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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am kinda lazy to blog with pictures nowadays! So just all the quick updates! :))

Today went back school for subcom meeting!
Had MASS camwhore session with nice TP background!
Long chatting session with 2 grads, 4 year 3s and 1 year 1s.

Looking forward to the days to come.
Looking forward to 2010! :)

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Argh! Random thought: I want to change blog skin! [like again]
I just felt like remaking this. Dam cui lah!

Anyway, dam happy cause rudolph realised that christmas is almost over and finally got "cooked". So today the white pus came out a bit and i squeeze a bit here and there and it was smaller! :D Maybe the 3M acne patch do help! Thanks to cousin for advise!

Anyway, past few days I've been hearing this and that and that and this. Argh. All in front of my ears. Sometimes I'll lose faith. But I know I've got to believe somehow.

Quick updatessss

1) 26th December
Went to grandma house for a big feast!

2) 27th December
Watched SG IDOL LIVE siolll!

3) 28th December
Dinner with Zadaz + combined hide and seek with Novair!
Slacked with the rest of the people left and ckm.

I'm not afraid of losing!

pieces of me @ 9:50 AM.

I feel super terrible to have pangseh someone two times!!


And my stupid nose just gets bigger by the day!


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

WHAT THE FISH?! >+++l)

Okay, like seriously ah, what's with all the unknown numbers calling me? I only know for a fact that the house numbers are people that I know, but suddenly there was that 9898xxxx guy that call me and said that i called him? wtfish? After that he called me again! Super annoyed! I think it's some ABNNs. After that, there was a call from another number saying "i'm calling on behalf of my friend. who are you?"

What are you? Did you happen to dial wrong number and maybe fell in love with my voice thats why you want to find out who I am? Gosh! I did not even call you! I don't even have your number, let alone call you? Grrr~

Yes I don't care if their number got exposed! Dumb idiot! Better save their numbers as "DANGER" in their phone everybody!

Yesterday was watching news about natural disaster in SG! Then my cousin said "I think SG is really lucky. Cause we're blocked by many country"
Then I said "But it won't protect us forever. Like that time, we were able to feel the tremours"

And guess what! When I was in bed at 6+am [have not fell asleep i think]. I suddenly feel the whole building moved. And each time it swayed one side, I'd hear a super sharp pitch "eeeeeeee" then when it swayed back, there'd also be. So it continued for a few times, with each sway getting bigger and bigger! I was dam scared tbh.

After that I don't know whether it was a dream or not. But to double check and in hopes that my brother was awake, I messaged if he was awake and did he feel the tremour. BUT HE DIN'T REPLY! Means he was sleeping! I mean like, which idiot would be up and awake at 6+ am right? If it wasn't for me that was reading my manga. I would have fell asleep too!

Maybe when the news occured, I said too much. But it's true. I think I tend to think with my Right brain more.
[Digress: I'm watching an old jap drama called Mr Brain now! Dam nice! Also cause there is Mizushima Hiro and Yamapi]

On the side note, the long weekends is almost gone! :(

But I had fun! Like seriously! :D I was thinking that this christmas, from a bad one turns out to be an awesome one!

Later I'm going to Singapore Idols Finals with the rest of TPSU. Dam cool shit! It's gonna be fun just to zihigh I think!

OHHHH! And my rudolph nose is getting bigger and bigger! I so feel like going facial just to pop that one pimple! Cause it's not a normal pimple! According to Kat, it's worst than a pimple cause the "nong"(ache i think) is beneath the skin. So there won't even be a white thing for me to squeeze! I just feel that my nose is going to explode!

With this, Christmas Seasion is ending!
But, New Year is Coming!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Omg! I realise I haven't been posting and it's dam dead.
The last decent post was Eric's bday. Which was 1month plus plus ago.

So for now short updates okay? Before starting on proper post!

1) 19th December
Met up ex maincom on for xmas at Cob's! It was love.

2) 21st December.
Met Zadaz for the first ever empire outing! It was loved as well!

3) 23rd December.
Xmas with company colleagues. Dam fun! :)

Went TPSU for a post xmas celebration as they had already ended.
[No peekture]

4) 24th December.
Celebrated xmas with IITSC grads over at joyce!

There was like 3 other invites. Dang. Why does all have to be the same time.
1) Grapevine with Marcus and co.
2) Ivan(emo) house BBQ with current IITSC
3) Xmas at Ivan(c183)'s friend plus with C183.

5) 25th Demcember.
Celebrated awesome xmas with GFs+1. Pure loves!
[Picture uploaded soon]

And lastly, I'd like to wish everyone!


