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Sunday, September 30, 2007

26th Sept 2007 - Work, lester bday

Went back to work again. My second yet final day :D Had lotsa fun!! We were all standing together then suddenly the InCharge moved me away!!!! *SOB* But I still zi highed my way there. Before I moved, I took lotsa scandalous pictures!! Here's Zen with the lady boss.
Cheong Keng Mun xian Lao Zha Bor?
Awww so sweet!
Zen returning with his break up gift from lady incharge.

When the lady moved me to the other corner, I like dint care lah! And I still zi highed all the way! Until the back where everyone jia chua that I moved back to stand with them. I invented a super funny dance move that whenever i danced that with my umbrella, the sky will suddenly turn dark INSTANTLY!! SERIOUS!! Dont believe me, ask NCKM!! HAHAHAHA!! After that i still learnt new dance move and implemented in my own dance :x

After work, we all went to have lunch at this small house thingy. So much meat lah!! OMG! It was quite nice! Before everyone left, we took a group picture!

Yes I know im super deformed!! Well anyway. After that I left to take purple line to little india and went for an interview and rushed back to meet siewlin lester and derek at town.

They were already K-ing at party world when i got there lah! YAY!! Siewlin and Derek sings SUPER HIGH! While me and Lester sings SUPER LOW!! So put Me and Derek or Siewlin and Lester you would have a just nice tone LOL!
Lester Solo :D:D
Both of them singing GAY song.

And I swear!! The girls toilet there was super disgusting. CLICK TO ENLARGE! I minimise it to save the appetite to those who doesn't wish to view it LOL! Dont blame me if you puke or anything after you click ah!!!

Went Swensens to buy lester bday cake and have desserts there on the way :D Me Siewlin Derek shared a banana crumble!!

Look at his antena sticking out LOL!!
Ohhh I'm in love with this picture cause it's so artistic right!! Well to me it is lah!! Anyway, happy advance-one-day birthday lester =)

After that, Siewlin wanted to buy her cube thingy so we walked to Plaza Singapura to find her cube. We had fun in carefour on the way :P Yayy!! LOVE the us right now!!


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

25th Sept 2007
First day of OFFICIAL work! Suppose to be yesterday but was postponed. Met at the usual place and yes the same guy was late again. When reached POLAR to report, I SAW HUIYI THERE! ahaah! So qiao right! Like small small world! Even same job, out of 15vacancies will see her there! YAY! Miss her lots!

Well anyway, Our job basically is to stand at diff location and stare at a poster using a binoculus.

Nicholas what are u looking at huh!

All staring up! At what?At this!! :D The yellow blue thingy.
No clouds! It was a super hot day lah!! But the lind of cloud was nice!
Hello? Nicholas stop eat snaking can?!
Posing :P

Yes we had lots of fun! People that walked pass us would turn and look at the same direction! Blur people will ask us what we were looking at and listen. KPO people will ask us what are we looking at and when we say "Oh that board..." haven finish, they say "OHH!" and walk away. Tsk!!

Did i mention? The In Charge was very nice to us! She keep asking us to move to avoid the shade. When i was near the dustbin she noticed and asked me to move away cause there quite smokey. When the girls side have sun, she asked us to exchange with the guys! And she bought water for us to drink! Using her own money! So dam nice right!!

We went to a nearby food-cafe-hong-court-kong thingy to eat. I ate baked rice! Was not bad lah. But super ex can! GST and all additional cost, its like $10!!
The 5 of us [siewlin ben ckm zen me] went to beach road to check out the price for printing our StarScream shirt! Woohoo!! This is our design! Decorated by our lovely designer, nicholas cheong.

Zilianing on our way there!

So after beach road, me ckm siewlin benben cheonged to school while yangyang went home. We had that latern event to attend to. What latern event? This might be familiar!
So fun so fun there!! Watching performance, playing games! Latern festival was a blast lah! There was this riddle guessing game and me and ckm pawned all the eng one LOL! But when it comes to chinese.. We just CMI lah! Not that we dont know how to solve! It's more of, WE DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ HAHAHA!!

