Random Thought

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


yesterday called andy to talk abt de gathering
in de end we chat about other stuff till his fone no batt
haHaHA! im pro x) actually wanna break record de
but till 3hours his fone no batt. arghh. nevermind. hahaha

went to school in my mickey mouse shirt
with billabong pants, adidas shoe with pink and blue laces
billabong leather wrist band and purple socks!

went to school and did that dance.
mr chong dam cute sia. haha. he say if i teach him how to dance
he will add marks for me. yippie!! my chinese sure get high high le.
haHaHA! nahh. like he WILL add liddat.

went for lessons for 2hours den went for recess den de concert
wahahaha. oh ya. guys. i wanna tell u all a secret. shhh. dun spread k?


hahaha. i feel so lame. but anyways. de concert was nice.
really. got david and jeffery duet. waaa.
jeff de voice dam nice and de haika or wad.
OMG. dam dreamy la his voice and he got 1st for bv idol.
wahahaha. bv idol was nice.
ishak. "how cud this happen to me" wahhh. so nice!!
and AHA and so on so for.

ohh. den i like de bollywood.
de dance de teachers made for us den de guy teachers i like 4/5 of them!!
got mr SU!! TEO!! ZALDY!! SHAH!! and angulia. zz =x
hahahaha. funny laaa. they dance. esp zaldy.

went back to pri school after that.
and i saw my old pals. awwww. lol. love them loads.
yep yepp we chatted a lot and after that mrs khoo.
hahaha. we asked her bo liao questions sia
den me and huijia hold hands together form circle ard her so she cannot escape.

lol after that went to bus stop and we chatted dam long we missed a lot of bus.
hahaha. on purpose that is den after that we finally bored de bus
went to east point ntuc for shopping. lols.
shopped for super long for food as our dinner.
went to yinings house after that.
we cooked jelly for ms peh.
hopefully it turn out ok and we made a colliage or how u spell it for her hope she likes it.
hahaha. was watching superstar at her house and i slept halfway.

hahahahaha. and they woke me up that time was like how late.
den i dam sleepy sia. x) went back home and suddenly ishak called me.
and he was like wad im behind u but i see nobody in de end i saw him en tobby.
hahaha. so we chatted i think till 11plus den we went home. lol.

we saw porn at yining's house.
hahahahaha. de porn star, weining
LOL she showed us her panty with de flag.
den its like.
when she pulled down her pants
her panty oso go down den we saw her butt line.
LOL sexy la. hahahahahaa.
guys dun jealous. x)

wonderful day today

pieces of me @ 11:23 PM.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hahaha. oh ya. 4got to say sth
yesterday, ms goh showed us RA thing!
haha. 2 naked girls or women masturbating!

haha. ok back to todays thing
went to school only to realise that i
studied the wrong chapter for bio
and not only that, i studied emaths instead of amaths?

yay!! hahaha. den actually having bio test on her lessons but
yay! jumps up with joy!

had lessons after lessons. zz
den after that it was like maths period
and there was this freaking test
startin i tot it was dam hard
but after i like just daze in mid air a while
and i re-read the question, i found it easy
so i did my question and went to sleep after that. snoree*

went ard the school to look for mr chong for radio
but we ran like mad only to find that mr chong wasnt in school. zz

lol. so we went for de pegent thingy.
and omg? like 2.1 had de same idea as us.
de floating idea oso. but wthack la. like i care
hahaha. so its like got 2 jelly fish?
hmm.. den den..
hahaha. he so dam muscular.
omg. sexy man. haha. he dam on la. claps-
i think 2e2 will win. seriously. i hope they win too! cheers*

went out after school to buy the shirt for tml's thingy.
walked de entire thing and in de end i bought this micky mouse shirt
hahahaha. and i think a lot ppl buy that shirt too.
gonna wear that tml. hope i wun be like veh... veh... erm...
childish? hahaha! dun think so la hor =x

hmmm. gonna play maple den dota liaos.

mickey mousy!!

pieces of me @ 6:48 PM.
Monday, August 29, 2005

lols. almost 4get to blog today sia..
hmmm. ok where to start?

went to school as normal. jia face super black.
den went to school she like so bad mood
but after that she was quite ok ba
had lessons.. yea.. all so boring. yawnn

we had this stupid eng exam
its like a major eng exam
and it freggin takes 3.75 of de overall results in de end of year
and halfway through de thing i slept sia
i noe wheni was doin it i saw nash slept
wanted to throw a rubber across to wake him up
but just when i got my rubber he woke up
so its like i was pratically sleep writing.
den in my mind was like. quick! do fin!!
den i sleep sia. den i wake up i dnno wad i wrote
but hack la. haven do summary
after i do fin summary no more time to check so i just hand in
i din even noe like wad i wrote? oh well


haha. im bilingual

major eng test-flunk

pieces of me @ 11:14 PM.

lols. din go church today
yea. den i played dota with gavin, thia all that
omg. thia dam noob la. fuck you. hahahaha
dunno y. just felt like sayin that
so ya. anyway. y a lot ppl think me en gavin couple neh?
we are just god-father-daughter relationship
so get it right ya? im sick of hearing that le

hahaha. i love matrices. yea balls.
ohh. after that played maple with fish en dev
screw u fish. lvl so fast.
ur lvl lower den me now higher den me.
haha. but nvm. u lemme leech u good enuff.

isnt it peaceful without u?

pieces of me @ 12:06 AM.
Sunday, August 28, 2005

im so useless. useless piece of shiet
arghh. nvm. not calling anymore.

