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Saturday, October 31, 2009

OH YEA, Everyone, before the day ends, I would like to say...


Here's a sexy picture for you all.

//PS: TOTALLY EDITED! Critics are welcomed

I edited this picture last year. One year seems to pass so fast. Either it's been fast due to the fun life I'm having, or my mind seems to want days to pass faster when I'm feeling miserable. Indulging myself with dramas and mangas to forget about everything. One year ago was insane fun but forbidden, one year after seems pure yet boring.

Today was a total let down. The event has many flaws. As an ex Main Com, I could see MANYYYYY flaws. Well, I'm not going to say anything since different clubs runs differently. However, to them its a big success perhaps. Grats to them.

At least I saw many old loves today! =) I miss you, Ophix.

Don't let yourself have fun
When your audience don't

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Oh god!

I am so in love with

All Time Low!

Especially all of their songs in their Album "Nothing Personal"

This is their song called Sick little games!

Oh this song is totally rocking cool.

And not forgetting my featured song, Therapy!

I wish I could put the whole album in my blog lah! Nvm! I shall slowly changed! =) Meanwhile, listen to these three songs!

A handful of moments
I wish I could change

pieces of me @ 4:50 PM.

21st October 2009- Dinner with Mr Da Bian and Sebast!

It was yet another day of work! Somehow, even after a week plus of work, we are still facisnated by the aroma thingy! LOL!

Met Alvin for dinner with Sebast at Tamp's Qi Ji Nasi Lemak! My first time there! It's quite nice! :D Whooots!

Sebast left earlier. So me and Alvin just talked till around 8plus nearing 9. [i think] Before we parted and I left for home!

I was excited to get home that day cause I know that my stuffs that I bought online is going to arrive! And WALAH! A package specially delievered to yours truly! :D It was a top and a military jacket! Love them completely!


pieces of me @ 3:43 PM.

20th October 2009- Out with Xinneh

Was on the way to Orchard after work, taking the MRT and I saw a super unslightly scene. Yes I'm sure you have all seen this before, but this was much exagerrated! Imagine a whole swarm of aunties just standing in front of the doors of the MRT, blocking the whole passage way! The fact that there is still 2 minutes remaining. Gosh! Singaporeans....

Met Xinneh at F21 Orchard. She dam lousy lah! She bought 1 top 1 dress [i think! actually i can't really remember] LOL! I bought NONE! There's this dress that I liked, but it was only left with L! Tho wearing that is like alright, but I keep telling myself, "EH! $43 not worth it!!" So I din't buy in the end!

Went to Ajisen to eat after on.

Talked for quite a bit at Ajisen. The waiter was super nice! We finished our Ice Lemon Tea and he brought water for us almost immediately! Woohoo! =)

Left for home at about 11pm?

I have lesser cravings for lots of food!
And that's a badddd thing!

pieces of me @ 12:41 PM.
Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got a lil time off so I went to post some blogpost!

I'm off to meet Dawn and Ber for Chomp Chomp! Dawn's driving! OH NO! I'm scared! LOL! Meeting Dawn at Tamp for her to fetch me! See yah!

pieces of me @ 7:39 PM.

19th October 2009-Boss came back from Taiwan!

MY BOSS JUST CAME BACK FROM TAIWAN! WOOHOOO! And boy, did he bought lots of goodies! Hurhurr!

I super love this! It's like pineapple tart kinda thingy! SUPER NICE!

There was so much work to do that day! It's like DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO!

Plus I was sooo tired from the previous weeks! Imagine Friday you reached home at 4am plus and slept at 5am. Woke up at 9.30am the next day and din't sleep all the way till 6am the next next day! At Sunday fell aslp at 2am with work on 9am the next day?!

Went home with Sebast that day! He look super thin from here! What happen to all your muscles!!!

And I just realise, Monday is where the dishes are like the most IMBA! All of the dishes are like top favouite kinds! Yum yum!

Are you drooling?
Cause I am

pieces of me @ 7:32 PM.

