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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

//Eduardo, Portugal's goal keeper

Before the match started, I picked Spain to win! After the match ended, I don't know! Referee super kelong! But of course, Spain played super well! Portugal better thank Eduardo. He's a great keeper! After watching him play, I'm 80% confident that if it was penalty kick of Spain vs Portugal, Portugal might just win! ((:

It's okay, 4 years down the road, I'll support you Portugal! If your keeper is still Eduardo that is! :D

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Okay, so I got sick of the previous video quickly! But I got more to share! ((: Slowly kk! 2-5 days per video! ((:

You are the only exception.

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//As what I would always say, Life sucks. Take drugs! ((:

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//TEN people sending ONE boy to army, when he doesn't have confinement, all the way in CCK! LOL!

Went to school today to eat MENSA with Sabrina, Dorothy, Graciie and partner! Oh man, Dory is still the best! :D The soup today was clam chowder! Oh-so-heavenly! Totally had fun talking to them! Being with them simply makes me happy!

Sad that I had to depart for lessons at SIM! Can't go for AGM! From 5pm leave school to 5.30pm leave school. In the end, I left TP at 5.50pm! Way past the time I was suppose to leave! And cause of that, I was late for lessons! HAHA! But at SIM today, I saw Maybelle and Jo-an! Maybe another TP to be, I wondered to myself, thinking if it would be possible.

Glad that my teacher let us off early today! Rushed home and managed to catch the last bit of Paraguay vs Japan! It was a super close match! There was once that Japan had a chance one! But the stupid players never run and catch up when their mates were attacking! There was one open ball lah!

Penalty was indeed exciting to watch! When I watched I was like dam nervous! Before the penalties starts, everyone will hug the keeper and will all pin their hopes on that one person! It's like a heartwarming scene! Awwww... (:

Before the penalty starts, I thought Japan will win! But suddenly I got this intuition that Paraguay will win! Oh man! Different from Yong Yi! LOL! He thought Paraguay will win in the end he think Japan will win! In the end Paraguay won.

Wah, the scene of everyone crying really made me wanna cry also lah! [imma crybaby i know] =P But I DINT OKAY! hahahah! Just that, looking at them cry makes me think of the fact that 4 years of hardwork just went down the drain like that. Well, at least Japan can cry about it. For us, we can't even see them qualify to the next round. It's already 2010. ha. ha. ha. :x

Anyway, I just spent $77 on my iPhone! I can't wait for the day for the package to arrive! It's either 1st July or 2nd July! Either way, IM DAM EXCITED! Faster come please! My iPhone feels naked!

The last Asian country just exited World Cup 2010.
I think it's time my iPhone has a name! (: Hmmm...

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

//Butterfact with these 2 other lads!

Went to crash hiuching's lesson at 12pm. I woke up late to send Desmond off! Almost late for lecture too! Forgotten to bring my jacket and storybook to read in the train! Bore me to death! ): People ask me why suddenly start reading again, i also dont know! Thank god the LT ain't as cold as my night classes.

Went home to take a rest before leaving to meet my mom for facial. Wah! This time the needles hurt like mad! I guess maybe cause it's been long since I last went! Not used to it! Teared like mad also! HAHA! I SUCK I KNOW! =P

Today has been pretty boring! Netherlands won the match! But nice job Vittek on the last penalty kick! Managed to make Slovakia not lose so badly. At least you all lose with dignity! Not like those who just play halfway and give up! No sportsmanship!

Anyway, random but all the jerseys with 11 scored! HAHA! I just love 11! Even for my bball Jersey last time I wanted 11! :) 11 11 11~

Will be going TP for lunch tomorrow with some of the grads! Yay!
Shout out to other grads: Mensa, 3pm! Come when all the rest are in lesson! Lets have dory together!

I finally moved on, in the sense, I removed the blue nails which I loved so much!
And I found happiness with my new Germany nails! ((:

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Today, I saw this website regarding Cervical Cancer and was shocked at the statistics and details it had shown!

Cervical Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer for women world wide with 500,000 people diagnosed yearly! It takes the life of one woman per five days on an average. There will be a higher chance of being infected with Cervical Cancer once you are sexually active.

Statistic shows that 80% of the woman will get HPV (human papillomavirus) once in their life. Majority of the women would be lucky to have their own body resolve the HPV infections, however, there would still be some who would not have effectively resolve the infection, leaving the infection in the cervix. These infection might develop into Cervical Cancer.

If you got any of the below, you are already at a later stage!!
1) Abnormal bleeding
2) Watery of bloody discharge
3) Lower abdominal pain, during intercourse
//Do not have any of the symptoms? Doesn't mean you're safe from it! Cervical Cancer at an early stage might not have any signs of symptoms at all!

It takes time for Cervical Cancer to develope so don't be too sure that you do not have it yet. It does not depend on the family history of illness as well! So anyone could get it!

How to prevent it from happening?
1) Stop smoking! By smoking it will increase your chance of getting Cervical Cancer by 10 times! TEN!
2) Don't be actively or have multiple partners! (At the same time helps you reduce the chance of getting STDs or HIVs! =P)
3) Go for a regular PAP smear test!
4) Get a HPV vaccination!

What is $15 per PAP smear test when you can prevent Cervical Cancer which will cost you your health and happiness.

Here is a testimony that doing a Smear Test really does have you.

//Listen carefully especially at 1:43

Everything so far here is quoted from this website.

They have a much clearer and interesting animation to tell you more about Cervical Cancer. So please do visit the website! They have interesting events going on as well!

Power Over Cervical Cancer is a campaign that aims to make Singapore the country with the lowest incidence of Cervical Cancer and they need your help to spread the word.

Pledge your support for this cause and protect those you care about by telling them about Cervical Cancer. Together, we have POWER Over Cervical Cancer. Click the button below to begin!

So what are you waiting for? Let's make an apppointment for the PAP smear test now!

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//Game of life! A seriously old school game

Went to my grandma's house at CCK today! ((: Had fun! The place is getting more and more crowded! Now there will be a latest addition of my cousin's bf! Yay!

The food today was like a buffet also! (Well, since when it wasn't?) The fruit platter was the best, made by my uncle's gf!

Played the old school game, game of life! We put it in our grandmother's place since young, like when I was still in primary school! It's still in good condition! Nolstagic is the word. Same game, but with different people, but the feeling is still the same! Played monopoly deal also!

I'm so super mad happy! Cause Germany won! You ask me why I support Germany? I also don't know! I supported Germany since the world cup 4 years ago! But the world cup 8 years ago, I was supporting Italy! Why? I don't know too! But I guess it's because since young, I used to play FIFA with my brother and cousins. I like to pick Italy cause I like the flag colour! That's why I supported Italy at 2002 world cup! HAHA!