forget me-

pieces of me @ 9:01 AM.
Saturday, August 27, 2005


today woke up at 8.30 so that i cud meet jia at 9
in de end she woke up late. so i met her at 9.15
after which in de end we met at 9.33

reach school thought late but nooo
only got ameer, alicia, elroy, yining and another person i think

one by one they reach school.
so we started to design den i was de model.
den after that they said i was too tall.
in de end weining was de model
i mean like. models are supose to be tall in real life
where got ppl use short ppl as models de

they spent so much time to do.
in the end ened at 12.30
freak la. now im late for my appointment wit my famm

ran to my hse asap
and then my parents all haven reach.
so i waited veh long for them afterwards.

went to de place.
nothing to eat.
cause time veh little left for buffet

i asked them if goin airport
halfway tell me postpone
and i bought de freggin book to school

wake up so early
reach school veh little ppl
in de end i was not the sea creature
miss de appointment with my parents
ran home when nobody was ready
din make it in time for de buffet
bring tys for no reason
i mind-

so after that went to a thai restuarant to eat
de desserts was nice.
and went shopping ard in parkway.

i mind

pieces of me @ 6:34 PM.
Friday, August 26, 2005

hmmm. today went to school and danced de dance again
wahahaha. mr su so cute..
omg. dam. im de rep for de pegent thing LOL.
omg. dammit man. SHANDERO!
we spent one period just to discuss. class. thank me!

yea. den it was physics den chinese
after that i stayed back for chinese remedial.
mr chong bluff me. say remedial end at 1.30.
in de end end at 2.30.
ahh. and john was like already waiting since 1.30
sorry john. yea. so i pia to mrt and we went airport together
went to de "staff's canteen" to study
den de drinks there. was like 70cents.
de 1st time i tot i heard 2.70. scared de hell outta me

study and talked crapped.
in de end when leavin there
he gave me a soft toy and a braclet.
my belated bday gift he says.
but i known him for a while onli.
like one week before my bday. but oh well..
gonna play dota now. wheee

thanks. thoughts that count.

pieces of me @ 6:34 PM.
Thursday, August 25, 2005

today john called me at 6.30.. >_<
wa lau.. so early. hahaha. i normally wake up at 6.45 de!!
arghh. so nvm. den after that i went to wait for him
den on de way saw huiyi.
so i walked with her till de 38bus stop.
de 1st 38 came. i tot it was his bus but it was not!
den after that. bus 12 came and i saw many sec 4s.
hahaha. i see they all wear so cute sia
den gavin always being de extra wan.
he din wear formal.zzz spoiler!! hahahaha
den after that not only that.
i still rmb he just sec3 that time
he was de only UPPER SEC dat wore SHORTS!
haHahAHAHA! crap!
yea. den after that weiling went to see her fwens.
1st thing she told them. ehh. bp wear liddat nice hor!
LOL! SO FUNNY! like wadeva. vin is nicer. hahahaha

den after that jia en carin walked pass me.
so much for being earlier huh?
den i asked them to go 1st.
finally john arrived.
wa. super shuai la. de way they dress. so nice.
haha. den he dressed in maroon. cool man..

chem-had practical
maths-did filing
bio-we made a heart.

RECESS! hahaha. i lookin forward to it
den i see all de sec4s.
dress till dam nice.
den i saw dev en co. sittin behind beside us for recess only
den brian came to talk to me.
hahaha. talk abt dota.. ya la ya la. thankyou la
help me thrash them. haha. happy ma? lols.
u see fishy like okok ar. he dress in that outfit dam cool la!
hahaha. seriously. like lookin at different person. yeaa.
den fishy did a dam retard face today.
like thumbs up and eyes extremely big. den shake like wad.
hahaha. so funny. ya la.. chen is good hero.. >_<

so after that is physics.
we went inside de hall and i can tell all de sec4s are like WTH!
wahahahaha. im special. i got promoted for few mins. xD

maths-had test-chicken feet

tuition. zzz byee

sec4s look so shuai and chio! cant wait for next year

pieces of me @ 2:33 PM.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

hahahaa.yay! im 3.6kg lighter now. whoot!
ok la. but still haven reach my target.
today my arms all so tired.
cox of training yesterday
den today still need to chiong de chinese test
waaaa. torture sia.
hmmm. i think i can pass this test. thank you lord x)

i think i can pass my test

pieces of me @ 4:07 PM.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ehh. i fail my ace learning le la
its over. all over.
fuck you.

pieces of me @ 9:34 PM.

haha. had training. and it was quite ok
i down there zi high. but oh well. fun-
den after that i saw a lot of band ppl and i went to hug them
hahaha. startin all like hug me back
till i say. wa u still dare to hug me i so sweaty.
den they start to ee e eeeeE!
so funny-

i promise to work harder
no more dota after sep!

pieces of me @ 7:41 PM.

lols. yesterday i went to bed at 9.42. already goin to sleep
den hanchih msged me. so i thought just reply a bit
den suddenly john, followed by dev msged me.
lol. all 3 same class same clan >_<
ok. so i msg msg. i dam tired le. den stopped at 11.
den went to sleep. den. arghh. gerald called me suddenly
dam u all. cant i just sleep peacefully?
oh ya. rematch at sat. wahahaha. u losers sure lose de la

hmm.today in school. got chem test. quite easy
except for a few. i dun even understand. but oh well..
dam u gerald. i noe u dun need go school
dun need repeat over and over right. dam u.

now at home. waiting for time to go training
i dam tired already. plus im sick summore. arghh
but nvm la. hopefully i train summore i can get even sick
den tml dun need to go school for chinese test. wheepeee!!


pieces of me @ 2:23 PM.
Monday, August 22, 2005

omg. i just realised how screwed my life is
my results. so much homework undone.
so much things to do. so little time.

