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Saturday, June 30, 2007


im really ='(ing.

pieces of me @ 1:23 AM.

Starting of today, wasnt feeling like myself.
Some things just dint seem right.
So funny. I slept so late but woke so early tho im ultraly tired.

Hmmm. I dint know what i was doing during the morning.
The time just past and before i knew it. I was late for school.
While walking to school, i saw GET people. So qiao (:

Went to school and sat at my usual place.
Its like WHEE i got D hahaha! its like i passed but i did badly.
After that we got into our grps and me and nicole talked till we were in our own world.
We did a secret thing. SHHH. our little secret LOL! But so funny lah. haha!
haha yes i love nicole. She is the same frequency as me. (=
Our conversations can get unexceptionally exciting even without gossipping =D

After lesson, weeyou, leslie, eugene and kenny came to find me.
They so nice right. Not my class but acc me to go for subcomm interview.
I wanna thank the GET GUYS and NIC CHEONG for accompanying me for the interview.
The interview was more of fun to me than a burden.
I had so much fun. I miss NicCheong. So long dint see him.
So happy that he came and acc me for interview. If not i think the interview will cui.
He could have done it the illegal way but he came interview whee =D
Anyway, we [or more likely he] made up a lyrics with the song.

Marcus x4 Shuai ah beng. Dawnie x4 Bimbo Queen Shawnyx2, he's so sexy. Then we go and ketupat him! [runs to shawn and ketupat him]

My version [one line only]
Nicholas is a himbo he is half pussy. He donated half his blood and he fainted.

Interview is so fun! I guess I dont need any people from my class.
Those GET people are the best. And i met many new friends.
And i got nicholas the himbo! And all the main comms.

After interviews, went to meet siewlin at town.
Bought 2 shirts at the price of 33$!
So cheap right. and i love them =D
Its so me! says JY.

Saw lots of people today!
Saw Xinni! Her friend waved full strength to us!
After that saw siewlin's friend. And siewlin's classmates.
Den after that saw emily and sock [so qiao i just posted their pic today]
And saw vanda and rebekah.
And saw our classmates as in the guys! i waved full strength!
They wave full strength back! haha!
And there was JY jiayu malcolm gina!
YAY loves. im a happy girl... at night (= without.... them

Ah hahaha! Yes and thanks denver for acc me home lah LOL!
Like east sider should stick together!
Dont care ah. Next time must take till tana merah den go home!
And too bad you dint join me and siewlin!
She treated me to eat! hahahaha!

I think im getting more creepier and creepier.
Whats happening to me!
Just the other day, i dreamt of sth that somewhat will happen or happened.
Now its like. I just posted the picture of people and suddenly i meet them.
Another day i rmb telling someone abt my fren named JlnBapok and i saw him. After that straight away i told him abt a fren named lap cheong. and we saw him immediately after that.
Do i have some power to control who i wanna see?
If yes, i'd be happier than ever.
I wanna see all those people i wanna see forever!
And not see those that i dont wanna see! (:

Oh btw, its coming to an end for the month of June.
My progress of friendster.
Not bad ah 655 views lol.

Picture of the day, 5.
Captions "I proclaim my love for you."
"Each time i opened my mouth, its about how much i love you"

Feel free to leave any message about that picture or any suitable captions. (x

I realise how different kind of people are to us.
Should we treat them back the way they treat us?
Or still try to gain their like?

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Cant sleep cause of wet pillows )=

Anyway, some old pictures i found on my friend's friendster.
Thats the old me. With my beloved cute handsome coach and emily.

And thats an even older me with wendy and sock.

And this is during grad day, taken with alan (=

beautiful memories.

pieces of me @ 10:15 AM.
Thursday, June 28, 2007

ytd was freaking tired. too tired to blog. soo yaa here it is. ytd and today.

27th June 2007
School was pretty relaxed i should say.
BPM played board games and BBFin lect was as boring as usual.
Anyway ytd FINALLY someone dint start the chain "no dont go" spoiler kinda thing so ya.
managed to get quite a lot of people to go to NDP as part of a class (=

I guess im still closer to my frens from other class.
Nobody stayed for the briefing from my class.
So during that time i spent with many many diff people.
And thanks to GET for coming and acc me lah even in the briefing =)

Even going home also got ppl purposely take 69 with me.
But at the busstop before going back, my long lost fren called me and i went to meet them at TM.
While at the busstop, again i saw many many people LOL!
I went to talk with derrick, yiling and company. FBI year2s.
Actually i only know 1 guy there. now i know 3 more! haha! =D

Went to my frens hse after that.
I swear i became a zombie there. Like gonna fall aslp any moment LOL!
But yea i had fun and i missed them lots

On that day, i made 5 new friends.

