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Sunday, May 30, 2010

//Room 21903 on coach back to Singapore @ 16th May 2010

These 3 bugger guys came to our room on the 2nd night and slept when the 3 of us were already asleep! They had our keys lah! LOL! Now we know their motive! But the waking up part was fun! :D

Anyway, just came back from Taiwan! Oh dam I so missed the food there! Especially the food! The food was all so cheap and nice! Yumm! :D Night life rocks! I miss shopping there too! The things there cheap like free ah, but def won't win bangkok!

I'm just glad to be back in SG! Too much stuff happened, I need time to process. I missed out too much stuff that happened in SG too! IITSC grad chalet, TP grad clubbing day, oil spilled, the NP grad "KNN" video, chomps with loves. Argh!

Anyway, I should just stop thinking too much and proceed further.
Btw, I'm still thinking of the ash-haired girl in Taiwan! LOL!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

//Walking madness at Changi

Love you girls to bits and pieces!

Anyway, after today, it'll be after Joyce's 21st bday celebration and Kat's 22nd surprised celebration!

I just wanna give a shout out to you guys! I am sorry that I totally missed out all the birthdays! Thats why I am posting in advance now for you! :D

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAT YEO AND AN ADVANCED BIRTHDAY TO JOYCE LAU!! =D i love you girls so so so so soooo much!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

//Frolick with Michelle and Fionn @ 18th May

Having the post-genting feeling! I'm not really very excited about going on the trip to Taiwan yet. I guess it's hard to feel excited especially when you just came back from an awesome trip, rest like 2 days, have your graduation and having to fly off for another trip at 6am! This time, I won't be around in SG for 9 days! Gotta make this trip happen!

During this 9 days that I won't be around, lots of things would be happening! I can't put my heart down and I feel like being in SG too! Imagine not being able to put down 9days, how to put my heart down on even going overseas! Dang!

Have yet to pack my bag! Tho I did write down a list to pack! But I'm thinking to take away some items on the list! Cause like, sure shop in tw one leh! :P Okay, shall see how!

I'll miss a lot of people! ): Really is a lot a lot a lot! If I can access wifi there, I'll come online alrights? :D Sorry to Joyce Lau! I can't be there for your birthday! Trust me, I'm leaving with a heavy heart! And to those I'm going TW with, it's not like I hate you k! I love you all still!

"Katherine McPhee- Terrified" speaks to me
You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

//Genting with Graduates

This has got to be the most awesome genting trip ever! With 29 people of the same kind, going together, having the whole coach to ourselves!

Who could have imagined that going Genting with such a big group would be so fun! Many times we took the whole ride to ourselves. We cheered ourselves silly! Imagine the indoor rollercoaster, we actually cheered the whole ride! And that "not-so-exciting" rollercoaster was actually dam fun for all of us! We kept riding non stop! Cheering in the rides were the most fun! "Graduates! Ji Dian Liao? Shi er dian! ah san dian! ah liu dian! ah jiu dian! AHHHHHHH *sharp turn*"

Having baskin robins everyday. Doing stupid stuffs like trust leg fall! Having a crazy addiction for bumper car and even dancing to the techno music there. Running around Genting! Making so much noise that we got complaint twice at the hotel area. Watching cheapo movies! Watching so many people get drunk/high! Waking up in the morning with 3 guys in our room!

So much stuff happened! It's hard to explain it in words! But what I know is, partner and I were happy that this trip was a complete success cause we really mixed around good! We got to know one another better, and it's really like soooo much better kind! I know there is a close to zero chance of going overseas as a big group again, but at least, this will be a memory I will never forget! Genting will never be the same without the 28 of you! I will definately think back of the times we had!

