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Friday, January 29, 2010

I got the job tomorrow! :)

But cause of the job, I cannot go shopping with Sylvia, Michelle, Odelia, Sophia and XiuZhen.

Highly sad.

NVM, the money is worth it! :)

The people there.. worth it to work too I guess.

Visit me! Plaza Sing at there!

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Hello iPhone.

Yesterday was the official launch of iPad. But I think it's a total failure. Many users dont know what iPad is all about. All they do is "omfg! iPad is dam cool dam sleek! So much better than my iPhone and MacBook."

Oh god! These are the kind of people who just buy but don't know much about products. Like you see so many iPhone users around, but they are just buyers kind.

I think if you know much about apple products, you'll most probably think that this is the greatest disappointment. It's as good as saying, it's just a giant iPhone that cannot call or SMS.

Many people just buy iPhone or MacBook for the sake of "hey. I own one and you don't" tsk! Roars! But I can't comment much. Cause I used to be one of those that bought iPhone but knows nuts about apple.

But it's a different case now! =)

Of course I might be wrong. For all you know, iPad might be the thing of the year.


Anyway, not looking forward to the number 29. But I'm kinda sad that I'm not.

I shared my dream of opening a cafe. But was shot multiple times. I think he thinks I'm not serious. But it's not as easy as you think. We talked and I guess in a hostile kinda way.

Opening a cafe or just any shops doesn't only mean capital and make sure it does last. Sometimes due to unforseen circumstances, there ain't shit you could do to make it last.

Besides capital, which is the main problem, there is also things to consider like, what system are you going to use, there is a lot of things to apply for. Like credit card machine and maybe approach banks for credit card discount or something. And the theme, menu, crew, location, furniture. *omg. I just saw a cute guy in the mrt*

There are a lot of things to consider. Sometimes passion is not enough! Though it's still important lah!

I just think, I still need to think through what I wanna do in life. I still feel like doing a business. But we shall see how I guess!

Okay! I'm reaching city hall. Time for my course on mutual funds. See you world!

//end time 8.47am

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm blogging on my iPhone again. I'm dam late for work! =( I really wanna be early! But in the morning, my mom hocked the toilet till 7.30 and today my dad till 8! I don't wanna use this as a reason to be late. Cause when reasonings turn to excuses, you find there is no point to explain but just to say "oh I woke up late". Yaa, many of you can say wake up earlier. But siaooo
9am work wake up at 6plus?!

These few days, same money plan, somehow worked, somehow not. Roars. This is irritating!

I'm looking more and more forward to seeing the number 29 in my facebook more and more! Damn. It's not suppose to be that way.

It's weird how you look forward to one small thing. But when it happens, you're really happy. Even tho it might be once a day, or at most twice a day.

//it's 9am now, and I'm still at payah lebah.
Psst: the girl in front of me is annoying! Keeps shaking and shaking. Don't know what she's doing. Then keep moving back. Roars!

Slow and steady is the pace. I'll take my time to find out. Besides, I have till after FO. =D

Everything seems to falls into place slowly
and I kinda like this slow paced way of life.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010



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Monday, January 25, 2010

/*ranting post

Now I'm typing my blog, on my iPhone on the way home. It's a miracle how iPhone can do so many things. I'm just in love with it since 1 year ago when I purchased it! When people ask which generation my iPhone is, I'll be proud to say, it's 3G! And won't be disgraced at the fact that it's not 3Gs.

Anyway, back to the post. Assuming you are quite interested in the person...

If someone ask you would you date someone -/+8 of your age. What would your answer be?

If someone ask if you would date a crippled/stupid fellow, would you?

If the person was a toilet cleaner or something, would you date that person?

Or would you just be interested in that person, but see what the person is now and decide not to further continue the relationship you all have?

Does it all comes to having the standard criteria?

Assuming you really love the person. Would you, because of his circumstances and not be with him?

I can only say, it's dam hard to tell now. When you really met someone like that, you'll understand.

I only know, I don't want the last of my TP life be tied down. I want to be able to spend it with who I want, when I want. The feeling of having someone seems more like a burden than a blist to me. I'm glad I have no more burden now. =) I might regret it in the future, but I'm sure, someone out there will regret even more than me.

I will definately wait till after Week0.
Cause the last thing I want is sth like:
Me: I want to go empire outing!
Him: wth! Again? Your empire more impt or your bf?

Unless I can have the freedom I want. Unless he doesn't mind my friend.
Else, I will definately mind.

