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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I found another game! :D A short one! This one only has 4 button! up left down and "A". It's not very addictive just that you will keep playing the game till you can defeat the monster. The game name is called castle crashing the beard game.
Link here: http://www.gamefudge.com/Castle-Crashing-the-Beard

Screen Shot of the game.

And yay! My exp was like 1621 :D

When I played it, I think of your works!

pieces of me @ 9:47 PM.

haha. very random picture taken on 3rd december with mingshen and zen and with 2 pictures of meiwei :D :D

pieces of me @ 6:13 PM.

omg i was like playing this random game at game fudge and just submitted my score and I just realised I was in top few! Might be luck but.. at least i was once inside :D

its like tower defence bah! here's the link.

pieces of me @ 5:15 PM.

It's okay if you guys choose to miss out on the fun and rot at home like a no lifer even if you have nothing to do. It's okay to be envious of us after when we come back with a lot of fun to talk about and you go "shit i should have went". It's okay to be jealous that we'll have a shirt that only for those who went can have but not those who chose not to reply.

But it's NOT okay to not reply/answer/get back to whoever that was suppose to contact you. Super irresponsible. If it was you, would you like it? You should know the feeling of contacting people but not getting back the reply you ought to get right.

Super disappointed in you all. All 3 of you. Eh no. All 24 of you. Is wasting 5cents and like 5seconds of your time to reply [not going] such a big deal that you cant affort to? Especially when you're obviously doing NOTHING at home. Making us call and call and knowing it's us and not picking up the phone?

Nowonder I hate _____ so much.
Stupid irresponsible idiots.

pieces of me @ 3:47 PM.

All of them are all super nice!!!!

I LOVED Mai Hime and Mai Otome! :D

Mai Hime

Mai Otome

I like it cause its not the normal love love scene! The person that made this anime went through a lot of research can!! AND I CRIED ALSO!

In any shows/animes/dramas/movie that I cry, I label it as nice! Unlike those other shows whom are sad but you don't feel the sadness! :D

I watched a lot la! But you should watch this one! Less than 26hours and you can clear these 2 animes =D

It's not a waste of time!

pieces of me @ 3:05 AM.

22nd December 2007- Project in Boon Keng Mac.

HAHA! Okay this is a very random long camwhore webcam picture post! Be lucky that out of 30+ phone shots and 120+ webcam shots i only picked out a few :P But no need to see la! Its the same old people throughout!!

Introducing my super shuai Mr. Left, Alvin Tan Tuck Wei also known as Alvina =)

And my super super close friend whom a lot of lecturers cannot tell us apart, Wong Xin Ni also known as XinNEH.

Because of XinNeh, me and Alvina, both East siders, have to travel down all the way to boonkeng mac FOR HER! Love us okay Xinneh =D

And as usual, doing projects together would always end up with 1% work done with 99% camwhoring =P

Btw Alvin! Your head is at where everyone's butt is when they fart at! And for goodness sake, its PUBLIC! But aiya! nvm! :P

Okay! So we were camwhoring halfway when this little girl came. Xinneh decided to take a picture of her using the laptop! LOL! She literally just came to our table and just LOOK at us! What if we some Ah Beng Ah Lian how!! "EH! DIAO SIMI DIAOOOOOS!!"

But anyway, back to camwhoring LOL!

My tongue is longest while Alvin's tongue is FATEST! hahah!

Which version of stress nicer? The below? Or below below?

Obviously C183 will choose the one below below! HAHA! JL!

And we decided to play neoprints cause my webcam has that functions!

Picture #1: By Jolene

Picture #2: By Xinni

Picture #3: By Alvin

Which one nicest? :D

Anyway, I super love them please!

Xinni care a lot about me okay! She cared more about me than myself! It's like she still remembered my D&D was coming and accompanied me to buy when I din't ask her to and even forget about it!! We love shopping together and just talking and eating!!

Alvin is like dam fun to "bully!" Me and Xinni always bully him one! Hahaha! But he's really a nice guy lah! Sorry he's attached to me HAHAHA! Okay yes! Self proclaim i know!

Best Group Mates Of The Year 07/08
Wong Xin Neh & Tan Tuck Wei Alvina

pieces of me @ 2:03 AM.

If only people stopped to appreciate the sky at least just 1 second per day.
Tomorrow's sky would be different! There will never be a same sky again.

Its's nice. Learn to appreciate it.

pieces of me @ 1:32 AM.

I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy! I'm Happy!

Nothing just bored. Btw I typed it out not copied and paste.

