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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20th September 2009- A special date

Today was 20/09/2009! :D

Went to meet Sharon Denver and WeiChoy after their supposedly movie outing at Denver's place.

Me trying to force Denver to take picture with me! LOL!

His stupid armpit!

After I took my hairband out, OUP! GG already! LOL!

I LOVEEE this picture! HAHAHA!

Me trying to act cool, he trying to act cute. We've changed sex you see! :D

WeiChoy just had to join in the fun! LOL! Noo my hairband! T.T

After that, we went to meet Xinneh outside at the busstop! :D And headed for supper! Pattayaaa! Me like! :D

Mash potato! :D

Tissue prata! :D

Went home with Sharon after that! Woohoo!

Times spent like this
Are the BEST!

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19th September 2009- the number of whites grew

Went to my grandmother house that day as it was public holiday the next day. Not many people came though that day.

Uncle gave us some icecream he bought overseas! It simply is the best!

I took the chocolate one! It has so many layer! It's a super interesting chocolate!

From here you can see 3 layers right?
Outer = Chocolate
Middle = Vanilla
Inner = Peanut Butter

But you're wrong! There is an inner inner layer inside! LOL! It's a nutty flavour! Super nice!

What can I say?
Even a simple icecream can keep me satisfied!
Okay, I was lying, the icecream is not simple.
But that's not the point.

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18th September 2009- A day well spent

Went to meet up with my secondary school friends! It's been ages since I last met them! Totally miss them so. =)

Was late when meeting Jia. But luckily BB.Yong was with her so it's okay! Had Swensen's for lunch! Super shiok cause it was 30% off lunch and it comes with set meal! :D There were soup, maincourse, drinks and dessert! :D So nice right! Super cheap! We had hell of a time talking! Super loves. Time with them are always so well spent.

And I swear they really know me too dam well. When I was opening, they say, "Aiya! You sure order lagsane right?" I wanted to prove them wrong! So I flipped and flipped! BUT! Nothing came to my eyes but lagsane! Dammit! I lost to them! *Depressed*

Went to toilet to do our traditional toilet picture taking! LOL! I swear it's really bcoming a habit! Too bad yining has to rish off! :(

Jia left with BB.Yong while me Xinyi and Weining went to talk for a little while at starbucks before me rushing off to Outram for a job interview and to TanjongPagar to pass my cab receipt. I was super lucky! Cause when I just reached, I walk over to the place and it was closed, but the lady that walked pass me happens to work there so they helped me pass it to serene! *Phew!* Oh did I mention, Sharon came to find me at Tangjong Pagar! Absolute loves right? :D

We sat there and talked till the class made a decision of where to go. LOL! Movie! Just nice! I was thinking of catching a movie today too!

Ate at Pasta Mania! :D

Went to catch "The Ugly Truth" before heading to Prinscep street for a pub and they drank a little. I only drank like two small cups! :D So I wasn't that buanged! But look at them! LOL!

Took NR and alighted with Sharon. Talked to her till past 5 before walking her to her house and walking home. :D Yay.

Eventful day!
I'm on the top of the world

pieces of me @ 2:58 PM.

16th September 2009- i wonder..

Wednesday was another boring day spent at home! Boo! :(

17th September 2009- Food? Yumm!

That day was a highly unpleasent day for me. Things only between two people escalated to three for no apparrent reasons. Without knowing the actual reasons and facts, without knowing anything at all, please don't act like a buddah and start preeching. You had your guilty consciences all worked up thats why you got so scared. But oh well, it was settled at the end. =) *smiles.

//Don't say that you're not starting a fight with anyone, that what you're saying is a general thing. and say don't feel offended cause you are just talking sense. Cause you know, you are starting a fight, and people feel offended, and you are NOT talking sense, you're talking about biasness. If you don't wanna start a fight, whytf do you even start that post? You wanna talk sense? Come straight to me. Coward. Not knowing anything, posting things up, saying that you're talking sense. You're no buddah you know. If you wanna talk sense, get your facts right before accusing people. You think you have all your facts right? Tell me all your facts, if they're all right, I'll admit im senseless. And for crying out sake, so much for moving on? Look's who clincing to him like pikachu and ash. Who's the one not moving on? I wonder. I'm sure EVERYONE around us knows this. You wanna try asking? Go ahead. Yup again, get your facts right. Look at whose accusing who.

And no, I'm not making it small cause I'm afraid. I'm making it small cause I'm dirtying my blog for you. Honoured? (=

And oh, this post wasn't meant to start a fight. It's just a general thing. Please don't feel offended cause I'm just talking sense too. *smiles//

Off to meet AhSoon after that! Was late! But it's okay cause he understands me. Met Levon on the way and pyscho-ed him to come! AND HE DID! HAHA! Yatta! :D Dam retarded the way I made him come. First was, "Hey! How about you sit to Habour Front with us? Then just sit back to your house!" and he came! Next was "Eh! You wanna join us? *blah blah*" and he came! LOL!

So walked around Daiso before heading to find James MeiMei Ivan and Sharmayne and headed over to Marche for dinner! The food there was absolute loves!

We had lots of fun time talking! Sky came to join us after that! Woohoo! The way we interogated James was dam fun! :D Super hilarious! We couldn't stop!

Headed over to Swensen's Earle for some icecream! Yoghurt icecream! Yay! Mine taste weird tho, to the rest! But to me, it was alright! HAHA! Cause I eat everything! And yup, still listening to James! :D

They closed before I ate finish my icecream! Nooo! Not my fault since mine came last and so much longer than theirs! But ahsoon was nice to get me a paper cup and spoon! :D

Trained home with them after that! Woohoo! :D

Loves Ahsoon Ivan and James!
Really really loves! :P

pieces of me @ 2:43 PM.
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm going to try something different starting tomorrow! :D

So by then, I wish to clear all my owned blog post!

