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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whoots! I love TS! =D
He helped me find the game i love for now! Whee! :D LOVES.

Try this game! :D

Okay, michelle I love you too k!

Waiting for wy to come online cause I wanna put diner dash into my phone plus ask about jailbreaking :D

Doubt I'll be able to go Ber's house today!
Have to go 3 houses today! Oh well! hahaha. Not fated! xP

How bad can my cny be?
I'm sick!

pieces of me @ 2:36 PM.

Just reached home! Like quite late I know!

I fell sick ! ROARS!
Plus super block nose make my breathing so much more difficult! Hard to sleep! T_T

Breathing through mouth is always much harder cause you get lesser oxygen. I don't know why! Maybe I should read up! =P

Sick but tml still wanna go out out out! :D
If I could go ber's place, i'd be more than happy. haha!
Sick also must go! Die die must go! =X

Im missing out on so many stuffs!
Too hard to please everyone

pieces of me @ 2:52 AM.
Friday, January 30, 2009

11th January 2008 - 10k flyers! TS and Yesheng bday!

That day, we had to staple 10k flyers! LOL! Went to Kovan and Mario fetched me to the housing place. Reached already was Joyce and Kat! Meiwei darling came after that! We stapled a whole of 10k flyers k! Well done!

After that parted with them. Actually wanted to go find Marc and Dawn with Mario, but TS and YeSheng bday more important :P So headed down to Habour Front.

Just in time for cake cutting! :D

The cake look dam nice pls!


After that TS was nice to acc me to buy subway! Cause he also never play ban luck one! LOL! Reminds me of the old me! But for me I just play to be in the mood. Not cause I like. LOL! Yes is the new No, yea?

After that Felix and Zhi Kiat was nice enough to accompany me take bus home! So nice right! Ivan and Ahmad accompanied me also! LOL! Whee!

Flowers that meiwei darling bought for me! I love it please! =D It really made me feel better!

Was at this place today! The memories. =) Hard to forget.

It was the first time I could talk to ZhiKiat! Normally all along I would avoid him cause I thought he was some ah beng! HAHA! But he's actually quite nice.

Thanks to Ivan Zhikiat Michelle Felix Yesheng that day!

My ant died!
I had to mount for it

pieces of me @ 11:01 AM.

I feel super achivable now! :D

Cause after almost 1 month after the new year, I realised I've achieved some of my new year resolution!

Things I've achieved out of my 18 resolution.

1. Try to go out with whoever and whatever before year 2008 ends!
I did go out with many ppl that day! :D Classmates, Holqa, Venos + Ophix + Meiwei!

2. Forget all grudges!
I've forgotten the grudges of the guy i hate most last time! Actually so far I think I only dislike him! haha!

5. Yes is the new no
As much as how much I can't make it, I will say yes and try to make it now! =D

7. Try to start dressing up instead of FBTs
I'm definately trying my best k!

9. Not to be tooo people-influenced also
I think this part is quite true. :D I have a brain of my own!

10. Spend more time with people!
Yup, definately! Each time I spent I try to spend time with friends/family now!

18. Get a new portable gaming console of my own! Be it DS or PSP or iPhone or whatever!
I got myself an iPhone!

7 out of 18 resolution down! :D
11 more to go! Whoots!

pieces of me @ 10:52 AM.
Thursday, January 29, 2009

Came back from Genting already!
The temperature there is freaking cold! Like 16 degrees outside? Even the inside was like 20 degrees!

I snuck into the casino! Whee! I learnt that jackpot can be quite fun actually! The jackpot is high tech yo! Its not the boring one button to press only. One bad thing, TOO SMOKEY! Almost died there! LOL!

Met up with lynnette yinhui and carin ytd, even though its for a short while! I'm so so happy! :D LOVES. Must meet up more! :D It's like i'm late for meeting that kind I also dont care, jiu must meet them!

Went to Holqa after that for interview. So many people were there la! And I got nothing to do! So mario asked me to go play __secret__ with them at the clubroom. haha! So happy to be able to see them too! Normally i got no time to spend with them T_T

Okay! I think i should start uploading pictures!

