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Friday, February 29, 2008

I SWEAR ever since I put my DP with Alvin a lot people came and asked like "eh. your bf ah!", "finally attached?", "is that your bf?" roar!!!

i swear got a lot of people commented that. So I went to edit pictures myself! [since im quite free]

Yay. My Mr Left. Not Mr Right though :P

And ohh~ I like this picture! I so proud of myself can! MsPaint doing this! HAHA!

Was me and xinni's project scandal. But since someone *ahem ahem*, so he's my project scandal le :D whee! My tempt bf luh! =P

Yes people dont jealous! haha! You can be my tempt bf/scandal/fling/anything too ! hahaha!!!!

Just happens alvin was the first guy friend that I was close with in my class. I still remembered how I used to keep calling him Alvina. =) Ahh! Could do a post on almost anyone now! haha!

YAY! I love my project group mate!
More than just PGM

pieces of me @ 4:10 PM.

OKAY! Another very long ago post! On 12th December 2007!

12th December 2007-Sakae Sushi w Siewlin Eugene Ming

Was on the way to school, thats when I suddenly saw CARS in school! =O

Just finished my CORE i think and next day was QUAN. Since quan was so easy, I decided not to go home and study so me and siewlin went to find eugene and ming.

Btw, I show u what is REAL concave breast :P

And we nua-ed and nua-ed and nua-ed in the lab! Mass spam zhong ji yi jia also!

HAHA! See the both cui-ster! One sleeping the other sit on CPU =x

So we finally decided to go sakae to eat :D

And I swear I ate a lot can! I ate more than eugene, ming and siewlin! I ate like 18 plates! HAHA! When it comes to sushi/jap food, im a monster :P

Oh btw, when I just started eating, I saw my class there also! So qiao right :D heh! So after I ate finish I joined my class and we walked walked and spentlike dam long talking in the toilet.

And even qiao thing was, in the toilet we saw sharon's sister. LOL! =)
That should be all!

Wheee. Sushi madness!

pieces of me @ 2:42 AM.
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Omg! No school anymore! Will seldom get to see my friends already!!
To those year 3, OMG YOU'RE LEAVING LE!
So fast and one year has passed and im moving on to year 2!!
Instead of people looking after us, we must look after the freshies next year!
I guess it all has ended! =)

Thankfully there's still OLTC, FOW/FOC and Week0.
Must make full use and spend time with them!
Make the best out of this camp! ;)

Meeting my class girls later. Gonna eat suki sushi buffet! :D Eat till I full! And shop till I drop!! Gossip till I die.

Shall carry on my blogpost from like 0349023840932 years ago! Haha! Actually its just since 12dec. But Iwanna write down everything that I can remember! So next time can look back and see! =D

I LOVE you all!

pieces of me @ 12:08 PM.

YAY! My paper officiall ended!
YAY! The aircon is fixed!
YAY! My mom's operation was a success!
YAY! It's the start of the holidays!


pieces of me @ 2:34 AM.
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I swear while looking at Death Note at GV site, I realised I had quite a few of movies that I've missed out this week cause of the busy hectic schedule! But since I've missed out then its okay la! :P


Kong Fu Dunk

Ah Long [actually this show not that interested also la :P]

Interested movies to come!

Leap Years

Step Up 2- The Streets

Too bad no musicals! The closest is step up 2 which has music but is more of dancing HAHA! =D

Anyway, TIME TO CHANGE BLOG SONG! Hear already also SIAN!
So I changed it to "Mr Lawrance- Merry Christmas". It's an piano piece done more than 3 years ago! This tune may sound familiar cause "Leap Years" adapted it and call it their own by changing some chords only la! Anyway, ENJOY!

SOON i'll have the time!

pieces of me @ 1:01 AM.

So stress so super stress! :P
Tml's the deadliest, poisonest most fatalest paper of all! Yes, its that pian tai subject named CORE! Hopefully we'll do well! Shall have a sleepless night today.

Anyway, is that picture nice? :x I find it fun to edit pictures actually! Esp when you're only using MsPaint which is of even higher difficulty than photoshop if you really want a nice picture! haha! Cause not enough functions XP It was actully this!

