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Friday, June 22, 2012

Life now after exams have been fun! Been going out with love ones!

My boyfriend has flown to Korea for 8 days on Sunday! He's been having fun! I love all the short messages we would send to each other whenever there is wifi available! It's all these moments that have been making me smile and laugh! He would send me few photos at night and it's really super adorable! :) So thankful that I have a nice boyfriend like that!

Had a good meetup with XiuZhen and Fion on Tuesday! So much catching up to do! Even though it's been long since I last met Xiu Zhen, our friendship is still the same! Fion and me did more catching up after she left for Yoga and had Strickly Pancakes! It was super delicious! 
This is us!

Really love the talks that we had! Like good old Venos days! Only Janice was missing! And maybe Apple! :) Venos was legendary in its own ways too!

Wednesday morning was spend sending Liyi off to China for her internship! I woke up at 7am just to send her off!! We took this photo which was really cool was it looks like 3D but when you look at it in human eye level, it looks like a weird stretched photo! This was the photo we took!

Went to bedok market to have the best ba chor mee ever! And went home to sleep like a pig!

 At night went to club with my secondary school buddies! The last time that I went was actually December 2011! SO LONG AGO!! Had fun with them even tho I had little alcohol! Wahaha! Don't really have pictures cause I don't bring my phone to club! I don't like it when people use phone during the dance floor to tweet stuff or even just use it! And I think keep having to find other people in the club is a waste of time and even more rude to the friends who went with you!

Today (Thursday) was one of the absolute best outing I have had since long ago! One that involve meeting up at a earthly hour and doing stuff instead of just watching one late night movie and heading home. Went to balestier to have bakuteh there at 12pm! OH MY GOD SO EARLY RIGHT! Plus I just clubbed yesterday! After that 8 of us went to play L4D2! Just nice the amount of people! And they are so nice! Cause some of them have other appointments but they pushed back cause of us! HEHE! Chilled at Killeney and had heart to heart talk with J and HC. Met Panthers after that to have dinner at 15mins cafe. We spend the rest of the entire night chilling at starbucks just laughing away! The amazing thing about us is that even tho we have 10 people, we can still all be having one single convo together at the same time! Then we all took last bus/train home together! The feeling is awesomeeee! Guess this is what "old" or rather, "mature" people do? I feel it's rather a waste of money and energy to meet up so late just to watch one movie and (maybe) play some LAN when we could have done it in the afternoon too and save on the cab fare and the energy for next day!

Anyway, there was some issue that some of us really hated! We have this supposedly close group of friends that we thought we were still close, but apparently they proved us wrong. The only reason we are always invited to conversations are to fill in the numbers cause they want to buy something expensive for them and without us, their group will have to spend a lot each for the present. Really hate those that only ask you along to chip in to present but they go and have fun without you and still act like a clique. What's a clique for when there are mini cliques in it? In the end the big clique will fall and only be left with mini cliques! That's what I like about my uni friends. In our group, we don't have mini clique and is just us go out with the whole group. But then again, no point harping on it since they no longer care? =\ Maybe thats why I'm more reluctant to pay so much if we're not as close to you as you feel we are. Why pay so much when we are not close friends (in their eyes)? CLEARLY, the friendship worthiness can be seen. We're just less than half as important to them now.

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Friday, June 01, 2012


Exams are finally over!! When all my friends said that they were feeling lost after exams were over, I din't really understand. But when my papers finished yesterday, I finally realized what they meant! Imagine everyday waking up and studying and this happened for a whole of 6 months! But when everything is over, I have nothing to wake up to do! So lost when I was at home! Need to get ww's monitor and get myself an internal hdd so that I can start playing my diablo! :) (no life ._.)

Well anyway I guess it's chill and relaxing time now! Really gotta cherish this last bit of freedom that I have before starting my working life! Hope I can head down to mambo and poptart some time in June! Wanna really enjoy my life before I lose all hopes! :x I guess catching up with close friends are on my priority now! I've sacrificed a lot for my degree. Though I'm quite sure I won't be getting my first class honours, but I know I did it without any regrets!

Really gotta update my blog especially my details! At the side bar it says I'm nineteen when I'm turning 22 soon! D: And the picture was probably taken when I was so much younger! I've been deceiving everyone! Hopefully anyone reading this now I've already updated my profile! HAHA!

Really thankful for my BF for supporting me! We have officially reached ONE YEAR! Honestly I din't know this would go so far! Was pretty skeptical but we made it! I know I've found the right one already! Recently I told him about some issues and really had mental break down due to exams but instead, he said was so nice to reassure me and to come down to accompany me to study for 2 days when my house had absolutely nothing to do! We celebrated our first year at Orchard Hotel! Yay! :) A nice nice dinner! We really took our time and were the LAST to leave! Wahaha.

Wanna enjoy every bits of my life. I'd say my life is not perfect, but to me, it's the best that I could ask for and I wouldn't want to change any of it right now! :)


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