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Monday, April 28, 2008

LOL! One thing I like about wordpress. Password protected.


Something very personal that I feel only I and perhaps a few others should know.

I think I found the answers to my questions

pieces of me @ 2:32 AM.
Sunday, April 27, 2008

This doodle is for all those who are emo now!
This is how you all look like when you all drink!! :P

Drink drink!

pieces of me @ 9:57 PM.

Been long since I did some doodling.
The first thing i doodled was this!
Why this? Only I know!
But it's cute right! :D

Doodle doodle.
Doodling makes me happy

pieces of me @ 9:25 PM.

So much thing has happened.
But for my own referrene, I've put it down in wordpress, password protected and all.

But i'll say the last line i wrote there here.

I'm thankful for the past 1 week you've given to me. I'll rmb it. =)
But i think it should all stop here.
Unless you can prove to me that you meant otherwise.

pieces of me @ 7:58 PM.
Saturday, April 26, 2008

AHHHH! I swear I'm eating a lot for yesterday and today!
And it's not cause of gluttony or what! It's cause I'm forced to eat!!
Imagine ytd after sharing a soup-bread, salad [which i ate most of it], main course and cake and was already super full like hell, i came home and my mom asked me to eat chickenchop, wedges, soup and fruits!! WAHH! Instant KO. Made me eat till 2am! LOL! And it's like when I just woke up today, they said "bfast on the table" and when I went to see it, it was like lunch? Like noodles that kind!!!!

MY GAWDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SAVE ME! I'm still struggling with my "breakfast!!"

All I do is eat eat eat!

pieces of me @ 9:38 AM.

rain rain go away!
later going sentosa!
little children want to play!
rain rain go away!!

LOL! Today when I woke up, it was like heavy downpour!
So sad la!! Hopefully by then we reached, there'd be no more rain!

Go away rain!

pieces of me @ 9:37 AM.

thanks for listening this time round =)

ahh. complicated!!!!!!!!

everything suddenly come at one go!!
its really hard when friends come into the picture!
esp people you call darling to.

thoughts semi cleared

pieces of me @ 1:59 AM.
Friday, April 25, 2008

Was super bored so taking to kokwei and guowei and helped them a lil bit with their mole design. HAHA! [ok actually i was just bored and playing around]

my 1st mole drawing

after that kok say too big den i drew a SMALL one for him LOL!!A

and slowly, my mole started to improve :P

and improved even more LOL!

the below moles all drawn by guoweis.

I drew this for guowei :P

and he said it looks more like muscles.

so i drew him a muscle man :P

and ending off with a drawing by guowei.

some of you might not understand but its okay =)
for own entertainment. been rather down these few days.


pieces of me @ 11:21 AM.


i'm okay.

i really am.

pieces of me @ 12:58 AM.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HA! Thankfully nothing's changed!
So much for being afraid that life would be different without the year 3s last year!
But, they all came back to the same old clubroom like it was yesterday!! Only with more people in addition to the family like ryan all those.
So happy the feeling. The girls all lying at the retro floor talking, the guys all at the basketball court or inside clubroom playing games. Chilling straight at the GET gaming lab. And going dinner altogether as one.

NOTHING has changed. YAY! I love you all!! =)

I'm so happy that I could be high for 10million years more!!

pieces of me @ 1:55 AM.
Monday, April 21, 2008

In a few more hours, I'd be going back to school yet again.
Not for camps or anything this time round, but for studying.
I'm glad I lived my life to the fullest in the past 3 weeks of hectic camps.
Not forgetting the volunteering staying back! And the lack of sleeps from camps.
Lets see out of 21 days, which days I stayed over in school.

Week 1.
31Mar- Home
1Apr- Day 0. Stay over in sch
2Apr- Day 1 of OLTC
3Apr- Day 2 of OLTC
4Apr- Day 3 of OLTC
5Apr- Ownself stayed back in school.
6Apr- Stayed over at rayna's for preparation of FO.

7Apr- FOW day 1
8Apr- FOW day2
9Apr- FOW day 3 [went home]
10Apr- FOC day 1
11Apr- FOC day 2
12Apr- FOC day 3
13Apr- At home

Week 3.
14Apr- In sch for OL refresh
15Apr- Day0 of Week0 [in sch]
16Apr- Day 1 of Week0
17Apr- Day 2 of Week0
18Apr- Day 3 of Week0 [after that stay back in sch]
19Apr- Ownself stay back in sch.
20Apr- In school but left at evening.

So out of 21 days, 18 days I was in school.
Our of 21 days, 14days was spent with my sleeping bag in school.

haha! Tell me! Where else can you find this kind of life.!!
I missed my bed!!
And now, she's back with me till further notice! =P

pieces of me @ 2:07 AM.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm sick and tired of people thinking that I'm the "you can do it! you can do anything" kind of person.
Nobody can do everything.
When I tell you I cant, means I really cant.
Look what you'd made me become.
How miserable I've felt.
It happened not once, not twice but many a times.
All with different people.

Losing my radiance every second.
I used to smile over every single thing

pieces of me @ 2:36 PM.
Sunday, April 13, 2008

FO has finally came to an end!
Venos got 2nd for both FO.

Honestly, I'm proud of my freshies!
Both FOW and FOC. I love them both equally!
Soon, FOW and FOC and GLs will become one Venos.
Lets just wait and see what will blossom from them.
It's only the beginning for all freshies.
May all you freshies find your true friends in venos.
Just like how I found mine in Ophix. =)

However, it's the end for most GLs.
Cried our hearts out yesterday.
A feeling that a lot of freshies couldn't understand yet.
But will soon to understand next year.

And Ophix still isn't dead!
All could tell yesterday... Right?

O O O Ophix..
We are still the best.
I still love Ophix a lot.

A bond that could never be broken

pieces of me @ 5:45 PM.
Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Poseidon got best spirited!!

My Venos also got best spirited!! Not only that, overall we got 2nd, which we were very happy!!

I swear all my freshies are super cute and innocent!! And they very very sweeeet! :D
It's like they all made a card for us!! woohoo!!

Okay! Time to go for my another camp! FOC!! =)

Camp Camp!

pieces of me @ 9:36 AM.
Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jolene is going camp! Won't be back till late 4th april or early 5th april!
See you all!

pieces of me @ 2:55 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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