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Monday, December 31, 2007

AHHH!! Today Venos meeting at Punggol at 7.45!!
Today got IITSC dinner at 5.45!!
Today got Ophix countdown at marcus's!!!

If only i can SPLIT myself up!!

ANYWAY, I realised I haven show off VENOS's BLOG!

Did i mention i just Gymed today?

Only 8plus more hours to the next year!!
This year had passed so quickly!! -sulks.

Nvm!! Next year I will be 18 soon! WOohooo!!

The new year, a new me?

pieces of me @ 3:35 PM.

4th December 07- Hari Present, Studying

Aiya. See what xinni wrote when she went book shop. Tsk Tsk of her :P

Went to do a project filming for Diana and her friend joseph [which he failed btw :x] and after that went to meet Ming for lunch at ENGINE! HAHAH! But the food was not bad le :X

Had CMSK test and rotted outside the classroom.

After lesson, we all gathered to take picture to make Hari's birthday card! So nice of us right :P

Denver: I believe i can flyy~~~~

After that went opposite to print the photos for the card and sat outside the KFC there. There, i met Xiang Ben Eunice and Desmond which in the end I went studying with them!

We were studying below Marcus's block! :P So before we left, Xiang let marcus a big msg! But he wrote it in pencil and it was super faint le. So i dont think its called vandalism ? :D

Study!! But failed!

pieces of me @ 4:12 AM.

Just something random, I saw this in the Jap notes. I'd die if I have to memorise this whole thing lah! My chi already CMI, not to mention Jap!

3rd December 2007- Yuan Ting's bday

Had DBIS lab today! Suppose to do our project then. See how focus everyone is! But in fact, THEY WERE NOT! All watching youtube! TSK! Our group like the most focus one!

After that was suppose to have a course feedback session with grace yap and I WAS WEARING SLIPPERS! In the end took Sharon's shoes le! See my weird combination LOL!

After which was YuanTing's bday! IITSC people all gathered right outside her tutorial room to give her a big surprised and YES, she really was surprised!

Back to clubroom where the guys played Dota and Gayed. After that we went to play basketball! YAY!

Went ang tiong for dinner that day. Since long before I had dinner with them =) Shared a soup with long Bwahhaah! And it was home sweet home !!

I miss eating at ang tiong's together =(

pieces of me @ 2:55 AM.

2nd December 2007
Nothing much on 2nd December =D Just that my father bought 2 Ben and Jerry's Icecream for $19.90!
And i LOVEEEE B&Js to bits and pieces!

yummmmyyy B&J!!

pieces of me @ 2:25 AM.

Two weeks of holidays had passed in a glance!! And I spent less than 10hours at home each day [excluding sleeping] oh man!! But I enjoyed it though =P

1st December- Channel 5Cares Charity, Vege Ivan Bday

Met up early at Takashimaya for Channel 5 Cares Charity Event hosted by IITSC. They gave us a cute shirt to change into =D Was there for almost whole shift! 1st Half of the shift was with IITSC, 2nd half of shift was my class, C183 =D

Went to be the mascot for half an hour. It was tiring but looking at all the small kids made me dam happy lah =P Who said you cant have fun while doing charity event? :)

And I swear it pays to do good! At the place that we were doing charity, PanWeiBo came! =D Though I'm not a fan of his but im lucky enough to see him without the need to queue since 10hours ago that kinda thing =D

After that, we set off to Novena in preparation of Vege Ivan's bday! Look at all the party things!

With long baloon decorations etc! Anyway, the whole cafe was booked by iitsc! How cool was that! And it was vegetarian! And the chef purposely changed the menu to suit younger appetite like us!

The event was a success! =D With cake blowing..

And opening presents.. And not to mention, our traditional IITSC taupok :D From one place!

To another! TSK! And after which was home sweet home!

Anyway, here's a lil video on veg's day out made by his beloved gf =)
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QuUJpv1Bm_Y

A successful charity, a surprised birthday!

pieces of me @ 1:50 AM.
Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Feeeel the season of love!! =)

pieces of me @ 2:42 PM.

Attempted to SHORT POST! hahahaha!!! So lazy le! Let the pictures tell the story!! :D Anyway, View the pictures in this order!

23rd November 07- EVENTFUL DAY
Played board games during lab lesson and I got first!
Stupid Sebast and Ivan played my cardigan till it almost spoiled!
After that it was clubroom and taupok time :D

23rd November 07- EVENTFUL DAY.
Had BFA test that day! Although dint study much, but pretty easy.
Next was Campus Relay, runners[in order]: me, zhihao, vincent, kokyau, hari, koklip, shawn, mrtoh. got 14th Placing
GL Meeting!! Saw a lot of people! OOOOphixed with them =D
Steamboat at Marina Bay with IITSC people. Happy birthday Melinda
Went CK house till 5am!

24th November 07- STARSCREAM OUTING
Met up with Starscream people and visited Eugene and Darren at work.
Ate at Marina's Sakae.
Celebrated JianZhang MeiMei Ben's bday at Bugis Macs.

26th November 07- Ben's bday
Celebrated Ben's bday in school!
Went Sharon's house to do puzzle!

27th November 07
Went Sharon's house during break to do puzzle!
Had a lil chatting session with C183
Head back to sharon house to complete puzzle.
Finished the puzzle at 1+am!

28th November 07
Played board games in school!
Happy Birthday Denver!
Muttons came our school!
Techno-ed after school!

29th November 07
Immersion Prog Co-Org by FBI and CDS.[something like TPRawkz]Part of the helper.
Random meet up with CKM and JY!
Played board games with Olvlers.
Waited till 6 for Dcup prize presentation :D
I CJK the 1st prize for captian's ball! LOL!

30th November 07
After BFA, we went Biz Park and played Zhong Ji Mi Ma with some random food!
Headed over to bball court to play bball!
Halfway it was IND Day and IITSC went to support ZhenXiang's team! woohoo!
After that was random meet up at 85 with my girlfriends!!! Missed them lah.


pieces of me @ 1:49 PM.

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