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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm back! And I'm leaving my house again! Haha! Bye world! =)

Formal meeting was HELLLLLL fun today! Wooosh! =P Makes me love this year committee more and more!

I think its time you considered..
That it's more and more one sided. =P

Ladedaaa. I'm not gonna share what someone told me tho. Oops!

pieces of me @ 11:44 PM.

Oh gawd. Fell asleep ytd at like before 5am!
Sorry for falling asleep! T_T But really bth le!
Who ask you do ur "c___" so long!

Being hungry makes me fall asleep at night, unlike most people who'll be even more awake when hungry! HAHA! Whoooots. I'm so pumped up and ready for today! I slept late ytd for reason de k!

Shucks, gosh, shucks, gosh,
I feel lazy to continue my 3-4 day post at TW! Left with 6 days! Argh.

Thanks Yan, for always trying to offer help! Like seriously always. It's not H yet k! Still got the other H! Hope!

Hmmm, have to be in school early to do shtuffs. I just wake up only!!


O.O random. Well, should be heading to school soooon! :D Even if there's nothing to do, thre's a sofa to sleep on!

Gosh, I can feel the tiredness! HAHA!

I wanna blow you, away.
These things I'll never say

pieces of me @ 10:29 AM.

Isn't it funny how defensive people could get?

Nobody can see their own mistakes.
I can say frankly, not even me.
But they always be defensive or make claims.
Everyone does that. Even me!

Kayyy. I'm just tired! =(
Tml got 3 meeting, and 1 dragon boat! HAHAHA!

Go Jolene! Prolly wake up early tml and like continue my stuffs.

But........ SHE DID LOTS OF STUFFS TODAY! Bwahahhas! =) PROUDS!

She still wanna thank those who keeps offering help! Yays! Loves you all!

People say I'm the life of the party
Tracks of my tears.

pieces of me @ 1:55 AM.

I shall post in days of 2 by 2! I did the post in a way that, in a box are my thoughts and what i did ane below are pictures! Cause I know some prefer pictures. LOL!

15th March 2009- Taiwan Day 1

Woke up at super early! That day was super tragic! Did all my "Last Note" to ber, kokpeng and programme before leaving! Such a sad thing right! Wake up still doing leh! Like 5am or something.

Diary for that day:

Day 1 was not so bad. My leader is very cute! And he
talked to me!

Took bullet train today! So so bad but it din't seemed like it really travelled 300km/h. Took their MRT too. Ppl there were so polite. They gave way for people at mrt, when entering, exiting and for seats.

Went to Xi Men Ding! The district there was very different! People performing all sorts of things legally and illegally. We drank papaya milkshake, bitter gaud milkshake and ate chicken cutlet! The chicken cutlet is sex!

Went to hotal and night market after! So many things! Oyster egg, tai wan sasuage, pao pao bing, zhen zhu nai cha, vongole, oyster! The oyster is sex too!

Bath tubbed!


Our trolleys!

Breakfast! Lovelies.

Checked in!

Air ticket!

In the plane!

The diff bus they had!

A tak glam shot of my leader! He don't look that good in here suddenly! But I still think he's cute in person!

This was the train station!

My tour group!

Xi men ding!

Godly Oyster!

Bubble bath!

16th March 2009- Taiwan Day 2

Woke up at 7! Gosh! I don't even wake up this early for camps or school! Went for breakfast! It was superb!

Went to eat their Xiao Long Bao! They had many varieties! Green one, purple one! All equally nice!

Went to national arts thingy. It's a goo knowledge i guess. To be seeing their old life and how things were made traditionally.

Took a train today! The ride was hour plus long! Gosh! Took a bus to our hotel! Explored around the hotel. Dinnered at hotel! Love the crab and fish! Went to billard after that. And off to bed it was!

Whoots! Wireless rocks!

Scenary at hotel!


Beautiful lift!

Train tracks!

The train itself! Disappointed me! I wanted a dam old one! Inside the train got aircon summore! LOL!

Inside the train!

Lobby! :D

Busy leader!

He seriously dont look good in pictures.



pieces of me @ 1:34 AM.

She drags her feet to the place they met.
Not willing to meet the fierce glances.

