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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's Trending #1?: #Diablo3

Hello blog!

Just had the worst paper of my life! ): All my hopes are dashed! No more First Class Honours for this girl over here!

Anyway thats not why I am here! I'm here cause HURRAY FINALLY FINALLY DIABLO 3 IS RELEASED!!!

That's half the reason though!
In twitter I've seen some people going mad over Diablo while some remained sarcastic about it. Tweets as follows.

1. "Diablo 3 is obviously trending..can someone explain to me wat's the big deal abt it?"
2. everybody is obsessed with diablo 3. because they're a fan of diablo or because they're just joining in the crowd? i think the latter haha
3. This diablo 3. What's nice

And for the record, 1's replied was

lols..i am not into any computer games..soo i cant really be bothered..

When I told her that she wouldn't understand. Thing is, if you can't really be bothered, why tweet then? Why tweet "what's the big deal about it?" if you can't be bothered? True that?

Also, Why CANT we be obsessed with the release? We waited more than 10 years after the first release of Diablo 2. So you can be obsessed with Korean singers, you can be obsessed with soccer, you can be obsessed with WHATEVER, but we can't be obsessed with Diablo 3? Oh one singer has released its album after few months, "\SPAMS TWEETER "SPAM SPAM SPAM OMG KOREAN GROUP NEW SONG BLAH BLAH", SPAMS TWEETER "OMG THE SOCCER. REFEREE KEYLONG" but we can't spam for like a day or so or just let us spam for a month till the thing settles down? Unlike whatever your obsession is that won't settle down for ages!
(No offense to people who like K-pop or soccer. Just an example cause I'm okay with both of them! ^^)

There are multiple tweets from girls saying how say they are cause of their bf's addiction to Diablo, that I understand. But please ah, don't say girls that play Diablo are those that wanna "act" like they do. There are infact female players alright! Hello it's already 2012! Are you still living in a stoneage? If you are then please wear some leaves and live in a cafe. Feels so much like how I used to play Dota and when my team won, people would go "my team got girl but we still won" and if we lost "our team only lost cause we were a girl" Stupid stereotype idiots.

Yes I sound very angsty. Also cause of this extremely undoable paper I had!

To all Diablo 3 fans like me, YAY TO US!!!!! LETS MAKE FRIENDS :))
To all Diabo 3 haters or whatever, you just can go back to your own obsession. You have yours, we have ours! It's not like we're committing a crime or anything. Geez.

ESAP paper on Friday, here I come for you!
3 down, 2 to go!

pieces of me @ 5:28 PM.
Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Everything is so unfair and so bias. No good luck to the person who put in so much effort in her studies. But many good lucks to those who put in least efforts? Either they think I don't need it cause I put in so much or they just don't care. Either way is not like they cared 9months ago. Anyway 3 more days to my first paper. Have been studying hard for my First Class Honours. Let's hope it's all worth it! At least I'm not a quitter or someone who can't make up my mind. I'll be back blog! =)

pieces of me @ 1:11 AM.

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