On the other hand, I better get started on packing my room! Spring cleaning! :D

This the season to be jolly
Fwa la la la la la la la la

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Monday, December 21, 2009

This is what you get, when you are an lazy person, especially after camps.

//And yes, I am still approving people on my super lag com!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Escaped into a world of dreams.
But back to reality after 3 days.

3 days of smelly sports complex toilet to bathe
Now back to a nice clean home toilet.

3 days of sleeping in my sleeping bag on cold hard floor.
Now back to my comfy bed.

3 days of sweating and stickiness.
Now back to feeling good.

Doesn't sound like a dream eh, the 3 days!


It's not that!

It's just the empire, and the people!

Topeng what will you get?

I super love the junior GLs there.
They are seriously cute and lovable!
They listen to things we say and improve on it!
I love them the way they are!

Thanks for making my LAST OTC so memoriable!
It really was a nice experience to feel.

They got love de okay!
They are super caring and super cute!
They even fed me icecream leh! B&J FYI! Whoots!

I super love our signature cheer! There is no words to describe how much I love it!

My eyes are closing already and I don't know what I'm really typing cause my eyes are closing and opening at the same time. But I'm still gonna publish this! HAHAHAH!

Rock your Rock your Rock you world!
Zadaz Zadaz Rock your world.

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Monday, December 14, 2009







A lot of camp traditions are lost!
I wish they were back in the camps.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Im bored. So here are some random pictures.

I simply love this doodle. It's nice and elequant.

And this is totally for laughs.

xmas is coming! :)

pieces of me @ 3:11 PM.

Oh I just love to discover new talents in youtube.

The following video pawns!

His plucking is imba. And his voice is soothing.

Can't believe he has just so little views.

pieces of me @ 12:34 PM.

I got a super random doodle in mind! HAHAHA!

There is two actually! Hmmm...

It's like 2+am now. Should i go do? :x

Oh anyway,

Happy Birthday PAPA!
Lots of Love!

pieces of me @ 2:25 AM.

22th November 2009- news news

I hate SOME Sundays.
Cause I have to spend them doing news for news presentation on Monday at work.

Spent the whole day at home doing news.
Slept at 3am!!! [ZOMG]

So tell me what your best friend knows!
That I don't know

pieces of me @ 2:00 AM.
Saturday, December 12, 2009

21st November 2009- SMQCP birthdays

What speaks cooler than 4 free movie tickets for private screening with lunch, pop corn and drinks provided.?
//All made possible with JPMorgan.

Went to Cathay earlier to meet up with Xinni. We had our fair share of lunch there. Jia Zhi and Eric joined us after that! The moment they reach we got them to wish each other happy birthday cause its both of their bday! LOL! & SMQCP was surprisingly early can?

The food!

Movie tickets! Looks like normal tickets though.

Initially I was so sad! Cause I thought got no free popcorn and drinks like the private screening that I had in PIAS. But I was proven wrong as soon as we walked inside! There were popcorns on our seats in a nicely sealed tapowear. SWEET FLAVOURED! And a can of cold cold coke! I prefer this system! Then we don't have to go and queue just for popcorns like how PIAS did it.

After the movies, we went for our sHHlippers hunt. Initially we found 2 cool haviannas slippers at Cathay! But Cathay got no discount! SHIT! So we walked to Cine. I pity SMQCP cause the designs there for his foot was limited. I had more! :P

Initially he took MooMoo one lor! Then see my slippers so nice then go and buy also! Copycat!

We left Xinni and her friend. Cause I had to go my grandmother's place and he had to find his parents.

See! He copy me! But I think black is cooler! =D

After that headed to my grandma's place at CCK. Had a very arts and crafts day! Cause my cousin had to do a photoframe for her colleage. So we 3 cousins all helped her together!

And wala! This is the masterpiece! :D

Cool shit right? LOL!

Rainbow is nice!
But we will always remember MooMoo

pieces of me @ 1:14 PM.

20th November 2009- Timbre Timbre Timbre!

Ended work and hitch a ride from Atiqah bf to town. In the end I was even later due to the super heavy jam! HAHA! Met up with Xinneh and we went to find for Alvin's "cake"

Walked practically the whole of ION! Stupid ION! It's so complicated that I don't know how to walk! [Okay, I'm just noob!] Alvin must be touched okay! :D

Headed over to TIMBREEEE! I managed to book seats! Like after 1 month's worth of trying [no joke]. Their pizza and buffalo wings was F*Fabulous! :D I had a little issues with the stupid staffs. But it's okay! We had our own little deal of fun.

The band playing that day was super cute! Their actions and all. The way they talk just engages the audience. Kudos to them!

