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Thursday, October 27, 2005

haha. today was quite boring.
noe which class im goin to. and de teacher im gonna get
i wanna appeal man. dam sucky la dat class. zz
hopefully i can. anyway..
today only mdm rao went thru lessons with us.
imagine. 2hr 20mins consecutive. seeing her face.
OMG! so boring can. but heng ah. fast fast over le.
den ms peh msged me. hahaha. she dam cute sia.
like cant wait to get out of classroom liddat.
me, wn, xy, yn, alicia, went to eat with her together.
and we saw jas,mz,yx,geraldine,tricia and another girl =x
3 times in a row. can u imagine that? woahh. freakky.
super you yuan. yeaa.

slept dam long just now. i was just too tired.
i played dota after that. whoo. i rock can!

hate de class

pieces of me @ 12:36 AM.
Tuesday, October 25, 2005

classes resume le.. zZZ
its back to class for us.
but 1st day dam slack. resume like nv resume liddat.

bunch of slack teachers!!

pieces of me @ 10:33 PM.
Monday, October 24, 2005

got back all my results.
lucky chi was de 1st. get it over and done with.
de rest was quite ok.
l1r5 is a freaking 19 marks.
so high! omg! haha. but oh well.

doomsday over~

pieces of me @ 10:31 PM.
Friday, October 21, 2005

today went school as per normal. without any bag that is.
den we went to listen to de cme presentation and watched movie
we even discussed about bali bombin. ps ar ning en xy.
i nv do anything. dam tired. i slept for 2 hours only.
was dotaing with fish,wk,roy till 4am den i slept.
we dota till dam song la can. haha.
that dam maple patch again.

anyway. found out that our whole class promoted.
whoooo. we rock~ hahaha.
saw ms peh back in school again. so happy for her! ^^

we rock

pieces of me @ 9:30 PM.
Thursday, October 20, 2005

went to school today and met eli on de way
den she waited with me for jia en carin.
wa. they all ar. bth so late. haha. but xi guan le =))

so excited. im goin to be de supreme court.
y am i goin there? being convicted?
im de judge there!! not just any judge wor!
bow down to me or i shall send u to jail =S
haha. kiddin anyways. we went inside the court
dam grand sia. like woahhh. cool. and theres a mini screen there
so cute sia. like witness from overseas can gif testimonials there.

den we went to de paliment. its like woahhhh!!
DAM CHIO LA! de speaker sit on that sit. haha.
my FUTURE seat! ok now u will be like dream on jolene! hahaha.
hmmm. went to de church afterwards. so nice sia.
they gave this badge. on it, its written, god bless you! so cute!!
yea. den de church is quite holy lookin. haha. unlike mine >_< boo!!

yea back to school after that. mr chong was talkin about our results
say our amaths a lot failures. den say wad happen to our class
a lot teachers said that our class did dam badly.
say we like under a lot of pressure liddat.
oh wells. =S guess its de price to pay for not studying
instead playin games. dam dota!! arghh. haha.

went back and oh no! rmb that i have another tuition.
its like freaking after the holidays and i still have exams.
oh man. its like a drag. arghhh. and de receptionist is sooooo fan can!!
like haven even late call me liao. next time i shall be mean
i shall not ans her call!! muahahahahs!!! *grins*

bleah. roy promised to play my version of barbie doll today! [dota]
bleah. but i kinda worry for their results.
i notice that time i made brts play with me during their prelims?!
den now their o le leh!! but i really miss dota. i wanna play! how?!
mebbe just one last day of playin this and i let them study bahhs!
today was their olvl sci prac. den a lot of them said de paper was ok.
u noe y?! COX I WISHED THEM GOOD LUCK! tan factor!!
hahahaha!! kiddin. boo.

chief justics. here i come!

pieces of me @ 10:18 PM.
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

boo! today went back school again. rahh!!
but its was fun! 3e2 get to go on a bio trip!
HA! all regret la nv take bio! =P
de trip was superb! terrific man! so fun! haha.
yay. got sunny's number!! whoots!!

hmmm. 5more days to doomsday.
i hope i dun retain. cox i think i did super badly durin de eoy.
i think im gonna fail eng. my compo i wrote like crap.
den my compre its like hell! and my oral? dun talk abt it!

my other subs are like woahh too. so bad!!
well. who ask me to not study. i only study one hour
before de actual thing. wakaka. pro right. ><

bio trip was fun!

pieces of me @ 9:58 PM.
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

booo!! i dun wan to blog liao la.
holiday so boring. haha. well not really.
i can play game all day long so im not bored.
but theres nothing to blog abt. boo!

rejoice!! haha. so happy. i 1month plus nv play dota le
finally can play again. whoot! thanks roy.

i can play dota le!

