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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A simple smile goes a long way.

It can comfort someone, or make others happy.
For me? It made me smile. And the thought of it during my most down, would make me smile too.

Don't stop smiling! Be happy. :)
Cause you've got the ability to make others happy too.

Like me,
Like today.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

October was a blast, that I can never argue with. But when it comes back to November it kinda just sucks again! Had 2 test and I'm going to have my 3rd next Tuesday on the subject which I don't really understand! I really need help but nobody's in my MSM class taking Peter. :( Just got back my assignment and it was 12/25! I could have failed even badly because he marked my graph right when it was totally wrong!

Plus some issue here and there. Something that I was so looking forward to turned out to be a major disappointment. But I'm still trying to get used to it! You can, do it! :)

Been trying to improve my photoshop and it really made me "wow" when I try to explore the other functions that I have never even bothered to try before. I believe my skills will improve!

There are lots of things in my to-by-list now! I just bought one of it. Many more to go!

Last week it was spent totally mugging type. But this week feels totally like a slack week to just sit back and relax! Don't feel like studying at all! So many stuffs happening at one go! I don't even feel like I have the time to sit and relax!

One thing I like about November though, all the Aussie kids are coming back!

Yayyyy yining!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

15th-18th September 2010: Oktober Festival

Spent the four days working as a beer girl for Oktober Festival as Swiss Club.

The four days were really different even though I was working the same job.

The first day I had more than 30people taking photos with me. Seriously feels like a model kind. HAHA! It's like when I walk over to other section they also took kind! I love my little corner on the first day! It was with Silin, Shah, Derek Partner, Jiajie! Plus my people there were seriously the first to get hyped up and stand on the chairs/tables to dance! And there were 2 really cute guys there! All the girls that walked to my little corner agreed!

Second day was very sad cause I got shifted to the VIP area, which I heard from yesterday that there was nothing to do there. BUT THEY WERE WRONG! Hell lots of things to do there! Thats why I say, different day different people! I still do miss my little corner though! That day working there was fun! Cause with VV, SongWM and VV's friend. VV's friend exceptionally funny! On that day... The person that took photo of us made our pictures as the profile picture in XinMSN.com.

OH MY GOD RIGHT? Dam, I was on my wrong side of angle. And so many people saw it! But anyway, article is here.

Anyway, for the article, click here!

Third day was back with Shah and Partner. It was that day that I got to know/talk to more people. That was where I met Melvin, Ryan, and some other guys which I forgot their names already. Made friends with the bar people and all. But that day was still average only! It was quite messy cause of the free flow of beer for one company.

LAST DAY. WOAH THE MOST HECTIC ONE! So many beers/wine/drinks were spilled on me on that day. And people were not watching their way at all! They just danced and crowded and knock over the tray/beers I was carrying. And it all spilled again and again! That day was the only time where I felt that as I carried the drinks, I can just let go anytime cause it was too frequent/heavy! Imagine like you take an order, walk a bit, someone ordered from you, walk a bit, someone ordered from you and you can accumulate till 3-4 orders? Plus that day was the day that you have to find your own towers! It was a mess! You could hold onto an order for more than 10minutes just to look for one tower. And in the midst of looking for one tower, you could have a few more orders that wants tower! Woah! Lucky the bar people all very nice! Hahaha! Some of them when they return the towers without any orders, they would just give it to me. Or like if I needed a tower and I had a lot more they would ask me to go serve my order and they will keep my tower for me. Phew, lucky for me that they're helping me. Plus all the other people that helped me here and there. Really need to ありがとうございます (arigatou gozaimasu) you.

Got this guy from Austria came to talk to me for real long! He took my hat and din't want to give it back to me to make him talk to me. Had to entertain him real long. He still said "You're pretty for an asian" Omg! What does "For an Asian" mean?! LOL! Talked till we were saying next year's oktober fest we have to go back as participants together and sit side by side kind. LOL!

I love my incharge that day! We were probably the first beer girl to get supper coupon! And he would help us take the "dirty cups/plates" back if there were peoplg getting order from us. He's a real nice guy. Kept asking us to go and eat and all. :)

Got appointed to work at the champagne area at the top part with Hiuching at the back. Working there is so cool. We can talk openly and all. Look at all that has been happening and laugh at people, especially JonnyBoy and Brendon! Jonnyboy seriously kept smiling and laughing all the way!

This was before we changed out of the costume the last day!

PS: The hat is not part of the costume.

Shah drove all of us to eat ba ku teh somewhere near purple line I think. Partner was seriously drunk! My first time seeing him so drunk and I bet it was everyone else's first time too! We laughed madly at him! Partner partner, why you so drunk? It makes me laugh! :P

Thanks shah for sending some of us home after that!

Oktober fest was awesome! I want to come back to work and to be a patron next year!