But it's not like everything is settled yet! Cause I think the next match, Argentina will win and Argentina is a super strong opponent! Even for me, I also say Argentina might win! Argentina has gotten way strong! From last time, they can't even qualify for Round of 16 till now, they might just have something in them! I just have to say that Germany is suay to meet England then Argentina. Brazil is lucky cause they can easily make it into Semi finals. Uruguay have an easy opponent too! Spain might make it into the semi also! Every other group seems so clear of who would be going to semi finals except Germany and Argentina (most prob). I'm so worried! Okay, lets just watch the match of Argentina vs Mexico first!

//Though, something im my guts tells me that Mexico might just win Argentina or a draw will happen

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

//The last time on the stage of TP. ((: At least I got some of the Alumni to stand this last stage with me.

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//In the toilet on 7th June 2010.
Give us an empty toilet and a camera = One million and ten pictures!

Back tracking, on 24th June was the day after we clubbed. All of us body ached like mad! But we still met up at night at Simpang! Maggie Goreng Pattaya ftw! [Too much though] I'd still prefer maggie goreng pure! It's just a simple dinner but it felt so nice! But I guess many of them were tired so we left pretty early. I convinved Jia to walk home! Yay! ((: Initially she wanted to just take bus home cause bus 10 stops outside my house! But we made a deal! Take bus halfway then walk home! Hahaha! Retarded I know! Exercise yo! :PP [psst: i know you're tired lahh! thanks! :D]

On 25th June, I managed to get my lazy ass outta the house and change my iPhone! That time I was so lazy that I nua-ed at home till it was too late to change. This time, I managed to change my iPhone and get to school ON TIME! It was the 1st time I reached before lessons even started! Yay! Good improvement!

Got a sms from Farhan for supper at Jalan Kayu at 10pm! But I ended lessons at 10pm at Clementi! By the time reach there will be like 11+pm so I declined. Halfway home, Iman called me and ask me to go, since he stayed Bedok, I agreed! Yay! (: So took train to meet tweetbutt cause managed to convince her to go too! And we went to AMK to meet Graciie! WAH! Everytime seemed as tho it was planned perfectly, when my train arrived, her train just arrived from the opposite direction! It's like fatedd! :P

Stayed there and ate prataa. [Feels weird cause I just went simpang ytd] Talked and be happy! Idk why, but whenever I'm with them I feel happy too! (Okay fine, I'll feel happy with whoever) but I miss them too you know! (:

Cabbed home with Iman after that! Whoo. SK to Bedok, not cheap! LOL!

On 26th June, went to Flea Titians with tweetbutt and Abel (haha guess!). It was mad hot! But it was worth it to go. Saw lots of people there! It's really like you will see your course mates, TP people (alumni, GLs, freshies, others), long lost friends. Haha wahhh!

Met up with Farhan and Yufei after that! Grabbed a bite at MOF! Whooo! I superbly love MOF, especially their desserts! Went for a movie after that! Knight and Day!

IT WAS A SUPER COCK MOVIE! HAHAHAH! Cock in the sense that it's stupidly funny! Funny for the stupid reasons kind! I kept laughing all the way but aBEL dont understand why I kept laughing lah! But it's really very funny! I stuffed pop corn into his ears! :P :P Who ask him throw popcorn at me!

Then while going home, when we were already at the MRT, with the last train leaving to Joo Koon in 3mins, tweetbutt found out she forget her plastic bag at the movie! So we chionged there! Thankfully she found her plastic bag, she got her last bus back home and I managed to catch the last train home! (my train is to pasir ris)


Today!!! Is the match of Germany vs England! If they win, they'll be going into semi and at least be 1st to 4th position! Only one match. Pleaseee win okay! It'll be a tough match! But please win!

*twist fingers*


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//My AHDEEEEE during IITSC's AGM @ 23rd June!

Watched him grow from secondary school (okay, not really), to coming TP as a freshie and being in the same course as me! Joined IITSC and totally became my favourite freshie, favourite subcom. He and TS was my top two favourite! Both of them were like, always there for you kind. They never rejected me when I needed subcoms. It's subcoms like them that made me love my post of being subcom head then.

Then moving on to the next year, where he took over and became subcom head (well it's asst but it's the same)! This year, he rose from subcom head to being the president of IITSC. I'm so proud of him. So much so that even words can't explain this feeling.

Walking into the Audi to the reception area of AGM really made me "WOW"ed. They really spent time and effort and not to mention MONEY *ahem* into all these. Really made a big impression I should say.

Watching the video that Desmond made for IITSC throughout the AY moved me to tears. "IITSC has really gotten much stronger." was what I thought. Pictures speaks a thousand words, and through that video, million of words were spoken.

The handover ceremony of Desmond, the ex-president, passing the traditional red sash to Randy, the current president also almost brought me to tears, though no words were said, no pictures were displayed, no videos were played at that time. Random thoughts like "Desmond led the club well", "My Ahdee has grown", "IITSC will continue to strive and there might really be a chance for it to make a full come back" flooded my mind.

This AGM, was the last time to walk the stage of TP. My 6th walk, my final walk. As I stood by the stage, I bid farewell to this oh so familiar scene which I had walked for the past 3 years. Thank you for the memories, my beloved IITSC ♥.

From your ex subcom, ex maincom and current Alumni
Takglam concaved transexual,

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Since yesterday was the death anneversay of the King of Pop,

I happen to chance upon this awesome medley and would like to dedicate this time and space for you, King of Pop.

It's totally awesome

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Recently I've been hearing this song all over everywhere. It seems like it's a famous sound track.

Connie Talbot used this song after Britain got Talent.
Leona Lewis used this for her xFactor finals.
The famous video, Christian the Lion, used this track.
People have been making cover of this song for stupid comedy videos.
//Click to view

Can you guess what song?

It's Whitney Houston - I will always love you.

Not familiar? Well take a look and you'll be like, OHH THIS SONG!

Her songs were all magnificent. Actually, most of them old singers have great vocals and music. All of Whitney Houston's song is actually quite famous! Once you hear them, you'll definately be like "omg I heard this song before!" Like the one below.

Familiar right? (:

Anyway, just changed the music to a duet by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. It's lovely! How they are both strong vocalist but their voices are able to compliment each other due to their slight differences.

On the side note,

Who cares if Serbia defeated Germany man!
Germany is in the next round and Serbia ain't!
And I still gonna place my bet on Germany for getting into at least semi!
But I know they will get first! ((:

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Thanks for disappointing me again.
You know what? Just forget it! (:

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//Simpang bedok on 24th June with my girls! ((:
I super love times with them!

Anyway, clubbing yesterday was like OMGSHIOKINGNICEdespitethefactthatwekenabuahedbymillionsofsmallbrotherZOMGZOLOUSIE.

Good thing was..
1) By2 and Lin Jun Jie and their teacher was there at the same club, same time!
2) A guy paid for more than half our cab fare home! We only spent $5 to club! Yay!

I went with Xinyi and Weining! Halfway Xinyi met her friend Jean and her friend's friend Soh Teng. And complicated stuffs happened but they disppeared halfway after that! So it was left with me and Weining! OMG! It's so scary can! Got once where we were like surrounded by 6 guys! Omg! Gross! Plus got one shorter than me! I weren't even wearing heels! His chin was like at my shoulders so yea, guess the height!