I'm glad this trip happened!
Special thanks to Ann Hin, Serene and Kahyuen

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Friday, May 14, 2010

//Graciie's 20th Birthday @ Hardrock Cafe

Hey Takglam, hope you had one helluva swell time with us! Making you come in your dress and even the band calling you pretty. You're really very pretty one okay! Especially since you've cut your hair! I still remembered the first time when we met. So funny! They were just comparing the both of us to see who is more takglam! hahaha! Anyway, Takglam love okay! Love youuuuu! *flying kiss*

Today was a solemn moment for many, especially for my club. ): I feel so helpless not being able to do anything. I know the person that feels the worst is Desmond. I know he's blaming himself for all that has happened and I think he's blaming himself for the downfall of the club! But it's okay Des! So what? Doesn't mean our club din't do well for the previous AY. And it doesn't mean our club will cui for the coming AYs to come! It will be a better club. Just FCBH! Do what you all think it's right! Please don't be gloomy anymore! When I see all of you in the clubroom today with such a solemn face, my heart couldn't take it! I felt like crying just looking at all of you that I wished to escape the room. Please cheer up! I know my capabilities of cheering people up is limited, but if you need, I'll always be there! :)

Going to Genting tomorrow with 28 other people! Long awaited trip has finally reached! I wonder what awaits us! Would we return as really one big big happy smiling family? Or what? I don't really know! But I hope, we will just have a mad blast awesome fun time there! I love everyone though I'm not really close but I hope through this trip I will be! hahaha! :P At Amos house now! He's already sleeping while me and Sylvia are up. She's playing with my iPhone! Like so excited about all the games! Haaaa~ Girl power! HA~! *karate action*

I wonder is it considered as a blessing or a not cause I am worried for the up-coming elections but I guess this trip would let me break free from it! We'll just let fate decide! :D

Side note, finally there was this one freshie that made my day by saying "I always see you, you're always so happy one!" OMG OMG! My efforts of being happy is coming true! Yay! :))
What if it's more than just what I think it actually was?

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

//Bought on 11th May 10

Finally I bought another blank notebook! I love that book of mine! I have yet to doodle cause I don't have the time as I'm settling my uni stuffs. [Excuses I know] But each and everyday passes and I know what I want to draw but I always find no time! ):

Anyway, Graciie birthday yesterday at HardRock was successful! Glad you enjoyed it dear! Altho I forgotten to sms you happy birthday at the end! HAHA! =X Love you!

Met up with Xinneh today. I missed her terribly much! We had our tradition of eating mac icecream and just nice taking the last bus home. Planned our little TW trip a lil futher. Now we know roughly where to go and all!

Side note,
Thankgod I'm having my menses now! It came on Monday and hopefully will end on Thursday cause I'm going Genting on Friday! My menses always comes at the right timing! After camps, before trips! :D But cause of the mense, I'm feeling super hungryyy!

I think I'm a confused kidd now.
I shall stop thinking about a lot of stuffs!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

//Made at 9th May at Mich's

My first as-big-as-a-cake-but-hard-as-a-bisket-on-the-outside muffin! Thanks to Sylvia's recipie, Michelle's house, and the company of all the other girls. We managed to baked this out. This, being my first attempt for muffins, I'd say it turned out pretty well. I'm gonna improve and bake more! =D

I'm glad my mom loved it! She was like "omg, when I look at the cake, I feel happy. I can see you in this cake!" And I felt so happy! Cause I drew the Sun as Sun gives a happy feel! I wanted her to feel exceptionally happy for today, being Mother's day.

On the side note, after being rejected by NTU and SMU, I received a package from SIM. As much as I don't want to get into SIM, it doesn't seem like I have a choice either. As soon as I saw the packaged, I chucked the parcel aside and din't touch it till yesterday. That was when I realised my first submission deadline was at 14th May. Like WHUT? They sent the mail and I've only received it at 6th May. I have no time to decide if I want to further my studies at SIM and it sorta felt like I was forced to accept SIM. Argh! But at least I only have to study 2 years there instead of like 3 or 4 right?

I don't understand the bridging part as well. Oh god, I hate my life. I met my requirements for O'lvl maths and they still want me to go for bridging for maths? Ahhh! No time no time! Worst come to worst, I gotta head down there just to complete my stuff. FML.

Growing up is a tough job

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

//Taken during Maybelle's 21st Birthday Party

Tak glam! Tho I am the takglam one, but I will call you takglam back too! =D im happy that whenever its us, we will just take 2 shots traditionally. 1 super glam shot followed by a super takglam shot! Glad to meet you at Venos! (: Really love you girl! I still remember your jiajia liang teh during my last FO! Sweetest liang teh I have ever had! hehe!

CCN today was love! I have never felt happier! Really, it's dam fun!