Love that smile you gave me.
When you saw me and just smiled so widely!

pieces of me @ 10:57 AM.
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I should be on my way back home right now!!

It'll take 6hours to reach back Singapore!

Like finally! =)

Hopefully I'd be able to make it to michelle's!

Everything will be the same. =)
Just that no more purple card or ferrero roche.

pieces of me @ 2:00 PM.

I drew this outta someone! Any ideas? :D

Only that person knows!
But its rather detailed! =P

pieces of me @ 9:26 AM.
Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't know what I'd be doing right now!
Temperature should be around 23-27 degree! Perma aircon! =P

Should be doing great! Hopefully I'm able to sneak into the casino! HAHA!
Won't really gamble though cause my luck for gambling was always not here nor there.

Only in mahjong then I'll be able to have more chances in gambling! ROARS!

Jolene would be back tml! yay yay yayy!

Looking forward!

pieces of me @ 6:51 PM.

Happy chinese new year everybody! =)

For youth, may your pockets be filled with wealth!
For adults, may you prosper in your career!

Body healthy!
Year year got fish!
Day day happy!

pieces of me @ 12:00 AM.
Sunday, January 25, 2009

I ran out of motivation to draw stuffs! But here you go!

Three lines, but it makes ppl happy! :D

Well, at least it does to me! :P

Smiley smiley!
A curve is a line that set things straight!

pieces of me @ 8:23 PM.

One more day to the new year!

Anyway, I should have just reached Genting by today!

Have a happy time!
I will make my time happy here too! :D

Since I can't join you all, why sulk!
Just enjoy time here! =)

I hope it won't be cold!
That black and pink jacket..

pieces of me @ 10:00 AM.
Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should most probably be bussing my way now! =P

Anyone who wants to contact me, I'm afraid you can't! Cause I don't have auto roaming!
Unless you email me! If I'm able to leech wireless, I'll reply you through email! :D


I miss you all! I really do, even though I'm just typing this now, I'm starting to miss you guys!

Don't worry!
We'll meet soon!

pieces of me @ 11:11 PM.

I think she is strong.
Even though she cries almost every day.
If it's me, I bet I can't take it.
I can't even take a few days, let alone a few months, a few years.
I admire you.

Anyway, I injured myself again not long ago at Maryam's birthday chalet!

Tho its pain, but I had so much fun there that the pain was nothing! It really hurts la! Tho it doesn't look painful.. I think! :P But no la, this kinda wound is small for Jolene so dont worry k! =D PS: I like my leg colour! =P

Scheduled post for these few days, at least a little something! =)

Sorry Jenny, I can't make it for your birthday! Sorry Ivan, I can't make it for your birthday! But happy birthday yea? =)

I miss everyone!
Each time I see them, I'd really be super happy!

Be strong!

pieces of me @ 7:07 PM.

Yesterday I played 2 standard game in wc3! LOL! Got pwned in the 1st match, but won at the 2nd! :P

Quite sad that I have to be away for 3days or so at Msia!
The Msia trip took my mood away for CNY! Why?

Msia made my renuion dinner at friday instead of sunday!
The I cannot make it in time for cake cutting at Ivan's.

The trip is today! I actually thought I cant make it for Maryams bday!
But I finally can go for Maryam's! But cant make it for Jenny's! T_T

Tuesday going michelle's! But I will be back at 8pm earliest! Sure jam cause everyone coming back from Msia also!

But on the bright side, it's a real escape from the workload here! Whee!
And it's not like I cannot really attend everywhere!
I from cannot make it for Maryam's till can!
I can make myself go for Michelle's if its not too late or the most just cab!
Even Msia cannot bring me down! BWAHA!

Injuries completely healed also! WHEE!
Manga got updated! YAY!
iPhone is working fine! WHOOTS!
Left with 2 projects! YIPPEE!

Yes I'm just super happy! Bwaha!

I wanna play dota!! I wanna shoot ball! I wanna watch movie!!

I really love CNY!
It's a time where people open their houses!
You can eat lots of tibis!
Gather with your friends!
And get angbao! =P

pieces of me @ 1:11 PM.
Thursday, January 22, 2009

ROARS! I'm still doing my QSM! =(

Latest I'm giving myself is till 12pm! Cause have to hand in by 1pm! :x
So so so boring!

