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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some will notice the weird post in my previous posts.
Can you decode it?

I know meiwei darling sure can! :D
But the rest?

pieces of me @ 11:30 PM.

I'll be back in a few hours!
In the meantime, please pray for my safety !!!!!!

Do you feel me going nearer to you?
Or am I still unreachable


pieces of me @ 10:50 PM.
Saturday, August 30, 2008

A photo can capture the way we were
But it can't capture the way we are
Cause you're far away

One more day baby.
I'll be back home soon.

I'm looking at your picture
Cause it's all I've got


pieces of me @ 8:10 PM.

Guess WHO!

Just to entertain ya all! xD

I think its super obvious!
But, shhh! There are blur people around


pieces of me @ 6:34 PM.
Friday, August 29, 2008

Cant choose which to upload, soooo TADA!
It's all the same actually! But just that I dont know which lighting and all! Aiya! I just cant decide! :P You pick! hahaha!
Cannot say all not nice hor! ROARS! Still not that good with PS yet.

Don't miss me too much! :P


pieces of me @ 10:06 PM.
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tho I speak from the past, but I still miss everyone of you!

Wish we were all here together!
Having fun together!


pieces of me @ 6:01 PM.

It's the start of the second day today!
Oh c'mon!! Even if you dont miss me yester day, at least miss me today! =P
Cause it's been 2 days since you all last saw meeee!!! :D
LOL! I know you must be thinking "Why you so crap!"
Ahhh. Real time now is 5.43am, 25th Aug 2008.
See the ungodliness hour! hahaha!

Text me alright!
Cheaper way, talk to me on my cbox! Get back to you all ASAP! :D

And I should be having fun there now


pieces of me @ 10:40 AM.
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hi there! It's me speaking from the past!
Are you missing me terrible right now? =)
BWAHAHAHAH! I got the powaaaa! To make you miss me!
Don't miss me too much k!!
I'll sneeze too much!

Hey there!
It's only been one day!


pieces of me @ 11:41 PM.

Doodle of the day!
Classmates Denver and Han


pieces of me @ 10:39 PM.

Going to go fly fly!
Going to say bye bye!
Going to have fun fun
See you some time time!

Yes I know its gay! =P


pieces of me @ 12:49 AM.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've realised something.

I've been gambling super badly! T_T
Everyday of the whole of last week and this, I've been gambling..
Gambling on...

And only study what I think will come out!! LOL!
Out of exactly 250 slides, I've reduced to just 41 slides of revision.
[Yes I am THAT boliao to count all the slides again! That's like my habit]
Please punish me for gambling! LOL!

And no you don't have to highlight
Cause I dint hide anything betwwn these spaces.
If you dont believe me you can try :D

8more hours and it'll officially be holiday time!
Tho it already felt the the holiday last friday =X

pieces of me @ 8:28 AM.
Monday, August 25, 2008


Had so much fun.
How do you like feeling so fun, carefree and retarded.
With a pinch of love and a whole bunch of happiness?

Though supposed to be studying the whole day.
But couldn't concentrade. But after PP, I think I can.

Before the day ends, I'd like to say,
I never felt so happy before for this whole week :x
Yea, not in my life. HAHA!

And I want more like today!
more More MoRe MORE!

pieces of me @ 11:57 PM.

I must be mad but, I've already prepared 9 post in my blog when I'm not around. When will they be posted? Random timings! Only I will know! ;)

Haven start studying

pieces of me @ 6:09 PM.

Something I did for ben and eunice 2 days ago! =)

Happy 8th month!
.....i think o.o

pieces of me @ 9:30 AM.

So stupid.
Woke up suddenly. And I though I had a sweet dream.
When I woke up, I realised that it actually DID happen! HAHA!

Its so funny that sometimes you just wake up.
And realise there's something that has to be done.
Creepy aint it? It happened today for the first time.

And the thought of not seeing you for so long!
Sulks. Sorry for making you feel guilty today.
Just that the 5days- 1week are making me feel cranky.

Why do I keep running from the truth
All I ever think about is you

pieces of me @ 5:21 AM.

Since I'm already at youtube songs, I'll just add somemore! =P
PS: Dont have to look at the MV. You can just click play and turn to another thing that you could do

Ryan Cabrera- Photo
Introed by Dawn

When you told me that you loved me
Were those just words?

Lyrics, Click here

Boys Like Girls- Thunder (Acoustic Version)
Introed by Nobody

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?

Lyrics, Click here

David Archuleta - Crush
Found at XiuZhen's blog

Are we just friends
Is there more, is there more

Lyrics, Click here

And, if you guys don't know, I'm just a sucker for Piano Covers of Song. Check out this amazing dude! He learned to play this song by ear!!! :O Super beautiful melody.
David Archuleta - Crush (piano cover)

I don't ever wanna love another
You gave me hope everyday
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized

pieces of me @ 4:41 AM.
Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brad Paisley- Find Yourself

Well you go through life
so sure of where you're headed
And you wind up lost
and its the best thing that could have happened

Lyrics, Click Here

Was watching the movie "Car" today. I know this is like so long ago. I admit I don't really catch movies last time =P But heck. Btw, out of all the youtube, this is the best and most meaningful one! =P Not to mention cutest!

This song is so nice! Slow and smoothing. Not like some punk rock band wanna be song. =P This show is super nice as well! Touching! =) When I listen to this song, I can feel the emotions in it! Makes ya feel like crying! haha.

This is for all, who is going away, to a faraway place.
I shall not say the names, but you know who you are =)

When you find yourself
That's when you find yourself

pieces of me @ 6:45 PM.