I'm happy?

pieces of me @ 12:09 AM.
Saturday, March 29, 2008

The camps are finally nearing!!
This week i swear I spent a lot!

Sunday : $40 on FO stuffs.
Monday: $10 on food.
Tues: $100+ on D&D.
Wed: $60 altogether. $30 on clutch, $20 on food, $10 on tax.
Thurs: $20 altogether. $10 on cab, $10 on food. Still owing meli and jingyi cabfare.
Fri: $20 on food.
Sat: $?? Haven know but I think will be a few cause i MIGHT be going beach road stock up shorts.

Total: $250.

But since from next week, for 3 weeks i'd be having camps.
So it's like i'll save back my $150.
And my pay would come in soon I hope.
So $240 coming in! =) yay!!

Next week is the horrible sleepless yet fun nights of camps!
Camp dates: 1st- 4th April, OLTC
7-12th April, FOW/C
16-18th April, Week0

Not to mention, i'll have like... a lot of shirts.
During OLTC, i'd have prob 2-3 new shirts.
During FOW/C, i'd have 6 new shirts.
During week0, i'd have 1 new shirt?

A lot of shirts!!!! hahahahaha!

Words cant describe

pieces of me @ 4:41 PM.
Friday, March 28, 2008

And and!! If there's one word to describe it,
i'd say...

I enjoyed it to the max and $50 + $130 for costumes is super worth it!!
The fun, the pictures, the bonds, the talks, the screaming and shoutings, the glamming, the slacking and chilling!! EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING ELSE! It rocked to the max!! =)

Before I crumble to bed, I'd say...

Okay! Off to bed! Now's like 3.37am! Waking up at 7.30am to go work! $$!! $59.50 is coming my way!! =)


May I have a good dream tonight!
Best is if its about D&D!

pieces of me @ 3:38 AM.
Thursday, March 27, 2008

Btw, i forget to mention, i think taxi uncles nowadays are getting better and better!! It's like!! When it's super late, the taxi uncle will say sth like "you go up the lift first. uncle see you go up the lift then drive away" And they really mean what they say! =) It dint only encounter me one time but quite a few times le!

Little things really touches me. Esp when you go the extra mile! =D

I love taxi drivers!
I love meiwei too! For medicure! :D

pieces of me @ 2:42 AM.

YAY! D&D stuff COMPLETE!!!!!!! =D
Really dam looking forward to it!
But a bit sad! Cause burn a humongous hole in my pocket!!

Overall top : $49.90
Leggings: $12
Red heels: $29.90
Flower rubberband: $9.90
Red Clutch: $29

And I settled some stuffs!
Make-up: Find meli and christine for SOS
Eyelash: Find meiwei for SOS
Hair: Find diana for SOS
Medicure: Meiwei did a splendid pinkish-red + flower nails for me!

HAHA! So ready for tml right!
Jolene with full force of glam! CHIONG!

VERY VERY HAPPY! D&D in 16hours time!
But very sad cause spend a lot money!
But! It was worthy after all! =D

pieces of me @ 1:45 AM.
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ROAR! 24th was OTC refresh! The cheering part was a bit cui but still okay! After that went for FBI chalet. Thanks for making me feel "SUPER WELCOMED" huh. :x Stupid D-list. And stayed all the way till 25th when I went out to haji lane with nic and diana to buy my D&D outfit!

Though it caused 100+ for the entire outfit, but okay lah! It's worth it! Suddenly looking forward to D&D already :D Whee!

Oh! Going to meet jocelyn at bugis now. Head to far east to buy my bag and off to meiwei hosue after that !

Tml's the day!

pieces of me @ 3:21 PM.
Sunday, March 23, 2008

BWAHAH! Oh btw, D&D's coming and I've yet to find any clothes to wear! HOW HOW HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not looking forward!!

pieces of me @ 3:42 AM.

Today in work its really very slack!
The "in-charge" went to tapao food for us HAHA!
Yue Sheng went to tapao bugis's famous dessert for us!
Me xinni and angeline just sat there and shake leg :x

After that met a mini part of Ophix!
ZhiHao rocks! =] Really another one of the potential bfs I spotted!
He walked me halfway to my house even though we walked past his.
And still can tell me "If anything happen must faster call me!"
And its also the kind will msg you if you reached home!

Yay! ZhiHao! =] Same secondary school, same CCA, now same course!
Reached home at like 2.35am!

YAYs to all potential BFs, Husbands, Anything
It might seem little, but its all enough!

pieces of me @ 3:34 AM.
Saturday, March 22, 2008

Countless friends may be around me
But... sometimes I cant help to think that I'm lonely.