18th October 2009- Good times together

Initial plan of not going out was ruin by a call from Mr Tan Wei Choy!

Him "Eh! Go simpang leh!"
Me "I just eat leh!"
Him "Nvm! Just go!"
Me "Okay bah! I not eating tho"

MingCong came to fetch me at my house and we went simpang wtih Nicole MingCong Weichoy and Xinneh.

We talked about lots of stuffs. Especially stuffs regarding Europe! I guess we really are serious of going eh?

We'll just see how now! Nobody seem's to be saving money tho!

My pay = $2700! I still need another $1300! LOL!

Spending the night just like this
Makes me happy!

pieces of me @ 7:28 PM.

17th October 2009- Yet another awesome day!

Went to dentist in the early morning for dental checkup! I love to go to the dentist! Cause you can feel your teeth being cleaner!

After that, went to eat chicken rice! The service there, for a "coffee shop" kinda shop was terrific! I'd give it 5 stars man! They greet you nicely when you come and go! Really is warm kind of greet! =) The food was superb too!

Even the drinks are interesting!

Headed home and had a lil nap before going to Pasir Ris to meet Surin Yufei Nelson Atiqah Dave Dave'sGF Chinsoon Jasmine and Ahmad! It's like year 3s yo! We bought boxers, cap and condoms for Andy's birthday!

Reached there, had a lil catching up and cake smashing and what not. Blah blah! Look at Mel! LOL!

Had a lil mass photo taking session before heading off with Nel Dave and Yufei. Went with Yufei to TPSU's chalet. LOL! It was nice to be seeing each and every one of them! It was nice to make new friends too! Muahah!

Had the most fun murderer ever! I swear I nver thought murderer would be fun till I played it with them! All along I thought it was a dam blardy boring game!

After that, went to Macs with some of them and we were discussing about FO. What to join and some * session. LOL! I guess we're gonna rock this FO! Since it's our last and so many of us are together! =) Plus the passion we have, you could never have imagine!

Stayed all the way till 6 before taking the first bus home! Thanks Shah for walking me to busstop! =D We're gonna 3 3 3 e 2 forever! Lets rock this last year alright!

Morning sky seems so serene!

Can you tell the difference between
Sunrise and Sunset?

Well, I do...

pieces of me @ 7:21 PM.

Saw this song, I think it's nice!

If there's a chance, listen to it alright! This song is from the Movie called Fame. =D It's my current blog song as well!

Saw the GET guys playing their ball makes me happy! I feel happy just rooting for them! It's like since year 1? Or year 2? Something like that! From 1st round being eliminated to winning all matches this year. They sure have grown! I'm gonna participate in captain's ball and Sudoku and win to make them proud too!

Champions champions! Na di yi!

Forbidden Love!
I'll try for your love

pieces of me @ 12:12 AM.
Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm trying to go into the vintage feel! [Yes, I know it might not look like it now! But it takes time alright! I'm not a born designer!]

But I think it's kinda working quite a bit! =D

Btw, super in love with this picture!

Doodle doodles~
Doodles makes me happy!

pieces of me @ 12:05 AM.
Monday, October 26, 2009


Met up with Denver Weichoy and Sharon! I SWEAR IT WAS REALLY DAM RANDOM!

Initially I was just going home with Sharon and Denver. We ended up meeting Weichoy and went to eat together. And somehow, I just got home 30mins ago! LOL! Horrible! But I had a great laugh!

I'm still gonna be the SUNNNNNN I don't care! LOL!

We had our lil non-frictional talk about island, winterwear, sun, bikini! That's all I'm gonna reveal! LOL! But hell was it funny!

I enjoyed today totally! NO MORE NEWS PRESENTATION! WOOHOO!

Weichoy said I _____ younger! [HAHAHAHAH!]
With a job like mine, with bosses like mine, with colleagues like mine, with an attitude like mine.
What could age me?

Smiling everyday!
Really makes one young, not only at heart, but physically!


pieces of me @ 11:51 PM.