Went to the audi at 11am for some 20th anniversary talk, there was a footage consisted of 20 years of TP. Looking at the video, I almost teared. I love this school way too much. After that, walked around TP. Got involved in the 3:33pm flash mob [which was what I went to school at 7pm for few days for]. Mass danced [sorry panda! ): really!], ate free awesome food! Jam and hopped with my favourite local band playing! The Goodfellas! Cheering cheers and mass GL cheers. Ending off with supper/drinks with Zadaz! (:

In three awesome words,


I dread working tomorrow! After sore and aching legs from dance rehearsal and walking around so much + J&H!

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Friday, May 07, 2010

//Webcam with Fion @ Night!

Webcam-ing with her for the first time is fun! We started out from talking on the phone, to video calling and chatting on the phone [retard i know], then to just video calling all the way!

We were just showing off our primary school specs! And for the record to those who don't know me, no I do not have a centre parting! It's for fun! So it's a one time footage! =P

We still had a "fastest bathing" contest to see who appear in front of the webcam first after bathing! She emerged as the winner but I shall not say why.

Just love her a lot lah! =P

I'm super happy! Really really happy! Couldn't be happier! (:
DEC has officially become DHP2

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

//Created on 5th May

Isn't the line above true?
If you din't give in your all, how would you be happy?

On side random note,
Met up with GFs today. We had breakfast, lunch and almost dinner together! A pity Weining and Xinyi has to work halfway, but I believe we had the ultmost fun after not seeing each other for so long.

I saw my basketball coach after god knows how long! I've missed him and his lessons! He still calls me Cai Yi Ling and sings de Mr Q. song, like always.

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//Last Sentosa with the Last Graduates of the Last Empire!

In futile effort, I failed to avoid.

After that incident, my fear of fat half naked man emerged! It soon grew into just a fear of half naked man, thin or fat. Incidents plus incidents make me so gross out by guys! All the images of everything is just stuck to my head!

I dont only fear that, I fear of feeding guys now! Cause of the saliva image stuck in my head! Arghhh!

Tweetbutt says "Your fear is extreme case already". I think so too!

To avoid, they have to accompany me to eat dinner whenever I'm in school! Twice it happened, but twice I did not manged to run away! Both from different people! Ahhh heck!

If there was a phobia, I call it the scaredofmenotitis.

Anyway, after people get attached, they do get a little out of shape don't they?

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

//Credits: Nicholas Cheong

"Bowling for Soup- High School Never Ends" playing.

I miss this school of mine. I love this school of mine. Memories flooded my mind. Like anyone elses would.

Side note, happy one year to my driving liscenes! :)

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

//Taken during Zadaz Chalet day 2 with a bit of editing.

I'm glad! Me and Derek have formed the Happy Go Lucky club and now there are two members inside! Sabrina and Fion! HAHAHAH!

I'm also glad! All the trips are more or less settled down now.

I'll be gone on 14-16th May for graduating Genting trip with FO people! Ard 27 people have confirmed now! And we are taking the 27 seater coach! However some other people are coming now! I'm happy cause there are more! I'm sad cause "omg! they have to sit another coach" kinda thing! :( I know there are certain issues, but me, partner and fion are hoping to be back as one! :)

I'll also be gone on the 20th to 28th May for Taiwan trip with my caregroup, C183. I really hope we'll have a swell of a time there. I believe we can do it! Free and easy, here we come!

I'm glad that im gonna graduate on 19th May! Tho there are some things that I remember, it'll be sad that it din't happy, but I guess I will fully understand! :) Gonna officially be an alumni of TP on that day!

I'm sad cause I have to miss out Christine's 21st birthday on 15th May and JoyceLau's 21st birthday on 22nd May cause of the trips!

Recently, I'd be able to smile more! Which might be a good thing! But I still have a long way to go, I know!

I'm sorry to my GFs. I told you I would be the free-est after my camp period but it seems like i'm the most busy now! Lets go for a trip together alright? The KL one! :)

I wanna be like Dory in nemo! [which Denver kept saying I am]
*Sings* Just keep swimming smiling! Just keep smiling!
Just keep smiling smiling smiling!

We gotta make other people happy!
But for that to happen, we must be happy first!

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An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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