Yanti Silas and Mal had so much fun climbing and taking pic.
Followed by Eileen. Its her territory lah LOL!
We had so much pictureeee. I'll like post it up at the nxt post.
After that everyone came to join in and its like so funnn lah =D

Now you know why i love Ophix so much right (:

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Was like having a chat with some of the GLs like JY Nic Jackson
And suddenly i felt quite emo.
Was thinking. What if Ophix died.
No more activities, all too busy for each other.
Projects, SIP, MP, School, Assignments, CCAs.
Surely one day we wont be like last time, almost going out everyday.
Each one has their own lifes.
But i really dont want to see Ophix die down.

I'm like a super emo person i think.
I can just cry thinking of such things.
Like after the FOC, the next day i can like cry 2 times thinking of the camp and ophix.
I really love Ophix. It changed my life lah.
Now i can understand why all those grads would cry during the speech they gave.
I hope Ophix can last.
I hope I see another wishing star.
That'll be my wish.

If you want to cry, cry on my shoulders
If you need someone, who cares for you
If you're feeling sad, your hearts gets colder.
Yes I show you what real love can do.

Above is the chorus of Cry on my shoulders.
Its a really sad song. But i'd really cry if i hear that ):

Please stay like this Ophix (:

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Monday, April 23, 2007

21st April

Yes its sentosa with Ophix.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Ophix again.
Playing final clash was funn.
In the end, We and Kaistor had a tie.
So we both got 1st in a way. Haa.
FOC champ + FOW champ.
In the end we are all winners arent we? (:

Played really stupid games in the water.
YYC took off her FBT shorts and JY went to wear it over his pants. LOL!
Guess what, my injured skin like peeled off and there was uber much pus flowing out.
Ouch right.. And shiet i dint bring any tehkor. zz.
So i kept cheering the wet underwear cheer!

I no money I dont care.
I wear wet wet underwear.
If its wet, I dont care.

I still wear my underwear.
Underwear, good to wear
Even if, its very wet.

Hahaha. okay lah. I'm like mad ._."
Went to vivo after that.
Had major lots of fun.
Was playing games, talking, taking pic that arent my cam >_<
Really love Ophix.
You can like just feel the bond within us you see.
So what if we are Ophten, Ophan, Ophium, FOC, FOW !
We are still one big famileeeeee!
Talked to a lot of other GLs, Freshies over there that i wasnt really close with.
But of course was closer with them.

Went for midnight movies after that.
It was down to me, dossy, lynn, nic, JY, malcom, marcus, shermain, ryan, fahan and cosland.
We lepak one corner at a mini side of Vivo.
And we really talked about anything.
Me Shermain Marcus and Lynn was like talking abt a lot of stuffs.
Any stuffs under the tree.
And most talked abt their past relationships and stuffs.
While the other group mostly about ghost stories.
Loved the part when we all lied down and played games like chop chilli chop.
And made up new lines for the bumble bee cheer.
We even saw a wishing star.
And yes, i've made a wish. (:

After that took the 1st train.
JY is as retarded as ever.
But thats why i enjoy being with him.
He's like just born retarded lah.
Right si bangala :D

Me malcom nic JY went to boonkeng to have bfast.
I dunno why lah. I was like still high. I'm always high ._."
Well anyway, i overslept on the bus -_-l|
Some aunty had to like wake me up.
And i had to take train den bus home after that ._.
By the time i reached home, bathed, bfasted was 11. Went to bed.
I even set alarm to wake up at 2pm cause there was another Ophix outing at 3pm @ marina.
But guess what, i overslept till 7.30pm.
Dont think i need to go anymore .____."
Sad leh. I was really sad lah.
A lot people went.
I missed out on the good things.
Whyyy. My life so tragic one LOL!
But really sad lah ):
So in the end dint go.

Anyway, pics :D

Sentosa Expess (:

Group pic @ Sentosa !!

85 the other day at 16th April 2007.


pieces of me @ 10:56 PM.
Friday, April 20, 2007

week 0 camp

week zero camp is actually an orientation camp before the actual week starts.
for mine, IT sch, its on the 18th to 20th.

