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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Die ah! Ytd went out, today going out! HAHA!
Monday is derv submission! OOPS!

Hmmm, see how bah! =D For now, lunch time!

Chiong proj like nobody's business!
Tml, its another 40% off from Ader!

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19th November 2008- Eventful day! Nan for dinner!

Skipped SA lect and went for tut after that! Seriously till now, I don't know what SA is talking about. =X

Ended school at around 1, ate lunch and headed back to clubroom and did FIM. The next day was like presentation! LOL! OOPS!

Initially going dinner with sheep only! But halfway Marc come in! Tsk! =P But nvm!

My cheese nan! =D

After that headed over to Macs. I tried a bit of Chocolate McFlurry from sheep's. Taste so much nicer than Oreo McFlurry to me! Maybe to me only la! Aiya. =X

Headed home that day and chionged our work al lthe way till 3am in the morning! Tired!!!!! T_T So called we managed to finish our work? But it was a slip shot one.

Happy that instead of playing you came down!
=P Ladedahh!
Glad you explained things to me.
Sorry for my "Jiu zhi dao" attitude! >_>

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18th November 2008- Lunch! Work! T_T

As much as I hate Monday, I hate tuesday as well! But tuesday that day was a lil better cause I met someone for lunch! =P

But after that? It was WORK again! Pitfff! Oh well! I've accepted it already hahaha! Best is that we had fun doing work together! I love my group! =) So super nonsense!

I remember that tuesday's during lunch I was super full! But I managed to stuff the food into my stomach! But a while later I was SUPER hungry!! LOL!

So I went off to Bedok and had me some chui guay before going home and eating AGAIN! HAHAHAHA! =D

A different tuesday
A different appetite

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17th November 2008- Monday Blues

And Monday that day was really terrible! Imagine everyone was at TPRwaks and I had to be in the lab doing project! )x What's worst? It almost felt like a 9-6pm without any break cause that day's ITPM was from 9-1pm from the usual 9-12pm.

My project group wrking hard on WBS! =)

We still went out to eat tho! =P
Weichoy, xinneh and denver!

Lectured and Lab again! Went to eat icecream! Yays!

After that I went home! See now you know why monday blues?

It's so boring my day! x(

Monday blues monday blues!
Rawhs. Why FBI so liddat de

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According to your age, list down the number of things that most people don't know about you. And then tag 5 people.

Tagged by: Paper XiuZhen

1. Most of the times, I would talk to strangers or people whom I only just met like I know them for 10years already. If they don't response very enthuly, I'll just smile my way through.

2. I like to sit inside the bus at the corners, especially behind the button. And mostly at the right side of the bus!

3. I hate reading newspaper. However, I am super interested in what's happening around the world. So I watch Channel News Asia every morning instead!

4. Facts of life attracts me a lot! Weird things amazes me. So if you want to keep me engaged, tell me something that I don't know! I watch a lot of Discovery and Animal Planet channel too!

5. Most of the times, nobody knows what's going on in my mind.

6. I love staring into the sky. It never fails to calm me down or just brighten up my day. Especially the evening skies. Hence, my fav libary spot! =P

7. I can drink but I avoid drinking unless with friends for chilling. Hate all beers except Coronas. Love hard liqours! Enjoy drinking wines. I don't drink to sober myself.

8. If my mind is set on focus to do something, I'll do it to my fullest. If there's time, I'll keep refining my work. No 2nd best is accepted. Unless there really isn't any time. In a way I'm a perfectionist. However, a unperfect perfectionist.

9. I got a very weird habit of laughing to myself at the most unlaughable moment. Just by hearing silent will make me laugh to myself. And if I laugh at that stupid thing, I'd laugh even louder and the chain goes on! Laughter kills me! It makes me cry! :'(

10. My memory is super good and super bad dependings on situations! I can remember things about my daily life since young. Just ask and I and able to recall 90% of the time. But I'm have a very short memory on things that I wanna say! Just disrupt me and I'll forget! HAHA! Soooo, let me talk first k! Else I'd forget everything.

11. I'm able to keep secrets very well. I'm the kind that if you tell me your secrets, I'll be able to keep it if you ask me not to say. However, if it's a secret I found out myself, I'll just spread to the end of the world! LOL! Nawh just kidding but you get my point.