after school went to cut hair with yh and hy.
=S now den i notice. yh opposite of hy
hahaha. ok so i went to cut hair
de back is alright. but de fringe.
arghh. i cannot find a suitable fringe for me.
so screwed la! nvm. i shall not say anything.
hahahaha. but once i find de suitable fringe. i'll keep it that way

after cutting hair. i met hy to go joggin.
hy. u la! jog like walking. den walk run walk run
so we ran 24mins. quite an improvement bahhs

yea. den after that i went home i played my holla-hoop.
oh man. like can sweat a lot la. summore i only play for 10mins
hahaha. new ways to jian fei.
im gonna exercise till i reach my target weight.

my hair is screwed

pieces of me @ 7:27 PM.

wahahaha. fishy. thanks for de dota 1v1
learnt a lot of things
ppl out there. fishy is just super pro la
yea. thats y he is de commander of de team or brts. yep
ytd played quite long. and dev and fish both spot same mistake on me
i too kanchiong. piority wrong. i think is hero 1st. but base more impt
thanks for de training u all have been givin me
i wun let u down

dota rocks my world

pieces of me @ 7:23 PM.
Sunday, August 21, 2005

omg. today everybody weird la
haha. suddenly so many ppl miss me. hahaha!
3messaged received.
one-hey wake up ppl. play dota
two-peek a boo. wake up sleepy head
three-church stuff-

omg. spoile my sleep. den i woke up with nothing to do
so i went to on my com and i wanted to blog.
so i went blogger.com and guess wad. CANNOT!
den i tried friendster. and also cannot. my com is so freakin screwed
den nvm. i scanned my com for virus den i off my com

went to church. wahaha. today de songs are like so unfamiliar
and den when i reach. no more space. so i hafta sit with strangers
but its ok la. im there to serve god. not to be with my fwens.
ohh. and after that i got a pressie from aunt ailing. thankks!
its like a mu-ee stuff and a book ok "a girl's guide to life"
it looks like a interesting book. wahahaha. she noe my taste man
yea. and after that. gavin got sth for me.
its oso dam nice la! like it has my name on it. and has a cross
and its made of gems. but he ar. never check properly.
2 of de gem was out. but nahhs. its still nice.
thank you. i love you dad. haha

ok. so i went home and tried to use internet again
and cant again. i was so fed up i just slept

i woke up noticing de time was 4.15.
and my tuition was 4.30. and i haven bathed!
so i bath bath. den i came out was like 4.40 already
so i msged my fwen and met her and go tuition together
we reached there at 5.10. like 40mins late. wahahhaa.
all thanks to me x)

den wesley msged me. but i cudnt bother to reply
i hate him la. he so dam annoying.
its like. i noe he's joking. but he's overdoin it.
i hate him i HaTe HiM I HATE HIM!
hahaha. john en gerald. i noe u miss me. LOL
oh no. im so thick skin! wahahaha.
sherly. i noe u love me. hahahaaa.


im loving you

pieces of me @ 8:31 PM.
Saturday, August 20, 2005

seng puh-lease recover.
veh long already. im afraid.

reach home at 11+ to 12 liddat.
was dam full cox after the movies we ate
crap. ytd everybody so early sleep.
and im still so enthu.
jeremy had to sleep 1st.
so in de end gerald wanted to sleep
john say wad he dam on de. in de end he oso sleep
ahh crapp. i gotta stop talking now.
my studies are like bomb sia. drop like siao.

played dota just now den i realised de power of BRTS
they are dam pro la. cox i play with them ma.
den its like within 20mins-30mins. everyone on de other team quit
hahaha. dam i dam ps la. cox its like 10kills already
suddenly i die cox they gangbang me.
and i got de 1st death among they. arghh
so not nice. hate those ppl. always aim me de.
they know wad they are doing.
wherelse i think i just chiong see hero dying i chiong
dam despo la me. haha. but who cares.
got them on de team. even if its 3v5 oso sure win de.

hmmm. goin to my ah ma house le.
they sure gamble again like they used to
and i will be left alone to watch tv.
hopefully my cousin dun come and ask me to play majohn
majohn dam sian wan la. haha. u have to idea man

ohh. i downloaded junyang's song.
so nice. i hear le can cry. hais.....
im gonna change my blog skin. junyang!!
he's out and im sad. now i hearin de song
so dam sad la. esp de if you come back. its so nice.
if you come back from de competition... if only.

junyang- iMu
seng- get well soon

pieces of me @ 5:08 PM.
Friday, August 19, 2005

haha. went to watch "the days of noah"
lols. so i met up with huiyi and when walking to de bus stop
we missed 3 buses. arghh. and in de end we cabbed there.
and its like. errrr. de fee was actually 3.10 la. but they added an extra dollar
haha. cabbed halfway and roxanne got inside de cab too
we were there so early. hahaa. so many shuai ge. LOL

anyway. we waited there for de tickets like for soo long
de hall was actually not full. but when we got our tickets. it became full
oh well. nvm ba. den we got a not bad space
that place was bloody cold la!
and its like arghh. so wad la. i din bring my jacket ))=
and dat show was ok only. de startin and endin was nice.
de middle part was so boring that i almost slept. hahaha
ok so its like wad la. yeaa.
after de show it was like 10. and we wanted to go eat
so we cabbed to de nearest coffee shop which was like. err. 2.40? LOL
like might as well WALK right?!! haahahahha

so we bought food from de uncle at de sheng mian stall in our school
thats so cool. he sells food outside too. yea. so anyway
we cant finish our food so we were like crapping there abt arron.
LOL. omg i pity him man. hahahaha. always kena bully
yea. so after that we cabbed back to our house which was 4.10 again.
its ok la. hmmm. so we spent 4.10+2.40+4.10=10.60 on cab
LOL. thats like woahh. i can buy many things with that amount of money

cab rocks-

pieces of me @ 11:28 PM.