28th June 2007
Had lessons lectures lessons.
I love Mr Toh. his lesson is so interesting.
Well anyway, went to A1 with chuhui kaixin sharon vale.
Denver Nicholas Sebast WeiQi also went but diff place.
Omg so scary can KaiXin nose bleed. very heavy.

After that, while walking, it rained. So i lend kaixin and vale my umbrella and yes i walked in the rain. LOL! but its okay! Cause kaixin got laptop. den i got strong immune system (= i hope HAHA!

Went to find Kuku Nic Weichoy Sebast and lepaked.
The conversations are funny as usuals (=
Went to busstop only to keep saying "EH" nonstop till my bus came.
Its like every where i turn its someone i know! like seriously.
In that 5mins i saw matt, yiling, kat, long, nic, shawn, aiyaaaaa too many la. 4gotten. =X
Went home after that =D Oh joy.

Asking my class whether they wanna join subcomm now.
Im tired of persuading the class so let their no be no. and their yes be yes.
If they wanna influence each other with the "no" chain let it be.
If they wanna be influenced with the "no" chain let it be.
If they purely wanna go, let it be.

Today a grp of ppl said "EH i dont feel like going the Adventure learning camp [ALC] leh."
I was like "me too"
Then they stunn. A certain person asked "What about class bonding?"
I replied "Ah fuck it." "Ask till lan lan suck thumb" Yes i did say that word out and i seldom use vulgarities.
See thats how tired i am from asking.
I always ask, people are enthu from the start.
When one person say no, others will say no too.
Okay so forget about 185. Just look at 186.
They dont need people like me to like keep asking them to go.
Made me feel like a bloody begger and an irritating bugger.
So i just decided. Next time any events, if they say no, i shant pester them anymore.
Or should i not even tell them or ask them about that event?
Save my msg, time and my happy mood being spoiled.

So if they regret anything, its not my fault.
If they wanna laugh at me for being too busy with my committments, so be it.
I dont care anymore. Thats why those who said no, i just replied with a "okay" And i ended the conver. Not saying bye, not saying others.

Yes I know those people I've mentioned are on my blog are reading it now.
Just blame me for not having the courage to tell them
But i know for sure, they will like go and "gossip" say
"Walau u know what jolene blogged about us? Like wtf lah"
At least its better than keeping it a secret and just gossipping behind your back.
But its okay. I dont hate them. I still love them.
Well i have to right. They are afterall my classmates.

Ok so enough of the so called emo post. Here's pic of the day for ytd and today

Picture of the day, 3.
"If i cant hear your heartbeat, you're too far away."

Picture of the day, 4
"I cant sleep cause my pillow is too wet"
Crying all day made my pillow wet.
Now i cant sleep. Cause its too wet.

Feel free to leave any message about that picture or any suitable captions. (x

I tried to let go but it wont.
It haunted me like a ghost, not letting go.

pieces of me @ 11:15 PM.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sat with NicTan in PRSP today.
His drawing is dam godly lah.
The way he draw. Dam fast also O.O
Totally dint hear vivien soon >_<

After that, during ISFun, i sat with cuidoll, joanne, reanne, guta.
CHAP JI KA! hahaha! We talk a lot lah. Dint really listen to Toh too LOL oops >_<
One funny thing.
During break, i went to find cuidoll and her class.
They were looking at the Hey gorgeous.
Nvm leh. I went to find my class after that, they were looking at hey gorgeous also
hahaha! Cui! That is how famous it is.
For those that dont know the web site, its u.mediacorptv.com/hey
Go guys category, temasek poly and vote for Yang ming sheng.
He's dam cute can!
Me and cuidoll class mass vote for him for a while LOL!

After that a terribly funny thing happened.
Our class entered the PRSP lect hall.
After that, we walked out LOL! so zai right!
Went A1 slack after that went town with denver and cuidoll.
I finally bought my 3 waiting-list-for-dam-long-things.
fashio mascara [20% off!], guess belt [50% off!] and my triangle earrings! [1 side only]
Cuidoll bought her vest and a pair of shoes LOL!
yays! We are both very happy ! LOL!
And denver is happy being out carrier for the day XD
Hello we should go out more often.
Got shou ru you know =D
Oh ya they introed me pepper lunch.
SO CUTE! and so nice! OMG i wanna go back there to eat again!
nxt time i bring you all there okay!
anyway, i found a pic i took at 11th June. O O O OPHIX!

Previous picture,
Chuhui's comment : this pic lik so cool and so true lehs hahaa... hmms touchin too =((

Picture of the day, 2 :

Feel free to leave any message about that picture or any suitable captions. (x

Partners are the ones that last longer than oops oops. (x

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Monday, June 25, 2007

I just realise how brittle life is.
Just a few days ago, my friend was confirmed with the disease lupus.
Just today, my friend's friend passed away.
The trianthlon guy. His death appeared on the news paper.
I dont know why more and more people are passing away.
One day it might just be you. Be me. Nobody knows the future.
Last year alone. I knew of more than 5deaths and i attended 3-5 funerals i guess.
Its quite sad to see people you know die.
Its sad to see your friend's love ones die.
Its just sad to see anyone die.
I'm rather mad at those who chose to comitte suicide.
How many thousands, millions of people are fighting just to survive and they just wanna die cause they dont want to face the world now. Timids!