I have not slept yet! HAHA! Oops!

Everyone just did draft of QSM! Omg! I'm like already at 16 pages [including coverpage and content and all] Roars. Jia you bah Jolene!

Now do! Next time no need to do le! Then my turn to laugh at all the draft people! =X

Quality Service Management
Got link?

pieces of me @ 11:10 AM.

Listening to acoustic music makes me feel so comforted. =)

So have added acoustic music and removed xmas music in my play list!

I miss my piano in that empty spot of my room

pieces of me @ 12:45 AM.


Please help to vote for THIS poster!

My darling, XIUZHEN!

Outside LT 18

Poster 65!

All the way till FRIDAY!

Just go there and you will know! =P

The poster is super nice! So go vote k! =)

Temasek You! Temasek Me!
We are a team

pieces of me @ 12:10 AM.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After a shower, I felt much beter.

Ignore the previous post! =)

/edit: instead of asking people to ignore, I've removed it! :P [2.22am]

pieces of me @ 8:10 PM.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silently praying.

I hope, everything, all helps in a way or another.

I guess I wouldn't be with you all to celebrate Chinese New Year? Contact me if you can!

Injuries are healing! Yay! Though it still hurts like shit!

Just endure a bit more k Jolene! =D

Does it helps?

pieces of me @ 1:20 AM.
Sunday, January 18, 2009

8th January 2009 - Open House Day 1

Hey yo! Today is the first day of Open House! Take a look at the crowd! *Touched* I REALLY AM K! No bull-cock-pig shit! Haha!

Lovely Balloons! :D

Anyway, Day 1, I'd really like to thank Mario and KangYan la, without them there, I'm sure I could not handle the crowd! Especially the high tight crowd around 3pm! I'd also like to thank those guides that are at my area! They are seriously nice la! Esp esp those that din't went for mass dance cause my area had not enough people! Love you all!

Cool shit! :D

Having a 5pm lunch with Marcus and Mario.

After that went to meet my Holqa pals at plazza! :D They already ate so I din't eat dinner in the end! Slacked till quite late before heading off! Got closer to them by a lil bit more I guess!

My Dinner at home!

Sadded! LOL! Woops!

9th January 2009 - Open House Day 2

Started Day 2 with a ready battle attitude! But guess what! Today's tight wasn't that high! HAHA!

Shah and Ryan! My close 2 friends! :D

Today was really really boring! We celebrated Atiqah's birthday in the LT! haha! It was dam cute I swear! Ber took the mic out and ChinSoon sang from outside! And presenting the cake in afterwards! =X

Ate with the IITSC people after that! SO HAPPY CAN! A BIG BIG GROUP OF PEOPLE YO! hahahaha! :D

There's more but I din't take picture! Oh ya! That day right, EVERYONE was wearing RED! I don't know why! And it's not like it was team temasek day! HAHA! =x Even those on my left was wearing red, don't believe, ask Ah Soon!

I got to know almost all the names of the people in my area! YAY!

10th January 2009 - Open House Day 3


My throat was bursting lah! Btw, I love my subcoms lots lots! Jingle passed me a bottle of CHILLED honey water cause my throat was dying! So sweet right! Again, super duper touched! =P

Attendance on the last day! Suprisingly, it was much more than what I've expected!

Mario's beanhat. LOL!

Me and Des should be put together I swear! We have to much fun together! HAHA! We both kept cheering then check for teachers! So fun and high la!

Another reason why I love subcom! They ta bao food for me! Thanks Ivan! =D

On the last day, I finally got to go for Mass Dance! Danced with Jon is high de! haha! After that I went to ask AS for combined billy banja and oei and what not! Yays! ITAS! But I still angry with them cause they used our cheer! ROARS!

Did a final mass dance at IT concourse with TS and after that cheered like mad! Whoots! And off to Mensa! At Mensa, we practically took the whole of Mensa 2! Cheered and cheered! Whee!