junyang got out.. sniff sniff

seng. i hope u're ok from denque.
dun leave us alone in this world alright?
goin to visit u tml. hope u're alright.
will be bringing magazines for u to read-

hhahaha. again. its friday!!
PE!! HAHAHAHAHA. ok. this timee. its so funny la
mr su played de thing super fast. and we were like woahh
den i cannot concentrate. so i laughed all de way. its just super funny.
yea. anyway.. today hassik make qquueeekk sound.
den its like mr su was like. there got chiken now here got duck
den everybody started to point at bk.
den i looked at him. saw his fwens deesiaoing him
den after that he looked here. and we both smiled at each other.

den pe lesson was over. hahaha. i look forward to fridays
cause i can have pe lessons and dance my heart content
today de moves were retard. oh yaa! hakim soloed. hahah. so funny

today was dismissed dam early for recess.
and i was de 1st in line! well.... almost
wahahaha. jealous? x)

after school got chinese remedial
dam fun la de remedial
after de remedial i went to airport with huiyi
as usual. haha.huiyi saw this! i always never PS you de!!
den at there i found out dat dev,fishy,hanchih,john,brian
was playin against calvin,shihkai,lam,pawat,marcus
aiya. once i hear de names. i noe BRTS sure win de
wahahaha. but its true la. wahaha. they helped me thanks x)
u guys are just terrific la!
calvin en co kena pawned sia. 68deaths. like OMG!
and BRTS just rock la 20deaths.

haha. yea. now at home gettin ready to go out again
goin emanual's church to watch noal's ark.
mebbe it'll be fun ba. im not so sure. tell u abt it later on alright?

junyang.... sad x(

pieces of me @ 6:13 PM.
Thursday, August 18, 2005

lols. today i was dam tired again.
got back my result slip. it was 31/41.
omg like i drop la! from 18/41 to 31/41
and from no subject failed to 2 subject failed.
omg. i gotta buck up now. concentrate!

veh tired for school lately.
i guess i hafta stop talkin so regulary in de conference
everytime talk till more den midnight. zzzz
den go school so tired. lol. today i freakin sleep la!
hahaha. everytime woken up by smses. arghhh
dam u. spoile my sleep. i shall off my phone next time. hahahaa.
but nahs. im a nice girl. i dun do such things. hahaha

waaaa. TIRED SIA!. reach home 1st thing lie on bed to sleep
den i sleep not long huijia called me. say time for training le
so i went school. and its like! not even 10mins of sleep la!
cox my school dismiss at 1.30. den training at 2.30.
and i reach home at abt 2. so its like. arghh!! nvm! hahaha

training was super fun. got new guys. either that or cox i too long never go
den they keep. erm... makin fun of me? i dunno
den like suddenly when i passin ball to them they will make funny actions
and OMG! like i was de last person. so i din noe ma.
so when doing last set that time. i was abt to pass. like goin to throw
but NOBODY! so i faster stop throwin and de post was super unglam la!
like ballet. hahaha.. omg. u can laugh ur ass out.
and all those darn boys laughed at my post. wth!
why must we train with de boys. arghh. i wanna train with girls alone
so nobody will deesiao me x)
yeaa. but theres this. erm... sec1 or 2 or 3 or wadeva boy.
i think lower sec. he's new. but he looks super cute la. hahaha.
oh well. i shall try to know him. muahahhahaa. finee! i noe
im a flirt. wahahaha. dun have to tell mee. i noee x)

alright. dam tired now. hahaha
and i got tuition at 8. gotta leave at 7.
and guess wad? i haven bath or eat dinner! ahh!
and its 6.15 now. oh man! gotta go guys.

1st training over 6months
and it was fun x)

pieces of me @ 6:05 PM.

hahaha. went for school today. normal day.
after that we had bball foto taking.
but.... 11 wasnt there =((
time for me to move on i guess. not worth it. hais.
so ya. as usual. huijia stands beside me. hahaha
i rmb de previous foto taking. de class wan
we were facin each other. den its like she was like. wa so near can kiss
den she move infront but i leaned back. hahahaha.
not like she wud kissed anyway.

oh ya! me en my fwens won 200bucks from nkf
den after that. its like. i was so happy i jump jump
jump till my specs dropped out of my pocket den PIAKK!
i stepped on it. oh man. its definately not worth it but wthack.

after that i went to airport to study.
omg. guess wad? i din freaking study la!
i was so tired that i slept. hahahaha
den after i went home at like 8.
my parents wan me to go blk 85 to eat dinner. roarr~

when i came home. i watched superstar!
WEILIAN!! AHHH!!! hahaha. he got so high
44.5!! ahh. de 43 oso GOOD! AHHH!!

ok. den after that. got wesley to call me.
and i hate him la. keep shootin me.
now he say that he owes me 10bucks. wow?
oh ya. den after that called jeremy
they wan me to sound flirty to this guy called jinghan
hahahahahaha. but wadeva. had funn. ladedaa.

foto takin was fun

pieces of me @ 2:09 PM.
Tuesday, August 16, 2005


hahahhaa. went school today.
den so tired i slept on a lot of lessons sia.
after school i check my handphone.
5 messages received. LOL! woooOoOOPS!
oh well. so i replied them one by one.
reply fin. i went to lavender. why u ask?
MAKE MY IC!! hahahaha. for dummies out there
IC is Identification Card! LOL. i THINK.
oh no. im so madd.
im crazifiedd. hahahaha.

den i went to dhouby gourd? or how u spell it.
went plaza sing to collect my stuff.
since 19th July. hahahaha. that girl still remembers me
hahaha. that time me en huiyi crap with her like siao
and she still remember me! im so honoured
she's only 17 or 18 and that is a full time job already. man.
man. and she's super cute la. ohh ohhh! i saw this purple tanktop
ok. nvmm.. next time i shall get it. muahahahaha.