But quite a few asked us if we wanna dance with them, I think they're like the nicer guys lah, not like those that just buah and touch and hold you! *points middle* hahaha! Gross guys with their little brothers. There were even quite a few people offering us drinks! Haha!

Idk! I sound like a noob right! I think a lot of you must be like, "aiyah, its quite common" But when I used to club the other time, got guys mah! Plus I only went my second time this time.

After that hung out with Jean and friend at Macs. Two guys came and tagged along. [Thats how we managed to pay lesser for cab fare! =P] Left at 5plus and reached home at 6am.

It was fun, minusing the buahing part! If only Jia was there! I'd just dance with her and I bet no guys would wanna touch me! ((:

Next up, Supper or Play?

I guess I'm the type that doesn't trust easily. So I'd be super cautious of whatever and wherever. But also, once I trust you, you better not betray that trust cause I won't listen to what others say, no matter how badd.

People are suddenly re-appearing in my life. Weining knows my situation I guess cause I told her in the room that night. It only gets more and more now! ): As said in my previous post, once I shut you out, you're shut out. Not saying there's no chance, but you can try to break the record.

And I'm deeply disappointed. Someone who promised to be online to talk to me about the incident I wanted to say about, for the whole day wasn't online. So much for "being worried". Thank you. I don't know about what you said on the night/early morning of 13th/14th May was true anymore.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

//At ShiFen in TW on the train tracks waiting for a train to crush me! ((:

Okay, before I go into the clubbing details, I have yet to blog about my KL trip!! yeah!

I totally forgotten what does a packaged trip feels like. And I finally got a taste of it! Hanging out till wee hours and won't be afraid of not getting sufficient sleep cause you can always sleep on the bus. Getting 10course meals for almost all meals. Staying in 5stars hotel and grand new resorts. Getting dinner buffet with FRESH oysters and sashimes and all kinds of seafood. All for the price of what was suppose to be 3480SGD but was only spent at 348SGD.

Highlights of the trip:
1) 5 star hotel: I swear the hotel was super grand! When we stepped into the hotel, we can't stop going "OMG". There was a window connecting the toilet and the room. We can just open the window and bath and talk to each other lah! (But *ahem* some girl just want to bathe together for all days. hahaha! KOH WEINING! You were the kinky one okay!) There were THREE PILLOWS on my bed! One giant square pillow, one normal sized pillow and one small one! Got boaster! Yay! We could even watch soccer lah! So funny!

2) SUPER NICE GOLDEN PALM TREE RESORT! : WAH! I TELL YOU! That resort is SUPER GRAND TOO! Upon arrival, there will be all the top staffs singing and dancing! Even the biggest man there came down to greet the guess. Upon walking in, they even offered drinks! FREE DRINKS! We went to a room to get seated. But there was an emcee and the emcee was DAM FUNNY! I SWEAR I THINK HE'S FROM TP! HE GOT THE TP MATERIAL! When reading out which room to get ready to sit the bugee to our room, he sorta did a cheer!! It was super hilarious! But hey! Me and Desmond also make great emcee k! E= MC(square). Excellence = MC(Desmond) * MC(Jolene) hahaha! There, we spotted a dam cute French GUUUY.

Our room was a villa! They auto upgraded for us! So we had a 2 room, 1 living room villa! O.M.G RIGHT? Got changed to beach attire and headed over to the beach for water sports!! Canoe were all taken up so while waiting, we wanted to play soccer. AND GUESS WHAT, THAT FRENCH GUY (Sports Management Head) PLAYED WITH US! WHOOOO! So hot so hot! He was dam nice! Cause initially it was like 3v6 (Girls vs Guys), then halfway one random guy came to join us, we call him soccer guy and it was 4v6! And we got ownnedddddd! But he was nice cause he went to call the guys to play "strategy" You know what was their strategy?
Strategy 1: Stand still
Strategy 2: Sit down.
HAHAHAHAH! Tho we find it super humiliating but it was super funny I laughed my way through! We took a photo together! All that played soccer together before heading over for canoe-ing!

And guess what? People at the villa can go canoe at a FOC rate! COOL RIGHT? It was so fun! Canoeing all the way out towards the sun with the people whom you will like will be there for you eternally. I love you bitches.

Went back to bath and caught the sunset. THE SUN WAS FREAKING HUGE AND FREAKING RED! It was totally awesome! Even better than the one we saw at Danshui!

Went on a bugee to their clubhouse for buffet dinner. On the bugee I got totally high and went to say "HELLOOOO" to everyone and see if they waved and EVERYONE WAVED (with the exception of one).

Went buffet after that! OMGGGG! IT WAS DAM NICE CAN! We totally played amongst ourselves. We even made stupid video and I was the winner! Voted by other people! Haha! Nice nice! (: I superly loved the Oysters lah! It's been dam long since I last ate Fresh Oysters! OHH! During dinner, a guy tried to hit on me! F* off mannnn! He's just a worker there!

And at the villa, there was a special progamme at 9pm. THE SHOW WAS DAM NICE! There was this part where they needed a guy volunteer! We all kept quiet! Cause we don't want to sabo BByong, or KKyong ever since today! But cause we kinda made friends with their staffs here and there, everyone sorta like knew us? So they sabo-ed him themselves! They pointed to him and wanted him to get up! HAHAHA! Like ALL pointed to him! OMG! BUT HE TOTALLY OWNNNED! WHOOOOO! SINGAPORE MACDONNNAA~ We totally got even famous in the villa after that! When other tourist see us they'd recognise him also! Totally high please! The magician was totally cute, though his magic is the ._." kind! But who cares? He's cute! The french guy talked to us a bit after the showw ended!

Went back to villa to rest and back to clubhouse to join them for after party. Oh man! There is where all the drama started! We din't even do anything cause when we reached we just sat at the pool side and got this guy came and talk to us. URgh, I din't even bother to entertain him but my friends did. Then that was when all the drama mama happened! (Refer to prev post) Ewww gross.

But went back to villa to party, eat chips and talk and gossip about those gross guys! And guess what, the next day morning, THOSE TWO GROSS GUY CAME AND SENT US OFF. WTH. Go away! But it's okay cause the french guy came and send us off too! :D Yay! We totally got famous instantly lah. Perhaps cause we're one of the few that were young. But there were another group of 4 girls with us too, in the same coach summore, plus sitting beside us! (:

The rest of the trips were just shopping and chilling. ((: So there you have it! I should say, the best KL trip ever! (Minus gross guys)

He's hot and totally awesome cause his mother is from Germany! And I support Germany!((:

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Butterfact was totally awesome! More when I wake up tml! I totally just reached home, bathed, finished replying all the tweets and just got on bed. Whooooo!

//Thank you! Cause your actions were what I needed to get you off my head! And now I can finally move on. I thought there was a chance but I guess I now know why EVERYONE around me is asking me not to text you, reply your text or even talk to you.

