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Monday, March 29, 2010

i am doing my online application for SIM now, for in case purposes.

SIM is the only uni that only allows you one choice, and it's one choice for $53.30 which is hell expensive.

I would like to continue my banking and finance, but the topics that I would be studying is like useless.

1 02 Introduction to Economics

2 04a Statistics 1 (half unit) and

05a Mathematics 1 (half unit)

3 24 Principles of Banking and Finance

4 25 Principles of Accounting

5 One full unit (or two half units) from selection groups F(i), F(ii) or F(iii)

Further Units

6 92 Corporate Finance* (02+05a) or (02+05b)

7 65 Macroeconomics* (02+05a) or

66 Microeconomics* (02+05a) or

20 Elements of Econometrics* 02+(04a or 4b) + (05a or 05b)

8 23 Investment Management* (24)

9 29 Financial Intermediation* (24)

10 One unit from selection groups A, E or M

11 One unit from any selection group other than F(i), F(ii) or F(iii)

12 One unit from any selection group other than F(i), F(ii) or F(iii)

* Has prerequisites

For TP's Dip in Financial Business Informatics, there isnt any exemptions. So I would have to take all, and further more, there really are some subjects that I have already taken in Poly!

Plus somehow, I feel that the topics that I took in poly are much better than the topics they have to offer to us. Everything here is so general and I dont see a hinch of banking in here except Principles of Banking and Finance. Omg! There is also like too much econs already! Omg!

Okay... Application is closing the day after! Better quickly decide!

I don't want to study for the sake of studying. I really wanna learn more

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

under the bright full moon,
even the silence does not feel awkward,
that's how it is.

it's funny, how we're thinking alike, but I just refuse to believe and constantly telling myself that it's just a co-incidence.
We're fated yet not fated!

I can see the gentle and warm side where no-one else can.
it's enough for now.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

*wipes spiderwebs*

Hey blog, it's been long... many things have passed. Way to quickly for me to even realise time has passed so much!

Firstly I would like to say, I've received my letter from TP! I'm a Graduant!

Aww man, time in TP really passes by too quickly for me. I'm gonna save this post till after FO! :D So stay tuned then.

Stuffs that happened so far in march.

4th March- Met ber and dawn to buy cob's present. We went to this 15mins cafe at laselle. It's dam cute! The food is nice too!

5th March- A level results were out! Our initial planning of congratulations/consolation became just 3 people! Aww!

6th March- Zoo with Zadaz! So many pretty animals!
Syl is secretly a bear! She talked to a bear and it reacted! Yunloong is secretly a hippo!

Amos is secretly in love with a seal!

and I am secretly in love with stripped tails.

Arcade at AMK hub! That's where we got addicted to Arcades! Zadaz that is! Awesome day! :)

8th-11th March- Orientation Leader Training Camp!

The camp was awesome. It din't started well, but at least it ended well. More can be improved tho! I found out some meaningful stuffs. And things have not changed as what I least imagined it to be! Yay! Still very loves! My last OLTC, it was a good memory. Dave, you rock too!

11th March- Surprised GFweining at her house with the rest of the girls at 12am.

We rock right, you know that too!

12th March- Got back testimonial and went through some talks in school. Project show as well. Feeling like dam terrible cause really just slept 2hours each throughout the camp. At night, went for Salvo! Eric was half naked! HAHAHAHAHAA!

SMQCP! Your first and last concert! You did great! :D Now focus time on other stuffs that are more impt k!

Chionged to vivo to meet GFs for weining bday! They acc me to eat cause I haven't eat! So nice! :D Sang K at the partyworld there! Don't go next time! Lots of songs they dont have! :(

When we finished it was already 3.30am! Went to eat macs and we went home! They wanted to wait for the first train home but they know I too cui diao so we just took cab! haha! Sorry girlsss!

13th March- Refresh at Sentosa! It was highly awesome! The whole thing was dam fun! Tho initially we all dont think so. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just the empire. But whatever it is, there is something that I look forward to each time.

Went ARCADES again! This time there is DDR! WHOOOOO!

Anyway, went to Cob's house after that which I completely zonked out! Thanks sam for driving me home! And thanks Cob's sister for driving me there! In one night I sat both a BMW and a Mers! Zomg! hahaha!

16th-17th March- Celia birthday surprise @ PA!