From here, all i can say is.
Cherish your family
Cherish your friends
Cherish your life
And live life to its fullest with no regrets.
Nobody knows the future.

pieces of me @ 11:34 PM.

Yessar i passed BBFin. but SAD i got D! hahahah! )x
Its just how funny that out of the 8 people betting, 4 of us got D. LOL!
And our class only had 5 D? So its like dam godly.
1 got C, 1 got B, 2 got A! Its so godly right! omg omg!

Oh im a very happy person today!
Concession concession cocession! wheeeeeeee!
=D anyway im still thinking whether to buy a laptop.
Its like i keep saying, aiya my course dont need.
But dont know! haha! anyway i'll keep a lookout on any good laptops.
My bro says that doesnt mean IT fare means laptops will be cheaper.
But one condition my lap must have, CAM! hahahah! =D

Oh anyway, passed up PRSP!
i love chuhui's one!
Dont know about the rest tho. I dint really see!
but i so wanna see! They should have just made them presented to whole class since not all of us were doing Java. )x

SAS! one of the classic moments.
JerryAng was trying to tell a joke.
and EVERYONE gave fake laughter! LOL!
Den sebast suddenly went L O L! den i heard and i said R O F L ! LOL!
i dint realised i "laughed" so loud till denver told me he could hear me!
But that moment was dam classic! missing it would be a lost !

anyway, something funny happened!

wee you says: u know got the shirt size right?
wee you says: me and eugene wrote 'M'.
wee you says: then leslie saw. then he thought is ask for gender
wee you says: then he blur blur "why got L one? Lesbian?"

hahaha! i laughed till my stomach dam pain.
in my thinking, every 1sec you laugh, you can live 5sec longer!
so many funny things are happening ard me.
i think i can live to be 2hundred!

okay i dont know why. i'll start to post a picture after everypost per day!
Picture of the day.
Caption: "I still love you even if you dont hear me."

Feel free to leave any message about that picture or any suitable captions. (x

Dont know whats happening to me!
I think its true this time!
The real symthoms came.

pieces of me @ 9:28 PM.
Sunday, June 24, 2007

Teddies dont hug back. But sometimes they're the best you got.

Haha! Many people see my that nick and ask if i was emo!
I was so stun about the amount of people that asked me that.
Like really a lot! One of them even said this;

jiabao: lol
jiabao: why ur nick so emo 1
jolene: LOL
jolene: really emo ah?
jiabao: ya
jiabao: like u gonna die like that
jolene: hahahaha!
jiabao: i think i gonna refer u to doctor for depression

LOL! yaa still got others others. so funny lah the way they all thought i was emo!
Then they all still took the effort to send me more emo songs! haah like thanks lah! anyway.
Let you all see a very nice picture okay (:

pieces of me @ 3:33 PM.

So many people's bday is today!
Happy birthday kaizhou, jasmine chan, gene, ling, yc and fahan =)

hope you all enjoy your life the way it is now!

pieces of me @ 2:31 AM.
Saturday, June 23, 2007

Haha yes the laziness have been catching up with me again! so lazy to blog lah (: but oh wells!
As usual, the summarised version =D

15th June
Went to chiong my alice overnight!
And after 1nights of hard work, i finally completed!
Well kind of. Just that I have some touching up to do!
Always can find sometime to touch up.
But I must say, im proud of my alice n_n

16th June
Went for a 1day cruise LOL! it was so freaking funny.
I sneaked in to the casino when the guards werent looking and was dam amazed by it.
Its like so freaking big.
Its like you forever cant walk finish one and there's like no end to it.
My brother went to play the Da Xiao [Big Small] and apparrently, he won 900!
While my dad lost 150.
And i was just utterly disgusted by the Singaporeans.
I cant believe im one of THAT kind of singaporeans.
Shant say a lot anyway (:

18th June - 19th June
Went to Ophix's BBQ.
I so freaking miss them can!
And i made quite a few new friends too! BBQ was fun! Saw many people i missed!
Tho we are in the same school but we haven met in a while and i miss them badd! LOVE.