Song from Taylor Swift "You Belong to Me"
You tell me about your dreams.
I think I know where you belong.
She doesn't know your story like I do.

But there is nothing Anyone can do about it. Cause everyone chooses their own life.

Next week's gonna be a different week from the past few weeks.

I've been going out too much lately.

There will be 2 rest days this week. So that my parents get to see me eat dinner. I already stopped eating dinner with them since so long ago.

I MIGHT be working for the upcoming weekend. Provided I get the job!

There will be one exercise day!

One day is for Zadaz dinner!

Last day is for meeting up with friends! Whoots!

Anyway, I'm gonna go broke by this week!

$30 for zadaz!
$50 for D&D!
[already my weekly allowance gone]

Wah! Can I don't?

Plus for one more chalet!
Zadaz other identity!
Zadaz shirt!
Everythig else about D&D!


I'm gonna start saving money by not buying drinks to drink! Omg. Can't believe I've reach this pathetic stage.

I'm sorry, but I'm not the one that goes bugging my parents for money. And when they do give, I still think it's not enough kind. Rather, it's the other way round. They keep bugging to give me but I refuse to accept.

I like the feeling of using the money you earned/saved yourself to buy something you like. The sense of satiafaction and achievement is certainly there.

How many of you, your banks are so sad that your ATM cards are like useless? But well, different people work things differently. Some might ask what's wrong? We're still students? Others might say "omg you totally hit the nail". But there is no one true solution or answer. If there is, the world would be boring isn't it?

This topic is certainly boring everyone I know. But I'm just ranting my hearts out.

I'm talking to someone already. And I'm glad it is. No more awkward moments. =D we used to hate each other so much. But come to think of it, I don't hate her so much at all. In fact, I don't hate her at all. I don't know if she feels the same way, but I just don't like to bear grudges. We were super childish I guess. Roar. I admit sometimes I still speak ill of you. But when it all comes down, I think we're fine.

But the fact that I don't like the guy still affects me. Cause things ended on a wrong note. Initially everything was okay, but thanks for that message. It changed EVERYthing. That is why I always believe in talking things out and end the chapter with a full stop when it's all bad.

Now I'm in a whole new bad situation. I gotta get out of it soon. The sooner the better!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

21st January 2010- IZAK SURPRISE BDAY CELEB.

In the noon today, I went to eat with Mr Tan Wei Choy, Jay Lee Si Jie, Lee YiXiang at somewhere before amoy.

The prawn mee is okay only, cannot beat the prawn mee at my area.

Bu the drinks was imba! Guess how much is this? Like $2? And they give a free slice of water melon! LOVES RIGHT

After work, I went to get the cake for Izak at tamp before going to Ikea and waited for the rest. I walked one round of Ikea, went to sit down, and I managed to watch one and half episode of project runway before they reached! LOL! LONG RIGHT!

Anyway, Claud, Rayna and Sab reached first. Grace and Iman arrived with Izak shortly after they reached, with him blind-folded!

Ikea food never fails to make me happy! :)

Derek joined us after!

We walked around Ikea together after dinner!

Icecream afterwards! While Fion joined us!

Talk cock moments!

Happy faces!

Tak glam moments!


When there is glam, there is always an unglam side to them!


Meeting up with them was LOVES!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last ride back to TP with Sylvia after work! :(
It's her last week of work. I'm envious but I'm happy for her.
Get out of the attachment world please!

Went to Chinatown to find her! Chinatown really a lot of food to eat siaa! I will eat the taiwan crusine next time! :)

Back to lounge and just in time for Izak's bday celebrations. Woopee. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY!

Camwhored all the way while waiting for lounge games/iitsc meeting to end.

Photograher Zai okay! :P Just missed Eeping's one!

Suddenly, HEY! it's Zadaz + 1!

HAHAH I LIKE THE BOTTOM LEFT PIC! Like eating each other up! :P


AHHH GHOST! Look at yufei! hahaha!

1thing2say3words4you? PS: I think i look dam sexy here. HAHAHAH.

HAHA THIS PICTURE DAM FUNNY! 1.. 2..3.. *knock each other head* *1MILLION LAUGHTERS AFTER THAT* i think those there will know what i mean.

Dinner with IITSC + 1. hahah. My life is all about +1 now :x

Last day with Sylvia travelling to TP.
But nvm, I'll still travel to TP even tho he's not here! :D

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An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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