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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today I was working 11.30am to 10pm
Cause that gavin. Ask me to sub him for 11.30 to 6pm time slot.
So i had to like bao ka liao. Thats what they called it la.
What happened in work.. I think we can skip that already.

After work, ShuYi, Michelle, AhBeng, XiuFang, Reynold and Me went to Bugis area and played pool.
The stupid touch screen machien cheat money one.
You know de PhotoHunt right?
Suppose to every round, the time reset.
But this? The time never reset at all.
They just add a bit of time more.
What is this !! Rahhs.

After that, AhBeng went home while de rest of us went to a pub for some drinks.
We were playing the dice game. Then Michelle kena a lot of times to drink!
Cause she keep thinking we bluff! haha. But I kena 2nd most.
In the end she paid for everything! haha. thankyou michelle <3
Oh ya! Reynold said that the toilet was small right.
But me and ShuYi managed to squeeze together in a toilet !! hahahah!

After that, Michelle sent XiuFang home while me ShuYi and Reynold went to sentosa!
*you would be thinking. SIAO AHH* but its true!
We cabbed there. And we dint even hafta pay the entrance fee cause it was already like 3am 4am already.
And you know.. If you drink right, you will keep feeling the urges to go toilet.
So our motive there was like to walk to every toilet to pee! haha funny right!

We walked and walked and walked. Walked till it was around 6 to 7am.
Went to vivo for bfast and took the MRT home.
Was suppose to work de next day. And Gavin dint want to replace me!! D;<
But he did in the end. Happy ending. (=

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rahhs~ its the xmas party at spags!!
at 1st i dint feel like going.
just got home the same day from ohana chalet.
and was already like dam tired le.
but joey called and pursuaded me.
so i just went >.< when i reached there, joey already got ready a BIG plate of food for me.
like thanks la. i dint expected you to get so much food for me.

shuyi was like so happy to see me there <3
was sitting with michelle, xiu fen, xiu fang [3 of them are sisters btw, and xiu fen and fang are twins], shu yi, huoleong, ahbeng, and many many. we were like just sitting there drinking softdrinks.. till michelle suddenly violent. went to the back and took beer and a lot of mugs for us. but ours was mixed! =D so it wasnt that bad.

Xmas pressie xchange started! So we each got our respective gift.
Charlene got Shuyi's! LOL! which was like beer? which charlene def wont drink! haha.
And i got this tic-tac-toe shot glass set. bahh. but its super cute tho.

Employee of the year : Gaurub [?]
Employee of the month : Xiu Fang
Supporter of the year [?] : Desmond.

haha. after that they proceeded with the games. and blah blah blah.
ohh and a lot of people sang songs! when become our turn, it was sooo soft.
and i saboed huo leong to sing xiao wei.

After that got a weird incident man.
It has something to do with raMESH potato.
Urghh. disgusted. but heck careeeee. dont wanna type here.

after the party, i was sooooooo ready to get home la!
den steven ask nick and andrew if they wanted to stay and drink.
AND THEY SAID YES! so like bobian. i also stay back.
so there was steven, nick, andrew, gerald, dan, randy and me.
nick so dont know how to pour the beer.
the froth was like more den 5 cm thick.
so they drank drank drank. den halfway nick has to open his mouth and say "tat time we drink martell" or sth liddat.
martell is freaking 40% alcohol. rahh so nvm drink den drink la!

starting i drink i was like "eh not bad"
den i started to drink a lot.
once i even drank 4 in a row, with straw.
and one neat. and who ask me gey kiang.
suddenly i just peng and seh on the table LOL!.
and steven carried me to table 13 to sleep >.< pai seh sia.
i also cant really rmb the things that happened.
i know after i was carried to 13 to rest a while, after which he drag me back to 1 to drink hot tea. and i got drag back to 13 to rest. den halfway i wanted to puke. so i wanted to go to the toilet. but st just asked me to puke at expo line :X he was like "dont worry im your manager" that kinda thing. but in de end i also cannot puke.

and i got to try de lamb shank. OMG ITS SO NICE LA. i also 4got who feed me o.o
hmmm. and steven went cook de meat. TASTE SO LIKE A FREAKING RUBBER! i just pui out :x after that wad happen.. i also cannot really rmb.

at 6am plus when i was a bit more sobber, nick sent me home.
when i reach there. he kept insisting that he sent me to my doorstep.
so he took all my things and helped me open de door.
only to realised my dad was there LOL!.
and he like shock tio and just ran :D

when i lied down. 1st thing i did was puked.

i was in heaven that day.