Though a lot of people told me personally "wah jolene you like forever happy!"
But they dont know the real me on the inside.

At least, one understood me thoroughly.
One saw through the real me.
And I have a few to turn to

pieces of me @ 2:30 AM.

and i'm getting $119! :D

And and!! I finally found the necklace I wanted with a new belt :D And additional clothes which was actually $25 but I bought it at $10!

And it doesn't end!! I enjoyed FREE tea latte made by Xinneh's friend!

And lastly, I get to pon to go my aunt's house! HAHA!

Thank you Jocelyn and NaNa :D
It's a good friday indeed!

pieces of me @ 1:32 AM.
Thursday, March 20, 2008

BACK from chalet =) Successful in an unsuccessful way?
It was fun nevertheless! hahaha! Or maybe only for me LOL!
And I got to earn extra 30bucks! Thanks to Jocelyn for that job!
So good that job! 10/hr, get free gift and free food from four seasons hotel!

During that three days, I thought of a lot of things! Of course I cant share it but aiya! Dont think too much, dont know too much! BEST! =]

Can't believe I aint sleeping after the chalet! Perhaps cause I slept the most! HAHA! Both days got pillow and blanket :D

One dam retarded thing I cannot forget
Me: *Switch on and off lights repeatedly* I dont know why I cant sleep
Cai: *Mimics my actions* How can you sleep like that?
HAHAHAHA! Retarded! That wasnt what I meant but nvm!

And OHHHHH! You shouldn't have done that!! :P And I bet the person that I'm mentioning don't even know its him/her :D WAHAHA!

Shucks. Some of ophix meeting later to discuss some stuffs but I'm feeling a bit tired and sickly already. How! Actually I won't mind, but tml I'd be working at IT Fair again!

Keep me busy! And I promise to love all of you!

pieces of me @ 5:10 PM.
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HAHAHA okay! I'm posting like AGAIN!

Tml's class chalet! Cant wait cant wait! =)
C183!!! I hope Tan Wei Choy remembers to come back!

Ohh and I watched Step Up 2! Dam nice =D
Esp the final!! And I CRIED! AHAHAHAHHA!
Those that watched would be like, "huh? why you cried?" BUT ITS TOUCHING! How small a thing I can be touched to tears okay! =P

Working on wed and maybe Dave birthday! But it's C183 class chalet 2nd day! Ohhh! =[

I wanna be like her!
Strong, Flawless, Beautiful!

pieces of me @ 2:58 AM.

Today I'm posting quite a lot! =] DESTRESS a while also! hahahah! This post, IM COMPLAINING LOL!

Just when I wanted to re-watch naruto, and when I've already started, they went to lisense the show! OMG can! Why so suay!!

See! One moment, watching episode 11.

Next moment, "Anime lisenced!" at episode 12!

Its just not my luck is it? =]
So many thigns happening at one go!

pieces of me @ 12:21 AM.
Monday, March 17, 2008

=[ Me spending time at home is rotting my time away!! Watching dramas, movies or animes had lost its meaning suddenly!! However I'm still proud to announce that I just finished one Jap Drama and one Anime and one movie in 2 days! =]

Well, for games.. I just played Cabal for 2 days and already got sick of it! Cant get hooked onto games already for some reason too! Okay, so moving on with my post LOL!

21st December 2007- Marcus's bday

Marcus Goh Koon Guan's birthday at that time! =] And we decided to celebrate it last minute. I met Cheong at bugis first and we went arcade. Again like always, I dint play and just watched him play. He played one of my favourite song! Just like how the other he did

Met up with the rest and surprised Marcus with the cake :D

Though we really had trouble with it, we enjoyed gorging the cake out to eat :D


And at bugis's tradition with JY, we went to eat cheh zhi cha at victoria street :D With the tradition mai pian xia, kang kong, sambal fish, ALL CHEHed!

The freshies :D Loving them!

And i just realised, this picture, ALL OPHTEN! =]
But its still all ophix here!

I still remembered, at the MRT, me dolyce lynette and CKM camwhored like shit! Till JY bumblebee and marcus left with the train and we totally missed it! HAHA! Super retarded!
OphTEN's pride. 2SCBs, 1 JNR.

After which we headed to Cine to meet Alan and to catch a movie which was only $2/person LOL! Before which, we headed to cheers and CKM tried this super cui specs =\ Look like ah beng right? :x

And the tragic end to this post. 1 girl, 1 tissuepaper and 1 guy with sweaty palms produced this picture! HAHA!

You playing that? Or was it just a coincidence
I think its quite obvious by now

pieces of me @ 11:23 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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