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Sunday, May 31, 2009

27th May09- ITPM gathering? LOL!

Met up with Xinneh and Denver, suposedly to study!

But we ended up in SAS lab spamming "how well do you know __?__" quiz! LOL! Dam fun I swear! And we slacked and high-ed ! OMG! And it got worst when TAN WEI CHOY CAME!

After that we just got too hungry so we went Ang Kiong to eat! :D I saw weeyou there! And he told Marc and I saw Marc walking to find me so I went to find him too! It's like meet halfway at the path kind! :x LOL! Had quite a nice long chat with him and BURDEN [Andy] before sitting.

That day Weichoy ordered like a lot of food? LOL! It's like thanks! :D

And spot the similarity with this! :D LOL!

Yes, ALL WHITE SHIRT! hahahah!

And the a lot of food! :D

We had one of my favourite dishes too! :D Ang Kiong's hokkien mee! :D Whoots!

We talked till around 9plus 10 before heading home! Really! It's like we don't have any submission + test the next day kind! Just relac only!

But after we got home it was hell! Chionging my presentation and doing research! Lots of it! Oh gawd! Did I mention I din't sleep? Oh man! It was horrible!

Well, continuation on next post! :D

ITPM group!
It's just too qiao always!

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25th May 2009- TPSU interview, night at the museum

Din't sleep well the previous day due to Wealth project! And the next day I had a presentation going on! Thanks to Weichoy Sharon and Denver that I know what to say for my presentation! Cause my slides were ALL WRONG! Omg!

Met up with Eric to go for TPSU Subcom interview!
[YES I have already went for the interview! I don't wanna be hiding it cause I know it'll sure be bound to create rumours! Anyway, I get in or not is another case!]

I think our interview rocked socks? Esp my fruit interview! HAHA! It was so dam fun please! I really enjoyed interview! It wasn't cause of the people that were interviewing me? Lots of people said that it was cause I knew the people there that's why I'm not nervous, but it's not true okay! I LOVE interviews! :D I shall say my answer next time after the interview is over! :D

Well anyway, met lots of people there! Is love de TPSU! =) The lounge is like never ending talking and chatting. Anyway. Met Issac! He was drawing a picture for Eric! So I wanted! He pretend he dowan draw for me! So I was dam sad lah! Then when I said bye he was like "EHHH! DONT GO!" Then he drew me!

It was somewhat like what I was wearing? It might have looked gloomy la! But that's just the way he draws face.

After that went with my class to TM to buy tickets! They so nice please! Cause I never eat due to having interview, they ALL went to accompany me to eat! Is sweet de! Ayway, SOMEONE got new phone! :D

We watched Night at the Museum2! Oh gwad, I still remember with whom did I watch Night at the Museum! It shall be kept a secret! :D Cause I don't feel like mentioning his name. It's dam hilarious! And from that movie, Xinni could tell that me and Sharon's level of humour is different! Nicole said she could hear my laughter the loudest! WTH! :P

Yay! Love this girl!

Us all! Wearing formal!


We all went to Ding Tai Fung after that!

Oh did I mention? We all bought toto together! HAHA! So exciting! We got 3 numbers! But 3 numbers aint enough to win! =(

Ate Xiao Long Bao! :D Oh gawd I love the JUICE from Xiao Long Bao! :D And I want to try my Da Long Bao! Big bao! =(

And my Cranes! I just love to fold them and don't ask me why! :D

Took MRT home after that! LIKE MRT! Cause I ran out of concession and din't wanna buy!

26th May 2009- Quiz quiz and more quiz!

Went to school for 2hours lesson. After lesson we had discussion! But before we went for discussion, we bought finger food! :D

Cause ITAS dam smelly right! I asked weichoy to help me buy instead! So here's his limelight! LOL! =X

And my groupmembers! :D Alvin Sebast

Weichoy! Missing: Diana

Though it's not like my ITPM group, but I love this group just like the ITPM group but maybe lesser a bit! But sorry, nothing compares to my ITPM group!

Halfway thru discussion, NICOLE showed us this IQ question and we all just kept doing and doing and doing! I love Xinni Weichoy and MingCong can! It's like anything related to quiz we sure do without fail! One kua zhang thing is, when walking oppo school, THEY ALSO DO! HAHA WTH RIGHT!

And it doesn't stop! SEE!

Spot what's wrong with this picture! :P Highlight answer below this picture if you give up!

Nicole is not holding any pen and all and pretending to do! LOL!

And all ye hardworking peeps!

And the slacker peeeeple!

Sharon Weichoy and me went back and acc the group meeting people! YAY! See we're so nice!

After that went to meet Desmond to get something from him! And we took a very retarded video! [I CANT BELIEVE THAT UP TILL NOW! Got people still think me and Desmond together! HAHA! We make a good pair lah! =P But you got gf liaooo! HAHA!]

AY08/09. Something to reminsce about! :D LOL! I believe by looking at this, you will know that a year is gonna pass since that day.

After that Nicole and Sharon came to find me at clubHOUSE [haha! MY favourite term for clubroom] and MingCong sent me home! YAY!

Fun filled day!
It's like everyday can!