Your Voice
Is the soundtrack of my summer
Always be my thunder.

pieces of me @ 3:14 PM.
Saturday, August 23, 2008

Was looking at my pass pictures. Suddenly I found this picture taken with starscream quite long ago.

Guess only my starscreamers know why I took the picture like that, esp nicckm. haha!
So started to edit the picture. Dam funny! Dont ask me why I added the xyzzz behind. I wanted to put killerxzs or sth liddat. But suddenly just turned to xyzzz.

People I'm fine already okay. Don't worry. I'm not some killer. hahaha!

Improvin improving!
My photoshop and me

pieces of me @ 1:12 PM.

Random doodle of the day.
Brandon and Jolene!

pieces of me @ 11:26 AM.

Feelings better already. Thanks guys. =)
Guess I really should accept the fact.
Din't thought I could accept seeing death again.
I could take it 2 years ago. I think I can take it now again.

Slept with my stomach feeling hungry yesterday.
Din't exactly ate a lot yesterday.
Woke up with parents out of the house.
So So hungryyyyy!!! Argh!!
Someone call delivery please! :P

Accept the fact
Live with what you got left

pieces of me @ 10:17 AM.





pieces of me @ 12:37 AM.

Parents still not back. Sighs.
Gotta go crash myself crazy with RockBand.
Play till my arms all tired. Then no energy to do anything tml. yay.

Best is if I fall sick.
If I knew, I'd not drink so much water today. Higher chance. Whoo.

So you think I'm able to sleep early tonight?
You don't know how terrible it feels.

pieces of me @ 12:26 AM.
Friday, August 22, 2008

-Request approved and executed-

Everything crashing in at the same time.
Exams, uncle, proposals, a lot of problems for tbc, too many subcom..
Worst is not being here after my exams for all the problems.
And not to mention, that thing.
And to even realise today, actually we're just nothing.

Thanks Desmond. Really appreciate what you did.
You saw how dark my windows were right?
Nobody's home right now. This sucks.

And I thought I could be happy today.
After 2 days.
Guess that other choice is still more impt. Yet again.
2 days is nothing. How about 1 week? =)

Tell me how to choose?
Between going for wake and Director's dinner.
I admit, this is an emo post.
Can't I be emo too? Is it a crime?

pieces of me @ 11:26 PM.
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just heard news. Uncle passed away.
So nice right the timing =(

Everything coming in at the wrong time!

pieces of me @ 6:51 PM.

Random Doodle!
Looks like some powerpuff girls things!

64 pages more to go and you will at least pass the test jolene!
And I'm like coming back every hour! Oops!

pieces of me @ 4:44 PM.

Have you ever wonder..?
How we allocate our times? Is 365days really enough?

1) Out of 365 days, there are 52 sundays. Which is considered rest days.
Left with 313 days.

2) Everyone needs 8hours of sleep per day. 8hours x 365days = 122days.
Left with 191 days.

3) Spend 2hours a day on food. (Q-ing up, eating etc). 2hours x 365days = 30days.
Left with 161 days.

4) We spend at least 1-2 hours interacting wit people. 1.5hours x 365days = 23days.
Left with 138 days.

5) We spend 5 hours on entertainment per week. 5horus x 52weeks = 11 days.
Left with 127 days.

6) All the holidays combined up. Festive around 10days, school holidays around 112 days. (Poly has 4months of holiday, including mid sem and end sem)
Left with 5 days.

7) Out of the whole year, you would be sick for at least 4days.
Left with 1 day.

8) Of the whole year, the most special day must be spent.
Which is your birthday! Which left for 0 days!

How to have time to study like that!!! Haiyo!

Something random
And modified!
Back to studying. Be back at 4.50pm

pieces of me @ 3:48 PM.

Adding on to my previous post.

Though I was kidding about the pages full or words? Let me show you my wonderful study material!

wow right!

Go Go Go!!!!!
Be back at 3.45pm!

pieces of me @ 2:33 PM.

ROARS! I realised, FOI really A LOT to study!!
It's not like the normal IT subjects where the points are in powerpoint slides.
This is like.. Full A4 words words and more words! Whats worst is, there is hell lots of pages!

I show you!!! And be reminded, this excludes tutorials which has a heck lot of pages also!!

Lecture 1/Topic 1: 13 Pages
Introduction to Investment & Risk

Lecture 2/ Topic 2: 14 Pages
Equity Market

Lecture 3/ Topic 3&4: 16 Pages
Machanics of the Securities Market & Investment Information

Lecture 4/Topic 5: 19 Pages
Common Shares

Lecture 5&6/ Topic 6: 14 Pages
Security Valuation

Lecture 7,8 & 9/ Topic 7: 24 Pages
Bond Fundamentals & Strategies

Lecture 10/ Topic 8: 18 Pages

Lecture 11/ Topic 9&10: 13 Pages
Convertibles and Warrants

Lecture 12&13/ Topic 11: 17 Pages

Lecture 13/ Topic 12: 2 Pages
Trends & Developements

Altogether: 150Pages

Jia you! LOL!

pieces of me @ 1:02 PM.

Can't concentrade!!
My mind isnt focused at all!! Been daydreaming 9/10 of the time.
Well, at least I've finished my Derv already! Cleared! =)

Liked the songs at paperbeany's blog! Really super super nice! LOL!

Ahh! =( You're at somewhere but home! For the sake of the 2 girls and 1 guy, I shall not talk to you tonight! Else when I call you, he sure find the 2 girls and they both sure cannot study de!! Cannot cannot!! Ren k Jolene!!

Do you catch a breath when I look at you
All I ever think about is you

pieces of me @ 1:59 AM.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Guess we're all too bored to study huh? It's so near to the exams and such.

Group studies are still the most effective.