Anyway, Goal #1 Everything to do about iPhone, COMPLETE!
I have..
-- Backed up everything!
-- 1 for 1 exchanged iPhone
-- Bought extended warrenty
-- Did online resgistration of warrenty
-- Restore iPhone
-- Jailbreaked iPhone
-- Enabled free apps inside iPhone!

Woohoo! =)

Watched finish Gokusen and Buzzerbeat as well!
Finished NannyMania 2 Holleywood.
And almost finishing Sims 3 in iPhone [within 1 day]

Yay! =D

Accomplishments accomplishments!
Just enjoy this holidays bah!

pieces of me @ 11:42 PM.

7th September 2009- TBC Day 1

Went to school at 8am for MP. Did presentation slides and everything before heading off for lunch. Scripted the presentation and went off to meet Ms Sherlyn for mock presentation. Everything ended at around 6pm. I need to thank my group mate for improving my mock presentation. Comments were really useful. (=

Rushed off for TBC night walk. Oh I really missed my ghost! They're like my children lah. It's so funny at the end when they say "yes mama"! I miss them! I can't really remember all the names but I remember Sarah Nick Shanly Haequl and another girl. The way they decorated the room was awesome. I could never have done so. Everyone that came into my room all said it was dam scary and cool. Proud of my children! :)

They were all dam retarded I swear, I let them roam about due to the long waiting. When they just saw a group of people coming, they'd all run inside the room and screaming happily. HTHT with them inside the room was ultimately loves too! Bonding and such! Yes, we did a little HTHT! LOL! I bet you all thinking, "i thought you just met?" Well, I'd just say, we click well. *laughs.

There was a group I disliked lah! But oh well! :D

Went back for debrief!

Went to bathe with Surin Ber and Yufei. SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED! HAHAHAHA! Only those in TBC prog would know. Hurhurr! :D It was really really really retarded! HAAH! Right Surrrin? :D

8th September 2009- TBC Day 2

Woke up early in the morning by ahmad, and tried to irritated the rest of the programmers to wake up! LOL! I swear it was dam funny! I dragged leslie's sleeping bag out in the middle of the way. And did a lot of retarded stuffs lah! LOL! In the end i was the only one that went down for mass dance x_x

Felt great not to be the one teaching! Alex did the fastest job done. Like really dam fast! Everything was done within 1 hour! LOL!

Wet station game was the next programme. Super loves to Desmond and KangYan for helping me modify my game at the very last minute. Super thanks to Ivan and TS for helping me get log items. Super loves. Thanks thanks! =) My game turned out fun in the end! Just a little apology to Kokpeng's empire cause they were the first empire and it isnt that fun.

Went bck log room and it was dam funny! 7 people helping Des fix her gf's watch! Helped log to dry their stuffs a bit before heading to bbq place!

At the BBQ place, once again, prog went mad! All thanks to WeeYou! LOL! We were just laughing away lah! LOL! Thanks for being our joke of the day! :P We had hell of a time that BBQ! So much fun that till now, we still think of it! Psst, what is inside ultimate value meal? :D

Saw some awesome performance for their Night Performance, waited for debrief before cabbing home. Reason for going home? Read on! :D

9th September 2009- Busiest Day + TBC Day 3

Woke up in the morning and headed to Tanjong Pajar for my attachment interview at 10.30am, at IPP Financial Advisory. Had a little talk with Sebast and Yixiang before heading back to school to meet MP groupmates.

Met groupmates to have a final compilation of the slides. I swear I was shocked when I reached there cause both of them have scripts while I don't! Cause I wasn't intending to read from scripts! They told me just bring in case so I went to do a last min script.

Went to print out our slides only to find out a major problem! The file had a lil problem cause the slides were done in 2007 while ours were printed in 2003. This caused a lot of words and such to NOT be aligned! I was going to be late! Terribly late!

Rushed from AS concourse all the way to LT 1. While rushing, I went past all the empires. It was super loves, all of them, empire by empire, were wishing me good luck for my presentation. All screaming and shouting! I really felt a gush of energy entering my body suddenly. "I'm gonna do my best!", I felt motivated. It's really loves. Maybe it's just me to be happy over such simple things, but they gave me strength!

Upon reaching, we saw what we expected, black faces! Oh no! We were late! Quickly, we started up everything. While I was uploading the website and presentation into the comp, I passed Ronald the namecard to distribute to teacher. Sikai had already distributed the slides by then. Group effort! I like. Anyway, this was our namecard! I designed it! So happy! Though it doesn't look that good, but I tried my best!

Guess what? I din't use the script at all! And I thought I'll get tongue tied like during mock presentation but it din't go as bad as I thought it would be. They even laughed at things I said! It's a good sign tho, their moods are up again! =D

Went out with a big sigh of relief! MP IS FINALLY OVER! =D Woohoo! :)

Bid farewell with them while I had my lunch with them. Helped Coburn throw away the rubbish and went to log room, with the initial mindset to change but felt unnecessary in the end cause I realise I had to leave soon. Acc BenYap as he wasn't feeling too well.

Helped qiyang with the final clash a bit and left when Coburn came. Rushed home and changed and went off to Suntec for job briefing again. Saw Xinneh there! Woohoo! Ages since I las saw her! So many familiar faces too!

Went off to eat KFC before heading home!

Today, was a marathon!
Interview > Presentation > Camp > Work Briefing

And I passed it all! :D

My last TBC.

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