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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Want you to make me feel, like I'm the only girl in the world.


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Been partying a lot lately. Perhaps maybe to me, it's a getaway. To get a load of my mind, to have fun and never think of stuffs. But mainly, it's cause I just wanna dance to the music. :)

Thanks to my super super packed schedule, I've been too busy to even take a break. At least this holiday has allowed me to take a break of school work.

2010 is about to end in less than a week's time. And I've sorta already planned out my schedule for the last week.

No more emo-ing until 2011! :) I'll be fine! Just watch me! Though just saw something that made me a tiny bit upset. Twice this month to be exact! But it's just a phase, and I'll get over it soon! At least now I know, you'll be happy! :D Goodbye HBB.

Anyway, partying is not something I'm ready to give up any time soon. If y'know what I mean.

27th- Free
28th, 29th- Overnight 24hours dryrun, xmas party at my house
30th- Meeting my girls
31st- Siloso beach party with SIM people
1st- Grandma house
2nd- Claud's 21st birthday!

Sorry to make this space a lil tad too emo!

Ending off with this!

Scandalous picture! :D

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello to the very little viewers I have left! I'm even surprised you all still visit this blog that used to have constant undates. Guess people will just turn lazy at some point of time.

Decided to continue the blog post from 21st september onwards! 3mths worth! Oh dam!

23rd September 2010: September secret Task :)

Went to meet Hiuching at PS to do up boards for all the September babies in our OG (Felicia, Brandon, Rebecca, Berlinda, Eeling) and for Jolyn.

While waiting for the photos to develop, we had pizza hut! :D We just love pizzas!

Doesn't this just looks YUMMMM?

Headed back to SIM to do up the boards while waiting for Bouldering briefing to start.

Had to go for briefing before we could finish doing the boards! ): But after the briefing, we immediately went back to do it! And we only managed to finish 2 boards which is Eeling's and Jolyn's!



And that was the day that we stayed so late that even the security guard chased us away!!!!

24th September 2010: ODAC Bouldering

It was the first day of Boundering! Went there and was allocated to isolation room with Sherwin and WanDing! Kinda sad to be there! Hahaha but it's okay cause the climbers there very funny and entertaining!

After that, me and HC CABBED to NTUC just to buy double sided tape for the boards and bussed back to SIM. Effort right? We rushed to our table and continued to do up our boards for the rest.

After that, the few of us decided to stay over at ulu pandan cause the even on the next day is very early and if we have to go home sleep and back to SIM its just a few hours short only!

Us on the lorry! :D Ben drove!

See YM, peeping at us! :P


And a video just to catch Sherwin's Center Parting!

And I love how my cam can make this kind of effect! Of course you have to know how to set it!

Failed shot of us!

Reached ulu pandan! And you know what was the first thing me and Hiuching did when we reached there after we bathed? DO CARDS, AGAIN!

and the rest?

But YM slept! :P

We managed to finish the boards in the end!

BIG BIG Effort okay!!!! HAhahaha!

25th September 2010: ODAC Bouldering, Derek's Hairful Day, Eeling's 21st Bday.
All of us, before leaving Ulu Pandang

Isolation roomie! :D

I love them! They're dam funny!

I still remember an incident where a guy farted and ALL OF THEM ran to the corner of the room. The scene was DAM DAM DAM FUNNY! Then when the person walk towards them, all of them all run! [Note: They all dont know each other] HAHAHA! Dam funny!

Outside at the climbing area!

He's camera ready!

Bias shots of Team Temasek! :P


The area!

Guess who I met there? BER XIANG AND CHEH!

He was trying to eat my cotton candy! ):

And yes, we had FREE cotton candy! FREE pop corn too! :D Shiok right?

Show you my favourite guy! :)

He probably won 1st cause he was the only one that finished all 3 task! If you see the way he climbed, you'll probably just go WOW!

Some videos! :)
This is just a general video! The guy in the middle was quite good actually. It's a pity!

This is a wasted one! He climbed to the top but lost balance!

This video [quite long and boring] but is a video of the girl who was the youngest, like 15years old. From the first day she emerged first amongst all the other poly and uni climbers! But the second day, she din't manage to cross any one of it! ):

BELOW THESE THREE VIDEOS ARE VIDEOS OF MY FAVOURITE GUY! The way he climbed is super zai and fast! OMG! Seriously dam dam dam fast! And he's the only guy that managed to clear all 3 walls! See the videos and you'll be in love with him too! LOL!

This is the video that he was the 1st and 2 out of 10 that were able to climb this wall!

This is the 2nd wall that he managed to climb with ease! The wall that many people fell and lost balance! He did it with such grace! HAHAH! And the 2nd guy that appeared on the video is the 2nd guy to clear the first wall. Only the both of them managed to clear that wall.

The last and final wall. And the Winner is already known!

And PS: Sorry for bad quality of video!

After that, left early to go find the grads cause it was partner's final day with hair! :)
So this was the last shot with you partner! With your hair! HAHAHA!

Your jiao bin!

Graciie and me! :D

All of us! :)

And my day din't just end thereeeee!! After that I had to rush to Pasir Ris for Eeling's birthday celebration!!

Fishhhheyeee! :P

:D Group photo outside! I don't know where I was looking!

With the bday girl!

That's about it! :)

Thanks Johnathan for driving us out! :D

26th September 2010: Jolyn's 19th Birthday

It was Jolyn's 21st birthday! Met Bson, Chris, Hiuching and Liyi at the MRT. Met Sherwin and Yongming on the way. Thanks to Youthful for driving us in.

Really felt lost ah! Always've been like that! Hahaha! At least this time we've HC, Bson and Chris to get lost with! Played the normal game like Monopoly!

I really like this picture I got of the dog, of course, with a little bit of editing! :)

Probably at our closest. :)

This specs is just funny!

And this picture kinda feels like its my birthday ah!

Random! :D

Gotta thank YM once again for sending us out! You da best youthful! :D

27th September 2010: Nua

-NUA at home totally-

Before I kill you in my post, if you like to view the photos, you can do so at my FB albums!

Making Cards for September babies
Derek Hairful Day
Eeling's 21st Birthday
Jolyn's Birthday
ODAC's fisheye

That's about it for now!

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