Once I get you out of my head, you'll never be coming back. That's what happen to every one of them, with no exception. So yes, all! So quickly get outta my head k! unless you're not playing around. (=

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The best picture I could get ._. i know its small

It's raining now! ): I have to head to school and do a little chore for someone. I don't mind but it's raining! I have to go and buy something that requires walking in the rain! Oh man!

Going to TP to meet people and eat their food! Yay! ((: After that going to AGM and off to meet my GFs to club! I still don't know which club to go though!

T P R O C K S!

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//Last day of TW at the airport.
I seriously think that was one of the happy moments I had even though I'm on the way back to Singapore.

My kukumon finally revived! The lights came back on! But sometimes here and there the lights are still faulty? Oh dam! I hope kukumon faster recovers or there will seriously be a Jr Kukumon.

Anyway, heard stuffs that I should have heard long time ago. The last thing I want is to be played again. So go away those un-serious people. I don't wanna go through all the drama again and again.

I just think I'm like a super suay person that always kena all these kinds of unlucky stuffs. Just like how I just encounter one guy while in KL. I don't even know him! And we were (or rather, my friends) were playing with his colleague by the pool at night, and he just suddenly came and pushed me down? WTFH. I was totally dry leh in my own clothes (white to be exact) fml. Then he went to like put his arms on my shoulders? FFF. Then he held my hand and dragged tried to drag me over to another side. I let go but he came and grab again! Then I tried to swim away (okay, idk how to swim so like just waddle in the water) but he pulled me to the other corners away from my friends. OMG! FFF. I need to wash my hands in soap water again! Then like, got one part I think he got so close that it almost felt like he was gonna kiss me already (no, its not exergerating. i was really panicking there k) then it was there and then that my friend's sister saw and tried to rescue me. It din't just end there! She tried to swim me away so we pretend to play the choo-choo train game. So I was clinging onto her! AND THAT GUY AFTER 30SECS VERY AUTO CAME AND CLING ONTO ME. WTHHH. Dam close summore! Argh! Then we were swimming our way out of the pool. When I keep trying to climb the steps, he kept pulling me back and say "dont go out of the pool" wth right? Then me and my friend's sis pretended to be les with each other. We like held hands, hook our arms and all. And he came to the pool and said stuffs like "dont hold hands leh. I jealous" Then after like 15mins, he realise my other hand was free and tried to come out of the water to sit beside me to hold my hand. But I quickly went to hold weining's hand. Then he tried to break us. Omg the stupid body contact. ARGH. It's cause of people like him that always makes my hand and body feel dirty even how many times I washed my body, makes me jump at the instant of any body contact from any guys for a while, and sometimes even feel gross if a girl touches me. My body is feeling the goosebumps now. In the end I had to use the "I need to go toilet" excuse to get out of that situation.

My friend was worst! Another guy kept carrying her and throw her into the pool and all. Then he is one gross guy too! F-ing gross! And I am F-ing suay! Cause he kept saying stuffs like "I am a guy! You can check!" *Stands up immediately* Then you know if you stand up suddenly, your pants will kinda go lower a bit or sth. AND THERE I SAW IT. BLACK FOREST. WTFHHHH FML . I am the only one that saw can! OMFGFML.

I don't know what's on my face leh! I kept getting the wrong kind of people. Do I have a "I'm a whore, I'm a slut" face? Or I have a "I'm loose, free, and easy" face? Or just a face that says "You can play me and cheat me, my heart wont hurt."


There, I had my peace. Sorry for ranting!

PS: I really need my SMQCP right now! Cause the last time this incident happened (nepalist guy incident) he was the one that's there! But I guess things are different now, gf issues. But ah f* care! I'll just give him an sms! I rly need my smqcp!

Eenie Meenie kinds of speaks my heart right now,
Both male and female version

You seem like the type
To love em and leave em
And disappear right after this song.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

//My tweetbutt with her bangs!

As much as I would love to blog about KL, it'd be wrong to blog about it before Taiwan! So yup, here's the post. First hand experience! It'll be totally long, cause it's 9days! So here goes!

Taiwan with C183 + 2!

Woke up at 3.30am just to shower and head to the airport! Reached at 4.30! My first time on a budget flight! I usually see people walking up the airplane in dramas but this is my first time! Anyway, flight to KL to get ready for transit. And guess what, out of 8 of us, only 3 bought RM! Ahhhh!! And we almost missed out flight! Cause we mistaken our flight timing as 10.35 when it was 10am! Barely made it but we did!

Managed to reach Taipei in one piece though for a moment the plane had major tremour! Settled our transport and off we go to our hotel!

Ate many many food there! I swear all the food is awesome and not to mention, cheap! LOL!

Headed back to the hotel to rest a while and surpriseeee! Here comes nicole and mingcong at our hotel room! They managed to book the flight today! Yay! And now I'm still in my hotel room. Should be going night Market later! See yah later!
-20may10, 9.15pm

Hi! It's me again! I just bathed finish! Last to bath amongst 4 other girls. I fell asleep while waiting for them! So now I can't sleep, esp with wet hair! Anyway, went hua shi night market just now. Ate a lot again! I think I'm gonna gain 10kg by the end of this trip! I have yet to eat my ji pa and fresh steamed oyster! Tomorrow I will search for it! Might be going hot spring and "dan shui" tomorrow! I'm not sure! We'll be discussing during breakfast tomorrow so I have to get to sleep somehow! I drank my chocolate milk so it shouldn't be a problem!
-21May10, 1.57am

Went for breakfast at the hotel lobby! Guess what! There are only 10 seats there and we have 10 people! It isn't like the typical buffet style of food. There were bread with spread, ham and hard boiled egg!

Made our way to yao ming shan! I think we're on a roll! We managed to get there! Yay! We conqoured the mountains and the rocks! Made friends with all th grannies there! I think they're all dam nice people! They strike conversations just like that! Told us more about the attractions in tw and even helped us ask for directions! So nice! I wished Singapore could be like that some day! Now I'm on the bus to xibeitou! Hotspring, here I come!
-21May10, 2.48pm

Hotspring was shioking nice! Seeing each other naked was at first awkward! But we got used to it after that I guess! We had fun trying out all the "jian fei" poses with the bubbles! It cost around 25sgd/pax! We can even HTHT in the place! Yay!

Went to dan shui after that! Got to eat so many other things that we dint saw ytd! Can't believe we actually spent 5 hours there walking only ONE lane! We all bought stupid flowers(girls) and ties(guys) and made a "look stupid day" for tomorrow! Hahaha!

Back in the room after discussing where to go tomorrow! I think I need a good night's rest! Tiredddd!!!
-22May10, 3.18am

Woke up in the morning and we thought we were late! After we bathed, we went into the guys room to find them all still sleeping! Now toasting breakfast for them!
-22May10, 9.34am

Went in search of Jay's shop after breakfast! But before that went to sago shopping centre! Saw lots of pretty yet branded stuffs! The price like quite reasonable after converting and such! But I stopped myself for wu fen pu! So wu fen pu! You better not disappoint me!

