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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Whatever happens in ____ stays in ____"

What bullshit is that?
Is just another way of saying, "I'm going to do something shameful and you cannot tell anyone about it"

Ohhh, I have seen many. And many of which are disgusting!
Especially "Whatever happens in the club stays in the club"
Cause to me, only cowards say that. Cause they need confirmation that they can do disgustingly horrible things without the world knowing. Or they could, in some cases that I know of that are happening to close friends of mine, when they are already attached but still do this type of disgusting things to other people. Of course, I did not say it cause I don't want to be caught in the mess which I do not have to be in at all. Also cause I'll want the person to confess out of integrity and not be confronted into a confession.

People also use it as a way to dig out information, for example: "C'mon, we won't tell! Whatever happens in ___ stays in __". Which hopefully people really do cause thats the confirmation that others have given them to share this "secret" out. But really, whoever that hears that will definitely be coax into sharing their deepest secret.

Other people? Just use it to do things way way worse and making everyone pretending that it never happened. Not telling us that phrase before but only when getting caught red handed, THEN using it. Which is the utmost disgusting ever! So if not caught obviously we won't even need to hear that phrase cause we "shouldn't even know" about it. So if we shouldn't even know about it, why should we keep the confidentiality for them? Seriously!!!! But cause I'm nice, I shall just forget about the whole situation.

Just hate the fact that people always hide behind this as a shield to do "wrong" things or do "stupid" things. Hate the fact that people always need this confirmation from other people. If you can do it, why don't have the balls to admit it? Why hide your true self to other people? "Oh I'm a nice boy but deep down inside I'm horny as hell. I like to do stuff to people whom I don't know, whom I've never met."

Well, I don't know. YOU tell me.
BUT, it shouldn't affect me much.
Unless my bf is using it on me, which I don't think he would. Not like I would know cause its a "secret" wahahha.

But no, seriously I trust him. =p This is to all the other guys, and even girls out there. Stop hiding behind the shield. If you dare to do it, then just admit it, else don't do it.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's been less than a week since I came back from Korea! It was awesome! :) Came back and realise there is a huge list of things to do! So I shall call this, "Project July"

In this month of July, there is a list of things that I have to do!
1. Pack Room (4 days allowance)
2. Pack Closet
3. Set things that are relatively new to be donated to Salvation Army
4. Make resume and send out resume
5. Buy formal apparels.
6. Buy PSU, fix my computer
7. Sign up for CFA
8. Do camera related stuff. Develop film, upload photo, delete pictures in iPhone
9. Run 10x this month
10. Deposit money, make bank account in another bank

So.... These are the 10 things that I have set myself that I MUST do! So far I have packed my room for 1 day and did 1 run! :) I have to quickly get ready for the next phase of my life!

I will miss my carefree life! But working life is something to look forward to too.

Ending off with a picture of my cousin's wedding on 11.11.11 :) 

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