We all can choose whether we want to study or play. The decision is up to us.
But, we can see the obvious choice I guess.

Go Jolene! You can de!

PS: Super lazy to resize picture

pieces of me @ 8:57 PM.

DIE LA!!!!!!!

Should have went school to study!!
Been using comp the whole day. Or should I say, PHOTOSHOP!

Been looking through tons and tons of brushes etc. ROARS!
Later should I go out to study? Hmmms.

ROARS! Die Die Die!!

pieces of me @ 8:02 PM.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words!
I made three picture. Din't know which to post. So I just posted four instead! =P

Hope you like it! =D

Fion and Apple and Rayna and Meiwei
Wait I more got time then do k!
Cause still studying den idling here and there! =P

pieces of me @ 5:34 PM.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Super enjoyed the talk with Dawn and Sijie yesterday.
So super interesting and it really opened me up to many of the things in my surrounding that I have not been noticing!

Going school to meet a sheep for lunch!
Supposedly meeting at 1pm for lunch. But its 2pm and Im still at home. DIE!


pieces of me @ 1:53 PM.

One of the best phone convers we had! =P
And I just started learning photoshop! WHEE!
Shall post soon? :D

Wonder what tml will be like?
I should start learning to take things as they come! =P

pieces of me @ 2:39 AM.
Monday, August 18, 2008

Went to school yesterday to do my memo and chap in part of prog meeting as well.
Though I went a lil tad late. OOPS! But still earlier then shihan okay!

So nice to see them so hardworking! =D
After that, we nuaed a bit and suddenly, they all wanted to leave.

So they left me and sheep alone. >.> Roars!
Still had to off the lights before they leave! Purposely de I swear!!
But its not like we did anything luh! He just helped me install Photoshop and help me find codes ma! Played with brushes also! So cool! :D

Wanted to catch a movie but all the movie timing was like 9pm, 9.15pm. It was a 2hour 6min movie by then already 11pm. And I know if some silly sheep were to send me home, he confirm must take cab home! So we just nuaed in the clubroom instead.

Went to the place that we both so qiao thought of going! Prata shop! Shared one paper tosai and Chicken Mutubak! So sad there wasnt any Masala Pratta!

And was sent home after! =D

And that day, felt the best in a long time
Loves and concerns showering all over you!

pieces of me @ 11:19 AM.
Sunday, August 17, 2008


Been wanting to catch this movie since 19th May 2008 when it was on movie trailers! I remember the first time when I saw the Trailers, I told myself I just had to catch this!

Seeing the trailers of this robot named Wall-E was really effective. It made me want to catch this movie ever since

A must to catch

pieces of me @ 11:57 AM.

Spam mails! Spam mails! And MORE Spam mails!!!!!
Or should I say, scam mails! Scam Mails! And MORE SCCCCAM mails!
Why do they keep coming?

Don't you feel irritated? Annoyed? Frustrated?

I think through this mail they cheated quite a few people. Below is one of an example of a scam from some "Dell" company.

Honestly, when you first looked into the mail, it really does seems through. Especially when they use an established company's name, in this case "Dell". Many people are bound to believe them!

But there are also some exagerated mails, like below.

Since when am I in Euro? And so, how to even buy the winning ticket?

Another example.

This has got to be the most unrealistic one ever! Transfer 20million and they give you 40% of it which is like 8million?

And check the junk sides of your email!

How many of you the mails floods like this? Some are even worst right? I bet so!

If there is such things as easy money,
I'd already be a millionare! Who in the world has to study anymore?

But I'm guessing there are still people will are being scammed here and there.

I hope they all get caught!
And one day our emails will be free from junk mails!

pieces of me @ 11:06 AM.

OKAY! So I'm back here to show off to you again!

BIS [Left with 40% examination]
CASH [Completed since Term 1]
CMSK [Completed as of 12/08/08]
COTS [Completed as of 12/08/08]
DERV [Completed as of 14/08/08]
ECONS [Completed on 15/08/08]
FOI [Left with 50% examination]


I'm so happy! I'm so so super happy!!!

Study study!! =P Might not be what I do best but if I put in all my effort, it can be done!

7 subjects!
5 done! 2 more to go!

pieces of me @ 9:01 AM.

LOL! I woke up super early!!
Cause ytd night, we slept early. HAHA!
Can't believe I woke up on 9am on a sunday morning!
Anyway, heading to school later!
Settling lots of stuff! WHEE!

Feels like going out on monday! how? T.T

Study study study!!
Go Jolene!

pieces of me @ 8:49 AM.

Flag day for Down Syndrome Association [DSA].
Felt nice! Felt nice to see your can filling up.
The weight got heavier and heavier!
All cause me and sheep found a zai place.
You know how was things better?
We din't stand together. Instead, we stand on the opposite side of the roads. So they were targetted on both sides LOL!
When comes to work, we do it de okay! Not stand together and talk one! =P

So sorry to Xinneh Sharon Chuhui etc!
I wanted to head down. But had to send some sheep to vivo.
He was so physically mentally tired that whenever we stopped, he could just sleep.
After I sent him there, I just headed straight to my grandma's place already! x( Sorrry! Din't mean to de!
I know Xinneh will just go "aiyaaa. sheep la sheep la" right! Dont care you le! :P

Btw, I OVERSLEPT on my way to grandma's! It's at CCK and I slept till BoonLay! So sat on the same train back again! hahaha!
After that I reached just in time for dinner. After which I slept there. On the way back I slept again!
Sleeping feels so nice!! =)

Back on the trains
I see so many images of us. And I just smiled to myself

pieces of me @ 12:09 AM.
Friday, August 15, 2008

Think of the happy times ahead

pieces of me @ 10:02 AM.

