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Thursday, January 20, 2011

//NTU team for Adjam!

It's 2.39am and I'm finally done with packing my notes! :) Almost done with Chapter 7! Tomorrow I'll read it through the MRT again! :D

Finally Adjam ended! After 2 months of no-life planning, countless rejections, multiply screwups, it ended!

Really in this Adjam I found out at the back that I'm a super SKW! And you know what is SKW? It's called Sai Kang Warrior, also known as the person who do a lot of shit work warrior! HAHAHA! [Not that I'm complaining! Cause in the course, I made a lot of new friends!!]

Helped SIM to pack their vouchers in school
Helped NUS one day before to do their station clues till 3am!
And after planning NTU, I got to be an OGL! (yay)

Yay!!! Anyway I found out I like to do this kind of SK work! hahaha! Especially the chill chill kind!

Anyway, now there is no "i got adjam so i cannot study" to be my excuse anymore! T_T Always trying to find an excuse to myself! T.T At least now i'm super confident in passing 1 subject! Time to brush up on the other 3~

On the side note!
My resolution to cut down on partying is really working! :) So far I've only went once in this year! By now I'm suppose to already have went like 2-3 times! Even tonight was suppose to be spent at butter! But nooo~ I'm at home packing notes!

TML! Tml will be the last day of Adjam! Yay! :D Tomorrow is the chill chill appreciation dinner! :) Chance to see all of ODAC for one last time before mugging~

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guess which hand is mine? :D
PS: Too lazy to photoshop in effects!

Briefly planned out my whole study schedule for this week!

Monday night: Do MSM assignment
Tuesday morning-noon: Read up on Econs
Wednesday morning-noon: Do POA assignment
Thursday noon-night: Read FI
Friday, Saturday: ADJAM, so cannot do anything!
Sunday ning: Study Econs

PLEASEEE stick by it Jolene Z Tan!! :)

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Whole group of us back for a TP Alumni Movie night! :)
Honestly I love TP, cause they're doing so much to keep us close together


Don't understand what some people are doing.
They leave your life then, but at times try hard to pry into your life again.

They do things to talk to keep in contact with you.
But then again, it has to be a secret.

You've made your hasty choice.
I've had my hard days long.

You use to have it all.
Now you have none left.


Guess only some people would know the story! ;\

Well anyway, read econs while on the train today and I found out that I really love to read on the train! HAHAHA! :x Though not VERY productive, but at least a little bit of it went into my brain! :P

Planning out my days till the 4th of May!
Thinking of going BKK on 19th-22nd March! Should I go?

Off to do my MSM assignment now! Re-do actually. hahaha!

So many what if's, what not's.
I'm sorry to tell you, what's gone, will be forever gone.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

And when the picture in this polaroid fades, we know that our friendship would still remain the same.

So fast a week has passed since the beginning of 2011!

That means 1 week lesser to revise for my main paper!

If I were to tell you, I still have 3months, 3 weeks to revise, most of you would think that it's more than enough!

But let me tell you, it's not!

Anyway recently been using too much computer till I can feel my eye sight detoriating. FML man! :( Now whenever I use the computer my eye would get all teary! Hai! Bad bad sign!

At least this first week has been passed quite happily! :D
Next week's Adjam! Please let it be a success!

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Since it's the start of the new year, I've decided to stop blogging about the past! Anything you like to know my life after the prev blog post, please refer to my Facebook album collection! http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=530566920

Basically what I'm doing is all there! :D Sorry to those that don't have my FB account!

So while my pictures are still uploading, there are certain thoughts on my mind.

Just three post ago;
I said I'll get over it, but I have not!
I said partying is something I'm not ready to give up, but I am!

Previously if people asked me to go party, I'd sure be super excited and go! But guess what? Out of this January [tho it just started], people asked me to go clubbing on 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th, 19th. And guess what? I am not excited for ALL! Oh man! Even though it's all different groups and all. So weird right? And I just had this thought on the last day of 2010.