I just finished writing my news thing for tomorrow's presentation at work! Look at the time! 1.38am! Omg! I would surely be dead tired tomorrow!

I'm kinda nervous! Cause I don't know how they want to present exactly cause I'm the first to present and I haven't had any expierence presenting there at all. It's wayyyyyy different from having to present in school cause at least in school, you present to your course mates, your course teachers. There, I'm presenting to 2 boss, and to people that I don't even know!

Jolene don't screw up alright! You put in big time for this! [Okay, maybe I'm exagerrating but I started from 9pm!]

With all my forces combined!
You are super Jolene!

pieces of me @ 1:34 AM.
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Uploaded all the pictures in my draft! But now I'm lazy, or no time, to post cause I'm reading 1 whole week's worth of news to prepare for presentation tomorrow!

Omg! And I'm still at Monday's news! Noooo!

Anyway, I got a random doodle crave. But time doesn't allows me! But the image is still in my head though! Nvm, for now, I'll still be satisfied with my "Revamp in progress" picture!

Go Jolene Go!

I'm sorry.
I think I've lost my cool

pieces of me @ 9:13 PM.

16th October 2009- Most awesomenest friday ever!

That day's friday was the best ever! I swear!

Went to meet up with my classmates at clifford after work first. Was like dam bored cause I release the earliest and have to wait till 7 for everyone lah! Imagine releasing at 5.30! LOL!

Went to Plaza Sing with everyone for dinner, but we split in two. The clubbing group went food court, the others, which is my group, went Cartel to eat!

LOL! I think this picture is dam funny! Look at the way WeiChoy eats!

Jay treated all of us! Omg! Thank you Jay! =D You rocks! Woohoo! Tho I still feel guilty till now! LOL!

Went to princept street for a lil drink. We played the dice game! It was dam fun lah! LOL! We should continue another time! hahaha!

One thing I like about this group is, after I went toilet, they say "Hey, lets go sing K" And everyone was like "okay lets go!" And started calling all the K's contact that we had! Ended up in TeoHeng after that! MingCong treated us all for the drinks at princept street!

K that night was one helluva fun man! When we haven't even selected songs, we were screaming away! LOL! Practically the whole time we were dam high and screaming and acting and jumping! The last song esp! They just started jumping on the coach! HAHAH! Alvin at the back dam high lah! Weichoy is like rock all the way! Me and Nicole best acting budds! Jay is like dam poor thing cause he kept selecting songs and wanted to sing seriously but we kept spoiling the tune! MingCong just kept laughing at everyone! It was seriously dam funnnnnn! LOL! So fun that we wish we could have went in again!

After which, we all headed for pool! I teamed with Alvin! And we "diao-zhened" for 3 match! LOL! Alvin really dam imba can! At the front is like in in in in in! But at the back lose momentum! But I seriously play until quite restless! Nicole teamed with MingCong and Weichoy teamed with Jay. Looking at Weichoy playing with Jay was the most hilarious part ever! HAHAHAHA! Seriously dam funny! Those that were not there might not understand!

Nicole and Alvin! RBS budds! LOL!

Me and Nicoleeeee! Acting budds! :x

Me and Alvinnnnnn~ Poooool budds! LOL! He's my temp bf [from last time! CORE period! LOL!] Now he's Mr Toilet! =X

And to end off, Weichoy and his feats! LOL!

I totally enjoyed that night! Cause activities after activities, as long as someone said, "hey, lets go drink" the rest will go "okay!". "Hey! Lets go sing K!", "okay!" We spend more time on entertainment and less time waiting! Plus everyone was paying for everything else!

Jay paid for Food!
Mingcong paid for Alcohol!
I paid for KTV!
Weichoy paid for Pool!
Alvin paid for ride home!

Feels so family! =) Feels like we are already overseas on our own! When playing pool I remember I commented "Doesn't this feels like we are overseas now?" We all smiled for a bit, but came back to reality cause we realise we are still in SG! LOL!

A Friday like this, the most awesomenest!
But I believe more is to come!

pieces of me @ 4:21 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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