Anyway, was rather down and decided to do this mini poll!
*Points to the side of my side bar*
The pink one! :D

It just ponders me how people view happiness.
And the choices people would make.
I don't know? You could do! You could don't do!
But do la! So you can know the results too!
No obligations of course! haha.

Later Econs! I just woke up to study.
SHOULD be enough time I guess?
Enough time to just read through but not memorize it.

After that, it's strike off 1 more subject off my 7 subject! =P
Things are gettting lesser and lesser.
The load is getting lesser and lesser!
I hope after this, I'd have more times for my friends.

Go jolene! Your last lap today
Before the start of exam week!

pieces of me @ 8:01 AM.

YAY @ everything now!
Feels so solved!

Of course, have to thank Ahmad for everything! =)))

to my *ahem fyb* darling.
dont fret okay! you still have me! =D

Okay, summary of subjects left!

BIS [Left with 40% examination]
CASH [Completed since Term 1]
CMSK [Completed as of 12/08/08]
COTS [Completed as of 12/08/08]
DERV [Completed as of 14/08/08]
ECONS [Left with 25% test on 15/08/08]
FOI [Left with 50% examination]

Wow! 7 subjects! WOO!


Get high with econs!

pieces of me @ 12:30 AM.
Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wah! I realised how stress I was.
Posting 5 post last night. LOL!
Today was Derv presentation.
I wouldn't say it went well.
Din't have time to really do a nice one.
AC told me "See la! Gey kiang go sleep never ask me call you"
I don't want to dwell on it any longer also. BAHH!

My AC is DAM funny!
I spreaded his "huhh?" thing to like the rest of my group mates and some others.
Don't know how to type here but its super funny! LOL!
Today at reuter's lab he also fell asleep. Actually, my whole group fell asleep. LOL!
So tired le. But he only really woke up at like KFC there.
I think we spent 1hour plus talking there.
Seriously, I feel rather happy to be able to join my classmates more often now.

BTW, I love my Derv group!
Cause when we were in school chionging, we practically laughed all the way!! No serious one!! Laughed full strength lah!! Dam fun! hahaha!! Things are fun when you're with Gay ML bud, nicole. *Whistle* Taxi! Sharon. And super gay AC WeiChoy. LOL! Adrenalin rush! Ghost buster songs! Rush slides! So fun. LOL! This 60% assignment was made fun with you guys. LOL!

Dont worry xinneh and wenwen. I still love both of you. LOL! Alvin also. No worries. To ex-husband, Ronald! YAY! OUR FOI GOT B+ WOOO!!

Okay la, Nicholas I also love u k! I know you are reading this right now. LOL! Don't let you read emo post! Wait you laugh at me!!

I LOVE C183.

k, nvm.

So high so high! =P Flying sky high!!!!
Maybe what I needed was here all along.

Plan of "behind the blue note" worked today

pieces of me @ 10:54 PM.

It's already 7.40am! =)

Anyway, my Derv group! Either we're dam hardworking to be still online at this hour, or we're so super darn last min. ALL FOUR are my Derv group. HAHAHA!

Anyway, NICOLE U DIE LA! Die of ecstacy le!

Gotta go school in 1hours time.

Thought of celebrating!!
But..... guess not!

pieces of me @ 7:39 AM.

Guess what.

It's 6am now!

What ever happened to 1am 2am 3am 5am.

Don't talk to me.

Thanks huh?

pieces of me @ 6:14 AM.


I keep coming back to http://blogger.com


I take blogger as my relaxed time off from my stress work!

Anyway, I want to thank a few people today.

For coming into the clubroom and first thing, saw beside me and asked in a soft tone "Are you okay? You ytd look so stress. Take a break la! I think you super tired!! Sorry couldn't help and all" blah blah. So super sweet la!!

Also for asking me how I am! LOL! I love you la ahmad! You are super nice! WOO!

For randomly coming to me to ask if im alright. Cause he said my nick "there's a limit to how much people can take" sounded rather angry. Dont worry cob! It's nothing about you or club stuffs! =D

Well, you were always there la. But to come and find me to acc me for lunch despite your hectic work from MP that you have to OT till 9pm everyday. To leave a blue note and pasted on my handphone when I went to my meeting with Garluck. [The fact that you came was to see me la! =P] Have dinner together. Checking whether I was better.

Well, if you don't know the situation, let me tell you before you keep your little minds wandering.

The thing is....
I HAVEN SLEPT FOR TWO DAYS SINCE SUNDAY! And ytd my face was super duper shag! All could tell! LOL! So nice of them to just come and ask and not with me going to them and complain complain complain that they have to ask "are you okay?"

Of course there are still others! If I dont mention you, it isnt that I dont love you! Just that, these were the deeper impression! LOL!

Dinnered with the GET people today!
They were so nice la! Waited for me at the Zebra crossing doing stupid exercise.
Allight at Bedok inter when they normally alight way before there! =) yay.

So nice to have everyone around!
Esp sitting beside some fatty.

pieces of me @ 2:46 AM.

Oh anyway,

I just saw from the analytics.
I got 2 views from overseas!

One from USA, One from Cambodia!
Just nice, they both fit nicely to my 4e2 crapping classmates that always sit behind me and my bf huijia.
Eddie Lu and Tya!
LOL! I'm just guessing it's them but we lost contact for so long, I doubt they will read my blog.

If you are nto Eddie or Tya, well, HELLO TO SINGAPORE! hahahaha!! =P
Hope you weren't scared of the previous emotional post then! =x

My Ex-Alarm Clock has asked me to be his Alarm Clock instead.
LOL! So funny. When I feel like sleeping, he doesnt.
When I doesn't, he does! hahaha! Cute.