pieces of me @ 10:31 PM.
Monday, October 17, 2005

bahh. gavin asked if i wanted to go pool. but i lazy nehh
they still say. u pia cab they spon. hahaha kewl but i lazy.
den. hmmm. they all dam baka de! BAKA!!
cox i talkin to gavin ma. den he pass de fone around.
so i was like guessin who was who for 1 freaking hours.
in de end i dam sian i put down. haahaha.

played maple i guess. nobody pei wo la!
either they pooling or they studying.
sian. but happy for them la. they studyin! finally!
haha. this mom of theirs can an xin le.
in de end i got roy to play with me till 3 again. HAHA

OH YA! i watch this show call bleach.
its actually a 40mins show cox its 2epi in one.
den ar. i took freaking 3hours to watch it. HAHA
from 11pm till 2am. woahh. pro right!! i win liao >< anime marathon

pieces of me @ 10:26 PM.
Sunday, October 16, 2005

sunday. went churh x)
service was alright bahhs. ^^ but joycelyn en dorea sorta sang too high
wooops! anyways

after that i went to maple. den i tot roy angry sia
den i dam scared. haha. hunted a tube there. whoot!
den after that came back from tuition talked to roy. haha. not angry liao
den we both got a surfboard together.
haha. tan factor rocks ya?! and im not mrs wong thia lim. BAKA

played till like 3.30am and started wakin ppl up by msgin them
omg. fish is not human. i msg him he told me
nice try but im still awake. like wth! hes freaking not online la!!

surfs up!

pieces of me @ 10:21 PM.
Saturday, October 15, 2005

grad day-


memories ends here-

pieces of me @ 9:15 PM.
Friday, October 14, 2005

today de 6 of us met up for mac breakfast.
whoo. dam nice. haha. got coupon =x
after that we went to take listening compre together.
de listening was alright. haha.
liew. den they talk abt lc.. wad mass lc.
den when i told carin. then i say they say wan SHE DUN BELIEF!!
LIEW!!! den all say i say wan idiot. baka!!

hmmms. God was being kind to me x)
today was de last day of our exams.
and its also de last day for sec4s to be in school.
God was kind to lemme see him 4 so many times.
maybe as a farewell look? i dunno.
from tml onwards cannot see him le. 4ever? i dunno.
but ill miss de other sec 4s also. haha.

hmmm. went to heeren after school with huiyining maybelline
ate marchè to eat after school. whooo dam nice man.
den we went cine to walk walk also.
took dam spastic pictures! whoo... fun. haha.
den went walking ard. den si gerald en wesley >_<
gerald called me. den tell me he oso at orchard. but at mrt.
wesley told me he was bluffing. den after that
gerald said he at cine arcade. den said he was at sembawang
den after that. i din belief la. haha. den after that.
wesley msg me. hey i WAS at cine but now goin ps.
and that was wad gerald said oso and i was like WTH. lie to me.

boo. den went back heeren walk walk. raining. gosh.
but we just walk. i nth to zhao geng anyway! HAHA
we were sittin on this char. we squeeze like siao. haha
cox i think its only for 3 ppl
den ppl walkin pass all look at us. den we became spastic.
huiyi la!! hahaha. she asked us to say to de ppl who walk pass
do u noe y we are sitting here? hahaha.
den we really said. they just daoed us. wei!! evil!! hahaha.

den we went back homee!!
haha home sweet home.
gonna lend you badge tml. x)

God is kind

pieces of me @ 10:20 PM.
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hahaha! EXAMS ARE OVER!!

haha. wenta slack ytd with my buddies.
so cool right!! i just love them man
and they call me retard! OEI! haha

jia new nickname= guan mima! hahaha
she and her shen qi shui!! lols. pu sa pls bao you wo!! >_<
we were dam crap ytd man. hahaha.

den bc came. lol. his bag look dam old >_<
and it was a bday present from his fwen! whoo! shiok yes?!
tml no school! carin!! rmb ar. dun meet me tml LOL!

exams are over! finally! =]

pieces of me @ 6:24 PM.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

haha. 1stly i wud like to say...



haha. im so happy! cant wait for tml man. but arghh. study sucks
im just cant live a day without my com. i'll go mad if i dun go online
oh well. im a computer addict. haha. i love playin games man!!
i miss dota terribly. but hey! tml i can start playin already! match any1?

hmmm. today's maths paper was nice.. haha. quite easy.
hopefully it'll help to pull my paper 2 up.
oh science was freaking tricky
ahh! MR SHAH! lol. idiot stand behind me. i so nervous
there's this 6marks question. actually i right de!!
budden. idiot. i dunno y go change. oh well. 6 marks gone
hope my chem will pull my physics marks up ya?

anyway. i dunno wad i'll do. play com or study.
so tempted to play. haha. sum1 slap me outta this man. bleahss
alright. stop here ya?

physics..!! ARGHH

pieces of me @ 1:23 PM.
Monday, October 10, 2005

hais. facing disappointments day after day.
1st was de biggest disappointment on last last month.
hais. den after that. ytd. also another.
today yet another.
de chinese paper was freaking long. no time to do
de amahts paper was freaking hard. dunno how to do.
disappointments. hais. gettin used to them already.


