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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's going through all the difficult times where you know who you'll be thankful for in your lives. Besides my family, I'm really glad I got you girls to be with my through thick and thin! I know with you girls, I can be my full self! Be mad and give a black face without you girls being angry at me. Be sad and cry my hearts out and you girls giving me your shoulders. Wanting to rant and you girls giving me the ears that I need.

It's 8years of friendship with you, and jia we have over 10years of friendship! It's like I know you half my life!

You see friends come and go. But despite us going different path since after secondary school, we still meet up! Even now, all of us are at different path! But we still find ways and means to meet up.

Yining, come back soon alright? I really miss you! I wanna hug youuuu! =)

You girls have been there, and I know this friendship will definately last.

Like what Weining said ytd "I think we need each other more as we go on". That is definitely true.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm gonna meet my girls and crash their hostel! =) Looking forward to this visit! I love them!

Finally I'm gonna head down to the clinic for my corn and shun bian for my cough.

I smiled while sleeping yesterday night. And I already know I will smile sleeping tonight too! (:

Gotta catch my bus. Seeyah!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I's already October and I have yet to update on Sept! *Sighs* Well, here I am!

1st September 2010: Step up 3D w/ Blondes

Met up with Hiuching and Liyi for lunch at PS before proceeding to meet Chris at Cine for Step Up 3D. It was Liyi's birthday that day! So glad she's willing to spend her actual day with us!

Apparently I've already watched Step Up 3 with TP Alumni but since everyone was talking about how Step Up 3D was, I went to watch for a second time! And I'll still say, I prefer to watch shows, Non 3D!

After that got a super sad SMS. Which I don't feel like talking about it anymore, but I'm glad they were the ones there for me that time. Like of all, they were the ones that comforted me. Plus few others ask me if they can quit. Thanks, but I think you all deserve to continue.

Said bye to Liyi and the 3 of us proceeded to find her birthday present! Chris left shortly after that for some "charity exercise" while me and Hiuching went for Dinner!

Simple day, sad day, but made happy by the companies! :D

//Polaroids with Liyi still not uploaded! Hehe! (:
2nd September 2010: Katong with the girls. herStory at night

Met up with GFs at Katong to have our lunch! :D Aston it was! Pictures of pretty ladies!

//I especially like this picture which I photoshopped out! Feels like a film cam doesn't it?

/Normal pictures!

/XY pretending to take with WN cause she isn't here yet! LOL!

And she just suddenly gave us postcards! LOL! So touched leh! :D Appreciate your random love GF! :D

Headed to Everything with Fries for some dessert after that!

//Totally adore this picture too! Love the effects!

//Nutella Tart! Definately a must try man! Look at how even the chocolate is.

Satisfied face ya?

The Menu!

I like this shot! LOL!

This was the banana cake thing! Forgot the name but its awesome as well!

AND I LOVE THIS SHOT TOO! Artistic right? :D

Laughing at all the photos we had!

Some photos of trying to look at a different perspective! [Still noob at it!]

Last and favourite picture at Everything with Fries!

After that headed off to parkway to develop our film pictures of me and WN's cam and did some camwhoring!

//No photoshop in the pictures below

Okay, not to put too much picture else it'll jut scare all of you away!

Headed over to Koi for some bubble tea since there was still plenty of time! And..
This chabor decided to chu stun!

And we have to follow! LOL!

And our POH-LAH-RYODDDsss! :D

Collected our developed pictures and looked at it! Really very nice leh! :D Hahaha! When we get together, we really have lots of beautiful photographic memories! Cause we have all sorts of camera!

After that, bought a Sunflower for Fion and headed home to get ready for Phuture's herStory event!

Met up again with the girls at MRT and trained there!

The sunflower so pretty! :D

It was a non-squeezy club and that day cause it was an special event *ahem, les event*, there was a stage for performance and what's so. So after the performance when it was dance time, it was my first time actually going up the stage to dance! The feeling is like going up the podium!

It was different and all of us swore to swear jeans to any other this kind of event after that! LOL!

3rd September 2010: Night Cycling

Went for dinner with Hiuching and her OG before going to ECP for Night Cycling with SIM ODAC.

Initially when I saw my group, I kinda felt like "omg, they are my group members? ): ):" But they turned out to be the most awesome bunch ever! I think it's because of the ice breaking that went so well that all of us were bonded! We ended up calling each other's adjective names or station names! Playing crazy games! Almost died while cycling cause someone suddenly thought of her hamster, going to MBS and got so excited over the big round thing and trying the whisper and the other side can hear thing! At about how we love bananas and named us monkey! How all of them will just make fun of me, from I just said im a 58 year old ahma, they can keep making me feel older and older! Till I am from the ancient times, the times with the empera, the times with dinosaur and how i am eve! How all of them, despite being so old can play with my childish-ness! HAHAHA! How stupid ZM will say "lets compete to see who drink finish first" but when I give in my all and turn to him, HE WAS LAUGHING AT ME AND NOT DRINKING! How none of us bought camera but we would just be dam excited whenever see got a camera! :D It's the all very random people, all alone kind, but its cause we are all alone that made us so bonded! I really am in love with my OG! :D all so nice! :D

The random few shots! Were very desperate but at least we have these shots! :D Love them all!

Mouse, Hunter, Squirrel with other OG!

Our banatic moments!

All our epic faces! Same expression too!

That's all the photos there were! ):

But I'm happy to be with all of them! I'm glad I met them! :D

4th September 2010: Liyi Birthday

Continued from the previous post!

It was morning when we reached ECP! All of us were having our breakfast! Then an epic "where's my sausage" incident occure! Me and JiaHui laughed mad loads!

Bimb liyi came over to fetch me and Hiuching up to her chalet! So nice of her right! :D

Went to her chalet to have a slight nap before bathing and helping her with the decorations! Had her to drive us out to e-hub before me and hiuching were able to sneak out to do the board for her! Yay! :D

And I tell you!!! Everyone I know ALL NEVER REALLY WEAR FULL PYJAMAS! But my awesome h/bimbs P and VP did! HAHAH! Happy! :D

This is.. erm...


Thanks uncle vincent for driving us out!

But we missed our last bus and the rest were all purple liner! So they all could cab toether and I had to cab alone! But Bson was nice to offer to cab with me tho its so bu shun lu! And thanks Chris for lending me money cause I lost a cab cause he got no nets! ):

I have a good bunch of H/Bimbs. (:

5th September 2010: Work @ RWS

Nothing happened much on this day except having to work at RWS!.

6th September 2010: Home

This day was spent at home!
But it's a good nua day at home! I like! :D

7th September 2010: L4D with hiuching OG

Had a game of L4D with Hiuching's OG. It's always fun killing zombies! And who says me and Hiuching can't make a team when we're both the noobest! Cause we won the other group! HAHAHA!

8th September 2010: Flyers

Went to meet up with the grads for flyers since Fion wants to go and its to satisfy her last few months left in Singapore!

Even though I've been there before but it's seriously the company that matters! I love them though sad to say I'm always pre-occupied with lots of stuffs too.

Ma and partner got the most unique taste! :P

9th September 2010: Home



I tried my best! :D

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