pieces of me @ 11:35 PM.
Friday, December 15, 2006

whee today im having my off day :D
and its my online friend's chalet~~~!! <3
met jordan at tanah meran MRT.
omg i feel so bad. i made him wait for soooooooo long :D

well anyway, went to the chalet with him.
thank goodness there's him ard otherwise i'd be very lost :x
[yes i know my sense of direction sucks]

reached there and theres like so many faces i dint met before!!
1st thing i did there was went to hug all my darlings and my aiais :D
[erm. all girls tho :D dont think i go ard hugging guys ah!! D;<]
yea so it was like that.
and i saw omega, jw and thwarted!! :D
omg la. they like so shuai :x
and de thwarted is a dam gentleman la.
tat time i was sitting behind this bbq charco thingy.
and i only say. waaa hot.
and he offered to change place with me. so nice right!!
summore 1st day know him only. bwahah.

ok so i went to eat all my beehoon [no choice. only food available. haven cooked.]
i took 3 plates!! :D pig right!! so i was like eating and eating.
den i saw yuki darling!! :D 1st thing i did was gave her a flying tackle hug :D
and i played metal slug!! bwahha. just played it at home the pre day and playing it at the chalet de next day.
so much of a coincidence eh?

after that ivan did some ice breaking. or shld i call it introduction?
stupid. when it was my turn, everyone shouted "CANNOT HEARR!!"
rahhs. den i like just roared my throat out. D;<
well anyway.. after the intro, sth like happened la. and i suddenly became all moody and such.
so i saw sam carrying absolute vodka!! and i just went over to get some.
[its 40% alcoholic btw]

a lot ppl began to say tat i was dam moody =some tot i was drunk. some tot i was high.
but i was neither. they just look down on my drinking capacity.
well anyway, i took somemore shots. and wasnt feeling high still.
so i went back to the entrance of the chalet and sat there alone.
den sam came and sat beside me. den guan. den justin.
=\ felt so weird kena sit ard by all the guys. but least they were comforting.
but they kept patting my head altho i was a small girl girl liddat.
and ivan kept giving me the "nono" sign.
but i know he only meant well for me. thanks =)

sorry to those that i've made you worried.
i know abt the last chalet. and you're worried for me.
but i know what im doing.

after tat went to company my aiai home.
she say she will stay with me de.
but after tat she wanted to go home so bo bian.
so me sasa justin and guan accompanied her home =)
so after that we went to cheers to get sth.
sasa so blur dint know it was monta's bday.
on the way to cheers, i met gerald LOL!
sth really funny happened.
when i was at cheers, i told him i was going back to chalet.
so he replied me with, "oh, im at cheers now"
and i turned and i was like "GERALD!!"
hahahaha. ok la. i was high :D

since there wernt any cake, we bought an icecream with for monta!! :D
ohhh~ so nice right. but so sad got no candle.
went looking high and low for one. so i tot maybe gerald's chalet wud have one
so i went there. to ask for chalet. only to be shocked at all his halfnaked friends.
but they dont have so iw as like dam guilty.
i went back to find sasa they all and they all say i have a dam guilty look on my face LOL! cause i dont have the candle of course guilty ma.

so we went back and have a bigg surprise for monta :D
happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to monta~
happy birthday to you =)

in the end we used a match stick as a candle btw!
but of course we dint poke it into the cake.

halfway i went to meet gerald near the pool and we talked a bit.
we talked talked talked. halfway his friends came and all wanted to go cheers.
and they needed someone to look after the chalet for them.
so we went there to look after.
there was like a laptop there la.
so we began using the laptop.
i saw the crazytaxi game!! and we played like mad.
he keep saying he dont trust woman drivers and i was like there trying to prove him wrong D:<
soon his friend came back and i like felt a bit akdward.
so i left ard 30mins after that back to my chalet.

went i reach there,
they were all playing the bang bang bang who died game.
they came out with all sorts of lame things la.
its really dam lame. starting i played till my brains almost died.
but i got it!! very fast they say. haha. too bad!! IQ queen is here! :x
den ivan came to play. haha. so funny la.
he was like so blur. and the words they said made him even more blur.
when he got it right, they went to say more things to make him blurer.
it was fun tho. after that we went to play the cards.
nope, not big2 or gamble type. but IQ type.
like there is 9 cards.. and we choose one card, tell one person.
while the other person guide another guy who has to guess which card it is.

it was quite fun tho =)
after everything, i wanted to go in for a nap but found out that there is no space.
in the end i went to sleep outing.
so kelian right!!
but i slept at my favourite spot.
the spot which i sat from after i drank.
nobody dared sit on that spot for sooo long :x

after that zaki's dad sent me and jor home.
and tats it i guess :)

funnnn day.
thanks all for making my day so fun

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today was suppose to be emcee for the Audi event hosted by Private Studio, Supported by Asiasoft.
Was like late laa. But in the end cabbed there. What to do right x.x
In the end i reach there. Waa then machiam my tongues are tied. Cannot talk.
But i got talk a bit la. The rest i let zaki talk.
Since when i wanted to talk den she keep taking the mic from me. haha.