The search for Jay's shop was fruitless! For both places that we went, the shop wasn't there! I guess that's what you get for using 1 year's ago material plus no checking! We ended up doing a little shopping.

Headed to the bookstore beside 101! It was ultra big but it doesn't really excite me I guess, being more than 90% of the book in Chinese! Looked at 101 from far and decided it was not worth it to enter so we headed back to xi men ding for BBQ steamboat!

The BBQ steamboat was shioking nice! Their BBQ is really using the charcol kind. I marinated my own food! Sharon said it was nice! Yay! Chef to be! Hahaha. The ice cream there was also nice! Hägendaz! Omg!

Planning a surprise for Xinni at last minute notice was the hardest! Cause all the stores are closed. But at desperate moment, we found a small slice of cake! Yay! Celebrated and here I am!
-23May10, 3.10am

The worst thing that could happen in a trip came! It rained! Our initial plan to go tian mu factory outlet failed. We ended up in a super high end shopping centre just to waste our time to walk around. Argh. I'd rather just braise the rain and go to the factory outlet. Arghhhhhhhh! I'm pissed, yes!

Plus the fact that I thought there really was a "pork burger" in macs. So we walked super far to a mac just to find out that all along they were joking about the pork burger! Roar!

On the side note. Went to yu gong. The art pieces were really nice but I guess they can't really appreciate art.

Okay. Don't mind my pissed tone. I'm just pissed cause the people that wanted to go to the shopping centre to avoid the rain went off without us. If I dint gave them a call I doubt they'd even know we're gone or even back to find us. Okay. They're with me now. I have to pretend to be fine and smile. Breathe jolene breathe!
-23May10, 6.13pm

It's early in the morning and it's freaking cold! I just had a bath! My toes are icy! LOL!

Anyway. Ytd things got better after when we got to shilin ye Shi. I think ChuHui felt happier after being able to buy something! I am dam happy of my shoes that I went grinning from ear to ear! 1.5-2 hours and we dint even walked half of it. I guess we're gonna go back if we had the time! Anyway, cabbing today was dirt cheap! We should cab more!
-24May10, 8.52am

Omg! The guys woke up at 10pm when the girls already got ready by then! LOL!

Yesterday, the person dint told us that we had to move out. So at 11plus she told us. Thank god something in my mind told me to pack my bag first. In the end. The person gave us VIP room and charge same price! Yay! There is even steam bath there!

Went to theme park and when the bus came at 2.40pm, the bus driver told us the theme park closes at 5pm! Omg!!!! We totally wasted one day can!! Ytd was raining, today was so late! Feels like we lost a lot of days! =( this trip will get better! I know! =D

On the way to danshui now!
-24May10, 3.43pm

Saw the sunrise at danshui ytd! It was really pretty! The sun was lava red and you could really see the sun "submerge" into the water!

We rode a boat to Yu Ren ma tou! We were the first in queue but we still decided to stand outside! The wind was shioking nice but I kept thinking of genting then cause I know if I am with them we would probably cheer ourselves silly together.

Went to Yu Ren ma tou to take pictures, mostly of one bridge and back! Got to eat our quail eggs again! Wooohoo! Bought some stuffs. That day we went back seperately but it dint felt half as bad.

Today woke up in the morning at 10am cause we dint go with the rest to the theme park. Me Xinni and ChuHui got to eat all the food tht we wanted in xi men ding! We even went to the famous ah zhong mian xian! It's super traditional and the food was nice! =D I finally managed to eat my chong bin and got to eat my ji pa too! Happyyyy! We even have little talks of our we would open our own shop in SG! Hahaha.

On my way to wu fen pu now! Excited!!
-25May10, 2.15pm

Just came back from wu fen pu! Lying on the bed now. Quite satisfied with my buys! I spent less than 200!! Hahaha. But I dam sad cause there are a lot of shorts and jeans that don't have my size. If I go back I sure buy my jeggings! Now only left shoes and bags and soveniors for the rest! I'm super upset cause I thought I can find soveniors for my friends. But so far no avail! =( I have yet to buy any things for my mom and dad yet! >_<

Anyway! Went raohe night Market! There is the famous "hu jiao bin"! Longggggg queue! Hahaha. Bought some stuffs there as well! =D crop topp! <3

Okay! Waiting for Sharon to bathe finish! I want to go shifen tomorrow to put the lantern! Yay! I hope we are going! I hope the plan doesn't goes wrong! Like always..
-25May10, 11.32pm

Woke up at 6.45am in the morning without alarm! Omg!! But fell back asleep! I feel dam happy cause I was the last to wake up today! Finally! =D

Jiu fen's plan almost got postponed by more than an hours time. Thankfully it wasn't! And we reached in time! I swear, jiufen is scarier than wu fen pu! The amount I spent at jiufen is three times more than wufenpu! Plus all the money spent wasn't for myself! Omg right?

Just barely made it in time for shifen! Hip hip hurray! We again, almost missed the train! Just by less than 1min we could have missed it!

I hope the lantern isn't hard to find! I wanna put the lantern!
-26May10, 3.40pm

Oup! Turns out that the lantern isn't hard to find! It's almost everywhere! Our ambisous-lity made us wanna find the waterfall. We did found the waterfall despite the fact that we almost wanted to just give up halfway! Esp upon reaching, you found out that you have to pay to enter!!

Put our wishes on kun ming lantern was terrible! Our markers ran out of ink here and there! Rawr! But putting wishes and stuffs there were fun! Lit it up and released it to the air! *tho half the time I was hoping for it to burn halfway in the air*

Tried our luck at di xia jie! This is where I got unlucky to the max!!!! Went there to find out shops closed by 9.30pm! It was going to be 10pm soon at that point! I left one plastic bag at a store that was still open! Went to the next store to find my plastic bag missing! So headed back to the store (just right beside only) and she is already closing! Asked her if my plastic bag was there, she said no!!! (cause she shifted all the carts in so I couldn't went back in to check)

So I thought I left it else where! Cause we stopped at a hotel and one more place! (only 2 in total before that shop) and both weren't there! That's where I recalled and am quite sure my item was at that shop! So called Xinneh to help me check that shop and it was already closed!

Okay! Guess what's next okay! There is a administrative office so we thought we'd try our luck to just ask ask! That person call the shop owner and the shop owner say she found a pink plastic bag full of food! WTF right! Just now say don't have then now have! So I have to go back there to get it again!

Now people, at this point you must be thinking what's so important at that bag right? Besides the food, there is soveniors for 27 people there, amos's tie dan and my magic stuffs! And it is dam ex! That bag might have 100SGD! I hope I find it tomorrow! *twist fingers*

Went back to XMD to eat those cravings! We bought back lots of stuff back to the hotel for buffet!