Headed over to nearby macs to cut some slacks. I was dam shocked! Cause there was like this ang mo right! He totally scared the hell outta us! He was drunk! And he just suddenly sit beside my friends. Hell scary! I was so scared I swear! After we all decided to just leave. Then the guys just had to go back and find him! Bahh!

Cabbed home after that.

I got a feeling
That tonight's gonna be a good night!

pieces of me @ 12:58 PM.

19th November 2009- Lunch with DBS at Usuals

Met up with DBS gang again! At Macs! Like we only can meet up mostly at Macs cause its in the middle of both of us!

I really like spending time with them! LOL! It's like dam nice! :))

And Joyce & Sebast's boss just came back from HK! And bought this chocolate lollypop! Dam nice! :D

IPP plus DBS
is equals to LOVE

pieces of me @ 11:31 AM.
Thursday, December 10, 2009

//Blogging on my iPhone now.

It's weird. Sometimes people get mad yet they are worried. Ultimately it's all depending on what that person is to you?

But oh well, doesn't seem like I need to bother about that!

The feeling of not being tied
Is what made me what I still am today

pieces of me @ 1:08 PM.
Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Now I'm currently saving frantically working my ass of and saving money for Europe!
I know now it doesn't seem so possible, but I'm still saving money despite of that!

Today, I wrote out a list of things I would spend on if I don't go Europe!

Top Priority!
1) Trips to Bangkok x 100! [Well it's actually x3 as of now lah!]
2) A camera!

Not so important!
1) The stupid toy I saw at Action City that brought me up and bring me back to reality of it's price! Blardy $69! Totally not worth it but it's the only thing that is on my mind now!
2) Body Shop Perfume!

You might ask, why no shoes or whatsoever! Well, I'm gonna spend everything in Bangkok! LOL!

Stupid squarish squeeshy toy!
IMY leh!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


pieces of me @ 10:36 PM.

Sometimes after saying things out
After ranting out, after whining out
You start not to mind things as much
Cause you realise, it's not worth it
And that one time is enough
Cause you've felt so much better

A quiet long walk home in the windy night is always the best.
You start to think of things that you usually don't in your busy life.
You start to sort out your mind of what you really want.
You start to ask yourself "Is this really what you want?"

I guess I found some answers in life.

And to side track, a picture for you!

As retarded as this!
I can live with this!

pieces of me @ 9:34 PM.

This is a random doodle! :)

But I think you know what it means! HAHA!

PS: I know I only can draw the stupid face!
But well, at least now when you see this stupid face you know it's mine! Muhahaha!

You still have to design my colourful toilet bowl!

pieces of me @ 1:19 AM.

True friends are friends that,
If they have changed or something about them displeases you,
And when you talk about it,
They won't get mad.


They think about what is wrong
And try to revert back to their old self
Or change into something better.

I like it this way!
(Y) Jolene Tan Pei Hua likes this.

Today was a blessing in disguise.

Thanks for the understandings.
And to see where I'm coming from.

It's okay to side track from life,
Just remember how to get back on the right track.

pieces of me @ 12:45 AM.
Sunday, December 06, 2009

18th November 2009- Three Prettay Ladies

Went to eat Subway with many many people today! Siewyin Joyce Sebast Atiqah + Meiwei Denver Jay! Yay!

I swear that day was really dam retarded! We talked about "CLUBBING" and topics related to it. DAM FUNNY! HAHAHAHAH! :D

That's what you get when you try to avoid a "candid" shot, you get an even worst shot! LOL!

After work, boss sent me Atiqah and Joyce to Bugis! We seperated halfway with Joyce and went to meet Meiwei!

Something retarded happened while waiting for meiwei!

Me: I want to buy Takopachi!
Atiqah: Huh! I also feel like eating leh!
Me: Eh! You don't buy! I give you one ball!
Atiqah: Okay, what you buying?
Me: Bacon and Cheeze!
Atiqah: *STARES INTENSLY* It's pork darling.
Me: OMG OMG OMG OMG! *5 6 7 8 GONE*

HAHAHAHAH! Dam stupid! :x

Well Meiwei came and off we headed to find stuffs for Atiqah's bf birthday! We stopped by decorations shop then to the place where they sell watches.

I guess even the watch shop was preparing for Christmas! Just that they are lazy to put up the decorations.

Headed to Roacher for Tau Huay after finding the gift! TauHuay is shiok to 10max!

Thinking it was too early, we headed to Starbucks to talk somemore!

We all got free cookies! Like 3 sets! Being "Christmas" and all, the staffs decided to walk around and gave us all christmas! So nice right!

And look at my poor leg! Ouchieee! T.T

Day was AWESOME!
Whoot whoots!

pieces of me @ 11:32 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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