After that, we took cheong's car and went to ton at malcolm's hse.
Me and siewlin treat that as our 2nd home already.
We were so familiarised that before we open the fridge, we know what's in it!
Me and siewlin watched "SAW" on his bed while JY Yuanlong Malcolm Marcus Gina played majong.
Halfway all fell aslp and we went off to have our breakfast.
i LOVE siewlin lah. When we are together, we are really in our own world.
We can talk about almost anything under the sun (:

It was morning already and when i went home, i just took a dam short nap. And after that I went school.
Cause sebast needed help den he ask denver so i went in to chap ji ka also LOL!
I tell you i was so dam tired can. Like never sleep at all LOL! but nvm!
Since I already said that i'd go, i will go. i wont PS them.
I very steady de okay. Say yes means yes. wont halfway say no.
But i fell sick after that. And it was my teacher's death anniversary. And my fren caught Lupus. ):

20th June - 21st June
Went to school to meet Iman Siewlin Cheryl JY Jasmine.
Was suppose to be there at 10.30.
But I was sick ah. so overslept.
After that i bought all of them to lab 7 and let them play with alice.
While i help siewlin with hers a bit.
After that ming came and we went to play bball.
Marcus joined us after that. whee!
After bball, i went to hospital to visit my friend
ThankGod she's as strong as ever!
I envy her a lot. Seriously.
If i was her, I think i'd breakdown i guess.
Knowing that you cannot walk out into the sun.
You cannot take a lot of kinds of food.
You have to take medicine all your life.
She's so optimistic. I really take my hats off her.
Imagine it was you. What would you do? How would you feel?

After that i went to chiong my alice report. CHIONG AHH! haha!
I chiong till i was dam tired. I guess i'd figure out why anyway. So much thing had happen.

After i went home, i slept till 3.30.
Woke up and went to chiong all the shows i wanted to chiong.
Completed quite a few of it already yay!

22nd June
It was suppose to be iceskating with class.
I feel so bad. So many people changed their work shift for this friday.
And it was cancalled. You can see them online whole day.
Doing practically nothing. While they could have been working, earning money.

Well I know what's going on. But I shall pretend I dont know anything (=
Since they want to hide it, let them hide it bahs.
Tho I dont know what's there to hide about.
And the truth cant be hidden tho how well you hide it.
Even if you dont blog about it. Or dont show it. Or dont talk about it.
There are still more signs that can show it. I shan't say. But yea it works that day.
Seriously. Doing things in the dark. Discussing about how to cheat on another person.
I've seen worst. So im not really that troubled too.
But just to tell you, Karma DO exist.
What you do to people, someday you will get back what you deserves.

Anyway, I dint regret being at home.
I watched finish all the dramas I wanted.
A few interesting ones are Devil beside you, KO 1, Smile Pasta, Corner with love, tokyo juliet many more.
Im gonna chase after huan huan ai =D
And yessss. Chiong my report! The only i left half completed =P


Are you happy being like that?
That just proves you have no real friends.
Is that what you call your close friends?
Close friends that call you best friend infront but talks bad about you in the back?
Seriously Im thinking how many real friends you all have.
Let me define what a true friend is.
Forget about the true friend test.
A true friend is when you dont like something about your friend, you TELL HER about it.
And if she understands. It'll seriously be a start of a beautiful friendship.
If you dont like something about her, you TELL SOMEONE about it.
What if that someone was actually okay with her.
But the fact you talked bad about her made someone feel the same way as you?
Even if you HAD to gossip, say it to someone that bloody dont know that person.
In that case it'll cause no hurt.
Would you like it if i dint like you and i spread that to all your friends, all your classmates?
Let me tell you what you do now, you will have karma back.
The friends who gossip WITH you. will gossip ABOUT you too.
Havent you heard this line?
We are in tertiary now. No longer secondary school.
I hope you think about it.
If you grow to hate me more, so be it.
I have no comments. (=

And oh ya.
I'm happy karma exist.
I really do.

pieces of me @ 1:02 PM.
Friday, June 22, 2007

haha so many ppl have been taking the test!
i also wanna make!

Create your own Friend Test here

so here is one =D
yea if the Qn are lame, tell me! LOL!

pieces of me @ 2:27 PM.
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1stly i would like to say its MsPeh's 1st year death anniversary today.
2ndly i would like to say i just got the news that my friend was lupus positive.
Lupus it's this disease which attacks the immune system. she must take medicine her whole life.
Sad righttt! BUT NEVERMIND!

Just smile! There isnt anything you cannot overcome.
-adapted from wei xiao pasta-

But its the line that keeps most people moving.
Even me.

pieces of me @ 11:11 PM.
Monday, June 18, 2007

im boredd.
and im not happy with my score =3

IQ Test Score

pieces of me @ 3:22 PM.
Friday, June 15, 2007

Our class 1st class outing to sentosa.
We enjoyed it very very much (X
You can tell right. by the pictures =D

pieces of me @ 2:05 PM.

Pictures Speak More Than A Thousand Words.
Happy Birthday Girl. We enjoyed every moment with you.

pieces of me @ 1:16 PM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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