WeekZero was alright.
Starting with scavanger hunt. [which is quite boring]
The person leading us was.. even more not familiar with the school then me LOL!

Got to know my OL after that. Jing and Kim'berly'
They are very nice people (:
JerryAng, my CP also very nice haha.
The camp was funn lah actually.
Each time i see nick, i'd run to him and shout "CHEONG KENG MUN"
You know.. The usual. haha.
1st day I kena sabo the "kiss the bottle" already.
ThankGod i already knew the game.
After that, the jonathan was like "183 TEHHH!!" [183 is my class btw]
And my whole class dint teh, only i stand at the bottom teh.
Just cause of all those, a lot people know me lah -_-l|

Night walk was okay only.
So "lucky" to be the last class.
Not that scary cause the guys was ruin-ing the atmosphere.
But I love the engine part. Its like the best lah.
Looking at nick do his thing i just cant stop laughing ! HAHA
And the ghost on the floor grab my leg , i was like "eh my leg got injury"
I dint scream lah ._." But Denver saw the ghost and like jump and scream some words.
Funny lahhh. Engine part was the best.
I'm still laughing whenever i think it.

Yessss! There was MASS DANCE!
Thanks to it, i got to know OL Shar and Evelyn.
And cause of that, i got to know another inside joke of cheong keng mun :D
Tragic life nick :D

Went to meet OHPIX on 2nd day for dinner.
Really missed them ):

3rd day was really fun.
Had station games with C180.
Its like a whole guy class -.-"
There isnt any girls at all. haha. GET leh! what to expect.
But there was cute guy lah. He said hi to me during jam and hop. LOL! happpyy!
Anyway, abt the clash. I was so suay can.
Had this thing and i had to do between 2 guys.
While the other girls all stick to each other -.-"
Plus other other games. I'm know as sexy voice lah cause of my terrible sorethroat.

RIGATA was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!
Me and Nicole cheered like dam mad.
Sad my leg injured cannot join in sports thing.
But i joined in the cheerleading thing LOL!
All OLs were like "EH THIS GIRL CAN"
Den i went to the back, den they say, sorry but 1 of u have to go.
And another OL was like "EH SEXY VOICE MUST COME!"
Anyway, during the RIGATA right.
Suddenly we had a mini Ophix outing at the back LOL!
1st it was Nick, JY and Eileen.
Then Aliah Me join in and we "O O O OHPIXXX" all the way.
Ran to every colour to find one person.
In the end it was Me [IT-blue], Nick [IT cheerleading-pink], JY [TPSU-white], Eileen [Design-TealGreen], Aliah [AS-Green], Ming[Business-yellow], Fahan [Engine-Purple].
And we made so much noise till there was other people also O O O Ophix with us. haha.

After that i was with all the INTSC people.
They are so fun. But they all bully me! Rahs. Oh well.
They are nice people. Thats y i want to join INTSC.
About TPSU.. Guess its another issue (:

pieces of me @ 8:44 PM.
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

16th April

Went Bugis to meet Don. After that Gav came too.
Ate lunch at bugis and headed to paragon spags.
Missed my colleagues so much lah. So long never work already.
Shun bian showed them my leg to tell them i cant work for quite some time.
Gaurab wasnt thereee! SAD!

@ 6pm, I headed over to TP to find JY and Marcus.
Went into IT sch to find Nick and ZhiHao.
They were doing some dance thing lah. I dont think i was suppose to see. hahaha!
Went to lepak one corner after that. Alan, AhLong came to find us afterwards.
Played stupid games and tell you ah. Nick, Marcus and Alan really kena curse att.
*curse attack.. curse attack...* omg the camp thing is getting into my head can!
Waited for eileen, maybelline, kok guan, denise, CK @ the busstop
And met ming, dexter at 85.
Still got 2 more i think. LOL im not sure lah.
I kena oophm like dunno how many times

After that went to playground to slack.
From play play play to sit down suddenly all talk ghost story.
Its was really funn lah. (:
Slowly one by one left.
In the end it was only left with me, nick, ck, ming, dexter and marcus.
So funny lah. Ming is ghay. When Nick slept, he went there and tried to make him horny -_-l|
I shant further explain lah :D
Pics are at Ming's.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Whoooo. The long awaited camp had arrived.
I so much wanted the camp to come asap lah =D

Yes camp. [Freshman Orientation Camp]
I love it lah. Ophix rocks. All the GL rocks.
Tho we got 4th, its okay cause ohpix will always be the best.

