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Thursday, July 30, 2009

This song is absolutely loves. There's two. First one is with voice. Second is pure piano.

This one is with voice.

This one is without anything. I would prefer the solo piano one.

A truely beautiful tune
Kiss the rain

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22nd and 23rd July 2009- Home all day!

Nothing really much happened these two days. Just slacking at home, eating home cooked meals and see-ing my bf everyday! Looking through lots of DreamWeaver tutorials for these two days! Bawhs! Very boring right! I'm losing my life to MP! NOOOOOOO!


What can be worst than looking at your MP for two days?
Looking at your MP for three days and more

pieces of me @ 12:41 PM.

21st July 2009- It's a Carls Jr day!

Went down to school to meet Weichoy Denver and Nicole for lunch at SMELLY ITAS. LOL! Haven't eaten in ITAS for more than a year now! It's so long since I last ate there! :x So I ate Yong Tau Hu! :D

Weichoy went back to his lab while me Nicole and Denver waited a little while more before going to our own MP Lab. Whoooooo!

After everything, met up with Weichoy again and headed over to Tamp for dinner! Met MingCong and Xinni after work. Reanne and Yixiang went to eat else where. Shared one burger with Xinneh. Whoots.

It was there and then that we discussed about our graduation trip! We came to a conclusion! Europe! LOL! So we were all super excited! I went home and did a macro-ed Excel financial planner! MingCong went to write a proposal! So egggciting! LOL! And after 2 hours, my financial planner worked! HAHAHA!

It was Carls Jr Day!
Highly loves with them! :))

pieces of me @ 12:16 PM.

20th July 2009- Xinni passed Driving!

What I had at breakfast that day was super nice! It's actually handmade muffins from my brother's friend as his birthday thing. Highly nice! There was nine muffins in a cake box. 3 by 3. In the middle was "K", "E", "N". Cause my brother's name was Kenneth. At the side were all muffins of "carrots" cause my brother nick name then was carrots! I din't bear to eat it! Imagine those were my brother's! If it was mine I sure won't eat it! HAHAHA! Just let it rot only! :x Felt so guilty to be eating his stuff for bfast! But parents told me, "if you dont eat today, tml spoile how!" Aiyo! Horrible!

Got a call from her in the morning! She passed her driving! Whoohoo! Loves her dearly! Congrats darling! Now someoneeee can drive hor! Grins! Prouds! Met her at bedok inter for lunch! The picture below was horrible I swear! The old lady was like wearing a translucent top so you could just see her bra!

That day, we ate Hokkien mee, oyster omelette and bamboo juice! :D Sweeeet.

She went home while I went school to my MP lab. At around 6, I left the lab and headed over to clubroom to wait for weichoy while denver went to meet clems and nic.

Weichoy ps halfway and I left to tamp to find Denver and Xinni after that. Had dinner at long john! :D I just love long John lah!

The new meal! Really got a giant nugget! HAHAHA! The chicken drumlet taste funny with this kind of flour coating. Fries is as heavenly as ever!

Xinni was like a bit sick that day lah! Even the doctor also say her sickness was quite horrible. And gave her antibiotics! She could bearly talk! Lucky now, [30jul09], she healed already! Else it's super horrible lah!

1 more female driver to the family!
Does it mean 1 more accident prone driver to the road? =X

pieces of me @ 12:01 PM.

19th July 2009- Xinyi bday celebration!

Met up with lovelies on Sunday cause we were celebrating Xinyi's birthday! :D Whoots! Love them lots please! It's like each time when I'm gonna meet them , I'll just get all excited and all. I think we might be best friends for life! :x

Yining and Xinyi! Yining has been stuck in poly for 3 years like me! Now Xinyi's turn to experience poly life. Nice right?

Our clique slowly, but surely is increasing already! We already have +1 member! Lim[is it lim?] Yong Teck! Jia's future bf! HAHA! Somehow they are together but not together.

The super long never see her "Ali-Baba!" hahaha! Always not free one you! Tsk! And a super redundant kid at the back. I just love to make fun of her!