Anyway today is a random encounter guy day!
Incident 1: Today when I was taking a picture of the train, the guy inside the train post for the picture! Then when I saw, I laughed they were so shy they hid behind a curtain! After that when I stopped taking, they post again so I took their pic! Hahaha! After that I waved byebye to them and walked! They also waved back enthuly! When their train started to move, I just turn bck to see and when the train went past us, they were banging and pointing and waved byebye SUPER enthuly this time! HAHA! Okok! Quite cute!

Incident 2: Today we wanted to eat the Ji Pa at XMD! The shopped closed but the guy there gave us the last packet of Ji Pa, FOR FREE! Yay! It rocks today! =P quite cute bah!

Side note, I lost my flower! =( today is a suay "losing-my-item" day! But the guys rocked my day!

Btw I'm typing this and everyone is sleeping! Last to bathe again! Whoots!
//Nicole doesn't like us anymore! She's not sleeping with us!
-27May10, 3.15am

Went to eat ah zhong mian xian at XMD and off to find back my stuff at di xia jie. I managed to find it back! Yay!

Walked the di xia jie and realise it's all repeating shop so we changed and headed to shilin for a final walk.

All of us there finally bought bags from sky blue! (those that spree often should know that brand)

Walked the whole of shilin and went back to eat at their night Market for the final time. Tried their pig cuttlet with cheese. Shiok only!

Searched for carefour for their noodles before going back to hotel! By then it was already 2am! Their carefour is 24hours one leh! So nice right! =X

Party in the hotel room with the girls plus WeiChoy and denver all the way till 5plus before all of us fell asleep! We woke up in different beds! Omg!

Now waiting for Xinneh and Sharon to buy back breakfast! Fooood! Hungry! LOL! Checking out at 12.30pm! =( so fast so fast!
-28May10, 11.49am

The flight back to Singapore was omg! Never ever sit budget airlines! Reasons?

1) there are no meals or drinks or anything provided!
2) they have little supply of food and mostly sold out!
3) if you are sitting at a transit flight, you cannot buy alcohol!

We seemed quite happy and alright today. Hahaha. I'm just glad to be back in SG!
-30May09,6.46 pm

As much as I'd like to say I enjoyed the trip, this trip also let me down. But at least, it's a good experience learnt. A good yet expensive one.
PS: The things at Wu Fen Pu really is fake and imitations and super junior was in China on 29 to 30th June.

pieces of me @ 2:11 PM.
Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goodbye world for another 3 days! KL here I come! ((:
Retreat from the real world to a self delusional world! I know I'd have fun!
Why? Cause I've got the best company I could ever have had.

With the best company, it doesn't matter if it's KL or Europe or Afraica you're visiting. You know that, with them, even the worst thing, the most boring things, would be made best and fun.

Coming back on Monday! Meanwhile, if anyone wants to contact me, feel free to SMS me! I'll reply if it's urgent or I have wireless!

Hugs x Kisses.

pieces of me @ 2:00 AM.
Friday, June 18, 2010

//At Zadaz Chalet!

Wanted to post this sooner but don't have the time to!

Can you believe I deliberately choose not to go out to meet those army book outs + grads just so I could watch the super disappointing match of Germany + Serbia? Argh! The Podolski pisses me off especially! Kicked 7 TIMES! And even one PENALTY kick but scored NONE! Wth! And some were obviously open! There goes my money and my happiness!HAHAHA! Okay lah, not so exergerating that even my happiness is gone but just disappointed!

By not going out, I also got the time to pack my bag for KL tomorrow, try to finish the last 3 episodes of gossip girls and if time allows, pack my room!

Just had a super scary nightmare the night before! It has got something to do with nightmare at elms street! Yes, the side effects come way way long after! I dreamt that I was sleeping in my room but next moment I woke up in my parents room! Then I felt like I was being pushed to the bed! I tried to scream but idk why I can't and so on. It's super scary! Then I "wake up" to see that everything is fine but it happened while I'm in my "woke up" status! ARgh!

Anyway, a super post-post, but I needed to go back into time and thank those who responded to my SOS in twitter and smsed me on 13th June!
Shout out to: NicSoon, JasmineOng, Dorothy, Sabrina, Meiwei, MichelleCheong, FionnC, DerekPartner

Because of you guys, time managed to pass by super quickly for me! Yayy!

Beautiful girl
All over the world

pieces of me @ 11:13 PM.

Okay, so I flooded my blog with many post! That's just cause I don't want to spam twitter nor facebook! Hahaha! Gonna combine them into one post now!

Germany vs Serbia now!

It's been almost 30mins and no goals! Oh man! ):
7:49 PM

OMG! wth stupiddd! Referee whistled Germany right before he scored! argh!
8:01 PM

omg! thank god the freekick dint get in!
8:03 PM

OMG! KLOSE GOT RED CARD! Left with 10man team with 6 yellow card 1 red card!
8:07 PM


Half time already! ):
8:08 PM

podolski almost goaled! omg!
8:45 PM

OH MAN! Podolski!!!! A safe and easy kick! ):
8:47 PM

9:19 PM

pieces of me @ 10:29 PM.

//At JiuFen eating giant mushroom!

Super late in meeting my bimbs today! Meeting time was supposedly 6.45pm at tamp. But I reached at 8.15pm cause I fell asleep and only woke up at 7+pm. Till now I'm still so super tired!

Watched Sex and the City 2. It doesn't felt like it's a movie tho! Just felt like another one of those kinda drama. Perhaps cause I've watched lipstick jungle and it's almost the same as Sex and the City (cause same writer).

Today match, Argentina vs Korea, 4:1! Wah! But I still support Germany! :P Tomorrow's they're playing against Serbia at 7.30pm! My prediction, 3-0!

Later is France vs Mexico! I'm thinking more of a 2-1 kind of score. Very near kind. But just guessing for fun! :)

I think I'm gonna go rest first even though I wanna catch the match later. I think my body is growing older! Feeling super tired! hahaha! Lucky for me, no eye bags! :D

It's just another one of that moments!
It'll be over in a jitty!

pieces of me @ 1:12 AM.
Thursday, June 17, 2010

//Doing what we do best.
PS: We have been together for 7, close to 8 years.

Just back from Zadaz chalet! I would say it's different from the times where it was only our own GLs back then. Back then, we don't even have to take care of anyone! But now we just feel like our own mothers cleaning and washing and washing and cleaning and cooking cooking cooking.

Nevertheless, it was still fun! I mean, if you were to ask me which I would prefer, I would say that both has different experiences and it's unfair to compare them. I miss mass cooking dinner for them, and cooking breakfast for them. I miss the mini K-singing at the kitchen. I miss all the talks and stuffs at the kitchen! (Kitchen became "our" place! LOL) Miss shopping in NTUC with tweetbutt and tititiu where we were to find an item and run to find the items! Miss all the slacking moments. Miss all the freshies that were there! :) It was funny to see the freshies get high, drunk and wasted! I din't manage to act drunk and convince people that I was really drunk! Thanks to tweetbutt lah! "Jolene won't drunk one! She bluff u all de!" But also cause there were real people getting drunk so instead, had to take care of them! LOL! Anyway, so sad! Cause my HP never come! Aww.