But so sad lah. I injured my leg. Its really dam cham lah.
But i wasnt sad cause, because of that, I got to know more of the people better.
All the GLs were very caring. All the members were very caring.
FA also caring. Even other group people also.
Was really touched by it lah.
All those mini actions that people do, people like us will really rmb for life lah.
Even if i was in pain, I wouldnt show out. Cause I dowan you all to worry too much.
SuFong cried for me. Sery almost cried.
You all rock lah :D

But we dam suay leh. 1st and 2nd day rained.
So our activities had to change. So its not as fun i think. SAD RIGHT!
1st day was alright. but 2nd day pwned.
I LOVE the mass dance. But so sad lah. My partner coordination dam bad.
Stupid Ming keep asking him to poke my wound.
TP song rocks also. Esp the KanKan part.
My leg injured i still kick dam high lah.
Jam&Hop was nicee. But so many people grinding LOL!
Machiam clubbing -_-l|
Our performance was okay i think. Tho i think i did a bad job LOL.

3rd day I was so sad.
Couldnt join them in most wet games ):
I so wanted to join. Its like I dont feel in you see.
But a lot of them say i there with them in spirit can already.
But still, you would wanna join them right.
Esp when they all jumped into the fountain. SAD!

After everything, all those grads gave their byebye speech.
Wah i not part of them but i hear them say till i teared ah.
After that during debrief, we had this postcard thing.
Omg you never see i stand there write so many.
Like non-stop till the GLs had to chase me away LOL!
Went CPF after that.
Sad ophten so little people went. But its okay.
Just that i was a little stun lah. I dont know all their response cheer so i kinda got lost or sth.
Cabbed home with Fion and Marcus after that.

FOC was fun (:
Ophix rock!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

9th April
Went TP today cause stupid girl yinhui still haven submit her enrollment form.
We walked ard to find one bloody photocopy machien @ bedok inter lors.
After that we went bugis.
Lynn went to try her luck at the "scam" machien again. really tio scam sia she.
Spent 42$ on the machien but never win anything.

10th April
Went to VentureEra to take a look.
The stupid "training" was like few hours long.
And they said there is more training. wth.
Just to sell one bloody product.
The money looks attractive tho.
Went town after that to find my ProjectShop and Oakley shop :D

11th April
Went down to VentureEra again to do training.
SB boring.
Meet HuiFen and her fren Mazin over for soeul garden. [i hate soeul garden btw]
Went for movies after that :D
Mazin's fren fetched us home after that ! (:

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

okay this is crazy. haven been updating for more then a month so im gonna update now.
btw, YES i know i shld bloody change my skin but im hell lazy okay.

17th March

went kbox with lynn ning and yh at marina.
you know what was the most shocking thing?
all of us are wearing long sleeve.
dam bloody high we were (:
after that is arcades @ suntec.
we saw this small kid who was like so uber pro.
the way she danced DDR.
but she played the same songs over and over. and its like uhhh. boring after awhile.
i pwn @ guitar freaks!
stuupid fish lynn . go play this game just cause she wants to win the pink psp and wasted like 40bucks?
went to eat pretsels and went to lynn hse after that.
was like so sick lah ._."