12. Super contented with even the simplest things. Especially eating my cravings and just by seeing someone I missed lots! If I'm not okay, with them just asking me "are you okay?" makes me feel a whole lot better! Cause it shows me that at least there are other people out there that cares.

13. People love to take advantage of me cause of my kindness. Like just throw things for me to do, or even think that I wouldn't be angry if they did a certain thing. In a bad way of phrasing, "make use of me"

14. I think I'm rather independent so I also super love people who are independent. I hate indecisive people! Those that goes "anything!", "you decide", "you make the call/shots". Like espcially GUYS. Bah! Hello! Liddat how to have GF? GF decide everything for you?


15. Has feeling attached to many non living things! So a lot of things in my room are not thrown! Gifts are not used! Things are not changed! That explains my 2year old phone which is super laggy but I still don't wanna have it changed! HA! =P

16. I hate peer pressure cause I always lose to peer pressure 80-90% of the time! Argh! And this sucks! )x

17. I tear/cry easily when watching a emotional drama scene. I still remembered that I cried on a pokemon show when butterfree left Ash when I was 10.

18. I eat almost ANYTHING! And when I said anything, it doesnt include shit and whatever. I meant those stuff that most people don't eat! So dump whatever you don't wanna eat to me! I like to try new places too! Like new restaurent or such. The first food when I ALWAYS order when inside the restaurent I've never been before is Lagsania! YUM!

19. I have liver cancer and is at the 2nd stage already. Thankfully it's only at the 2nd stage! Still can subside it.

5 person to tag: TS! AHDEE! DAWNIE! JUNHAO(i dont care! you must do)! BENBEN =)).

Wah! I took 3 days just to do this! Cause each time I do halfway, I had to go off! Pitfff! =P Soooo ya.

And I know its super long! Oops! Other people's are so short! HAHAHA! When I was doing this, I was like *Oh gawd! Quickly finish!* But after I'm done I was like "Oh man! I still want moreee!!

So out of all, how many do you already know? =D

Oh btw, I'm born in the 1990. So go figure what I'm trying to mean. HAHA! =P

Facts that most don't know
Or do you know it already? LOL!

pieces of me @ 11:20 AM.
Saturday, November 29, 2008

Super contented.
Even it's just like this.


And I dont feel like washing my arm.
My left arm.
Cause of... =)

It's there.
But then again, it's not.

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16th November 2008- random awesome 4 outing.

Went over to 18PLW and played some IQ questions etc games with sheep. Played a lot la! Like a whole 2hours plus! Before Marc called for dinner. He drove from Dawn's place and pick us up and we left for S'goon Gardens.

Headed over to this brazilian restaurant! It really smelt like ITAS please! But more xiang! ITAS is like all the japalang smell all mix in. All of us ate set meal! =D

This was shrime cocktail! Not bad la! =D Tho it might not look as tho it's anything, it's nice. [4 of us ordered this!]

I look as tho I got braces! O.O

Proper pic! :D

Dawnie and Marcie!

MARIE! =PPP *psst.

And this soup! It's their brazilian soup!Which I forgot the name, taste fantabulous! [OK fine! I'm exagerrating!] [me and marie ordered this!]

Dawnie with mushroom soup! [Dawnie and Marcie ordered this!]

And this is my food! And likewise, I FORGOT THE NAME! HAHAHAHA! But I really liked the butter taste! Just nice! Beef cooked nicely too!

Dawnie and Marcie's black pepper beef! [Yes it's not that name but we'll just make do with it]

Marie's super unique from us 3 dish's food! I also forget name! BAHH!

And our dessert! =D Some mango pancake! NICE ALSO! HAHAHAHAH

Most of you might be thinking "siao ah? nice meh?" But it was really nice! Esp for a 4 people $60 inclusive of GST meal!

Headed to "Yi Wang Tian Ping" afterwards. A stupid cock-ed up system happened but I shall not elaborate. Her mango thingy with pamelo!

Marcie ate chinchow!

Marie ate almond paste.