at home now. so boredd. boredified-
guess i'll go play some games yah?
buh byee-


pieces of me @ 4:45 PM.
Monday, August 15, 2005

to devin,hanchih,gavin
lols. de shop just closed right in front of my eyes
nevermind i rest my case
in de end i had to go to a even further place
den its like my hair all wet all that stuff.
cox im all so sweaty. so de picture din turn out nice
arghhh. feeling sorry. U SHOULD! MUAHAHAHAHAH
ok la. im not so mean.

so i went to de market. was kinda bored walking there
so i got wesley to call me. wahaha. crap la him
say he hates jolene. but love joel.. like we ARE de SAME ppl la!
crap man. and he was like. oh man. joel's voice is so sweet. that jolene.. eeee
lol. oh fine. nevermind. i shall tolerate since u even bothered to call me
yea. hahaha. im so bored... OH YA....

today i miss call a lot ppl
den den.. de funniest was jeremy's la. haha. he told me this just few secs ago.
its like i called both de number
den its like his 1st fone in de right pocket
2nd fone in the left pocket
den its like right pocket left pocket right pocket left pocket
hahaha. so funny. den suddenly both pocket stop vibrating.
uh oh. no more vibrator. hahaa. kiddin. lols

alright la. im makin my ic tml. yay!

pieces of me @ 9:44 PM.

lols. feeling way better. thanks guys

thank wesley for telling me stupid stuff
thank yn for helpin me print my stuff
thank jia,wn,xy,yn for help me do my project
thank de dentist for cleaning my teeth
thank sherly for de waffle. its nice.
thank xy for de cookies. its nice too. lets bake together sometime

hahaha. today is a great day. i din felt tired not like de usual day
and i slept at 2plus ytd? like woahhh.. hahahaha.
hmmm. wonder stuff happened today
was really bored. so i missed call a lot of ppl.
it was super fun. they all thought i no school sia
in school cannot miss call ppl ar. actually wanted to talk de
but nobody pick up so i cudnt bother

gonna take passport picture for ic later on
meeting jia. yea. hope it wun turn out shitty

mebbe meeting wesley tml at lavender.
hahahaa. nobody wanna pei me go make ic
he's sooo good. but i dun mind goin alone tho
im strong x)

to xy,wn,jia-
i noe u love me. hahahahahahaha
proven on ur hand -winks

this world rocks ya?

pieces of me @ 5:35 PM.
Sunday, August 14, 2005

hmmm. hate a great lunch. yepp
4 ppl and its 101bucks oh man. thats dam ex.
but its nice la. esp de sashimi and all de tempura.
haha. akarai japanese restuarant.
def goin back there again someday.

yeaa. im feeling Snol\-/3l^
hmmm. those that noe wad im talkin abt
u're smart x)
i dunno. but im a pretty u33_l6 person.
gets Snol\-/3l^ easily
but for wad? im thinking. sum1 whom i dunno well?
like only talked recently?
i dunno. hais. tryin to treat that person coldly now
so i can 4get that person now
rather den feeling Snol\-/3l^
feeling super terrible now.

i shall forget everything--

pieces of me @ 9:00 PM.

hmmm. certainly im feeling weird
cudnt sleep de whole night yesterday
arghh i dunno. i feel terribly weird
can someone help me?
tell me wad is this shit im feeling.

oh ya. sum shit happened ytd.
i had to call someone younger den me mommy. zz
but i never call la duhh.
like im degrading my dignity. no way man

ohh. im gonna celebrate my super belated bday today.
dunno where im gonna eat. but it sure is ex $_$
money not easy to earn k! but once in a while nvm de la =x

i just gotten some new christian songs.
so nice. esp worthy is the lamb
but one way, now that u're near, through it all
magnificent, king of majesty also not bad ma =x
still getting ppl to download other songs.
like my best friend, empower me, in christ alone, above all
all. its like its countless bahhs.
i deleted every single song in my fone
so that i cud have more of these songs inside. im pro x)

thank you for de cross lord
thank you for de price u paid

pieces of me @ 8:55 AM.
Saturday, August 13, 2005

feeling weird today.
i dunno. i feel as though something happened
but dunno wad. oh well.
i hope nothing bad happened.

weird day

pieces of me @ 11:04 PM.
Friday, August 12, 2005

lols. today ar.. PE PERIOD ROCKS MAN!!
we were learning de dance.
right clap left clap circle one circle two wad shiet
den den.. this dam boy. his action so gay la.
den he dun wan do. after that he act dao. neh nehhhh
but nevermind.

den den.. was de class by class do. den 3.6 do many many time.
den in de end only de girls could sit.
den later only RUBEN cud sit. HAHAHA. SO EXTRA!!!
den after that was 3.4's turn.
they do quite alot time oso. den after that all can sit except
hakim, hassik, yixiang and 2 other boys.
den dance dance dance. den ar..
ALL can sit except YIXIANG!
wahahahahhaha. FUNNY SHIET MAN!

so it was 3.2's turn. we rock la can!
we do one time can sit le.
den me en jia same time shout
"3.2 ROCKS!!!!"
wahahahahah. so extra but WE DUN CARE!

ok. so they kept dancing. yeaaa.
tHEy so shy.
tHEy dam cute la. haha
dance over en over. yeaaa.
den they go into groups of 4
and de 1st group
dam pity tHEm sia
tHEy like do so many time.
ok im mad. oh no. derrick out yesterday.
den when talkin abt that. huiyi cried.
dun cry my dear. ^^ dun worry. my junyang will help u de

yea. so anyway.. ahemm. after that nothing much happen
oh ya.
i think i not purposely threw my chinese wb+tb into de recyclin bin
en i dunno wad to do la! ahhh!