Is it because I just watched Hello Stranger that I missed the feeling of being attached, officially or unofficially? But lets just see how things slowly work out. It's not something that you say you want and you will get it!

I don't know what I want! I just paid a $1828 school fees and I think I will just have to put all my focus into my May paper! 4months left! ): Jia you!!

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello 2011!

Been wanting to sum of my life in 2010 but haven't got the chance to do it!

IN 2010:

- My last open house, but also the best open house, being part of iit guide and tpsu guide! Fly here and there to help out both ways! Cheered my lungs out! Cheered and ran and everything so much that I lost 3kgs in 1.5days of open house (not 3 days due to internship)


- Chinese new year has never exactly got any better or worst. Cause last year I went overseas to msia, again. ): Though not on chu 1 or 2, but still....


- My last OLTC as a true blue TP-ian! Was an advisor for the camp for Program Committee. Though I really wanted to be an OL (never got the chance to since year 1 cause since year 1 I was choosen to be a FA) but it's okay! :) And because of wanting to attend OLTC, I got fired in my internship. :(

- My last D&D as a TP-ian too! But for this D&D, I managed to get Le Homme Galardeon! Din't expect to get that prize but well, it's a good way to end my last D&D!


- The highlight of my life! My last FO. The 6days camp! Totally love my empire, my GLS, my freshie! They made me cried 5 days out of 6 days! And something about them is really too sweet! The freshies made me cry, the GLs made me cry, my girls made me cry. One simple "GLs, we love you" made me cry. One simple "I will miss you when you're not in TP" made me cry. I'm a sucker I know! But really! While serving food, all the graduates cheered "We are the year 3s we love you, this is the last time we'll serve you" Till we cried, thankfully not all over the food! Thinking about the last Final Clash in FOW only also can cry! And all the stupid VC keep playing all the sad sad songs! HAHA! Began my life in TP in FO, end my life in TP in FO.

- Week 0 camp! Where would I be without it! Loved the camp! Love being emcee for the whole school of IIT again, for the last time with my partner Desmond Yip since year 1. Enjoyed teaching the mass dance on the stage for the last time with Desmond Yip! Enjoy co-ordinating night walk with other school for the last time. Enjoyed rowing for the third and last time for IIT in Dragon Boat. Enjoyed the 3rd and last moment in our own LT, crying for 3 times in all 3 years! Everything being my really last. I love you TP. :)


- Graduated officially as a TP-ian and moved on to being an Alumni!

- Went to TW with my TP classmates as a graduation trip!

- Went to Genting with 29 of us TP friends, all got to know each other through different camps and all. Imagine riding one ride, and all of them is our own people, and we CHEERED like mad! The pirate ship we cheered like mad, the indoor rollercoaster we cheered as we rode through Genting. The indoor rollercoaster is one of the most not fun rides, but to us it was awesome cause what we did was what we lived for. Bumper cars with Techno music, so dam awesomely fun! We behaved like small kids after riding we ran to queue again! Did stupid stuffs like balance a person with our legs while sitting on the barricade and hanging our legs at the other barricade. Played "oh-ya-bey-ya-som" and loser had to remove one legs and that sorta thing! So stupid but dam fun! :) Genting will never be the same without them ever again!


- Went on a KL trip with my GFs + BByong. I swear it was the most worth it trip ever! The room was luxurious and we were the 3rd batch to go there. Made our presence known throughout the beach resort! Everyone remembered us! Even when we went to watch the show that they performed for us, and if they needed a volunteer, they immediately looked for us! LOL! Awesome trip ever, even though it's just KL!

- It was also the start of my Maths bridging in SIM. Everything is so fast!