Mad tired cause me and tweetbutt stayed up just to make breakfast for them! Cause we know if we fell asleep, we would not be able to wake up anymore! hahaha!

FINALLY, meeting my bimbs tonight! Oh god I miss my bimbs so so so so so so so much! Really! Oh man!

It seemed to have died down! (:
But another would soon to grow!

pieces of me @ 11:36 AM.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

//Taiwan BBQ with my gay friend! =P

Oh god I missed the BBQ there! And I cook awesome meat okay! Self marinated, original recipie! =P Don't believe? Ask my gay friend! =D

Work is finally over! It's only weeks till I get my reward! Yay! I'm so so so glad it's all over, for the first time I felt like that.

Well anyway, yesterday was awesomely fun! I'm sure we missed each other much! Pictures out soon please! (: Kbox was like never before and at a dirt cheap price with a helluva big room! Dancing all the songs, jumping on the sofa hoping it wont break on us, eating mad awesome chocolate cake with the best card on earth! =P

Anyway, woke up yesterday to the best call of my life, and it just got better and better! I can't really say it out now, but it has something to do with 15 post before! I'm so proud of all of you! SERIOUSLY! And to one person, that special friend since year 1 whose been through everything together (maybe except y3 when i wasnt really that active, but still try to help out whenever) i'm especially proud of you! Happy! (((: Seriously happy! You can't believe how much "omg" i said in one minute!

I'm glad it got better. I hope it'll be all of your motivation and carry on this tradition. You guys are the best! I'll be there on 30th June to watch all of you. All 15 of you!

This happiness, can't be explained!
It's even happier than happy!

pieces of me @ 4:21 PM.
Sunday, June 13, 2010

//Outside a shop selling R-rated stuffs in TW! ((:
We could just walk in and see! But I was dam grossed out so I left early!
... Yes, pity my future partner. hahaha! =P

Yesterday night while sleeping received a call from Michelle in the middle of the ride! Thanks ah! hahahaha! Jokes! :D

Anyway, bosses today super nice! Jay bought us chrysentamun tea! Yay! Then Jason bought us donuts from Donut Factory! Dua love please! :))

I missed June's birthday today! ): Sighs*

Guess what, a friend whom we met around 5 years ago online, is working at the same place as me! And guess what! We never met but he recognise me when he saw me! Amazing isnt it? :D He's dam pro I swear!

Cabbed back and the stupid taxi driver was like, gonna fall asleep! It's scary k! So I tweeted that if I die, please wear blue to my funeral cause of the stupid taxi driver! Then everyone "Choi" me! HAHA! Thanks guys! I know you cared! (To: Eeping, Claud, Chrystal, Janice, Zain, Farhan and esp to Michelle and Dorothy cause they even texted me after I tweeted, knowing I got no data! haha! i think)

Alright, sleeping time! Goodnais!

Let's have sleepover at my place. (:

pieces of me @ 1:15 AM.
Saturday, June 12, 2010

//Outside Yu Gong (i think) at TW ((:

Work today like a bitch, like a dog, like a slave! LOL! It's tiring. ):

But thanks FionQ for visiting me yesterday and partner for coming as a surprise ytd! Hahaha!
And THANKS RYAN for making me get scolding! LOL! Simone and Huiting was there too! (: Yayy!
I also saw the girl that worked the jetstar one with us! So funny! The fall down girl. She's dam cute! Haha!

Anyway, who would have thought the school that I so dreaded going today, turns out to be nice? The lecturer seriously knows how to teach well! He's an educationist! :)

I'm bored of my plain nails! Please faster let work be over! I wanna do my nails! And I already know what I wanna do! :D

So many designs to do! Nvm, I'll take my time! HOHO!

Two more days! Two more days! And work would be over and the fun fun week starts!

Three more days to meeting my GFs! Missess.

Four more days to Zadaz chalet!

Sever more days to meeting the Grads!

Eight more days to going KL with GFs!

BUT, I seriously miss my bimbs, and seems like I'm gonna miss out on them again at June's 21st birthday!

Why is it that I'm always flying at people's 21st birthday?
And on days that I don't fly, there isnt any birthdays?

pieces of me @ 12:09 AM.
Friday, June 11, 2010

//In the "MRT" in Taiwan. (I just took this pic cause I like my hair! The messy hair + pwetty flower! :D )

Work today was mad tired can! I wrote more than 316 sets of names! Wah! You might think it's not much but it's actually a lot! Tomorrow work till 5pm+ cause I'm gonna have lessons at 7pm! Tired! )): Anyone wanna come meet me for dinner? Lonely sia! T.T

Even though I already know the ending
It's not something that when what you say is what you would do

pieces of me @ 1:48 AM.
Wednesday, June 09, 2010

//Taiwan at a back alley ((:

Drop dead tired from everything!

After waking up in the morning to send Farhan to army with the previous night having not much sleep, walking around in town alone till it was 5.30 then head over to raffles to collect the uniform for today's work. Rush over to SIM for lessons till 10pm and suffered the ordeal of having no entertainment cause my phone battery died. So imagine from SIM bus stop to MRT (40mins at least) then bus back home, NO ENTERTAINMENT!! Then wake up in the morning to have to reach Novena at 8.30. Work till 2+pm then walk around town with Sylvia and off to Suntec at 5.30 for IT fair briefing. Super tired now! )): And I still have issues on hand to solve. This is so troublesome!

I want to just sleeep! Good nai world, in 15mins! :)

pieces of me @ 10:55 PM.

Currently blogging in bed and trying to get to sleep! There's no picture today. Too tired!

Tomorrow I have to meet at Tanah Merah at 7.35am! Work work! I don't think I can say the pay, but it's definately more than 3x if compared to a $6/hr pay.

Sometimes in this world, you really need connections to survive. I guess the more the better! I would still think I could survive in that world.

After work, I got briefing for IT fair and then it's the actual thing till Sunday. Can you believe I'm gonna work then head to classes on Friday? But anyway, visit me k! Starhub, lucky dip!

Okay! Too much details in this entire post! I'm really gonna sleep!

Good nai!

pieces of me @ 1:56 AM.
Tuesday, June 08, 2010

//Zadaz at Barrage on 5th June

Kite flying with them was awesome just the fact that the ground was muddy due to rain. )): I failed flying a kite. I'm gonna try again with my GFs one day! (: I'm gonna succeed!

Anyway, today went to heeren to make a card for my beloved friend! Yay! I think it's pretty! Went off at night to meet my family for SUPER EARLY father's day celebration! Early I know! Blame me for my busy schedule! Next week's the actual week but I'm actually going to KL with my GFs on 19-21st June! Weekdays for next week is out cause my dad works OT almost everyday till super late! This week he happens to be on leave! With night lessons on tuesday and friday, working in IT fair on 10-13th June, work briefing on 9th June at night. Today seems to be the only free day. I'm a bad daughter, I know. )):

Anyway, went Kublair Khan (is that even how you spell it?) at Park Mall. I SWEAR, NEVERRR ever go there EVERRR! Service is rated 1 star! I got picture to prove but lazy to post! The food is as limited as ever! Plus the sashimis isnt even fresh! The place seems broken down, and the toilet seems like it's at a back alley! Oh mannn. And I see crab sticks everywhere in the dishes till im sick of crab sticks!