My mom's done with the minor operation now! Tml shall be the more major one! You can do it! YAY! Go Go!!

Catching movies with my class tml after papers! Death Note! YAY

After that going to visit my mon at GH! =]

After CORE, i'll be free!

pieces of me @ 12:45 AM.
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LOL! YAY! I found more hairspray videos! :P
Okay la! ACtually i'm only listing down cause it'll be easier to find them the next time round :D

Click to view in youtube :D

Hairspray - Good Morning Baltimore

Hairspray-Nicest kid in town

Hairspray- I can hear the bells
I can hear the bells Lyrics

Hairspray- Ladies Choice

Hairspray- New girl in town

Hairspray- without love

Esp when it's the exams!

Yes, hairspray is long time ago, but i still love it!

pieces of me @ 12:41 AM.
Monday, February 25, 2008

Mummy's going on operation tml!
All will be fine! It shall be a success okay! =)

I swear they are so unfair! Last year's QUAN and DBIS so easy! This year like harder xP Nowonder last year cohord scored well lah!

Left OOPG and CORE!
Study harddd!!

And ohhh I swear I saw many people today!
From benben to ckm to zhaopei to kaiwen james to meli momo jingyi jingyi's-bf-to-be eunice ck anus maybellin yufei fahan amanda etc etc etc...
Okay la. Not like I dont see them in normal days.
Aiya but dont have my shuai ge xP
I did saw him last friday though! haha! :D
CFM + chop see him tml! haha!

Happy birthday nicsoon!

pieces of me @ 11:54 PM.
Sunday, February 24, 2008

Omg study stress! It's like yesterday just nice I was super sterss then he came to talk to me to destress :D We were talking about tofu. Anddddd YES! He's not as pure as he looks. Girls, beware!!!!

Nothing much la. Actually just wanna share my wonderful drawing in msn LOL!

A magical memory.

pieces of me @ 10:04 PM.
Saturday, February 23, 2008

LOL! Omg I cant stop posting today! Well anyway,

I just uploaded one of the song into m blog also!
If its not playing, just look << and scroll down!
And BOOM! You'll see the MINI video version of the song as well!
Link's up too!

And if you're interested for the lyrics, click here!
Favourite it or something!!!

Here's the video!

IF you haven watched the movie and yet you loved MUSICAL movies like high school musical, the sound of music etc, WATCH HAIR SPRAY NOW! Be it from youtube, any video website, downloading or anything

Well, at least I did!

pieces of me @ 11:46 PM.

That moment. I saw how all FBI work hard together.
We can score well! We're all working hard for one goal.
We can brand our course!
Cut off point has dropped yet again to 3.
I can prove her wrong.

PS nowadays my post a bit serious! Will be back to my mood after hte papers! whoo!

pieces of me @ 8:00 PM.

Congrats to those that are already done with exams and this school life.
It's time to move on le! =)
All the best!

On the other hand, for me, I only finished one paper and yet i feel as though I'm in holidays already! haha! Spree-ing, viwawa-ing as we speak.

Okay! Shall really concentrade on studying! All the best to everyone else out there who still has papers, especially those with THREE papers left!


pieces of me @ 7:50 PM.
Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG! I just checked my exam timetable just now like 1 minute ago and I found out that I have like 2 papers out of 4 in the sports hall! =\

One thing tho, my table number in sports complex are always less than 100! I'm always the first few!

Okay! Left 3 more revision papers to do and off to bed I go!
Oh and on 22nd Feb, 12.45 am, there was officially 9999 visits! YAY!
Though it isnt a lot, but still an achievement to me! :D

Good luck everyone!

pieces of me @ 12:42 AM.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ahhhh! FLICK CHO!

If only I dont have so many activities!
If only I dont have so many camps!!

My mom told me she could ask her boss for me to help in her wife company for stocks and shares!
I could have learn so much more man!!
It could have made my holiday so much more meaningful!!
But dam! I got like a 12 days camp and its all half half in the holidays. AHHH!!

If I worked there, maybe I could know more stuffs and shoot her back next time.