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Okay! I don't know how much of palm reading I should believe or if it's really true.
Cause somehow it's really true.


I don't really get nightmares during sleep!

I got a sweet dream the day before!
And an adventurous dream yesterday! LOL!

Oh anyway, I shall go and post my post that I was suppose to post! :D
So lookout for my post yo!

I dreamt that WE got inside tpsu subcom!
SO DRAMA! But yea!

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Friday, May 29, 2009


But guess what!

MSN is being a big bitch to me! RAHS!

Well, Joyce surprise celebration was a success! :D

SITI MARYAM! YOU!!!! You again! LOL! Tsk!!!
It's like all 8 but YOU ! hahah!
But we still love you dearest!


SOMEONE forgot to call Kat on her bday!
Tsk! =P
Still can call other people!
Only a TONA, NOTA person! :x
Tsk tsk tsk!
Forget about lunch lah! I doubt it'll happen!

Meeting SKY Ivan and Desmond tml! Yay! =)
It's like meet ups meet ups and more meet ups!
Whoots! I have lots of mission!
Current mission is to meet as many HAIRFUL guy as possible before that get into army! Whee!

Get some originality!
Whoots! Free free free!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was looking at my favourite page and I saw that he uploaded a new phrase. I like it very much! So I shall just post it here!

Forgive those who caused you harm and have peace of yourself
Replace hatred with love and try to understand instead of being bitter

It's a easy phrase to understand.
But with human nature in us,
Most of us would not be able to do it.
But one who really is able to do it,
They'll find things around them beautiful.

Many ask, how to replace hatred with love?
Well, the answer is up to you to find

pieces of me @ 11:57 AM.

Finally managed to upload all the pictures! Seriously a massive update! Cause I was lagging behind for quite a while.I shall just do this before going to war with my notes! I'll wear de "perserere" bandana on my head and just chiong! Bu before that, i'll update!

23rd to 24th May 2009- Kat's 21st Celebration

It was the day of Kat's chalet and I spent the whole time doing the scrapbook page part of mine! I swear I HAD NO IDEA how to go about doing it! So don't laugh okay!

Anyway, I did a scrapbook of a scrapbook! :D

And other pictures used!

The paper used!

The secret used!

And add together.... its like this! HAHA! Dam noob right! But it was my hard efforts okay!

So rushed off to Tanah Merah to meet some others and took a bus there! :D

Greeted her happy birthday and immediately went upstairs to have the scrapbook compiled!

After that Dawn dragged me down to "pretend" that we are not doing anything for her! LOL! So went to mingle with the rest! I played asshole daidee! From asshole become king! YAY!

After that it was cake cutting time! I'm lacking of the pictures but I'll post it at a later date! :D And it was SMASHING TIME! I ran dam far away iwth Jenny! LOL! It was super retarded!

A picture with Sky before he left! :D While he still has hair!

After that when most of them left, it was only the bimbos plus jon jason and ivan! :D We did scrapbooks, took polaroid photos and many things! Had a wash up and all! Talking and such! It was pure family!

See Kat so dirty!

After that we practically just laid on the whole of level one! Dam cosy I swear!


Had some drinks here and there! OMG WE went BONKERS with a stupid chicken! LOL!

I like the picture below!

I swear before I fell asleep, we were all sleeping in weird directions! I SWEAR! And look at what happen after I woke up! All straight position! I don't know what happened! LOL! The empty space was where I slept at! :D

Woke up at about 10am plus for breakfast! We slept at 4-5am the previous day! Thanks Kat's family for buying the bfaste/branch for us! :D

Ber ate a lot of chicken wings! LOL!

After Jason left, we had some girls talk! :D It was dam nice! SEE LA JASON! haha! No la kidding! And after that, from girls talk it became a palm reading thing! Omg! It was so scary! But ll of it was true! Gawd! As much as I don't wanna believe, I think it's like so true that you cannot don't believe! It made a lot of us ended up in a emotional state! But I guess, things that are said should be just kept within us!

Anyway! After that we got a delievery from a person! We thought it was another cake for the third day! But guess what! It was an elmo aga aga! OMG! So sweet right! I swear its dam cute! And they had a hard time finding this shop lah!

AFter that at 3plus I had to go home cause I had to do my wealth! So I went home first! I'm so sorry Kat I cannot stay for your last day! =( But I really had to finish up my assignment! Many thanks to Jenny and Dawn for driving me home!

Anyway, I realised out of 9 bimbos, 5 has already gotten lisence! And a lot of you still dare to say girls cant drive! Even if we are bimbos, we still can drive okay! :D
Liscene gotten: Jenny, Dawn, Shihan, Joyce, Me!
Still on the way: Katherine, Maryam, Berlinda!
Have yet to get: NaNa

Back at home!

I was so stress about wealth cause I really don't freakingly understand anything! People only took 2hours to complete. Me? 12hours! Oh gawd! Cause I really don't know how to do! =(

I'm so thankful that I got the support from bimbos too though! The SMSes I got from theem! It's really heartwarming! =) At least it did reduce my stress!

It's the love that's felt
I guess, it's cause of people like them that made me feel that theres not a need for bfs?

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An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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