ohhh. today had napfa test. gold le. yippiee!
no kick man napfa. zzz *snores*
but exams. zzz hahaha
ohhh ohhhh! and i feel so GREAT!
i got de seniors PE SHIRT!
and its GREEN in colour! hahahahaaa
my 2nd green shirt. lalalaaaa
and it has de word. SEC 3 CAMP`o4
and i also got de towel. wahahaha.
im pro x)

lets do de dance. x)

pieces of me @ 4:37 PM.
Thursday, August 11, 2005

waaa. today woke up felt fregging weird
so its like. bad hair day la! den not enuff sia
i felt so weird. think im sick but hack la.
so i was freggin late for school la so i ran
till i found out that i din bring my a lot of things! ah!
like my pencil case, wallet, calculator, BIO FILE! FREAK!
den no stationery to use. no money. tio gan.. zzz

OK NVM! i tot ngee ann poly can make me happier
so after school i pia home en pia back to de school
dam tired. but things start to be better after that bahhs
the course was fun. we extracted DNA and see who SEXUALLY ABUSE someone
haHaHA! and there was a picture of SPERM!
LOL! DAM im horny! hahahahahahahaha.
so for all we noe. de thing we extracted DNA from cud be sperm!

ohh. after that when we goin back to bedok. i dam crap la
i on bus wave to ppl they wave back!
ohh. now den i noe i have so many girlfriends/boyfriends.
hahaha. everyone kept calling me their girlfriend/boyfriend
ohhh. so happy. LOL im being loved. i feel so loved!
hahaha. den i dam crap la. kept throwing stuff at ppl. wahahaha.
and kept ROAR-ing. whoot... im crazy.!

hahaha. dam fun. den after that i went to eat macs.
dam nice. oh ya. dun buy de sauce there. dam eeeee.
esp de smoky BBQ. it taste just like BBQ lor.
bluff our money only.

yea. den i went tuition. got this boy. style sia his dressing and hair
den he like dam smart. i look at his marked paper and mine
SO MUCH DIFF! his is like all ticks. while mine...... lalalalaaa....

hahaha.alright den. i shall go crapp now. byee

i saw a sperm today. it said hi to me x)

pieces of me @ 11:08 PM.
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

hahaa. today woke up and was trying to get ppl to go out wif me
and they were like. nooo. cannot.. not free.. grounded wad shiet.
super fuckked up so i went alone. i din wan to go wann.

den i was like super LATE la!! hahaha. oh man. i hope they are not angry.
ok. im gonna tell u abt all 5 of them

Rico-looks de same. but thinner. u go man
Gerald-look like primary5 sia. shorty! retard. haha
Wesley-cool. look like my cousin.
JingHan-i love his eyes
and de other guy-he's just weird

ok. so they went to play pool just now.
so i was like. WTH i dunno how to play la!
and im like sia suaying down there.
even SMALL GIRL noe how to play better den me
can say i get a bit of it.
thanks arh. every1 of u for teaching me.

oh yes. idiot wesley. i can pay for my own ice-creamm
grrr. put de money in de hood. arghh.

actually wanted to watch movie.
but in de end went jinghan's house.
they freggin played soccer and i was like stunned.
so nvm. after that played PS2 SOCCER?!
arghh. i freggin screwed up la.
like de score was 5-0.
but jinghan was.. err.. kind enuff to "4give" me?

oh yea. went to eat dinner after that
de hokkien was freggin 3bucks
and de drinks was fregging 1.50.
like wth la! block 85 sells nicer food and cheaper summore!
beat that man! hahaha.
and WESLEY TAY! u where not happy!
i can pay for my ow food.
see la! make me lose 1dollar. hahaha

hmmm. to seng en co.
sorry din go out with u all today
i noe u will understand. right? x)

great day

pieces of me @ 8:51 PM.
Tuesday, August 09, 2005

hey guys! heres some pictures
hahaha. dun see too long. i will shy de
LOL! kiddin! alright. these were taken during fop.
yea baby. gimme a kiss

oh come on. dun be shy

see wad see. buay song ar

my limited edition adidas shoe x)


grrr. sexy.. hahahaha

veh shuai de usher

lemme kiss you all over-

3e2 and 3e4 combined

aren't we united =x


pieces of me @ 10:17 PM.


i sounded really happy that it is singapore's birthday right?
but im actually celebrating the fact that.
wad sky sky thing.
den do some stupid dance. those are really stupid la.

anyway. woke up super late today sia
den i was look at de time. i was like.
FUCKK! ITS 12.43!
den de 1st person i msged is huiyi!
den she told me to meet at 1pm.
and i freggin had no time to bath la
but nevermind leh. i pia there. den u noe wad time she reach?
nevermind. de thing starts at 2.45, says roxanne.
den kiang msged me. eh. start at 2.15 i was like freaked out la!
so we pia to tajong pagar to find ourself lost.
so i asked a passer-by where is MAS building.
and they are like WORKING there?
and they dun even noe? like wth la!
wad type of workers are you?!
like u get lost everyday ar.
den nevermind leh.
we thought we are early then they started to sing le.
but ok la. we were there on time.
they sang we jump jump sing sing. hyper sia!

yeaa. so after that we went walk walk.
like fun fair sia there but in de end we left.

went to airport to slack with huiyi again.
always with huiyi wan.. aiyoo..
but its ok la. so we crap and stuff.
till her cg leader come i left.
cause they were having bible study. lazy to sit there en listen.

fireworks was nice.
so was the steamboat.

