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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Constellation. The imagine TPSU was trying to portray today.

Honestly, I like the theme a lot. Meaningful.

A random quote before going to bed today.

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."

Let the stars connect. Lets shine together unforgetably.

Well, gotaa go sleep now! A long day tomorrow!
Going school maybe to meet Ms Sherlyn with MP group mates, meeting Wenjie for lunch [hopefully], going to sign up for IITSC subcom[if Dave is going!] and going to lounge to mingle! :D

And they ended it as a team. We are a team. Thats what we are. That's what Temasek Poly is.

Sometimes it's good not to know many things
I think one person knows what I mean.

We are one big family. All upon the scattered stars, but still, we stand as one.
So don't care the bad things, misunderstandings and hatings, please.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

21st June 2009- Father's Day

It was father's day that day. Stayed the whole of morning and noon at home doing nothing! I was practically bored to death! Most of my friends were at Aunt's house, Grandma's house or already busy celebrating father's day. Me? Mine was a dinner! :D

So 6 finally came, we cabbed down to a restaurant near Clark Quay [I think]. It's inside a hotel! But I have no idea what name it was! Totally forgotten.

Well, since it was father's day, they were having free flow of red wine! How cool is that?

They even serve oysters! Oh gawd! And there was alaskan crab, muscles, and all the seafood you can think of!

Just some of the other food!

Look at the size of its legs!

Compare it to my finger!

Some pork/mutton! It's super tender! It really is!


Honestly, I think the restaurant is nice for its cold dishes and desserts.

After that when we were wanted cab, the lobby guy helped us try to get cab. He went all the way out to the streets cause it was quite an ulu place for a hotel. See-ing their efforts, my dad tipped them a small sum and they were happy! The happiness on the faces! Oh man.

This goes to show
2 dollars goes a long way

22nd June 2009- Movie, Denver hosue

Nua-ed at home all the way till evening to meet the rest for a movie, "I love you, man". Met Xinneh at Tanah Merah before going together with her to T1. I love her lah! She can go down straight to Tamp but she chose to meet me first.

Tabao-ed our usual subway meal and went to watch the movie! It was an alright show I guess.

Pictures in the toilet!

After that MingCong drove us to Siglap initially to meet the rest! But we think Siglap no space so decided to go to east coast. That was when I drove for the first time! MC let me drive his car! Oh gawd it was dam scary! I almost bang into cars for like 2 or more times! And bang onto people like 1 time. :x

Met the rest at East Coast, had a little drink/food before car-ing to Denver house.

Stayed till 3plus am before heading home! :D Yay!

It was definately scary!
But I took the first step out!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whoots! Was really happy yesterday! Cause at the same place, I saw all 3 of my EC! HAHAA! And all talked to me! :x

And I even met my classmates after that for a swim at SengKang! How thrilling is that?

Seriously, I don't know what to do later on. Today feels like many things are happening, yet I'm don't know what I wanna do! :x

Oh btw, LOL! I think I update my twitter more often! So check it out ya if you see no entries in my blog. Its on the left side. Or you can just CLICK HERE

Still thinking if that SMS got through ytd
Or was it..

pieces of me @ 12:34 PM.

19th June 2009- TPSUSubcom Camp Day 1

Don't really have much picture but yeah, just more spamming of the words! :x

Went to school at early 3-4pm cause I thought it was dam long since I last saw TS and the rest of the IIT people! So went to school at around that timing. Went to clubroom but most of them were pre-occupied with their own AGM stuffs, rehearsing and all! Boo! =( But ah dee was good okay! He pei me most of the time. Went to acc Des for a S.break before heading back to clubroom and back to sign up!

Was really shocked at the amount of people that was in the same group as me! :D Made random friends, hugged old friends and zihigh-ed all the way lah!

Had mass games, icebreaking and after that was station games.

AND GUESS WHAT! SIN YAN CAME HALFWAY! AND IMAN! OH GOD! My saviour! LOVES! When Sinyan came I really felt like my world has became brighter! We zi highed and tried to think of cheers and whatnot lah!

Everything ended and we got debriefed and somehow or rather, slowly, the year 3s plus CJ gathered.

We spent much of our time just chatting and catching up with each other! It was loved.

Oh btw, my group was Tinich!

Kai's station was loved. Not cause he was our FA but it was really the most fun of all station. Meow meow meow! :D

And I came out with the random "Ting Ting!" LOL!