- My first camp in SIM. :) Really glad to have been in my White OG! We managed to complete the Sentosa games first! A really good start! :D After so used to being GLs and FAs in camps, it really felt weird to be a participant again! The SP thing was really very funny! I know I'm lucky to have my SP. Cause I think I might be the only one to be able to take it and make a joke out of it and make my OG laugh throughout amazing race! We really had a good laugh! SP dance was also the best! Lucky we're both the outgoing kind, even though he kinda bankai, but I think my SP is still the most awesome guy ever! HAHAHA! The guy with the biggest balls okay! :)

- My iphone was stolen! ):


- I turned 20! ): Not a teenager anymore! But at least my 20th birthday was right before my bridging paper and when I went clubbing on my 20th birthday, all the TP people was there too! LOL! From me and my 2GFs to a whole bunch! Yay :)

- Went to watch YOG preview! Thanks to Fion! =)) Loves.


- Worked in Oktober Fest as a Beer Girl! It was the most fun ever! I swear you'll feel like a model or something! Imagine within 1day of work, more than 30 people asked you to take picture with you! Cool shit right? And it's really fun! All the songs and music! Everyone getting high on beer and dancing on table and chairs! Really awesome! (Y)

- Night cycling with ODAC. Really loved having this night cycle with my OG. My OG was really very very bonded! Bonded to the extend that all of us dont wanna leave each other! HAHA! We laughed as a whole, moved as a whole, go toilet as a whole and call it toiled outing! Love them to the max!!

- Bouldering event with ODAC. So much fun with the event! Staying over together at Ulu Pandang with them and all! Having so much muscle man to look at! Their muscles aren't the bulky kind, it's the super refined kind! Really candies to the eye. :) My favourite guy is the number 1 guy! The way he climb is so smooth and fast!

- USS for the first time, at night! It's cool because it will be one of the few rare times that USS will be opened at night for rides! So it's kinda worth it! What's more? It's free!

- MBS for the first time with only the closest friends.

- Hello S95. :)


- Went back for Team Bonding Camp (TBC) in TP as an alumni cause they needed help! After weeks of planning the events, we finally executed it and it was a fun camp! :)

- First time attending POP at the Marina Bay Floating Platform

- Irving Chalet!! SUPER FUN! We played all night man!

- Night Safari for halloween night! It was really quite awesome! Din't regretted going at all! The last house was the killer! It made not only me scream, but the 3 guys who were suppose to be 3mins walk away from us ran to find us so that they can walk together with us! HAHAHA!

- Halloween @ USS! All of the mascots dressing up as all the creepy person! And the place, they way they decorate! Plus all the shows that scared people!Super worth it! [Free too! =)]

- Spooktacular @ Sentosa with ODAC! 31 of us went I think! I know it's a lot of people! All the walks were super fun! Lucky we came early cause our queue was super short! :D We're smart people!

- Pukefest @ Timbre with Panthers! LOL!

- Fear Factory @ Zouk with 2 GFs! It was so awesomely fun, though packed! You could really see a whole load of people dressing up for the event! And their outfit is best! Anyway, that day phuture tickets was sold out! So sad right? But then we managed to get members chop! So we just went into phuture! Shocked that they gave us members chop leh! LOL!


- IITSC goes Sentosa! :)

- Genting with family and relatives!

- Foodhunt with Orangutans! :D Or sorta like 4.5 orangutans? :D Dinner with ODAC afterthat!

- Dodgeball with TCE, emerged as 4th out of 19!


- USS for the 3rd time, just that it's a full day this time round! And once again, it's free! :D

- Daddy's 60th birthday!

- SIM's Pageant where I din't really dance till the last 20min! LOL!

- Panthers xmas celebration @ Bson's house! :) Nice 70s Christmas just that not everyone dressed up! LOL!

- MBS with Xinni! :) Just the two of us, one camera and an infinity pool!

- MBS again, this time with ODAC with a suite room! Super huge room with living room and a giant giant giant bed room! The room is like my living room plus dining room combine can!

- Xmas eve countdown @ Butterfact with my 2GFs

- Xmas celebration @ my house with ODAC OG6.

- New year countdown @ Siloso Beach Party with SIM + TP people! :D


That kinda sums up the more eventful days of my life in 2010.
If I wanted to put more, I think i'll take a week so yup ! These will do for now!

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