was goin home till halfway my fone no batt.
and i was like listening to music la
like wth! but nvm. got home. and was so tired

tml we're goin escape! yay!
but suddenly gerald called me
say they going out watch movie.
like wth? so who shld i go with?
like rico, wesley, gerald, jerald will be there la
and like. escape is all my sec2 fwens la.
oh gawd. i hope i think of sth wise tml.

today was GReAT

pieces of me @ 10:00 PM.
Monday, August 08, 2005

wore red shirt today

anyway. went to school super early
dunno why too. but ya.
den it was like. we are all wearin red
GO PAP! hahahaha.
sang songs, designed t-shirts and all that shit
and they made us dance de ndp dance
it was so fun. yea..

after that went airport to slack.
all de bio As student went to swensen
while we de A-less went to eat at popeye.
saw miss peh there. i miss her loads man
so we crap and stuff.
and oh ya. SEAN PLAYS DOTA! hahahaha
but he just started yesterday.
so i have to guild him and stuff. but i dun mind x)

haha. zl funny shit.
we from 2nd floor call his name he look ard.
den his face super blur. machiam got ghost.
yea. but in de end he knew where we were

saw ms peh at star bucks after that.
and i ran to her and "knelt" down en asked for her hand in marriage
and she accept. now im married. hahaha.

we poke a stick into elroys butt x)

miss her loads. went bk to slack after that.
played with baloon den de balloon fell down!!
1st time it was ok. de 2nd time it was like stuck
so we borrowed de broom and dustpan from de cleaner
and tried to get it out.
but we managed to get it out.
so we crap and stuff.
and seng! haha. dumb dumb team.
de chairnman man. hahahaha.
yep.we played a lot of games. after that we went home.
im tired. x)

dunno y im sayin this but..
im not ready to commit.

i miss ms peh.

pieces of me @ 6:49 PM.
Sunday, August 07, 2005

festival of praise is super fun
im going again

anyway. yea. yesterday.
we reached at like 4.20
and de queue was already long
but anyway. we from de far far end.
we sqeeeeze till infront infront
in de end de seats that we gotten
is super nice sia.
infront of stage. 3rd row.
nice hor. dun jealous leh. hahaha

anyway. yea.
we sing, jump,worship and all.
the concert is good.
super good. i just love the concert
reached home at super late.

im goin again. nobody is gonna stop me.

pieces of me @ 10:42 AM.
Saturday, August 06, 2005

FOP. here i come.
meetin a bunch of wacky berboons
den im gonna meet nicky there.
i think. hahaha.
and boontiong will be on stage! whooo.
hmm. wad to wear? -ponder ponder-

pieces of me @ 10:59 AM.
Friday, August 05, 2005

this will be my longest post ever

like i was up all night waiting for smses.
wahaha. im so thick skin
anyway. yea. i was like doing that narhh
en im super touched really.
cox the amount of ppl that msged me.
and WHO really msged me.
im really touched.
like those that are not from my school.
and like. long time never contacted
suddenly msged me happy birthday
really am touched. haha.

ok so i went to school.
and ya. xiaowei even noe when's my bday
super shocked. but ya. so after that.
went to school. received a thousands handshakes sia

hmm. den during maths lesson
wahahaha. de whole klass keep singing happy bday
cox in my class
im 5th
nur ain 6th
jasmine 7th
ms goh 8th
wahaha. so we keep singing.
so funny.

so pe. ahh freak it la. i farken deproved
gonna run again i think.
13mins 31 secs.
like is that slow or is that slow?
but im happy during pe.
wan noe y? i dun wan tell u leh. hahaha
and alicia suddenly heart pain.
im dam worried for her
cause u noe recently a lot ppl died?
cause their heart pain den blah blahh.
but thankfully she's alright la.
i cannot imagine if she really died

yea. den after school i was walking home
de group of guys sang happy birthday from across the road
like super touched and sweet la. haha
den they were like all craapp. yeaa

reached home. open presents.
and kiang.keith.zl.seng.
im so gonna kill u la. bluff me is glass
den im like a fool liddat
thought got glass so i open de box
den open de plastic thing on top slowly
startin i see choc i tot mebbe glass at other side
so i open open open open open............
den i see all choc! omg! hahaha.
anyways. yea. thanks ba. but i bu she de eat.

and alicia. yea. im super touched ba.
im kiddin bout de purple duck thing.
but u really got me one.
am touched.

yea. de rest thankew. seriously.

arghh. den a lot stuff happened. i oso dunno y
is 15mins too much to ask for?

but nevermind la. so i left my house to meet my fwens
and we wanted to smuggle into marbeto or how u spell it
but we cant. arghh. nc16. den wanted to watch nuyong
den haven open. so we watched charlie en de choc factory.
its funny shiet la. de tiny people all that stuff
but anyway. lucky never watch.
cause i so dun dare to watch.
summore 7th month gate open today. so ya.
but really. those 2 look really scary.
and im sure i wun dare to watch.
some ppl will be like. dun dare den dun watch la
but its because i dun dare thats y its worth it to watch
get it? haha. nvm if u dun.

so went to sinpang to eat later
and its like we ate and chatted till super late
den after that went home ba
so its like. my fwen la.huijia de most macho wan
dun dare to go home. so ya. i sent her home.
den left me en carin.
we walked seperate ways so i was obviously scared right
so i msged nicky if i can call him
den he was like im dun feel like talkin like wth
den i had a conflict with him
in de end he was like oh. im sorry sorry sorry sorry all that stuff
haha. once again. i won de war.
den they jeremy. i called him
and like he never pick up i oso got nothing to say
and they still asked me to call him
so in de end i was more pissed than scared and not long
i was home. see. im strong.
crap. den ya la. a lot ppl msged me.
den ya huijia. u're de last. haha. happy? >_<
oh ya. anyway. den i was like waitin la.
see when that person wud actually reply or call
so in de end i was like suan le. and i receieved a call
so ya. i feel bad la. serious. but at least i talked it out
now i dun feel as bad anymore. thank goodness

oh ya. terrence. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U
hahaha. same birthday ya?
anyway. yyea. thanks for that card.