Btw, I'm still stressing out! LOL! Out of 3 points I've completed 1 and a half.
The last point dam hard yo!

So cool so cool!
Close to completion

pieces of me @ 1:40 AM.

ZOMG! My 911th post. HAHA! Jiu Yao Yao wor! =P

OKAY lame! Sorry la! Had to destress ma!!!!!

Tml I'm gonna face something called, DERV!

In any case that anyone of you don't know,
Derv is a ungodly deadly poisoness bird.
Its speed is able to match up with that of an eagles, but losing to it by around 100m/s.
It's eyesight is that of a dove that it can hunt fishes down from far.
It's perserverance is that of an vulchor! [Aiyo dont know how to spell], able to wait for the prey to die.
Scary right this derv?
I show you how it looks like.. Be prepared...
Warning!! Disgusting sight ahead!



Okay fine! So I knew you din't believe me. Rolling your eyeballs, lifting your eyebrows! Fine fine!! STRESS CAN! 60% leh! Don't play play!

Anyway, here's another red bandana today.

Introducing Dou Jiang!!

Gotta start chionging my Derv presentation now! 60%!! Steam le!!
ROARS! Go Jolene!! Should you do badly, I have no words to describe you!

Oh yea, HA SOME PEOPLE SUPER STUPID infront of my classmates.
Skate-Scootering along the lobby, and xinneh shouted "Where's Jolene?"
And you almost fell HAHA SUCKER! =X

Never felt like looking forward to every hour of the night before!
-blink blink! =P

Stress for two more days only!!
For this week at least!

pieces of me @ 12:57 AM.
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before any anoymous tags come again,
please read this line.

Regarding yesterday,

If you're thinking I forced him not to go.
You're wrong. Please get your facts right.

Thank you
The last negative/emotional post I promise.
At least for this month tho

pieces of me @ 12:00 PM.

A 682 word post.
Inside my draft.
But now inside another published place.

By looking at the title, I think you know the password to it.
Still thinking whether to post it here or not.
Shall consider! =)

You know where to find the post.
You know the password.
That enough. Cause it's not for others to read.
But be prepared though.

Was reading my previous post. There was this one line, I wrote last time.

I'm not waiting for you
I'm just borrowing some love from you till you've fully recovered

pieces of me @ 10:13 AM.

Whooos! Woke up super early just to start on my Derv Assignment so that I would not have to do it again so late in the night and not sleep as usual. Though I think it's highly NOT possible! Haha!

Slept only less than 2hours for Sunday and Monday. Glad to have slept a lot yesterday! =P

Better JIA YOU! I'm glad I have Alex with me!! WHOO!! Dlist de!!
He's so super nice can! =))

Still deciding whether to go school or not!
MOCK TEST is indeed impt. But I dont even understand a little tiny bit of FOI HOW to go! LOL!

ROARS! One last 60% assignment! GOGOGO!
Sorry to made you have a sleepless night yesterday

pieces of me @ 9:23 AM.
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soooo sooooooo happy today!!!

So far so good. Got a B for my overall CMSK for now. YAY! Din't deprove! HAHA!
Handed in my brochure already! Nothing left to worry. Quite sure that my brochure would at least get a B too! =)

BIS Lab test was hell easy!! My two hour lab test was completed in less than an hour half. I spend more than half the time decorating my work. LOL!! Dam fun! =DD

COTS presentation went well I assumed. Coming from the good comments the teacher gave. Though the Q&A session really shocked the hell outta us, but I'm lucky my group got people like Alvin and Denver. They rocksss! I tried to answer tho! =P


Left with..
Derv presentation [60%] (YES ITS 60%! NOT INCLUSIVE OF REPORT!!)
Econs End Sem Test (25%)
BIS Examination (40%)
FOI Examination (50%)

WHOOO!! So near! That concludes the end of my Sem 2.1!!
After friday, it's GOOD BYE TO HECTIC WEEK!!!

At clubhouse now. Initially went to Reuter's to find alex but he completed his work already. And he taught me how to do parts of it. So off to try it with my sexy 8.9" mini-notebook while waiting for 9pm to strike and someone can log off from MP! =D


pieces of me @ 8:36 PM.

So energetic!
So high!
So happy! =))))))


pieces of me @ 4:23 AM.

TML Schedule:

9am-11am: Submit CMSK Brochure. [Completed]
11am-12pm: Break
12pm-3pm: BIS Lab test [1hour test]
3pm-6pm: COTS Presentation [4.30pm-5.15pm]


pieces of me @ 3:54 AM.

I have so many good friends around me! =)

All giving me good advices and asking me to XX and all.
Meiwei Xiuzhen Xinneh Sharon.

Telling them and hearing advices from them is nice. All thinking way ahead of what my puny brain is thinking. All thinking of precautions and everything.

But still, tho all says "NO", my heart tells me otherwise. So confusing! Roars! =P I know you all have your interest for my heart and don't want me to get hurt. But, I believe I can take whatever that comes my way. Or so, I hope.

I don't deny at all that I'm a sensitive person. That might just be the super super superrrrrr negative point about me tho. Heh.

I already thought of my backup plan though. And that plan is..... Of course I can't say it out. haha.

Jolene! 你行的

pieces of me @ 2:17 AM.
Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everything around me revolve around the Super Mario game. First is this giant Yoshi. Next is benben suddenly msn me and send me this Boo picture. Which is in Super Mario game also.

I lied when I said I don't want to meet you
I lied when you called and wanted to meet me at parkway for dinner but I said I don't want to.

I lied. Cause I really wanted to see you then.
But I guess it has to wait till tomorrow!

pieces of me @ 10:14 PM.

