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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeen!!!!!

Something for all of you! DONT LAUGH OKAY! =P

Once in a life time only ! =X

Ready right?


Have a happy halloween!

pieces of me @ 7:41 PM.

YAY! Later going Andy's place to chill and bbq!
Got Andy&Mel, Marc&Dawn and Me&Mario.


Might stay overnight summore. hurhurr.
But not sure! =P

Tml Open House Briefing! Must give Partner face! And NOT GO ALTOGETHER! YAY! LOL! Jk! Dont wry partner will go!

Happy birthday Sharrrudin!
Sad for BF Shar! It's like, his bday eve still go back to do notice board.
PS:// BF == Big Fish! =P

Side Note:
Jolene passed her Module ONE! Now moved on to module TWO lessons already! Funny tho, the instructor ticked all but no chop! Anyway, nxt lesson was already taught by prev instructor so should be able to get over it quick?

Did sloping and narrow course as well! Yays! Drove pass TP a couple of times today! =P Next time see comfort car make sure must spot for me! =D

Side Side Note:
I saw a dam cute boy today! LOL! He was learning motor! And he smiled at me! LOL! YAY! But okay la. Look only ma! =P Sheep still looks nicer! =X

Waiting for sheep to be done at his place and we can go to Andy's together!
Mel already reached. And I think Dawn going find Marc first.

On the right track Jolene!

pieces of me @ 7:02 PM.
Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks everyone for the take cares! =) Michelle.. KP.. Randy.. TS.. etc etc! =)

PS:Thanks for feeding me today! =P

pieces of me @ 2:42 AM.

Dcup a successful event! =)

Randomly drew this! =)

Ahdee you did your best le! = ) Please take care okay!

On the side note, Sheep please take care of yourself more! Rahhs!

And our Rubik's cube has a different look now!
Pictures up another time!

pieces of me @ 1:47 AM.
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Post Removed-

Sometimes it's best to say the right things at the right moment.
But it's also best not to say the wrong thing as the most tempting moment.

*Thanks to you [you know who you are]
That sms made me feel a tad better =)

pieces of me @ 8:42 AM.

Jolene feels super tired and feels like sleeping!
She don't feel like doing anything at all!


So much stuff to do!
FOUR tutorials of ONE subject needs to be completed!
THREE things from CMSK to be completed!
Project Charter, Proj Scope and WBS needs to be completed!



I want to go home early for once! )=

pieces of me @ 12:00 AM.
Monday, October 27, 2008

Tml who free at 1pm can help me ma? Call me call me! I just need less than 1min of your time! Help me shift the big big table to concourse cause..


Updates tml!

Open house open house!
Rah Rah Rah!

pieces of me @ 11:33 PM.

Too much words in my blog already! So little picture! Rawrs!

Anyway, sharing a vid with ya all! A dam fugly disgusting guy changing the lyrics of a song! Should see! LOL! It's like cheong keng mun saw this first thing came and show me =_=

Jackie Beat - Retouch My Body- Mariah Carey VS. Jackie Beat?

LOL! Retarded I know! But dam cute.

Retouch my body!
I will hunt you down!

pieces of me @ 9:25 PM.

18th October 2008- affairs of the heart

Was suppose to go for Sentosa but I din't go due to personal reasons. I hope you all understand. Other people can use "personal reasons" during meetings, why can't I just use "personal reasons" for outings? Outing more important than meetings ah?

Anyway, something dam cute! LOL! Two fat cats sleeping in the exact same position together! hahaha!

Was outside talking till around 4-5am in the morning that day.

It'll be the last time I guess
Specially requested, specially taken note

19th October 2008- Rayna bday at Macs, School.

Went to Rayna's bday cele that day at Bedok Mac's! Really dam tragic! Each time I want to leave my house, my mom would be like "eh! drink soup!", "eh! eat fruits" and blah blah! So I from super early till super late! LOL!

Darling (=

Oops oops! =P

Now you know why Apple is in CCM! =P She cut dam accurate and nice please!

Army guys! haha!

Dam cool right! Cute le! I still rmb last time Big Jon's bday! So fun!

Went back to school after that to do some touching up and finishing of notice boards.

Because of that "?" make both of us so dam irritated and lost! But okay la! In the end we solved it!

Stayed awake in school doing the notice board till like 4-5am and it was finally completed! Wah! *wipes sweat*

And we were so proud of it! (=

20th October 2008- First day of school

First day, first lesson of the day. "IT Project Management" by "Ms Joanna" LOL! First thing was "NO SLIPPERS!", next was "I hope nobody joined TPRawks *turns to me immediately*" ROARS! T_T

After lesson, we all went to add/drop CDS together and we all got EIR! YAY! It's like we are all in the same class!

I think we dam lucky! Cause during year 1.2, we add/drop acct and all got it! In year 2.1, we add/drop econs and all got it and in same class! This time, year 2.2 we add/drop EIR, and all got in again! Same class again! Yay!

Went to a bit of Marlina's lecture after that and decided to "pon" and joined the rest at TM and watched Max Payne.

See the number of people that skipped class together! LOL!


I fell asleep in the blardy cinemas! Waste my money and time! Roars!

Went back to school and on the way, met Edwin! =D Edwin got this kinda charisma i swear!

Side note: Got engine concert ticket from Jel today! He gave me from 0001-0020! First 20 tix!

5by5 cube! I managed to solve it already! YAY!

Was suppose to meet ahmad sky mich etc for dinner at Astons but it rained like shit so we waited for Marcus till 9pm+ and headed to Angkeong for dinner.