pieces of me @ 6:51 PM.
Thursday, October 06, 2005

haha. emaths paper 2 was hard!
ok la. actually it was average. only din do 2questions.
den chem was ok oso.

tml geog and i haven started studyin! and its 5.41 already!
whooo. im so dead. haha.

dead meat liao.

pieces of me @ 5:33 PM.
Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ahh. wa lau.. ytd sleep till so shuang den shawn woke me up.
u noe for wad? ask me wan to study or not. so.. ya. went to study
den halfway jio jia come down oso. den cannot concentrate sia.
omg. u waste our time only! haha.

yea. de test ytd was alright. chinese compo. i hope i nv write outta point.
den today de test ok la. tho i think i screwed the paper. i think i'll fail.
AHHH. den de oral i tio chong!! sunny chong!!
AHHHHHH. happy la actually.
he keep laughing at me la. omg. i so scared.
but im thanking that i got him.
he help me simplify the questions that he asked.
yea.. tho i noe i did badly. but at least. i think i will pass.
^^. i love sunny chong!! hahahaha. oops?

arghh. tml is chem and maths. arghhhh. sian diao.
never touched my games at all today. i love myself.
haha. alright la. i go study le. mug mug mug

i love sunny!

pieces of me @ 1:59 PM.
Monday, October 03, 2005

ohh ohhh. de compo writing. i totally flunked man!
dunno wth im writing. but hope passable bahhs.
at least im confident enuff in de situational writing. hee

starting i was like. oh no! but in de end, i was lucky i got her
cox i noe her and she noe me.
she smile smile i smile smile. haha. but ar. one thing
i haven talk finish. den she asked another question.
izzit i good thing? i dunno. hehee.

oops. played maple once i reached home.
well. at least i controlled dota for de pass few days! hehe.

ahhh. tml is chinese composition!
i love writing de xin wen hua ti. but i hate de letter writing.
oh well. i hope de xin wen hua ti will pull me up! haha.

wish ya all de best for ur upcoming test ok?!
we must promote together!!

control jolene. control

pieces of me @ 2:32 PM.
Saturday, October 01, 2005

woahh. its been ages since i was here.
studying ma. cannot help it. haha.
hmmm. i noe u all miss me right? lols.
changed to my old blog skin.
hmmm. many many things had happened.
but im just lazy to blog. haha..
die leh. maple is gettin over me.
now i cant stop playin maple. oh man.
hope i can resist for de next 1 and half weeks.
cox my exams ends at wed! YAY

ok. shocking news. BRTS asked me to join their clan.
like woahhhh! hahahah. i wan to join their clan de!!
budden arr. aiya. they so got standard. they told me once
they dun accept just any members. budden...
my standard of dota so lousy. how to join their clan neh?
hmmm. summore must go through trial. sure fail de la.
=x haha. but brian keep tellin me they will teach me.
how how? if i in clan must be super commited ar?
they still got training and all that leh.
training, clan matches, competition?? i dunno. how to cope
can sum1 tell me whether to join or nots?

hmmm. yea. many many things happened.
i noe that "some" ppl super bu shuang of me. but i dun care.
u noe who u are. acting like nothing happened.
actually a lot ppl dun like u also norhhs. just tt u dunno.
even sum1 u tot that wun hate u hates u also. u noe who u are. ^^
i shall just keep quiet bahhs. u acter.. fail la.

ohh ohhh! i wanna say sth. my chinese compo.. class test!! WHHOOOOO
i got 33.5/50!! actually i can get 35.5 de!! but -2 cox i wrote 4 wrong words!
WTH. from A drop to B. but AHHHHHHH. im so happy
but at de corner of my eyes. i saw sum1 dam bu shuang.
cox my chi is considered my worst sub. den that person got lesser den me.
like wth? y bu shuang? everybody else like happy for me leh. right ning? ^^
good achievement! whooot! lalas..

hmmm. managed to stopped dota. but maple.. AHHH. i think i shld delet de thing man!
ahhhhh. lols. so many happened. really a lot.
like de time "a" asked this and "b" said tat and "c" did that.
woahh. help! haha. anyways. hmmm. im a mummy nw.
and i have 2sons older den me! LOL. both animals. fish and chicken. LOL.
haha. happy childrens day wor!! haha. look at de date now! ^^
and got a grandpa who is veh cheapo right zeepo?
and i have a maid. right maidy? ^^
happy family. im a widow la. dun have husband. but i dunno y my kids have a dad. >_<

nananahhs.. good luck to all for ur exams ya?
yining. promise me. we will win de rest together! ok?!
we must jia you ok!! zi xu cheng gong. bu xu si bai.
must show them de hard work we put in. okok?
jia. i told u at midyear i will win u. but its impossible.
but now. i wanna challenge u again. u are my target jia.

good luck wor!

pieces of me @ 11:14 AM.

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