22th March
went to TP with jor to collect my letter B.
they like emailed the package late, and dint even have the complete set in it.
kns. lousy school -_-l|

23rd March
it was 2e2`o4's BBQ.
went with lynn and yh.
omg we were wearing the same demin.
it was fun meeting all my old frens again.
and the food was so bloody nice.
the girls cooking that is. the guys..... well. its another story (:

27th -29th
it was spags chalet.
before that i met james and we watched Mr Bean Holiday.
Mr bean is a smart smart guy who acts superly dumb.
He looks like Mr Goh tho. Uber ugly x:
Chalet was fun. there was like so many people.
Pictures (:

Well, not everyone took pics lah. But you can like imagine how many people there was.
There is like a kbox system catered just for us (: Sang like mad there man. It was very very fun. Love it there. I'd love to name who went there but i cant complete it you see. Its more like a bunglow then a chalet. It has a kitchen, 4 rooms, living room, dining room. Just totally rocks! My manager drove us in his car around changi to see ahguas. Dam are they hot, pretty, tall. Just one problem -_-l| they are GUYS . And yea, they hate girls a lot a lot . At around 4am, most people left and the few of us hogged the kbox machien like mad LOL! sang and sang and sang till our hearts contempt. Stupid steven. Made me drink so much wine. Red wine finish drink white. White wine finish drink red. I was already so seh lah. but he kept letting me drink. But i dowan to seh infront of him so i force myself to stay awake and after 1 hour i sobber . haha! i have a strong will power (: Some of the guys asked me to ride on their bike and even passed me their helmets. but i hum out sia. now regretting ): oh wells .

2nd day, many people left. lucky there was people that i like there. Basically those that im closer with went/stayed for 2nd day. I went home with charlie. He came my house to do his enrolment stuff while i bathed. After that i went back chalet. Only to just suddenly lie on bed and slept ._." and yeaa dint really talked much to him. We cooked steamboat on the BBQ pit. It was so hilarious but it was funn (: When the few of us ate at the dining table, really felt like tuan yuan fan okay! haha. well anyway, after that when shuyi and the rest went home, Adam Andrew Gary Nick Snoopie Zoey and Me went to OCH [Old Changi Hospital] to walk walk. Starting I was dam scared. you know OCH is dam haunted? We walked there its like so spooky. But when i walked there, i dint felt anything but Gary, snoopie and zoey was like uber afraid. haha. But ya'll know, when we left there is a BOOOOM sound? Its like a door kena slammed. The weird thing was, it wasnt a windy night.. hurhurr. afraid now huh. and the thing followed gary back. He saw someone afterwards @ the chalet and dint dare to sleep LOL! met 3 people on the way. Act brave buay brave one sia. Long story so i shant say it here. After that we went to driving around and bought supper back. We just talked the night away and finally slept after that.

Went home the next day on the 29th. And zoomed thru only about 20+ epi of bleach even tho im uber tired. haha. people says im mad but oh well.

i know this is getting long. but this post is almost ending! hang in there!!!

30th March

Met James @ 2 at lav.
Acc him to Yishun to cut his hair.
It bloody took 1hour plus.
Watch TMNT. Wasnt as nice as i expected it to be.
But oh wells. Its still not bad lah. Not that is bad.
He sent me home after that [dont ask me why i ask him not to._."]

2th April

My hair just had sex again (:
7hours duratino.
DonYeong's hand did it all.
With gadgets.

5th April

Went to acc gav to go lav to do his IC thingy.
After that we took a bus to bugis and then took an MRT to DG LOL!
Dont ask why . Its dumb afterall.
Went cathay to watch "The Number 23"
Its a super pyscotic show [omg how to spell that word?]
And guess what, i got a shirt with the number 23 on it ._." omg
its freaking me out. all the 23s. What if i become like them! haahha.
okay i know Kua Zhang. right.

6th April

Its good friday! Met James Rachel Benjamin and Seeto and headed down to watch vanda fall down on stage perform. She did great. Just that she and her partner wasnt syncro. But i think she did better then her friend :x ooopss.
Went to beach road to eat after that. What Ben and Seeto ordered is like -_-l| Know why im like that? Cause they ordered the portion that could be for like 4person? And they ate it all up. Oh wells. But they are uber close friends. Seeing the way they eat. haha.
Headed down to spags after that. Wanted to find gaurab but he wasnt there. Oh well.
Parted with them and left for my aunts hse to visit my uncles. You see, both of them got cancer. Anyway, played majong with them. Earned 7.20? There was this round alone where i earned 6.40. song right haha. I only played a fong nia den i let my aunt take over.

omg! you endured it all the way here!
give yourself a clap ! haha.

okay i was being sascar._."

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