I don't know why I was so moody after that
Perhaps is cause of the lack of sleep, dirtyness, plus having to wait summore for dinner despite being dam fricken hungry

pieces of me @ 8:15 PM.

I suddenly have a HUGE craving for

egg tarts!

On the side note, later going to eat at carnivour! (=
It's a brazilian restaurant located at vivo city.
Buffet style! B)

And I lurbex Xinneh!! She helped me buy the esprit top that I wanted!
YAY! Big shop big shop like after a few years! Got a sneakers, dress and top! =D
Now I keep thinking of the pull and bear bag! But it's freaking $60 bucks!
I'm just scared that once I get it, then i'll regret it or something.

I also got an insipration for a random comic doodle!

Yes this post is dam random here and there. LOL!

Anyway, updates from 19th Oct onwards later when I get back from dinner!!

All the sudden cravings!
Gotta catch em all!

pieces of me @ 11:08 AM.
Sunday, October 26, 2008

16th October 20008- LT Briefing, Oct intake

Cheese prawns that my mom made 2 days ago for me but I only got time to eat 2 days after! T_T

Anyway, went to school early and meet Desmond to go around LTs to promote OH. He did the CDS, GET, MWC and I did the IMI.

After that was just walking till Michelle say Weeyou never come and Leslie lonely! So I became Leslie's grp partner. Like dam random and sudden!

My group went to call themselves chipmunks cause they thought Leslie's name was Alvin! LOL! I love my group! =)

The left is my partner! =D

See how much fun they have putting on costumes for this guy! He dam blardy on! =)

Really like my group a lot la! =)

But felt bad tho! Was suppose to help sheep with notice board. But aiya, at least I helped after that! With Leslie! =) Leslie rocks!

After that is just them dota dota dota.

I swear the whole bunch of GET guys dam gentleman!
Cause of the couch incident! =P

17th October 2008- Driving, Oct intake

Woke up early that day and headed off for driving! Wah! So tired I swear! Esp since the night before I slept quite late.

For drivin, I drived outside already! Yay! Finally! I dislike driving in the circuit. Anyway, this instructor jump a lot luh! Teach me mod3 suddenly. What's worst was he teach me but never give me chop!

Came back school and joined them at sports complex before heading off to tempusu groove. Rained so the activities were cancelled.

Back to LT and they had their individual CM kinda talk thingy. Me, Alex and Irving went to Zihigh at the stage ourselves! Dancing unlimited tp mass dance, unlimited iit mass dance, singing unlimited "Temasek me, Temasek you" and dancing unlimitedly, singing TP handsign song unlimitedly, and doing unlimited chicky dance! We dam blardy zi high! Is like replay replay and replay!

After that we still blast the speakers with MaMa Mia! Which after that became our item for performance night! YAY!

Led mass dance with Alex and after that they headed off for dodge ball while I stayed to look after the stage! I fell asleep luh! LOL!

Performance night was cancelled. But we still performed for them! =) Finally the whole thing came to an end! Whee! 3 cheers.

Had a super long debrief. Tried to listen them out and give advice. But one thing is for sure, hope you all more or less settled down already! You still have to face each other for at least 2 years!

The whole group of us! (=

PS: Pictures order screwed up

After that went oppo school dinner with Rio Marc Dawn Des Ben Eunice Weeyou WenYant Leslie


WenYant, Leslie, Dawn, Marc

Ben Eunice Weeyou


Me and Sheep had an overdosage of herbal chicken! Cause weeyoudesmond, lesliewenyant, marcusdawn ordered herbal chicken and all couldnt finish! So they passed us their chicken! So nice of them right! =D Yay! Love them all! Esp wenyant and leslie! hahaha!

Couldn't be there that day
But you know I had the intentions to

pieces of me @ 7:22 PM.

A card with no name to fill.
Will there ever be one?

Random doodle yet again. Actually I had lots more but lazy to post. I did this today! I prefer the black and white version actually. But I just did both.

It sank.
Deeper than the oceans blue

pieces of me @ 12:29 PM.
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sometimes you're like the prince charming in fairy tales;
But sometimes you're like the ugly witch in fairy tales

Hi everyone!!

So far I only posted 2 post la! I still owe everyone 10days more
Really been super busy!
Will post more tml! =)

Maybe time is the most impt factor that's been affecting everything

pieces of me @ 3:38 AM.

And it wasn't till today I found out how happy I really was.
For the past few months that is.

15th Oct 08 - Driving, School, Simei, Hotel 626

Headed to driving centre that day! My instructor was dam cute! He was friends with the prev instructor and we during the whole training kept talking abt that instructor! I only got one chop that day! Dam blardy sad! T_T

Anyway, headed to school and met Dave! Since there was only me and him, we headed to Design's together to have lunch. I like to eat with Dave! Got a lot of things to talk about! Esp gossips! =P

The most memoriable thing he said that day.
"Girls never bring tissue nvm.
But guys must bring!

Whoots! Is shuai de!

Btw I tried to "bun" my hair with a hairpin! 2nd day's attempt! =D

Was suppose to meet nana dawn joyce for a swim. But I din't felt like swimming plus was just beginning to play hotel 626. You all should try! Try at night esp!

Click here for Hotel 626! But remember to come back here! :D

After that cabbed from sch to safra to pick marc up and headed to east point.

Ate the don't know what shop name! LOL! But is the below Cine also have one! =D Quite okay la!

Halfway we were joined by NaNa and Joyce and we went to talk talk. Talked about quite a few things! =) But I'd still prefer it without the guys! Yay.

Halfway they went to buy liquor but being the nice me, I din't drink [even tho my house one is opened and I don't know why! =P]

I love the girls!
I miss Awesome 7!

pieces of me @ 1:50 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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