Enough with small talks! It's makan time!

After that, we went to Cineleisure for a little walk walk, before going to buy ice blend chillers at only $3!! Yining and Alicia left. Accompanied Jia and BBYong to wisma before going far east to shop for xinyi's stuff! Saw a super chio red shoe! LOL! Nice buy! =D

Went back wisma to collect the shirt before taking MRT back! I went back early that day! But it was a lovely day out with them! :) Couldn't bear to leave!

Just when I got home, I got a call from Kat to go driving for Dinner! Dawn was driving! So we decided to go Changi! Dawn fetched me at my house and off to Changi it was!

Wah ! Changi laksi lemak dam sex! The wing especially! Super highly nice!

Went to walk a little bit before sending me bck home!


Highly lovlie day out!
Meet with bfclique! And with Dawn & Kat!
What else can I ask for in a day?

pieces of me @ 11:47 AM.
Sunday, July 26, 2009

18th July 2009- 1st ProgMeeting, Meeting with Xinneh

Had a programme meeting that day! I overslept full strength lah! Cause I only slept 8am the previous day and had to wake up at 9am! Of course I din't manage to wake up! So cabbed down! [T_T waste money!]

After that meeting, we went to have KFC for dinner! They wanted Aston but halfway decided to anyhow walk! Thankgod! Else I'll be having Astons like AGAIN!

After that, went to walk walk with Xinneh! I'm so shock that I din't buy anything leh! HAHAHA! It feels like only once in a lifetime! Ohwell! :D We ate at Central! :D

Baked Beef rice!:D

After that, decided to sit at starbucks to have a HTHT! :D:D Whoots!

Last bussed home as usual!

It feels weird to be the head at one time
But at another point of time, a subcom!

pieces of me @ 5:18 AM.

17th July 2009- TGIF!

Headed to school for a lil MP. After that went to find XiuZhen at Biz! Along the same place, saw Xinneh's friend and her brother!! Like both related to Xinneh one! HAHA!

Went to clubroom a while to slack and wait for confirmation call of where to go from c183pp. hahaha!

Randy's maple char! :D Macroooo!

GET juniors

They were all playing mahjong!

After getting a call, I bussed all the way to Suntec's Aston to meet them! :D Whoots. Banzai to 2nd Aston in a week.

We left after that for MingCong house. While walking there, Ivan suddenly just decided to carry Nicholas and they were piggy bag-ing lah! There was a part Ivan ran and fell down with Nicholas on his back! I swear it was like the exact same thing that happened to me and _____ back then! HAHA!

Went to MC house and had MahJong session! Whooohoo! 11 people were there I think. So we had 2 tables

I don't know why they were smiling! It was meant to be candid! LOL!

THIS TOO! I SO SHOCK WHEN I WAS UPLOADING IT! LOL! How they know! Shit! My skill of paparazzi is deproving! :x

Takglam! :P

After that, Phan sent us home! It was like super squeezy lah! There was me nicole sharon reanne yixiang and nicholaslim. I swear all of our leg just crammed! :x

I really think one day we should all treat Phan and MingCong to a meal!
They are our zai zai super highly zai drivers!

pieces of me @ 5:11 AM.

16th July 2009- IITSC Subcom meeting

Was on the same bus as WeeYou while on the way to school for IITSC Subcom meeting. Like just happen to be on the same bus kind! HAHA! Mo qi k! :D I swear he dam noob! I sent 3 sms and he was playing DS till he din't know lah!

And like every first meeting, it'd bound to have a lot of people! As evident in this noobshit picture but still, it's a picture! I hope the number stays! :D

After the meeting, we all just stayed and draw the banner! It was dam fun lah!

I think we took a while to draw. After that it was back to clubroom to slack for a while before leaving opposite school for dinner! :D

After that I went home with NicSoon! Had a nice chat with him! Been super long since we last chatted while on the bus home! Hopefully have more before he go NS!

HTHT are always the best!
Esp with a carebear like ahsoon!

pieces of me @ 5:01 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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