It went well! The chalet and all! They super gambler addict can! Keep playing cards! Then left few of us raping each other inside the room! LOL! =x

Went home in the morning and off to meet Danny and all for K! So sickening leh! So many songs idk, so many words idk how to read! ROAR! Hate myself for that! LOL! Went all the way to hougang just to eat western before going to pasir ris for another chalet!

TPSU chalet! :D Dam funny, got a mahjong table, 3 malays [zain haziq zubs] and 1 chinese [fatshit] playing. Then the 3 of them all keep winning! HAHAHA! Then Haziq and Zain kept "eh! what is this number? what is this number?" DAM CUTE. HAHAHA.

Benben was mad crazy with all his stupid songs. And Izak is just a bitch! HAHA! Iman PSed me! :( But I still had fun lah! hahahaha.

18th March- D&D shopping with Zadaz! First it was Odelia Fion Yufei Amos when I reached. Then came XiuZhen, then Joe. Then Joe left, Zain came followed by Michelle. And the rest is history! Cause I went to meet my mom!

19th-21st March- Venos Chalet! Is it a success? I dont know! Is it a failure? I dont know! To me, it's like I would like to say its a failure, but no, the people that made the effort to come makes it a big success.

Really must thank Darling Xiuzhen! For really being there all the way there for me! If there isn't her, I dont know how I would survive these 3 days! If she weren't there, who would have help me brought my pad! HAHAHAH. Just kidding. If you were not there, I think I might just have given up and gone home or something. Lucky you came with us to the concert! Really supportive and all. Being in the same empire for our first OTC and last OTC is only, but a blessing. You with Fion, our tragic fingers but you emerged. It's okay, cause in Venos or in Zadaz, I still have you! I still love you TTM!!

Maybelle and Apple too! For coming down to shopp for groceries! I'm sorry halfway we PSed you! :( But yay! And for marinating the food! Love you girls too!

AMOS YONG TAU FU! Must thank him alot also! He could have stayed at his programmers there which he loved so much, yet he still came down even after we said stuffs like "eh, here only got me xiuzhen and gareth [the freshie]." and "i think you can dont come here". But you still came! It's touched de k! And for leaving your macbook with us so we could watch movies! And even thought of just coming straight back here after your program meeting even tho you got no clothes to change to. And not sleeping at home first even tho you really wanted to! Playing mahjong and monopoly with us cause we're short of 1 kakis even tho you really wanted to sleep cause you're sick! :D Yay!
For once, I saw the good side of you k! :X [hahaha, k lah, maybe not once]

21st March- Went shopping with Zadaz! All I got is a very simple headgear! WHICH I SIMPLY ADORE, but I think I kinda got some idea, wed for last min shopping is do-able! :D Chiong ah Jolene Chiong ah Chiong! We took neoprints! Yay!

FY and Cheong joined us for dinner and walked around with us! Oops! I dragged them into our shopping shit! :x

Cabbed with FY and Mich over to IIT's Chalet! The place was dam nice and high! Omg! There is even a KTV room lah!

It is only a while before I left for home! Thanks Ivan for sending me back! Tho I just asked you to send me to 201! hahahaha!

The post of March! Started at 10.06am! Now is already 11.40am! That's dam long!

Zadaz chalet and D&D is coming! I'm dam excited for Zadaz Chalet! Not so much for D&D cause I still havent gotten my costume! Oops! :x

Egggcitedddd! :)

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dining theraphy was good.
One half pizza with buffalo wings accompanied by one bottle of White wine at timbre. With the live band going on, everything felt so nice.
Esp this butch girl I saw. She was so dam cute! Awww<3

Mass cheering on FB also made me feel more relaxed! Too bad I'm too tired. Else Id sure cheer till no tml. Nows already 2.38am. And I'm on my bed typing on a phone.

I should get to bed now.
Before I feel like a no lifer!

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Tomorrow is the final verdict. It's now or never.

It's say now and hope there is a chance, and if if fails, live with it.

Or not say and suffer all the way, and regret all the way.

Wish me luck! I'm prolly gonna say it since I'm not a kind that likes to not do and regrets it.

I hope it'll be shortened! =(
it's really killing me, alive!

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Monday, March 01, 2010

"Dont make an ASS out of U and ME"

Assumptions might be your forte most of the time.
But that doesn't mean you're always right.

I wonder where the real disappointment lies, you or me.

Where good intentions lie, is where it is the most difficult to notice.
Bluntly as I may speak, it's not what you think it is.

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An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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