A wasted opportunity!
...... :(

pieces of me @ 9:58 PM.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YES!Like the picture above mentioned, STUDY!! :D went to school to study today. wasn't really productive but at least I manged to copy down all the notes needed :D

Was doing this when I was bored :D So please pardon me a lil.


pieces of me @ 11:19 PM.

haha! omg im owing more and more entries.
Since i was semi free today, i shall post from where i stopped last time.

11th December 2007-Term test! Study!

WOW! This post since so ancient ago! Last time we were studying for TERM TEST. And just this friday, its our examinations already!!

Anyway, the next paper that day was QUAN i guess. And I was studying with xinNEH, MQkuku, kukuHEAD and choyyy~

Halfway we got board and drew on matrix card!

My sexy earrings :D Can you see the heart? :P


And weichoy! Just woke up la! He looked so shag!

Denver wrote this for me :D

After that weichoy and denver decided to go bedok market to eat dinner, JUST FOR ME! So nice right! Anyway, I SWEAR singaporeans are so rude nowadays. I was sitting down waiting for denver and choy to buy food when this two men just sit down without asking. They even drank beer can! So disgusting by them!! PITFFF.

OHH! And how's my post with edited pictures?
Does it look nicer? PLEASE tell me :X

Ohhh and we're back to studying again!

pieces of me @ 12:07 PM.

WOOHOO! The resting, partying, bai-nianing is coming to a rest!
Shall concentrade on studying and club activities for now!

It's now or never.
It's either chasing for my dreams or chasing away my dreams!

We all have our own goals in life.
And my current goal is to prove her wrong.

pieces of me @ 12:56 AM.
Saturday, February 16, 2008

YAY! OTC Refresh!! LOVES.

Someone managed to MORNING CALLED me at 9 but he himself went back to sleep till 10.30! I wonder which BEST SAI GL. :P

And since we know we won't be in the same sub-empire, we chose to be in the same grouping for OTC Refresh. NOTE: He asked me one! Not the other way! :P And since we wont be seeing each other for long! We'll take picture in every event :D

Oh!! And I swear this is very retarded!! At first only Janice pasted her "name tag" on me. After that xiuzhen pasted. Followed by Caroli, Geraldine and Carmen! And just nice there was this black blue sequence. Then Fion came in and spoiled the sequence! And after that, CKM pasted his "SAI GL" then kahyuen and verena. After that I met weidong and 2 random people that i've just met at SQUASH and they pasted their tags on me, "huimin aka ? ", "sexy", "weidong". Below wasnt the finalised one!

And i retardedly wore all of them to my aunt's cause i dint want to take them off! xP

Oh! And I'm glad I've contributed to the group today! :D
I thought of a cheer for the station and I manged to do the last step to solve the 8 people, 2 son 2 daughter 1 mum 1 dad 1 police and 1 theif game! :D
My team is named squashed btw!

The kang! The kang! The kang must SQUASH
We will! We will! SQUASH you!

pieces of me @ 11:55 PM.
Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day was terrible!!
And I was so sad! =(

Imagine doing "truffles" all the way till 12am at sharon's house with xinni and vale [all 4 of us were doing diff things]. Doing the core script when upon reaching home even though you were sooOoOoOOO tired! Slept halfway while doing.

Woke up in the morn just to finished the script. Wrapping it up early in the morning and missing a part of quan tutorial for lessons which starts at 12. 12-2 was lesson and 2-3 was my only break that time. and 3-6 was my core presentattion [in the end ended at 7.30+]

By the time I finished, hardly anyone was in school anymore. There goes my hardwork!! Not my fault that I want to end so late! Hardwork gone to waste!!

The sad thing was, it was my first time making it and my 1st is like sooo tragic. =(

So after 7.30, i called caleb to see where he was and he told me they were going to enter the cinema le.

So, bo bianly, I remembered CKM telling me the previous day that if I had no place to go, I could go find him and he was really still in school! yay!! :D

So he ate a lot of the truffles and said it was nice! So happy! :D yay!!

And his classmates were dam funny!
Was typing this with the semi sleep attitude so anything wrong please comment thanks!