best day ever!

pieces of me @ 8:49 PM.
Thursday, August 04, 2005

11.15-kwok fong
12.01-jerrome.st pats.
7.16-xiao wei
8.16-ain, shieka
emaths lesson-whole class.
physics lesson-violet, weizhen, wanyu
recess-joshua, huiyi, yinhui, roxanne, sock
chiese lesson-MR CHONG! AHHH!
after school-ana, jasmine, meezhen wilbur, amanda, group of guys.
4.51-chih hao

thank you all for remembering.
u guys are de best. really made me really touched and happy
if i left ur name out im sorry.

thank my class for de song
thank de group of guys for singing across de road
thanks for de present
thanks for having such great friends
thanks for celebrating with me
thank you all x)

my life is made p e r f e c t with u guys.

pieces of me @ 11:14 PM.

haha. 1hour more. so excited
yea. today school was boring
super tired and super dizzy
almost faint sia.
de feeling is terrible. trust me

yea. weird la. today mornin assassbly
ch was like. ehh. dh lookin at u.
den i dunno la.
after that everytime i see dh he like super paiseh
dunno la.

ok la. like wads michelle's problem la
like im de wan tat commented abt de
maybe she wasnt away only pretended to thingy
and its not gerald's fault.
like she's being a bitch la.
wad to do. sec1 only.
en puh-leasseeee.
we're only playin lor. only u den treat as real de

1hour more

pieces of me @ 10:58 PM.
Wednesday, August 03, 2005

waaa.. omg. gerald.. wahhaa.
funny shiet happened between him en me
we acted like couples. im like de hunk en he's de babe.
den after that his class saw de msg den like
spread to whole class im his gf. LOL

today went jurong.
cox SUM1 think de shirt too small.
i wonder who.
anyway. changed shirt, slacked at mac.
after that we go mrt
den i rmb was msgin ming-j at that time
he was like. ah lian got laugh wan meh
den me en huiyi both shoot back.
ah lian cannot laugh wan meh!
haha. can tell he bwg
den went back to tanah merah.
went exploring at de private estate.
so big sia. can get lost summore.

yea. explore till like almost 7 i went home
eh dev said sth im super angry
if we short of ppl we call her
like im extra sia. arghhh.
den he was like sayin he's 18 like wadda hell.
haha. 18, sec4.2. pro...

advertisement for bagg. me! i think... hmmmm. huiyi. spastic!BOO!look at my tongue! -gasp- smilex~ nice nose!but mine is nicer
am i still falling?

pieces of me @ 9:31 PM.
Tuesday, August 02, 2005

haha. went to school today. normal school days la

moss burger rating-average only

den went to jurong point after that.
omg. like crap sia.
we startin say that wan to buy this chicken
den from far can activate de.
den say wad buy a childish duck bag
a girlie plastic bag
and i love singapore shirt
den in de end we decided to buy billabong shirt.
yea. but oh well. we still got that bag.
i saw a lot of nice bag in ice-lemon-tea
and this purple wan was super nice.
den got picture of a pig.
en this blue bag. oso dam nice.

hmm. after that me en huiyi went to prank call each ppl
1st was kiang.
halo. botak ar. lim peh ka lu gong happy birthday.
den he was like orhh. hahahahaha.
NOT FUN! but yea. happy birthday ya

next was rayner.
he not fun wan la. so fast noe who we are so next!

den call vincent so many times never pick up so next!

weixiong! wahhaa. sang de banana song.
he was like. hais. ok.
and he was like sayin im only playin along with ur prank.

hahaha. de most funny shiet is mingjay
he sounded so terrified.
cox we acted as loan shark.
and we were like owe money pay money all that shiet
den after that. its like. so funny
he was like who are u all that
den sounded so scared
but when we said that it was a prank call.
he sorta like relaxed. and ya. much better
den we 3 talked crap.
and he say we are funny en crazy shiet.
like who think we are not.

E.T! lol! chio? of cox.

wads that big hand?!

prank call rocks

pieces of me @ 8:03 PM.
Monday, August 01, 2005

yea. today school was a swell day.
yep yepp. but.. but.... me en jia
seperated for bio class. sad sia.
but nvm bahhs. we still can sit together in other classes.
amaths. arghh. found out i had careless mistakes like
so many till cannot count sia.
sad la. but nvm. still pass.

stayed back to chit chat. yea.
seng pan on fri anyone?
mebbe goin for movies 1st den goin there for supper.
yea.. its de opening of 7th month gate this fri.

hmmm. anyways. today i stayed back with jia till late late
so late still i missed seeing [brts] playing dota. oh man.
[brts] is like a super pro clan, consist of EX BV STUDENY! ROAR!
yea. and there is like de junior brts in our school
but they are super pro la. like how to win them.
so our school has [jr brts], [brts] and [rdm]
en im proud to say. im in [rdm]! whoot!

k la. i shall stop now. play dota! yay!

pieces of me @ 7:43 PM.

lol. now is midnight. im still online.
u noe y? cox i got this freggin compo
en i dun have any freggin foolscape paper
so i decided to type out and print for teacher
so i happily type and guess wad.
freggin printer had no freggin ink.
so i hate to go eat paper and write down
while writin halfway. i just rmbed i hate spare paper
after i found de freggin paper.
i copied out de freggin passage.
yea. finally its done. den jia msged me
so i ask her how much word is needed for de compo.
she told me 200-250 and i freggin wrote a 350-er
great huh? totally suayed.

pieces of me @ 12:26 AM.

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