YAY!! Howdy got 1st for the event~ goo howdy!!
The rest, grats :D

After the event, *hmm lemme try to rmb who was there*
SaSa, Ivan, Simon, CT, Lona, SJ, Howdy, Jane, Jim, Yat and some of the staffs there [cannot rmb all la >.<] went for lunch.
After that we went for movies. haha. some of them i just met once nia but still went for movies together. sweeet. We watched Deck the House i think. Not bad. rating 3stars perhaps?
After that they all decided to stay on, while some to bunk, and some went home.

Emceeing is not as easy as you think.

pieces of me @ 11:31 AM.
Friday, December 01, 2006

Today is my 2nd day of work!! :D
and its a friday!! nuuuuu.
its full shift summore!! haha.

went to work and i was like so super bored. lunch was nth much tho.
this time had alvin for my trainer. heh.
i so kuku la. he bluff me so many things and i believed him.
nowonder nick say they 90% talk cock one x.x
he was like saying, "adam and gilbert is my reallife brother!! and that guy is my tang jie"
i went "huh? really meh" den they bluff me along with him LOL!
i felt so mushroom la x.x
lunch was quite slack so yea.. it was like our break time.

i see shuyi like so bad mood.
tried talking to her den she like so dam pissed liddat. so i left her alone.
suddenly she went to take some things and eat and she finally could talk.
and she told me everything. and im like.. oh ok..
we had our girls talk. she was asking me who looked good here. and omg la. that time i went to say desmond. omggg now i dont think he look good.
well anyway, we all had our eyes on gilbert.
we said he like dam tall, dam cool, dam man tat type.
but nice guy etc. and sebast also not bad :D
a lot la. we keep talking haha. so funn!! <3

bahh. after that i nick msged me and said he managed to get a shift today night :D
whee. so happy la. my trainer !! bwahha.
today talked to a lot people. like superman etc haha.

ok so night shift started. man it was dam hell la.
i hate randy i hate him i hate him!!
stupid manager. not i serve wrong table den he scolded me.
i can carry sizillini already good. just that i carry higher, liddat also scold me.
den the not i serve de customer, HE ALSO SCOLD.
wa tmd la. but some people there are nice tho.
cause like 1hour 30mins more i was already like body aching.
den they dint talk to me before can come and tell me.
jia you. only 1hour 30mins more. dont give up!!
and a lot of them came and help me with my job.
so touched can <3
and i got to know their names after wards.
like andy and.. er.. 4got :x kian ah. i dunno LOL!

when cleaning up, i was cleaning the expo area.
so the manager told the chef to cook some nuggets for us.
the chef dunno how much to cook so he asked me how much i cud eat.
back then i really no strength to eat ma.
so i told him.. orh mayb 2 only la. den he laughed D:<
say. ok i cook 10 for the whole group LOL!
den i told him. no la actually i can eat 10.
den he was like "ok i cook 10 specially for u. den i sit there count 1 by 1 till u eat 10" LOL!
funny la adam.

for supper, we had spaghetti and pizza and nuggets <3
omg but i too tired to eat la. haha.
after that all the girls left le. only left me there.
i was waiting for nick actually. den they all talking about motorbike.
so after that andy and kian wanted to leave so i left with them la.
"so much for waiting for nick huh?"
but we walked out of paragon only and i saw him behind. LOL!
so yea. we walked to the MRT station.

3 trains to jurong passed and the train to marina haven come yet!
omg la. so long right!!
but nvm can spend more time with my shuai ge.
and we can like talk crap la. so funny.
he told me. they 90% talk cock. now i know what they mean. LOL!
that time he asked this person how much his pay was.
they said "oh. 4.50 only lor." and he was like. "how come?"
den they replied "cause we from ITE ma so lesser pay" and he believed :x
haha. halfway, he met his friend. big big size friend.
and they talked about their last time life.
bleah. i wanted to like sit down la. so tired.
and finally had seat. i was staring so hard at the seat.
and he asked me. u want to sit down? i was like. YA!! and we parted with his friend.

and he began to tell me stories of that big guy LOL! i hear le so funny la.
he say wad last time he dam kena bully one :X
always ppl throw stapler bullet at his chair. even if he just stand a while den sit still will kena.
its like the whole class thing.
got people even throw his bag out of the window summore.
when he went down to talk his bag and walking halfway up
will hear another "BOOM" sound. and its his table on the ground floor LOL!
den they always glue everything together one.
like his table to the floor, book to table, pencil case everything to the table.
its like one masterpiece.

wa i hear le dam pity that gun. but its like so funny.
and he always kena push into sch pond de. omg la. so poor thing :X
still got a lot la. but i lazy type out :X

oh yea. and i was like telling nick. i cannot imagine u with short hair
and he showed me his IC, 4years ago de him
omg la so cute can LOL!
its really dam cute la. too bad i never take a pic . bwahaha.

ok la. after that when i reached home. it was so late that there isnt any bus back so i had to walk home x.x T_T

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