I've realised time and again how life always goes up whenever I'm feeling down.
Maybe it's a gift from heaven to me.
Each time I'm down or unlucky or angry or anything.
Something good happens.

As soon as I've put down phones with sheep
I got a message from my class rep.
"Hey guys! Derv presentation starts on wednesday onwards cause it'll be clross class q&a session instead.. blah blah"

Means I can have a peaceful sleep tonight! =D
Hopefully no nightmares,
NO! I mean, I'm sure there would not be!
Life is just so nice to me! =)

An aura of protection over me
I think it's the work of my grandfather up in heaven. =)

pieces of me @ 9:42 PM.


Just had a terrible nightmare just now.
So terrible till, when I woke up, I can still remember it vividly and my heart still pains after.
For goodness sake. Leave me alone.
All I wanted to do is have a good rest before working my ass up the whole day for my projects. Is it to hard to ask for?
This week is a stressful week for me. So, anything just wait like after tuesday or something.

Things happening together that all coincides.
You like this to happen? Well, you're welcome then.
Your plan and motive succeeded again.
Thanks for acting up and all again.
Thanks for making me in such a state where I'm at my most vulnerable ends.

I don't know how but you certainly have the power to do what you want.
A power that I don't know. Cause I only know how to smile.
Even when there's things on, I still only know how to smile.
My smile is my most precious gift. It's also my most precious shield.
Come and attack me somemore. Break my smile. Isn't that what you wish?

Now I know why I got an SMS from Meiwei this afternoon.
Dont worry darling, you asked me to stay strong, and I will.
I'm just expressing my thanks and gratitude to those who feel that I should.
Hate the me now? Well look at yourself before you speak.

Talkin to you then felt so horrible as before.

Just FYI, i ___ed.
Not only you can, I'm also entitled to do so.

pieces of me @ 8:51 PM.


Anyway, putting on the 忍 Bandana! Chiongg ahhhh!! All the while I've put in last min effort and still can get a B grade. Most of you might be like "B ONLY!" But to me its a lot okay! =)))

This Derv really must chiong! Cause I did super badly in my both quizes which adds to a total of 40%! Lab test is 20% and presentation 40%. Now we're all thinking that presentaiton will turn to 60% cause it seems like there isnt time for lab test!

I think I will need my alarm clock for today as well! =P So come Alarm clock!!

I also need all my Motivation items!
It's lying all around my room! From my cupboard, to my bed, to my table, to my bed table, to inside my bag. Aww! Not only can I get to look at it, I can also hug it too! Not forgetting that Clique's happy Jacket! =P *sniffs-*

What I loved is...
when we're alone at suntec.
when we're on the car, and the actions seem so protective.
where you tr_a_ m_ _he s_m_ _v_n w_t_ h__ a__u_d
where we're sharing food.
walking on the sand on the beach.

What I loved is every moment.

pieces of me @ 3:46 PM.

Going out with parents tml!! Celebrate my belated birthday!! =))
So in the morning maybe can go find you all le! =(
After that, depends? HAHA! Gotta go tie the "Ren" Bandana tml! GO GO JOLENE!

After that only left with test! WOO!

pieces of me @ 3:29 AM.

Just got home from Ricky's!
Like yes, 2+am in the morning.

Thanks Marcus for sending me home! All the way to the doorstep! Though it's super ulu for you. You even remembered how to go LOL!

YAY So happy today! Meet Xinneh! Meet Sheep! Meet the rest of the IITSC peeps. WOO! But there's a price to pay! WORK WORK WORK!!!!!! AHH!!

Btw, did i mention? Both Eugene and Ricky look so much liner and fitter now?
I wonder how will jon look like!

I am a fussy person!
Fussy enough to make a wrong right decision! =D

pieces of me @ 2:28 AM.
Saturday, August 09, 2008


Derv Presentation
Derv Submmision
Derv Lab Test [Maybe]

CMSK Brochur Submission
BIS Lab Test
COTS Submission/Presetation

Econs End Sem Test [25%]

By Sunday, Derv completed everything, CMSK brochure 50% at least.
Monday by 6pm, CMSK Brochure.
Monday, COTS slides and script up.
Revise Lab test.


Jia you jolene! HAHA!
Busy but still making the effort to have fun!
Going Ricky's ltr! Ciao

pieces of me @ 3:57 PM.

It's nice to hear comments from your friends.

One guy said:
Eh. Your friend at the busstop yesterday. What's his name ah? He very handsome

My Act Dang said:
Omg!! He very cute leh!! Good looking!

LOL! =)

Natural Beauty
Natural Killer

pieces of me @ 12:29 PM.

WOO! Had a wonderful time with my secondary school friends ytd!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU LA! So happy that we're still contacting and all!! And I super loved that gift. I KNOW ITS VERY EXPENSIVE! AHHH! guilts-

SORRY DEXTER! Not that I don't want to go but I really had a lot of catching up with my secondary school friends! I think we only see each other at least on each of our birthdays and new years?

AND SUPER SORRY TO EUGENE!! Like you SMS me to meet me, I really wanted to go see you but I fell asleep once I reached home. You were so near. I should have just met you and went home. But I wanted to go had a bathe den meet you. A bad choice I know!

WOOO! So finally you realised its super scary? First is thinking of the same thing, doing the same thing, saying the same thing, liking the same thing. Now it comes to wearing the same colour codes from head to toe when we din't even say. ESP when I seldom wear full black and you seldom wear full black. So shocked la! To see you walking down the stairs, with your shocking face as well.