Whoots! Today I MADE IT FOR HOLQA okay! =D

No more the MIA Jolene! Stupid Wan still make me more stress. "Holix got Jolene and Denise sure can de" WTH! I just MIA back and you said that! xP And today I was warming up to have the FO atmosphere! I think Kat can verify that! =D I said I would go back, and I din't go back on my words!

I feel that I accomplished a lot today! One of the first few to meet up for Holqa, went driving and did some mini stuffs! Caught up with Kat! Loves.

IITSC got 3rd for Touch Rugby! Good job everyone!

I'm thinking of doing my secret stuff that I have yet to do for a long time! Whoots.

Okay, time for some post of TW next! I'll be viewed in the next post!

What's that big lump on...?
Honey, he has boobs!

pieces of me @ 12:27 AM.
Monday, March 30, 2009

She lost touch of the world.
She lost focus of her goals.
Gave up things in her life.
Just for this one last dance.

Whoots. I realised I haven't been doing any doodling, or any "Secert" yet. Shucks. Everyday also go home do prog stuffs. Till even people first thing was like, "What you doing? Prog stuffs?" Rawrs.

I've been missing out on Holqa a lot lately! Like really is whenever they have stuffs I'll be either doing P. stuffs or have driving or not even free. I promise I'll go back to Holqa even though I missed out a lot! I went through interview and got the seats out of the many other few. I'm not going to just back out alrights. I have responsibility in me. I'm not like some who just say "dont go" and really dont go. How busy I am, I'll still be going.

I'm just someone who wants to accomplish a lot of stuffs at one go. That's the real me. =) While handling P.stuffs, and going driving, learning photoshop and a secret stuff. I'm also learning 1 more secret stuff now. And despite all that, I wanna go to Holqa and make freshies feel welcomed. And not make Holqa disappear.

For Prog, for week 0, I'll put in my 101%. Cause I want at least our last Major event to end with a blast before my final step down.

Oh, btw I'll be posting about my life like now. It'll be a spam post! I hope! HAHA! Here goes!

14th March 2009- Watchman

Watched watchman that day! I love the graphics. But the story line was wavy! Lots of people came! Like really a lot a lot! Whoots.

After that met the alumni at long john silver! Double whoots!

Went to BK with the remaining few.

Look at what I did to Yan's Burger! :D I added one fries, and he added the mouth!

So I added the eyebrow! LOL!

But he went to spoil it by adding specs and lipsticks! Roars! But okay lah, points to you for creativity!

Post in TW would be in another post.

We would fly across the oceans
And over the sky

pieces of me @ 10:21 AM.
Sunday, March 29, 2009

She stood there, looking at the world.
Colours slowly fades to gray, vision blurring.
Where was the world she once loved?
Where was the life she once lived?

Pitfff. Trying to write in a different way and trying to act literate is so phails. Yup, all the prev ones were also testing.
PS: No, I'm not trying to be poetic. Note that poetic and literate is different.

Anyway, so proud of my dad! He ran 7km! Whoots! More zai than me!

Watching Chick vs Dick now. Dam helluah funny show. HAHA!
Pual FTW lah! I dam love Paul. Tho he's like a loser but he dam funny!

I wanna do this Chick vs Dick thing with people too! LOL! Dam retarded! Whoots!
Chicks rules! Unless you're a CWD! HAHAHA!

Psst, CWD = Chick with Dick. LOL!

It's time I spend time with Holqa.

Scream my lungs out and try to get to you.
You are my only one

pieces of me @ 9:07 PM.

My face is getting rounder by the moment! I don't care whether is it my hair that cause it or what! But ROARS! ROUNDER!!

My tighs and all are slimmer but why is my face rounder! LOL! Is there any way to jian fei at the face area? Buy chewing gum and keep chewing? I don't know! haha!

Yes I should get some sleep like now! =P

I so got a big temptation for ruffles!
Baileys with spams of ruffles!

What does that =?

pieces of me @ 1:47 AM.
Saturday, March 28, 2009

She kept thinking to herself whether to reply the message
But as she ponders to herself, sleep found the answer for her.

Okay! I know I owe you all a post on TW! [Not like you're really super interested or something] But I promise to do it when I get home? Or something.

