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Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm happy yet sad! LOL!

Work in IT Fair = Lose Weight!

Equation is:
Work in IT Fair = Long Hours x Standing Up x 2 meals/day.
== Lose Weight!



But anyway, I will be seeing most of my darlings tomorrow! :D Almost the whole of year 2s and 3s! HAHA! [okay, yes im exagerrating! hahahahha] Well, I think tomorrow would be fun! :)


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Two of work in Sitex was alright! Time passes slowly this time round! Whoots! :)

Checking out guys! There is one cute guy at Asus! He looked at me and smile! Thats why I noticed him! :D

Love Joyce for bringing me 2 can of drinks! Love her! :)
Love all the visits! :D

I saw old faces!
I saw Ru and Linn. Ru's hair was so long lah! LOL! Doesn't even look like he's in army.

Your song was all that was played.
Makes me want to grab you

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Friday, November 27, 2009

HEHEHE! I'm back from Denver's chalet!

I'm gonna sleep now! :D

Tomorrow I'm working in IT Fair! DO VISIT ME YAH! HOHOHOO!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009



Greeted by loves and loves and more loves! :)

That is why I love TP!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LOL! I showed TS a picture of two kittens!

And he went this
TS says:
TS says:

HAHAHA! Dam cute lah!

I shall stop here! Continue my blog post another day! Tml perhaps!

Life is really SIMPLE but we insist on making it CoMpLicATeD.

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10th November 2009- Shopping! But not for us! ._.

There is a story to this piece of biscult! LOL! The cookie jar was only left with one marie biscult! Then me and sebast just say "lets share!" and broke it in half! HAHAHAHA! *Note, there were still a lot of other nicer types of biscult left*

Met up with Shihan Jenny and Joyce to shop for Dawn's present! DAWN! YOU MUST BE HONOURED OKAY! For you ah, we walked from orchard MRT to taka to wisma to taka to ion back to taka! Your present so hard to find I swear!

In the end we ended up at SK and bought her a necklace!

Can't decide of a place to go, but somehow came to a conclusion to went KFC.

We talked till the KFC guy "chased" us out by offing the lights and all! TSK! LOL!
We chatted a lil outside ion till it was almost last train that we headed back!

In the end, all our cravings for shopping was stopped by the fatigue legs.

Dawn you better be honoured!
Ho Ho Ho

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9th November 2009- What is Monday's without Macs?

I love Monday! Cause it's a day where I start of work seeing people I love! Atiqah, Joyce, Siewyin and Sebast!

Macs together was nice! I think I eat Macs with Sebast till I know what he wants! Mac Spicy/Big Mac upsize, change drink to coke. Take curry and mayo. LOL!

Mac coupon! :D I got fillet o fish! I gave it to sebast! :D

I find that I always go home straight on a Monday! Perhaps cause our body would still be tired from the fun filled weekends!

And somehow, I always loved Monday's dinner! Cause there is my favourite potato garlic cheese prawn! But this time it was yellow ginger prawn which taste even better! Good job mom! [Oh btw, I eat brown rice! I think it's more expensive but it's heathier!]

Healthy steamed eggs!

Healthy simple veges!

Peel Eat fresh!

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8th November 2009- Sunday is a rest day!!

No activities that night! It's a Sunday so I figured I had to rest!
Stayed at home and eat dinner.

But since this post would be meaningless without a picture so...

If only there was really a switch!
How good would that be?

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7th November 2009- Off to a secret place

Went to school on a Saturday morning for OTC interview! I swear this year interview was harder than usual! For the year 3s that is. They totally splited us up, had a 2 to 1 interview and it took at least 30mins long! And the questions are not those very TYS question-answer kind. Oh trust me, if you ask me any of that question its dam easy to answer.

Anyway, headed over to kovan CC, a place near kovan CC actually after that. Secret place to do secret stuffs! :D

Went home and had a short nap before going out to eat with my parents! :D

Beef noodles is sex!

My parents shared this! So loving right!

I remember someone told me "The best bf you can ever find is someone like your father." And I can totally agree with that!

This year's interview is hard!
And I'm superly impressed!
Good Job!

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I've already posted for 5 days straight! I think I'm going to take a little break and go for my dinner!

It's been a rainy day lately! I hope it doesn't rain on Thursday so that we can go roller bladding with my company! :D

When things aren't in colour, it either looks gloomy, or it looks nice

We live in a fast paced life!

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.


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6th November 2009- TGIF

HEHE! I know I'm not suppose to do this but.. My boss plays happy aquarium! =X

Went to make payments at Aviva today. Took his car! Lexus!

While I was walking back, I saw this lady! WAh! She got a tattoo leh! Hip for an older lady! (but it looks ugly)

Today it was a terrible day! Cause the toilet clogged for the whole building! That we had to go to M hotel's toilet! But the toilet was nice! It has a purplish design! Eliquant and royal.

See! So nice right! :D

What's even better? THERE WAS THIS KIND OF ICECREAM BELOW MY OFFICE! When me and atiqah saw it, we instantly went mad and purchased it!

There was this point, when the 3 girls walked thru the security pass, there was a vibe of wind flowing through as! "XAT!" was the word! Atiqah would know what I mean! LOL!

After work, we went to our favourite handicap toilet together! To do what..? Guess! :D

Met up with the rest at clifford centre and headed to Marina after that. Ate at Thai Express!

LOL! I took this picture cause someone is sitting on someone's leg and we're showing this to someone! HAHAHA! :D

This picture is classic! Clem's mimicking someone carrying a bag! :x

Went to teoheng yet again! I'm kinda sick of teoheng already actually! LOL!

The attitude of the man has changed!
So did the heart of the woman

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5th November 2009- The last supper dinner

Whoots! Firstly, I would like to start off with... I GOT AI XIN MIAN BAO FROM SIEWYIN! LOL! I told her ytd "omg siewyin your bread smell very nice"

And me and Sebast got to buy this CHEESE MUFFINS! OWNAGE I SWEAR! After I bought this muffin, I've been thinking of sharing it with the whole work! Like my family, secondary school friends, poly friends, whoever lah! Dam f*ing nice!

What's even more loves? I went to meet my sec school friends after that! LOL! How cool shit is that? :D We had our dinner at blk 85! :D I really miss the times with them! I love them in every way! I wonder why we have not even fought at all! So peaceful! I believe we can last very long! :D

Took a walk to 7-11 and bought Ben and Jerry! It's dam nice! I forgot what flavour we got but it's niceee!

Doesn't this pic look very secondary schoolish? But I guess when I'm with them, when we're together, we all tend to live back to our secondary school days!

Oh how would it be nice to be meeting up again! Nvm! After 4th December! After your A levels I will wait! :D Till then, lets get ready for christmas!

I miss how we used to laugh together!
And laughing at Xinni run for the bus home!

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4th November 2009-My Sister's Keeper

Bussed down to Cathay to catch "My Sister's Keeper" with Joyce Dawn and Ber after work!

We found Kat halfway while thinking of buying food to eat!

She bought Pokey for me and Joyce to eat! This is Joyce's! Strawberry!

And mine is choco! :D

The show is somewhat moving and touching, but I seriously expected myself to cry even more! It din't really touch me though! Just the last part here and there. But I liked how the story line flows and such.

Went to starbucks to chill! :D Got home quite late I remember!

Great story!
Great ending!

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An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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