At least my Vday ended with someone special

pieces of me @ 1:50 AM.

hahaha! I realised even a super seriouse person had a kiddy side of him.
-benny- says:
but he was proved wrong
-benny- says:
so u can go tell him: "IN YOUR FACE!!!"
-benny- says:
-benny- says:

So super stun!! I thought he would be the super serious but serious with a pinch of kiddyness makes everything so cute lah! :D

YAY! Nobody but my shuai ge in formal :P

Oh and today vday was SCREWED! tell you more later!

CORE spoiled our Vday

pieces of me @ 1:37 AM.
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

YAY!! I'm down with only CORE presentation left!!
CMSK presentation DOWN!

Suddenly I'm feeling so free and I admit, I'm not used to it!!!!!
Shall update sooon :D

Suddenly I think of exactly one year ago.
No, I'm not sad. Just reminising. =D

pieces of me @ 9:31 AM.
Wednesday, February 06, 2008

sighs. so not looking forward to shi year CNY.
Projects projects projects.
I got 2 project submission on 11feb, monday.

One which I did finish today [BFA], one which I haven really started. Esp PBL3. My group haven found any information yet!

Plus I have to go for the bunglow my parents booked from ytd [tuesday] till next monday. How to go there and have fun when you got projects in your mind. Futhermore, I doubt there's internet conection there.

Going house visiting chu yi only. Initially I thought chu er also got visiting but now there doesnt seem to be one so I MIGHT be able to go visiting with the IITSC people. bwaha! But still.......

Stupid projects. spoile my everything.

Small actions with great significance

pieces of me @ 7:23 PM.
Monday, February 04, 2008

HOHO! I SWEAR today is a bad hair day! Hair curl like mad. Oily like siao! Cui like shit! ROARRR!!

Anyway, so happy can! So lucky to be able to "present" my DBIS today!! :D And I was able to help many solve their web page problem!!

Before I went to even talk to the teacher, he was like "jolene ur grp's dbis did very well!" Then after I showed him my work, he kept doubting that it was my work can!! SO SAD! The web page I had to minus some marks but he said cause mine got extra things, he gonna add marks for me. yay! And he kept claiming that i copied from xinneh!! How to!! When we were doing at different place! haha. After I left he said again "jolene ur dbis grp very good."


After that let teacher check our CORE report and she also said it was done nicely and we were on the right track! She even said we got a lot of info! woohoo!!

Projects seem to be going well as well!!

Time to read my bedtime story book!

As happy as the colours on the rainbows

pieces of me @ 11:57 PM.
Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another long long time ago post :X
10 December07- Ming Shen Bday.

I swear Ming should thank me lah! 1 day before my OOPG term test I went to make his card and din't study. During OOPG I purposely chiong-ed through my paper to faster leave and camp at concourse to get people to sign. Lucky I got an "A" for that paper. If not you die!

And so we set off to find MingSeng! :D Woooo! Like gang fight!

Scandalous siollllllzzz. LOL!! =D

One tragic thing! Bookshop wasnt open for lamination service! Made me RUN to bookshop for nothing. After that, due to desperate measures, me, ber and des went to bookshop to quicky make a card. It turned out to be a nice one :D

Everyone was outisde dont know where to go! The last pic is the making card gang + 1cjk.

OH BTW!! I wore the same shirt as Xiang that day! My 1st time wearing that shirt and he wore that TOO! HA! Fated please. See the next picture! He like siam-ing all my shots la!!

But I eventually still win :P bwahahah! Though I failed a couple of times.

And I think I quite lihai also!! See I caught ben and eunice last time before they were together :D No wonder im in CJK right =X

Went to meeet classmates after that in the cable TV there. Supposedly studying but ended up not studying and watching TV here and there. Very tragic thing. We suddenly heard a super loud snoring sound. We looked behind and it was someone sleeping. HAHAHAHAHA!

And I swear our class guys gets gaying by the moment.

After that, me sebast wc xinNEH went business to eat! I swear we talked A LOT!!

Btw, randomness. This was something my friend bought from hongkong. Its a very pretty purple sweet :D

Happy birthday Ming!
Or should I say happy belated? LOLL!

pieces of me @ 11:59 PM.

I realised sunday is doodling day! :D
This was what i made for mayfen :D

From #1

To #2

To the finalised one #3.

Doodling is fun.
Doodling makes me happy. =)

pieces of me @ 11:23 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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