Watching Olympic now! Was woman's weight lifting just now. The China champion is dam zai can!! She very qiang!! She broke the world record as well! She is super small sized! Got some people there, DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE WEIGHT LIFTER! No muscle but lifting weights twice as heavy!! That China Champion lifted 117KG!!!!!!!!! WAHH!

A wonderful day spent with a wonderful bunch of people
Always be remembered,
HuiJia Weining Xinyi Yining

pieces of me @ 11:13 AM.
Friday, August 08, 2008


My mom ask me not to hug it tonight!! =(

Yoshi shall be my substitute today. LOL! Quite huggable! Just that my legs got nothing to hug! T.T Sad!!!

YAY! Meeting act dang tml! WOO!

Yoshi ah Yoshi!
Not the real thing, but can always pretend! =P

pieces of me @ 2:43 AM.

Last month was the month where people get together in my class.
This month is the month of the opposite! Where people are emo and sad!

Three of my classmates were emo today. 2 of the 3 were about relationships.
So sad to see them like this! Cheer up k!!

I'm so thankful that during this stressful moments, I still got a sheep there for me. Today I even have a sheep waiting for me at the busstop alone for quite long to send me home.

To every broken heart in here
Love was once a part, but now it's disappeared
But there's still tomorrow
Forget the sorrow
Watch it pass the day
As it fades away

pieces of me @ 2:34 AM.
Thursday, August 07, 2008

Finally I've reached 18 this year!

No more calling people old.
No more people saying "eh! you underage don't drink la!"
No more sneaking in M18 shows.
No more!!! Will miss those!!

Able to learn driving now.
Able to drink legally now.
Able to club legally now.
Able to watch M18 legally now.

People I would like to thank.

IITSC MainCom AY08/09
For that surprise on friday. Though it ended up with cake all over my hair, but I still love you all for planning and organising such things! Love the card especially!!!!! LOVES.

For monday. Eating out together and watching movie. The set of formal wear. Just happens I lost mine and was super sad by the fact and you bought. I want to thank Xinni! Must be you right! Suggest formal wear! haha! Always my XinNEH la! =P Of course I still love the other 6 of you. Ailan Chuhui Kaixin Nicole Sharon Valerie. The guys also. All 10 of you.

My 2+1 fingers,
Paper Xiuzhen

For being the first in almost everything. First to send sms *ahem*, first to receive gift on that day. You just rock please! I don't know what i'd do without you! =)

Darling Apple
The picture frame thing you gave really very lovable please! I'm feeling so guilty. I din't turn up for your birthday but you came for mine. x[ I love you darling!!

Fion Darling
Though you had dance, you ran all the way to Biz Park just to wish me happy birthday! I really appreciated that la!!

PING PONG!!!! Thanks for the very GIANT yoshi you bought for me! I really loved it! LOL! I'm so thankful you bought that Yoshi instead of Mario cause Yoshi is SO MUCH CUTER!! =P I really love you la! One of the most gentleman I've met in my life! Dont drift k!

From the birthday wish, to the gift, to celebrating my birthday, all was there. Really appreciate every single thing. You've indeed seen me grow up for one year plus le. That line was the one that moved me the most! Legend, in army, please take care.

Meiwei QingAiDe
For the gift you made. Really love it! From last year to this year, all the pictures you've kept! The icecream necklace, that you know why. For being our FA, our baomu, our photographer for that day. Xin Ku Ni Le! For everything! Endless to say! I love you darling!

Ber and Jocelyn
Thanks for the gift leh! Admin really rocks! WOOHOO! Ber, thanks for really going dwn to get the gift dispite your busy day busy life. Jocelyn!! So happy just to see you again! =)

Katherineee & Shihan
For planning the whole amazing race thing. I really loved it. I wasnt expecting like IITSC, OPHIX and VENOS to be celebrating this day together!

My roots in TP. Really love all of you. Don't know what I'd do without you. Without Ophix, there wouldn't be this now. And for the station game at Cine. Cannot forget it!

Thanks for the station games in school. So tiring, embarassing, but still fun! =) The fact that you've planned all these, printed all the pictures, proved that you all did this before hand. Really touched!!!

I was so shock to see so many people there!! Like really a lot of you! So nice to see everyone there! Our group is like so super big! Surprised to see a lot of people that I din't really expected! Haha! Love you all please!!

Sheep [YES i know u all know who]
For planning such a wonderful surprise for me. See below.

I knew you fell asleep the night before cause we both did! haha. But at 11am you asked me to call you. When I called you, it was the immediate playing of the "Happy Birthday" tune on guitar. You told me you just figure it out that day only to play for me.

After my lesson at 6pm, some sheep called me and was already waiting for me outside my class. STALKER! After that he asked to go to clubroom. At level one, he passed me stuffs he bought for me. Which was a jacket [cardi-like-material] with hoods! LOL! And also bought me a cube which EVERYONE says it was dam cute! Each time I hole the cube in my hands, people would be "SO CUTE!" and takes it away from me and I cannot complete it.

Went to clubroom and I knew something was wrong. Halfway meiwei came in. Me and long realised that we kena tua. It was the start of a station game. I looked at him and he said "I kena peer pressure one"

So at the end of the station game, we stayed at esplanade till 11pm before catchin the last train home. He sent me home. On the train, I not purposely said "I really loved all the handmade gifts la!" And he suddenly sounded so sad, like cause he only bought me a jacket and cube. And still keep askin me if I expected more.

While walking home, he kept saying he very sad that he cannot cut cake with me. Said that he really wish to cut cake with only me and him. Kept saying he want cookies and cream cake. Say stuffs like "Oh I called your mom to ask her buy cake for me. It's in your fridge" That kind.