And I ate Rock Melon Sago! =D

Went to a playground nearby. MY FIRST TIME CLIMB UP A SPIDER WEB! HAHAHAHA! =x

Marcie drove me home after that! YAY to that!



PS: Ya I purposely add everyone's name with a IE! =P

That day was fun! =)
Unlike any other

pieces of me @ 12:01 AM.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

Yes, a very random song! LOL! I remember Phantos sang this during FOC also! =D

Why does every moment have to be so hard?
The weight of the things that remained unspoken
Built up so much, it crush us everyday

pieces of me @ 9:56 AM.

15th November 2008- Main Com Outing 2

Went late for MainCom outing that day! Oops! But SOMEONE was later! Some mutton! hahaha!

Played stupid games. I forget the name. And sabotager game. So retarded! We got like one million sabo-ers la! I think I was the only one trying to save everyone! While de rest, digger also become sabo! HAHA!

Sheep joined halfway and we played a while and started to leave to suntec to fetch Ahmad!

Went to find TS a while! He look good leh! When he was serious in selling products! Actually, I love guys that are serious in the right time! =P As in, I like to see ah. Shows the "shuai" side in them! *blink blink.

Went to Carls Jr again! YES! I just went the day before! -dreads. So no appetite to eat so I just drank smoothie.

Went for a lil walk walk ard Marina.

LOL! TS! Your shop!

After that, went off with Sheep and Marc to city hall and meet Yuanlong before going to Ehub to meet Kat! On the MRT there, we met Ber and Ivan! LOL! Erm, the 2 shots below are very random btw.

LOL! This shot is priceless leh! =X

Went E-hub and met Kat! Played with her arcade! So fun! LOL! The one that hits the screen machine one! Enjoyed to a max! Thanks Kat! Wheee !!!

Watched Madagasca! =D Mid Night Movie yo!

Shuai! =P

Was happy!
Cause you went to find for me
When I was infront

pieces of me @ 2:59 AM.

14th November 2008- Super longggg day!

Initially suppose to start school at 1pm! But had to go school at 8.45am for workshop! It was interesting, that I must applaud for it! First time I learned so much from a workshop!

Btw, thats me! I'm not taking down notes tho! I was drawing!

I was trying to draw the picture on the cover page!

But FAILED terribly! And a few post back I was saying my drawings improved! T_T Now it deproved again!

Thats the lady! Doing on dining etiquette! [Rawhs! Dont know how to spell]

Went Designs for lunch! =D Whee! Fish and chip yo!

Went for EIR after that! Xinneh and Ivan super like parttime gf/bf la! HAHA! Horrr Xinneh? =P

And it's ITPM after that! Wah! Today from a 1-3pm lessons become a 8.45am-6pm lesson! T_T

Went to Suntec after lessons with C183+1 that day! Ming Cong drove the girls there! WHOOHOO! Must thank Nicole! LOL!

I swear I had a good learning experience with them! Like if car with high beam means got traffic police, and how to find space in parking lot and such! LOL! Like one small girl with all the adults! I dont know anything! T_T

Went Carls Jr to eat! :D Whee!

Stupid WeiChoy! Eat when the rest of us haven got our food yet! *BITES

WenWen so GAY! LOL!

Long queue of food yo!

My Ice Lemon Tea! :D

Oh btw, that day I had Western Bacon CheeseBurger! Yummm! :D

After that, we had a lot of entertainment! From Xinneh and Ivan

To Xinneh and Ivan

To more Xinneh and Ivan and a whole lot of WeiChoy! LOL! He dam retarded! I tell you, if you were there you'd laugh till you tear!

And I swear my class guys are childish! They go and mix salt, pepper and what not into the smoothie! Then play guessing number game! Loser 3 will drink! LOL!

And you know what's the stupidest thing? After playing for so long, 3 losers drink right? Then they say "Eh! Omg dam salty! You try!" *tells de winner.* *Winner drinks*.
WOW! Now, why did they play guessing number game again? When everyone drank at the end! LOL!

Bus-ed home with Sharon while de rest ran to catch last bus/train and mingcong send nicole.
Thanks Sharon for talking to me when I was at the dark forest! LOL!

Long day!
But I like! =D

pieces of me @ 2:48 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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