I love my accoustic soundtrack! Like since I've put it there. The song "Yellowcard - Only One" keeps staying in my head like an addiction that never leaves. Another song "蔡衣领-我知道你很难过", cause of someone. [PS: If you think I keep hearing that emo song reason is cause I'm emo-ing somethere, its not me! =P Just that the song reminded me of another person"


I hate nowadays. So much conflict, politics and all. Sighh. I feel like ranting all out but I tend to just keep things I hear to myself. Don't want to be another one of them to be adding oil to the fire, salt to the wound. I'll just be a passer-by who will just swallow what people tell me and pretend to know nothing the minute after. So if you got anything you have to say, I'll be the dumping ground for ya all.


So busy now! =( Later having P.meeting at 11am. Holqa is having their refresh on 11am also! And both ends roughly the same time! I also got my grandma house to visit! Bahhs! Tomorrow also! Prog outing?! Act dang outing?! AHHH! There doesn't seem to be enough time for anything!


Okay, seems like an emo post right! That was not my point. Just to remind someone that I know you're super heartbroken, but please remember the lyrics of this line. I'll always be by your side. I hope you know who you are? =D

I pity a certain someone
Kept in the dark for so long

pieces of me @ 9:06 AM.
Friday, March 27, 2009

A short update.

D&D was fun.
Drinking was cool.
And I passed Departure with bass!

Whoots. All start with D.

I'm [D]am tired! But I'm just waiting for a lot of emails from my prog comms. Keyword: A LOT OF EMAIL. I feel like sleeping now and waking up early tml! Boo.

Weeyou is a sweet scandal! =) Thanks for lending me ur slippers when my heels was unbearable! LOL! And for wanting to acc me to go drink yo.

I'm so lucky
Do you hear me, I'm talking to you

pieces of me @ 11:29 PM.
Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm eating my magie mee now! I still feel lazy to move out of my butt!

Some dumb people is still sleeping when he haven't gotten his costume! o.o

Oh anyway, a vid that I checked out quite a few days ago.
Vitas - Opera 2

Dam cool shits yo.

Yes im posting a lot! I'm bored! But I dowanna leave home! Think I'll be late later! Oops!

Not forgetten, yes I know

pieces of me @ 2:02 PM.

I'm so ready for D&D! LOL!

Whoots! It's like only all home own clothes but well, I made out an occupation with just a shiny DIY object! HAHA! Basically, I just refuse to spend money on things that I wont/cant wear after D&D! Which also means renting of costumes or buying those kua zhang costumes!

Just use ya imagination and poof! =D Alrights! Gotta go eat magie mee now!

I bet there'll be someone with the same occupation with me! We shall see! =D I'm forseeing like 10 people with the same occupation also!

Oh and I got a random msg from someone this morning! Shocked the hell outta me please! Like he'll suddenly sms me. Oh wells! :D

Clubbing ltrs?

Snips and snips
Black and sexy

pieces of me @ 1:38 PM.

Was chatting with Adam just now.

It made me realise how much I miss spags.
I miss Adam, Shuyi, James, Alan, Xiu Fen, Xiu Fang etc etc!

I miss N especially!

It proves to us that
Relationships are not easily broken by time

pieces of me @ 2:13 AM.

He murmured.
Trying to say something.
Words can't be expressed
So he took the keys.

I miss R. =( HA! Funny I know!
K! I have got to forget my fantasy! =X
Else someone would kill me!

Today was an effective shop! Whoots!
I met Xin Yi along the way! And she accompanied me!
Bought 6 stuffs! Could you believe it? And spent like $100+. And less than $120.
Happy with my buys! =D

Fresh. Aromatic. Style.
Yup, something is definately changing!
Can't wait till when my hair gets longer! *nudge.

After the conversation with R made me feel different. For someone that I only met a day, he really made me think of a lot of things!

Reading Liar Game now. Someone introduced me long time ago like before OLTC or something but I din't go read it. Got reminded about it today. Heh.

Can't wait for this sunday! Meeting up with BF again!

Tml is D&D
But the mood isnt there

pieces of me @ 12:37 AM.
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay, this is ages ago but I'll just post from OLTC Day 0 to Day 3! =D Pictures were from my phone, for more pictures, please visit James' Picasa! =D

10th March 2009 - OLTC Day 0

Went to school late for briefing that day cause I was sick! Ended up not having much briefing cause the other FAs not around! So I took a trip earlier for nothing! Rawrs!