So when I reached my home, I went to my room to put my stuffs down. He was pointing at the table and I saw a gift there. Open up a bit and it was from HIM! Stunned right! Like since when and what! It was a handmade necklace! Super nice I swear! And you still purposely sounded so sad at the train! Pitff.

So I went out to question him about the gift and there I saw a cake, REALLY TAKEN OUT FROM MY FRIDGE! With a candle on top, only left to lit it! So shock please! Like really HOW HOW!!

So we nuaed a while and talked and SUCH and so he went home.

That wasn't all you know!! When I was going school the next day, I took out my slipper and on my slipper was a toblerone bar! Why Toblerone? Don't tell you! :P

So much planning right! Seriously din't expected it. HAHA! Though our date that day has to be postponed, but it was more than enough! =)

I want to thank all the SMSes from people!
Xiuzhen, Darren, FangYong, ZhenXiang, Sharon, Nichole, Junhao, Unknown, Eileen, Rayna, Yuanlong, Apple, Valerie, JY, CKM, Mayfen, Meiwei, Yeeping, Derek Partner, Atiqah, Unknown, Yining, Sharudin, YinHui, HuiQi, Gerald, Joyce, Lynnette [pri sch], Lynette [Ophix], Jingyi, Benyap, Ke Xian, Xinyi, Huiyi, Aaron, Surina, Siewlin, Katherine, Jason, Weining, Shihan, Huijia, Xinni, Matt, Alicia.

And all the happy birthday in MSN!
Sorry but I don't have a copy of names here, BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

And those who wished me happy birthday in real life!
Though I don't know how some of you know but, thanks!!!!

A wonderful birthday that I will really remember! A 5-in-1 celebration! Seriously! How can I ever forget!

I'm still meeting my act dang on friday though! I love them lots! Thanks for giving this day, to Sheep initially, but in the end is to everyone else.

Pictures up soon I hope. :D

A wonderful birthday
A wonderful time

pieces of me @ 10:11 AM.
Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I forgotten to post this on 4th Aug but..


Wanted to post as soon as I got home, but I fell asleep.

Also wanted to say


Same birthday! WHOOTS!!

I've turned 18!! So NOT wanting this day to come! I still want to keep calling people old!! Those who are 18 that is. HAHA! Guess have to wait next year to call those already 19 old! :P

All my friends are super cheeky! All purposely don't want meet me cause want me to spend it with some sheep. HAHA! Really! All of them like "HEY! Meet you at friday! Cause want let you spend with ______" or "i don't mind lending you to ______ on tues" and blah blah! CHEEKY!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, supposing to go out with him la. Happy though! =P Every year my bday I get to spend with someone I like. Last year, someone I liked. This year, someone more. =P

Happy birthday to me!
Good old 18 years old

pieces of me @ 1:49 AM.
Monday, August 04, 2008

So scary!!! LOL!
It super scary I swear!
Tio stunned!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody realise
But me!

pieces of me @ 3:35 AM.

This weekend is so relaxed, so nice and wonderful.
I believe all of my C183 classmates would agree with me?
Knowing the fact that we chionged 3assignments for the past week,
while this week we had none?

I think we deserve this magnificant weekend.

On the side note,
Jia you for your CMSK presentation on tuesday guys!
The girls did it! So could you! =)

A wonderful relaxed weekend
Never before, but here it is

pieces of me @ 12:56 AM.
Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quorra Russo is going to meet Lorenzo Rmano later at 7.30pm.
Sho happy! =))

Something i love.

So do you want to see me?
Do you have a Bandaid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

pieces of me @ 5:31 PM.

8th June 08 - JY's 21st bday

Before I start anything, let me show you my mom's invention! Tomato milkshake! And I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE! It isnt exactly the nicest drink to be having it down your throat.

So it was JY's 21st bday and it was a chalet somewhere in changi! Headed down quite late at night. Honestly, I have no idea how to go. Somemore I went there alone cause I missed the meetup cause was feeling a lil tad lazy at that point. Thankfully some sheep kept talking to me so that I wouldn't feel very alone at all. It really helped me! Else I'd be lost!

But the suayest thing to be happening! I hurt my leg! Bleeded!! Sulks-

Finally I've reached! YAY! I swear there was super hell lots of people. That emcee was JY's uncle. SUPER entertaining! The way he talk made JY cried! Cause he so super touched!

So many people!

No idea was he was doing then. LOL!

SUPER SUPER SUPER big cake! So nice. The key. The uncle said sth and it made JY cry again.

I dont know why this picture is upside down. Anyway, they had a lot of ideas la! They got a vid of a olympic guy holding the tourch. And the next thing, his brother ran in with a "tourch" with 2 other accompanies and lighted the candle! SO NICE RIGHT! His family so nice!

Him hugging his grandma!

Thank you speech.

After that was photo taking! O O O OPHIX! =P We were suppose to wait for our turn, but we just kept shouting "O! O! O! O! O! O!" Then he bo bian let us first. HAHAHA!

So after photo taking, we all went back to our room. The OPHIX rooom. LOL!

Had so much fun in the room. And I really miss most of them right now! Been a long time since I last saw them! =((

After that, we went down to had a lil chit chat with the rest of the people. There was when I first talked to Edwin. Actually he talked to me first. After that we just got to know each other. haha! A lot of things happened but too lazy to put in words.

Rayna was nice enough to wait for my bus for me together! YAY! The bus was super long! But she still waited with me. Thanks Darling!

AND GUESS WHO I MET ON THE BUS! MY SUPER OLD DARLING YINHUI! AHHHHH!! Miss you super lots please! Muacks!!!!!!!!

On the 21st bday, he teared
Not tears of saddnes, but tears of joy

pieces of me @ 2:53 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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