20th June 2009- TPSU Subcom Camp Day 2

Woke up with only 30mins of sleep! But I wasn't tired totally. The start and middle wasn't really good cause it's quite a drag of time. But aiya, camps are liddat one! :D My camp also like to dragg !

Massed dance, do lot so stupid things then wet station. I shall not comment on wet station games shall I? Cause something really pissed me off! But it's in the past!

Had a dam retardedly stupid fun game as the ending! It was dam cool shtuffs. And cause of that, Grace and BenN got famous! LOL! Grace you forever lah you! TATYI bluff-ed all of our feelings! He went to pretend he wanted to say sth to bernita and let her run away! LOL!

We massed dance again, and hand sign-ed! Did the hand sign-ed proudly and loudly for the last time! So proud of ourselves.

Debrief-ed and nua-ed outside SDC area before going to Macs to eat dinner!

Halfway, MainComs came and TADA! The new scandal! LOL!

Well, something unpleasent happened then, but thanks Farhan for being there at that moment! =)

My first and last subcom camp
I was happy on that day for a certain reason!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wong Xin Ni got seperated from my class.
I feel so sad that I don't know what I should say.

I got a swore that when I heard the news, I thought that the teacher deliberately seperated us cause she hated me. But thinking back, I don't think that's the case cause if she hated me, she would have seperated me instead. That's not a professional way to be thinking. Especially when we and the working work is just a thin line difference.

I still feel sad!

pieces of me @ 1:49 AM.

Wouldn't it be nicer to be able to see the world in a clearer view?

Honestly, I don't know what I want in my life. I'm very happy with where I am right now. But somehow, something in me feels empty and I don't know what it is. Trying to search for the answers to these questions but always resulted to null.

Why does the happiness I feel now, not satisfying enough? It's not like I am faking to be happy. I really am happy almost each moment now. But what is it that is missing? What is it that is making me feel not 100% genuienly happy?

There is no problems in my life right now. Maybe here and there, bt those are definitely not the cause of it. I guess someone was right when he told me long long long time ago. The happiness felt from _something_ is different from the happiness I'm receiving everyday.

I want my life to be colourful back again! I will find the real reason why I'm not feeling 100% happy! I wanna be truely happy every moment of my life. I want to smile as much like I did today. I want to laugh at the slightest possible thing. I just want to be happy at every moment of my life.

If I were a bubble, I'll make sure that I grow to my biggest and most beautiful self before I burst. And even if I burst, just a dip and a huff, and I'll be big and round again! :D

Let me shine again

This wasn't meant to be an emo or inspirational talk or whatsoever. But I feel that I express more in blogs. I love blogging and talking to myself. But please don't ever think that I'm a psycho. Please continue to talk to me.

Will you walk this path with me?

It's not meant to be emotional.
I really meant it!

pieces of me @ 12:38 AM.
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm like dam happy! :D

Cause it's been a long time since I've received calls from army guys! =)
And I'm getting more and more of it!

Besides mario, today Fang yong and CKM called me today!

//Fang Yong
Omg you sound perfectly fine! I do miss you a lot! I miss calling you FeiYong! Omg! I seriously just miss you! You have no idea how happy I was when I received your call! I was like in sky high! So sad that I could only talk to you for like 2minutes plus cause you lights out already!

OMG! HAHA! It's like today you suddenly out of a blue moon sms me! And after that still call me! And just talk to me even till lights off! I still had to shoo you to bed! Loves! :D

I feel really loved to be receiving calls from all of you! Super happy! Super touched! Super missed! =) Please call me more often okay!

And I'm so happy Dexter msged me also! :D Yay! :D Long too! HAHA!

I swear just now when bimbos were at my house its dam retarded.
First Dawn got a message from Yuanlong.
Then Kat got a message from Marcus.
Then I got a message from NicCheong.
Then Joyce got a message from Jon.

And we all got the message at around the same timing! LOL! So it's like army ends at around the same time! HAHAHA! =)

My heart pounced just now when watching the news. Cause of the H1N1 virus. Tekong and OSC might have to close! Omg! Please take care guys! It's getting more and more serious. NanYang just closed the whole school! =(

Watch my Paris Hilton BFF before reading manga! LOL!

PS: Oops! I still havent blog about the camp!

Army guys oh army guys!
Why do I miss you all so much?

pieces of me @ 11:26 PM.

An old friend called me up last night but I din't realise he called till today at AGM when looking through my phone list! LOL!
We contacted and yea, he's fine in army! Coming out soon yay! Caught up with each other life before he getting to sleep cause he had to wake up at 4am the next day!