Anyway, whee same night walk station with Jon! HAHA! Loves! We have a secrettt yo! =P

With 2 of the freshies I love! 1 my nightwalk SM, 1 my asst FA! =D

Went to opposite school to buy food for the rest since that was all I could help in.

Guess what, SAM and GW dropped by! OMG! WHEN I SAW THEM I CAME SCREAMING LIKE MAD! And it continued for dam long! I super miss them! They bought nuggets and drinks for us! So sweet right!

Anyway, OLTC Day 0 was one of the most "nothing to do, nothing to prepare" for day 0 thing. Last time camp I remember everyone was really busy doing this and that. This time it's just that we're not really needed. So 6 of us went out for supper!

Got back and couldn't sleep. And so we all went to chit chat and did some stuffs before going back to bunk! =)

So din't have the mood for OLTC. Not only me but everyone else

11th March 2009 - OLTC Day 1

Woke up super early just to meet Cherry Thian for a 5 minutes thing! T_T Had a mini MC meeting. Went to biz for breakfast! =D Oh btw, Cob helped us all buy bfast! Whoots! But I was still hungry!

Registration started. So was settling my subcom stuffs! Quite a lot came! Whooots! And off to the LT to find my empire it was!

And the usual. Ice breaking, cheer making, flag designing blah blah.

And off to station games it was. I admit I was lazy! I took picture for the first few only.

Andrew's station! Personally, I like his station.

I love Weeyou's station also! My empire got so crazy please! Like super duper! We even took coins just to make the line longer! Idiot! My group won! Cause of my godly lanyards! HAHA!

Yufei's station!

After that it was nightwalk, supper and debrief.

Overall first day performance, disappointing

12th March 2009 - OLTC Day 2

Yes, looking forward to a better performance

It was PT, breakfast then to Mass Dance.

Mass Dance basically was a miscommunication and phails. No IT dance and handsign was cui-ed.

The start of Amazing Race.

Cloth finding! We hid the cloth at a blind spot! Someplace that nobody would find. So it took us quite long.

Doll making. Also very long that we were the last to leave.

Caught up to Andrew stations anyhow.

Before they started to Zi High doing the "Scandal" shot.

Chemix! :D

The final scandal shot.

Jumpshot! :D

Hero shot!

Bridge Shot!

FA tak glam shot!

Basically every other shot was at yan's phone.

Yes during A.Race weeyou was super sweet! Thanks dear.

Something happened during amazing race. But I think it'll just be kept within us yea? Thanks Dawn Ber Weeyou Andrew and Danny. =)

Love the sunset! And my empire was super sweet! They all kept offering me a seat in the bus! =D Yay!

After that it was some spot check and BBQ after!

Everyone was really mean to me! They din't let me eat BBQ food! =( I told Ber and she went to get this for me! I told her I really wanted hotdogs! And she took 2 for me! So sweet!

And there was limited harshbrown but my empire just gave me one whole piece of it! YAY! Loves!

Jon also came and gave me hotdogs! hahaha! And Chemix kept wanting to give me food! So sweet! Yes, im easily touched!

Lightsticks that my empire people put on me! They like trying to decorate me!

Also with BOBO's shades! LOL!

Nerd BOBO! =D

Rehearsal for Night Performance!

I admit during Night Performance I was super stun! Plus the little cheer they created for me and KP! So touched also! =) Definately improving! Esp it was something that I din't give much guidiance to! You all are growing definately.

A little disappointed in front, but sparks are building

13th March 2009 - OLTC Day 3

The last and Final day, how would it be like?

The start of the Water Station Games. At first it was really terrible. Not hyped up at all. But after that, they started to get super high and all! Whoots! Go Chemix! =) A lot of prog and ppl commented that you were better and I totally agree!

We got First for Final Clash! That's something to praise about! You are really slowly improving!

Look at the programmers! All sleeping! LOL!

Anyway, we got best performance empire which I think it wasn't that bad! =)

After that, got a call from CKM! He's IN TP! WHOOOO! They promised me and they are really coming back! I love them! Long CKM! So sad Xiang couldn't join us!

Yes! You guys are definately improving!

pieces of me @ 3:02 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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