After that was our traditional hide and seek! But somehow, after that day, things changed! Now I'm a lil more reluctant to enter clubroom! ROARS! Nvm, I shall keep everything to myself! =)

The us after that! Really dam fun! We formed our own committee also! Haha! Bonded with people that we don't really know at all last time! So fun! =)

Another another reason why I love subcoms! They fixed my braclet for me! The white one! TS helped me fixed! Thanks! Love!

Has my usual masala prata with ice limau! Nice! But they like increase price! Last time I order always $4! That day was $4.50!

Anyway, we had lots of fun! =) With the new bunch of people! Hopefully there will be a bond soon! I tried my best as a subcom head cum organiser le!

Waited till 12 and we all sang TS his birthday song! Soon after, me and ahsoon left for 168 but already no bus! But got bus till his area so I took with him but alighted 1 stop after. Walked to my bus stop [which was a long and irie walk] but Jolene is Zai de! =P


Will post more OH pictures next time!

Open house is a huge success
Thanks to all of you!

pieces of me @ 12:43 AM.
Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

I fell down yesterday night and chek tio my leg! And it bled a little! Now my thigh bones there hurts! I hope it recovers faster a little, cause Chinese New Year is here!

A pin was also stucked to the bottom of my slippers and it kept poking my leg and all along I thought there was a stone on my slippers but don't know where! Oh my. I hope it recovers faster a little, cause Chinese New Year is here!

The injury on my thumb since the 10k stapling incident have not been cured too! I hope it recovers faster a little, cause Chinese New Year is here!

Roars, anyway, had a fun night cum morning yesterday/today [?] You get the hint! Bwahs! So much post to update yo! Anyway, look at my packed timetable! *Cries.

[Click to enlarge]

Practically everyday ther is something! HAHA!

Okay, whiny post. I get it!

I just got back to DotA like today! Wah dam it! I dam super duper lousily now la! ROARS! Must rain train train! :D

PS: I DREAMT OF WEEYOU YTD HAHAHAHAH! Cause of the gaming lab issue!

Btw, FBI is a cui course! Think twice before joining! Seriously la, ALL class test if got MC normally jiu MC right? FBI go and make RETEST! Still say what, for the retest, whoever use MC will be void and straight away 0! Where got such things de!

Okay, I got back to my whines! :P

Think gonna study today! Since tml is already out of the question! 8.30am-6pm Kovan City of Sharing! Tiring yo!

pieces of me @ 11:23 AM.
Friday, January 16, 2009


Lets hope my phone can maintain till now cause yesterday din't charge at all! :P

pieces of me @ 2:55 PM.


My room is quite neat now! Whee! =D
Love the neat room yo! =)


pieces of me @ 2:47 AM.

PS: Added in FM Static- Hey now to the play list! Nice song! =D

Oh ya, remember I was talking about my ITPM com session where we crossed dress? Pictures are up! These were all taken at 3rd January 2009.

The one YOU ALL wanna see! TAN WEI CHOY! HAHAHAHA!

Before the presentations with our table settings! :D

Dont ask me why im smiling so happily but zi lian a bit, i like that smile =X

Serious moments wor! Only XINNEH there taking picture happy happy =X

US! =D Xinneh = Guy! Weichoy = Girl! Me = Guy!
Xinneh and me not much diff! Cause we just wear tie and manly shoes and I wore weichoy's blazer! =P

Dum dum dum. No comments.


Dont ask me why he did that post. =X

3 Pretty ladies yo! =D

Angels! :x


I like this! :D

This is retarded! HAHA!

"Guys" fantasizing over weichoy's breast! HAHA!

HAHA DONT ASK ME WHAT I WAS DOING! AHAHAHAHAHAH!! I swear I din't know! So does my group members~ After I did that we just kept laughing! HAHA!

Watch a transformation of a long skirt to a mini skirt! None other by TAN WEI CHOY! =D

Step 1: Pull up 1 side of your skirt to desired length.

Step 2: Pull up the other skirt to the same length.

Step 3: Pull one side higher a bit to be in the fashion yo! And what do you get? MINI skirt! :D

Yup! We had LOTS of fun! =) Right groupies? :D
Dum dum!

pieces of me @ 2:28 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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