The next day, 19th sept, was spent nuaing at home. Cause it really was super tiring!!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

11th September 2010: WWW, BARRAGE, L4D

Headed down to downtown to meet up with Derek, Farhan, Fion and Sylvia. Was suppose to go WWW with them but cause all ended up late that I got not enough time to go WWW with them! So ate BK with them and sent them into WWW.

Went over to City Hall to meet Panthers. Shopped for food and went to Barrage together! We ate food and played monopoly deal, under the shade. LOL! We looked around and I swear, 85% of the people around us were all playing monopoly deals!!!! HAHAHA!

While the rest still felt lazy, I just wanted to run around in the sun so got Juen Tong and Bobby to play frisbee together! It's good to let lose in the sun, even though you'll sweat cause the sun is mega hot!

look at all the slackers just watching us play, in the shade! LOL!

But they did join us in the end! :P We really had lots of fun! The weather was hot, but it beats raining! We had a series of laughters too! Like how we played monkey and we would purposely throw the frisbee so much further and watch how two people ran for one frisbee, both having the same objective, to catch the frisbee and NOT be the monkey!

Decided to buy a kite to play cause it's been really long since I last flew a kite, successfully! :D And this is my pretty kite!

Really loved edited version of this picture. The picture was taken rather nicely, just that after some photoshop, it looks a bit better.
The previous picture was this!

Just that halfway, Chris made my kite got stuck with other kites and it snapped and dropped into the ocean! ):

But anyway, we had fun taking pictures! Of course with our typical favourite, the jumpshot!

And just about a 100 over group photos! As much as I'd like to slowly pick up the group photos, I think I'll just pick a few random shots! Alternatively, you can view the pictures here: Album 1 or here: Album 2

More camwhoring pictures! :D I only picked 4 though!

Here's our [after a lot a lot of times] see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil!

And the classic macarina~

And we really just camwhored even more!

This is the whole group of us!

After that went out to Marina to eat Carls Junior with them! It was some of their first time eating! So funny! Had a fun and crazy time with them. And it was there and then that I found out what I have had on my leg all along was corn! Thanks to yongjia! And all along I still thought it was a splinter

Headed to Pasir Ris to find the grads. Initial movie planned turned to L4D at Elias Mall! It was real fun! And our group owns! Thanks to a random player named corn!

That day was a really good day spent!

Again, if you would like to view the 200+ pictures, you can go to Rebecca's album!

12th September 2010: Work @ RWS

Spent my day working for RWS before having it closed for 2 weeks for maintainence.

13th Sept: HOME

A resting week for my hectic week out.

14th Sept: L4D with hiuching OG/ bought working shoes

Went to work at Taka and was off to meet Hiuching and her OG for L4D2. Before meeting Hiuching, went to Rubi to buy me black palms for my work at Oktober fest the next day.

L4D2 is really fun! And have to thank Hiuching and her OG for teaching me how to play!

More up, nxt post.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th September 2010: Botanic Garden, Berlinda's Birthday

Met up with Xinyi at Eunos MRT to get cake for BByong before meeting Weining with her parents. They drove us to Botanic Garden! :D Yay! Thanks for the ride!

After that prepared the stuff for botanic gardens! :D

It doesn't look like it's much but it really was really yummy! Waited for Jia and BByong to reach was a torture cause we were really hungry! They arrived like more than 30mins after us!

All of us together! =)

A little camwhore session before proceeding for our forest walk.

We found a super old and big big tree! :D

We walked..

Did stupid things!

Took pretty pictures

As well as funny pictures!

Act Candid-ed

Continue walking

And taking pictures

Doing stupid things again.

And it just go on, in repeat mode!

Miss Singapore! :)

Pretend it's our house!

Guess who i met there?

And I still rmb Odelia said "She looks younger" HAHAHA! Yay!

That's about it!

Even though at the beginning it was rainy, it din't stop us! We still continued to go ahead despite everything! :D It was run! I mean, it's the company that matters, really.

After that, all of us bussed to our events afterthat. For me, I went to glasshouse to meet up with IITSC for Ber's birthday! :D

Pictures! [sorry lazy to edit]

Me with Birthday Girl!

Mingsheng trying to get a SUPER takglam photo of me! LOL!

Celebrated Berlinda's birthday at Dhoby Ghaut's Glass House Fish and Co. Nice catching up session. It warms my heart to see everyone still getting back together for someone's birthday even though after some of them have graduated more than 2years.

More Pictures for Botanic Garden, click on the following:
Lim Hui Jia- Surprise Botany
Ng Xin Yi- indoor *cough* picnic at botanic

More Pictures for Berlinda Birthday, click on the following:
楊铭申-Bervegezehbusao Birthday @ Fish & Co. [Glass]
Ang Shihan- Snapshots of Ber's 22nd Birthday on Hari Raya.

Can you believe it? I updated that day's post from 10:46pm to 1:25am. LOL! GG! I'm going to bed now! More next time if I'm not lazy! :D

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An imperfect perfectionist;
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Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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