There was charm making stall, chi orchestra instrument tall, tea making stall, chi writing stall.. MANY MANY LAH!! =D I even had a free latern to hold!! Enjoyed it to the max! They invited 2 host to our school as emcee and they were going around to see if anyone wanted to sing!

We forced darren and maryam to sing "Breaking Free" LOL! After that we all sang "JI BA BAN" as a united IT!! SO FUN!! And we started to pull everyone else in TP and did the Mass Dance!! YAY! INTSC SO ROCKS!!

After mass dance, me mervin and ckm went to find laterns for to write a wish but no more laterns! So sad! So we went to get to taste the tea instead! I dint know making tea could be so complicated! Well anyway, I tricked the both of them into marrying me LOL! We jiao bei he cha AHAHAH!

After the event, we were in our own world le LOL! It was 9pm at night and we went to play hide and seek at design school LOL! Imagine 22 people playing hide and seek! haha! Me siewlin yuanlong and xiang went to hide inside a room and we all squeeze into a shelf each LOL! But coburn found us!! AHHH! After that we went out and pretend we haven kena caught! The catchers saw us and gave chase LOL! DAM SCARY! The way they run is like ZOMGWTHFBBQSHROFLMAO lah!! We became catchers and went to find them back!!

The game ended at like 9.45 i think. And we all headed to IT school to play another round of hide and seek! I swear the IT school was quite scarey lah! So late already lah! And we were hearing noises.Even at design school, darren heard something weird. The even ended at 10.20 and we all headed to clubroom to rest :D So cosy lah! Everyone was sitting/lying on the retro floor! Warmth Warmth!! And they just suddenly taupoked ahboon LOL!

We all headed home after that :D All dead beat and tired!

NOTE: Ahh! I will post everything tml!! Taiyou no Uta is more important now :x
Lantern Festival!! :D Woohoo!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

24th Sept 2007

Left house for my 1st day of work and suddenly the person called me to say that it was postponed 1 day. Received a call to continue going cause Zen reached already LOL! So the 5 of us went to meet up at raffles place MRT.

Went to Lau Pa Sat to eat and I think the lady at the Korean stall dont like me and ckm. HAHAHA! So tragic can!! They like dowan to take our order de. After that we kept walking on and we went inside any shop that contains figurings. Pictures!!

He forced me to take this picture!!
Lord of the Rings =D

The lighting dam cool right! Is purposely taken one. Not coincidental. This too!! :D

Our ChapJiKa Mascot :D:D
We walked past an antic shop and I couldn't resist to do this with the super old mike:P

After a while CKM had to go for meeting at his workplace and we tried to find the way out but got LOST! So cabbed of course LOL! The 4 of us, benben siewlin zen me, met korn and isabelle and we went for icecream at great world city =D

I swear the icecream was dam filling lah! After that went back suntec via bus. On bus got this guy. I LOVE HIS/HER HAIR!!!!! AHH

Walk walked and went arcade! [I dont know why but nowadays we keep going to arcade] Nic joined us in a while while siewlin and benben left. Isa looking at Korn playing
Oops Oops
EH! Then all suddenly Chap Ji Ka!

Boom Boom Boom!
As usual, he went to play his drums! And It's all his fault lah. I was so tempted that i began to try as well. And he really see small me. Let me play beginner stage! I almost died there! It's like 10sec/beat. But after that i played standard and it was alright!! Whoohoo! Thanks Shifu LOL!
So it tempted yangyang to play too LOL! But guess what happened!!
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! GOING TO FAIL!!" And nic jumps in and tries to not let yangyang die.

Ooops Oooppppps :D:D

We went food court to eat and went outside to slack a bit. Isa and korn bought this super nice sweet. SO FUN TO PLAY!! It's like there's this print on this sweet and u can print it on your tongue! It comes with different designs as well! =D

We went Toys'R'Us and we found out Zen was actually a tiko!! Evidence!

AHH! Addicted to drums!!

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