Anyway, AGM was a success! =) Whooo!
Your FIRST successful event! Congratulations to the new batch of IITSC Main Com!
Your performance was terrific!
//I'm so happy that my loves came. Esp someone who din't wanted to come initially but came at the end. It was touched! =)

Shall blog later! =)

Finally, tomorrow I'm going school!
No more empty plans and all!

pieces of me @ 12:06 AM.
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I SWEAR! Like finally my blogger works!

IITSC AGM is later! I don't have a full white outfit! I do have a sundress though! But nawh! It's really a good idea eh? Tsk Tsk! How? AGM is just 6hours away! HAHA!

Okay, gotta upload about the camps and stuffs in the nxt few post! =)

AHHHHH! I swear Xinneh this is ALL YOUR FAULT! LOL! I hope you know what I mean! BLEAH! I shall do the same with you for MUND! =D

My heart is pouncing!
All Xinneh's fault! xP

pieces of me @ 12:21 PM.

Somehow blogger is down on my comp! But I can access it still in my iPHone. Weird eh? I've been loving my iPhone more and more! Twitter, msn, blogger, emails, facebook! Wow! I don't even need my comp anymore. Haha!

Anyway, just got home from Denvers! Yay! Haha. Fun filled! I drove a car today! Almost got everyone killed! Hahaha!

Oh yea. Ponder upon this line! Since this is iPhone I have no idea if italics works the same way so here I go!

"Those days were believed to have already ended.
But the truth is, nothing had begin yet.

Haha! Know the meaning? Go figure if you don't!

Hello boy
Can you tell me what's in your mind?

pieces of me @ 4:18 AM.
Sunday, June 21, 2009

Before this day ends, I'd like to say!


Yes, I know that picture does not look like my father but I'm rushing before the day is over! Let's just pretend my father looks like that for today k! :D

I love my father!
For everything he did!

pieces of me @ 11:39 PM.

15th June 2009- Sentosa with lovelies

Met up in the morning with the rest to send Rio off. I swear he said 11 but he reach at 12plus.

The gay pen someone gave. LOL! Plus on it, says "200% Forever with you" LOL! EEEE! Till now the pen is still in its wrapping though.

Went to meet up with my lovelies GF at Sentosa! :D WE look at lot of pictures!

Here are just some of them!

For more, please visit..
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

And we went to a HK restaurant to have our dinner! :D Yes, not like the usual Carls Jr and such! :P

Went to our favourite place to camwhore also! Toilet! :D

And off to amphi to camwhore! :D Whoots!

Took a train ride back with the girls!

Totally adore the time spent with them! With them, everything is really just.....


Alighted with Xin Yi at Eunos as we both headed to seperate directions. She to home and me to Denver house!

Went Denver house and just watched them all drink and get like dam high while I just stayed one corner and never drink much. Yes, I can drink, but I don't feel the need to drink then. LOL! Taking care of them is like more important. And I only drank one cup cause Xinneh dowanna drink anymore so I helped her.

Stayed over till around noon before heading home to have a good big sleep! :D Spent the whole of my Tuesday, 16th June09, at home sleeping and watching TV! :D

17th June 2009- Bimbs at Demsey

Met up with the Bimbs at Orchard MRT and headed to have our dinner.

After that we all cabbed over to Demsey Hill for a little drink! It was happy hours so 1 for 1! We spammed quite a few pictures! But shall only post 2 here!

The total bill was like 91bucks! LOL! 4 people 91! Whoohoo! And took a cab home after that. I think the bill reached to 30+ by the time it reached Kat's place.

18th June 2009 - Out with Xinneh

Went to make my liscene at CDC today! Chio picture I used okay! :D That why it took so long for me to make! So my liscene won't look cui!

After that headed over to Tanjong Pagar to find Serene to pass her my cab claim! $30 worth! It's worth the travel!

Went to Orchard and waited for Xinneh! As I was walking around, got this guy came and approach me and say he's looking for models and whatsoever. Say things like "I like your style, I like your face" and blah blah! Then give me his namecard! LOL! So shhock! It's not like I din't run! I ran dam far! LOL! But he gave chase!

Din't have the shopping feeling at all but still, we bought some stuffs. HAHA! Went all the way to Marina cause don't have size. Anyway, went to eat POPEYE'S! TAN WEICHOY THIS IS EVIDENCE! =D

Talked till the last bus came and went home! :D

Eventful week spent! =)

pieces of me @ 5:31 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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