Had a random supper appointment with Scand just now. I swear, S stands for suay, not scand! We thought of going Bedok 85, and I just wanted to cycle (been long since I last cycled) so we cycled to meet halfway, guess what! It started to drizzle! Nvm! We perservered! (tho we could go home since it's halfway to both ours and it'll just take less than 10mins to get home) Guess what! BEDOK 85 IS CLOSED FOR CLEANING! Omg! Just our luck right? In the end we just got cup noodles! HAHAHA! Tragic!

Tomorrow is a busy day?
Have to meet Novir people at 10.15am at Tanah Merah mrt and head down together to CCK to send Farhan off! Need to get the outfit for the work at Wednesday at 5.30pm! At 7pm I'm gonna go for lessons at SIM!

So I kinda planned, if I go send Farhan off tomorrow, I can't go home! 11.30 we will have to reach CCK! Sending off probably takes half to one hour so by the time we finish it'll be 12-12.30. reached home it'll be 1.30-2pm. Have to leave at 4.30pm just to get to raffles by 5.30pm. Might as well go out right?

The problem is, I intended to do my homework at home before I head for lessons! And I have yet to start on it yet! Dangg! )): Plus I still have to pack my room and bag! Argh! Fml?

What the hell am I doing here!
I don't belong here!
PS: not emo, just happens that song is on my playlist!

pieces of me @ 2:14 AM.
Monday, June 07, 2010

Prawning with Amos the day before he enlist with Yufei and Sylvia on 2nd June

And guess what! We caught 49 prawns in 3 hours using 2 rods! Yay! ((: Plus the fact all of us were first timer and amos being second timer!

The night at Fion's was awesome. We got high on Grey Goose and had laughing moments. It was simply the best! Finally falling asleep at 6+am, and waking up at 7+am just to send Izak off and to Mac's for breakfast and dabianing at whitesand's toilet together and back to sleep at Fion's. Totally hilarious. I would give anything to have another moment like this again.

Anyway, I kinda remembered why I don't like horror movie. Thanks ah guys. Made me jump so much. Then don't even allow me to hide my face *ahem, pokes fatshit*

I would like to end off with,
LikaSabrinaa. (:

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

pieces of me @ 1:41 AM.
Friday, June 04, 2010

//In one of the game shops in Taiwan

In my second attempt of playing the gun game, I shot 38 out of 40 balloons! Yay! (:

Anyway, went into Tekong to send amos off! Saw quite a number of TP people in there! TP owns Tekong too! HAHA! =X His hair sucked! :X But lucky him, he has 1 primary school friend, 2 secondary school friend and 4 poly friends same company as him! I think he'll be alright there! Tekong very pretty! Or at least, that's what they showed us!

Went to school to chill out in clubroom and to see some of the army guys for the last time before enlisting! I left the clubroom being a nerd! HAHA! Speaking of nerds, I barely made it in time for Nords so I din't went in the end. Aww!

After that left and met other people. We had funn! (((:

Gonna go eHub for dinner, slacking, midnight movie, drinking in the park, overnighting at F's and send Izak off early at 8am in the morn. Looking forward to tonight! We are gonna have fun, I know we will!

Suddenly, I miss my bimbs.
)): I wanna see you, all 8 of you!

pieces of me @ 4:59 PM.
Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm not a princess.
This ain't a fairytale.
I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet
Lead her up the stairwell
-Taylor Swift, "White Horse"

My first lesson went pretty well, just the fact that I din't get to make any friends! ): But I caught up pretty well. I might even just get that A! Looking forward to the next lesson cause I want to see what I would be capable off, in the sense that, make new friends in a lecture environment where everyone seats alone and the left and right of them are always empty! The first step to even sit beside them feels weird! :x

Anyway, I got a random call from Shah at 12.29am for L4D! LOL! Since I was bored, I just went! :D We had hell lots of fun! We went Geylang cause some of them were hungry, went prostitude sightseeing, went into hotel 81 cause fion wanted to pee, see the way Ryan reacted when he saw cats [super pussy], drove at 100km/h with the car almost overturning at one turning point, went to the beach to talk till near dawn before all going home.

It's just amazing, how everyone of us, being not-so-close, to be able to have fun and laugh. I guess we're all the laughing-kind of people. Anything that we speak, funny or lame or not even laughable at all, we'll just laugh. Happy go lucky I should say! Being with them made me recall the year 1 I was. Really with them, there are no corners! H is for happy, no corners! (:

Went prawning today! OH-SO-FUN! We caught 49prawns using 2 rods for 3 hours! :D So funnn! The initial step to get the prawns off the hook, to pluck out the pincers were super bimbotic! But we got the hang of it! Even the oh-so-gross worm cutting and putting it as the bait was gotten used to! Except bimbotic Sylvia still din't dared to do it at the end of the day! I know I might sound super gross and un-girly but ah heck! I used my bare hands to hold the worms at the end of the day when yufei still sometimes used the knife! :D But it's really very fun! Cooking the prawns was the most rewarding part!

Missed the dinner in TP! ): Oh well~~ Gonna send Amos in tomorrow and if time allows, head to school for NORDS. ((: It's been long since I last stepped into TP. Like 14days!! That's a lot! I miss TP. I miss grilled fish and fish and chips!

I think, I'm really re-living the life I once had
Happy, happy and happy!

pieces of me @ 11:07 PM.
Tuesday, June 01, 2010

//C183 girls @ Graduation Day, 19th May 2010!
Missing girls: Hariyani, Jasmine Lim, Jasmine Chow

Finally officially moving on.
*Cheer* Moving on now

Super suay today! ):
#1. While doing arts and craft today, I cut my hand with the scissors! It bled! T.T

#2. I stepped on chewing gum! [tho it just fell out when i was about to clean it.]

#3. The pay I got compared to all the others was the lowest! [even though we went at the same time!]

Tsk! ):

Anyway, after coming back from Taiwan, my days have been pretty filled up already.

Been going out from Sat to Monday. Tomorrow is the start of my lessons. The days from tomorrow to Sundays are pretty filled up. Next week having 2 days of lessons plus 3 days of work. Next next week is totally awesome! Gonna go meet on Monday for Karaoke with my girls and off to KL with them at the weekends for 3days. Long awaited trip! We are gonna have fun! :)

I hope school will be alright tomorrow! Quite excited yet nervous! I hope I'll be able to make friends! :D hehee!

I got the urge to go clubbing leh!!! From someone that super hate clubbing to having the urge to go. Wo bian le! LOL!

There is nothing for me to lose!
I'm gonna have funnn!

pieces of me @ 1:43 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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