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Sunday, July 31, 2005

lols. check out my fwenster acc.

Your profile has been viewed 395 times since 07/06/05


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Saturday, July 30, 2005

happy 92th bday grandma (:
i love u always.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

im been noticing ppl entering my blog.
but noones tagging!
so if u're reading this. at least say hi? =x

today i was suppose to go out with him but.
nvm la. got training. but in de end i oso nv go
den ya la. its like today was a wonderful day
it wud have been excellent if not for de training.
which i din even go in de end?

went to school.
had a GREAT day cox there was no lessons
actually have. but we all tell teacher no textbook
or textbook in locker.
den say lazy to take. so in de end no lessons.

den went to pe. whooo!
i love mr steven SU. su ar. not teo.
yes. en we talked a lot a lot. we talked en talked
den it was zaldy's period!
we saw de pictures of his newborn.
so kawaii neh.

chinese heritage tour!
it was fun la. serious!
cox we look look. den dee siao siao.
den we touched a shit. wahahhaaa
it was super fun la.
we were like good old days.
only zhen long extra. =x
haha. kiddin. kiddin!

den after school stayed back to do geo project.
i tell u nash be commander dam shuai sia
dam cool. den ameer carry de flag. super cool oso
den zafira en hakim stand at de flagpole. so pei
so suitable. so sweet. waaaa. they super cool sia all!
rock on man u guys.

i see ncc en npcc train together so cool.
den nurul ain en shah both de physical incharge thingy
they like super pei for each other.
like potential couples.
come come. let us pull some strings ya?
so sad ar. nowadays not much pictures to put on blog.
sorry ya? will try to post more pictures asap.

MR CHONG! ahh. talked to him after school.
his chinese dam pro. lol. den he acted cute. wahahha. funny
but we still love him. he's naturally cute to us. lols.

oh ya. one thing.

today was p e r f e c t. when i tot it wasnt.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

fuck u fuck u fuck u!!!
i hate u mrs tiu
of all days to have training.... TML?!

god. are u against me or sth?
everytime im goin out with him i HAVE to have training
and its like. i have had no training
den tml suddenly theres a training
is this to test my faith for u lord?
i hope not. but this is really unreasonable
i mean like. i've waited for this day
and tml must have training.
like wads ur problem.

now huijia's tryin to help me make her cancel this training
i really hope a miracle works
if not. i hope i wun lose complete faith in u lord.

crying. really-

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

emaths paper was average.
physics was easy.
chem was super hard.

hmm. slept almost de whole of yesterday.
today reach school still sleep.
oh dear. im so sick man

anyway. after school i went to buy food en eat there.
den halfway we saw ms peh!
ahhhh! *screams*
i feel so bad. her condition is so much worst
den all of us complained abt banana cheong.
so its like. arghh. hate banana.
but love ms peh. love her many many.

hmmm. yea. den ya. its like..
so much to talk.
so little time
so we talk till like 3+ gonna 4
she say she have like only how long more to live.
im sad. terribly
en.. arghhh. dun talk abt it. man.
its like so sad. *saddified*
hais. ms peh. i miss you heaps!

tml's bio. but im not studying.
great huh? dun even have the mood to study.
oh well. i really hope that a miracle will happen
i noe it will happen.
pray lots lots man.
all of u that's reading this.
pray for her too k.
i love u ms peh. really!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

laugh ur ass out!

admit it. we're spastic

introducing...... da menbers!
extra. who?! dun worry. i'll get rid of him


TADa! magic huh?
diao =_= we dun have to fly there u noe

we wan to look wad. cannot ar.


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lols. today in school. a maths ppl so darn hard.
den. den.. aiyoo.. omg... ahh!!
geo paper cannot absorb sia.
hmm. anyway. wads tested is already tested.

den i saw it....
in 3e4's table...
h i s olevel table...
i took pictures of it.

after school. "aunty. la mian"
hahaha. den we went to eat.
den i saw h i m.
oh yes. en my face is terribly red.
3days more- x)

great that u'd chip in my pressie.
happy la. en wm. stop lying.. arghh.
that msg u sent me its so not true. hahaha.

im loving myself

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Monday, July 25, 2005

today me en hy went to airport to study.
den ar den ar...
we saw this boy. his action super cool
but when i went near. i was like SHITTY FACE!
huiyi told me he from st pats.
so when i go there. i made a lame excuse.
u play bball de hor.
he was like. from where?
me:st pats.
he:erm... im from victoria and shows me his batch.
me:oo. er. can i get ur number
he:i got stead already
me:i oso nv say i wan to jio u or wad. make fwen only
den he gave me
oh no. im not gonna msg that shitty face.
hahahahhaa. just get for de fun of it.
see. im so daring
his face shitty but his sittin post, walkin doin anything post
so shuai sia. shall put de pictures here if huiyi ever send me

anyway. today de exams super shitty la.
super duper. sure flunk all
but eng was not bad la.
social studies i can go bang wall en die le

oh yea.. i've uploaded more pictures on my blog
so take a look yea? its at de previous post.

im no gu niang.

oh no. my pimple! hahaha.

shitty face-

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

welcome to sentosa.

haha. free advertising
anyway. we were to sentosa.
brings back memories of chc amazing race.
ive been to almost all de places where w e went there b4.
and its like. i miss those places. yepp.
missed playinn in de beach.
anyway. we had heaps of fun en luffter.
i love u guys. muacks.
its so fun being with u guys.
there this crappy stop sign.
and i go en copy. haha. so funny
anyway. yea. a lot embarrassing stuff happened.
that wn la. keep laughin at me.
laugh laugh laugh. humf!
u go die man. hahaha.
we crap a lot. made spastic shots.
i think i too a lot of spastic shots man.
there's this with de buddha. haha. so funny.
saw this couple kissin in de sea.
it was kinda disgusting.
but in a way romantic? i dunno.
but its more disgustin den romantic. hahaha
den we go take pictures of them. whoot!
was sittin in this mrt. and this perverted guy.
kept staring at me pervertedly and smiling that perverted smile
i was so scared i msged my dad en ziko. =x
haha. my dad asked me to go out of de train and take de next.
ziko asked me to just stare at that guy.
wahahhaa. in de end suddenly got a lot of space we all siam to another place
but thx for de suggestion. hahaha.
after sentosa, we went blk 85 to eat.
fried oyster. yum! and and.
de famous chan bbq de stingray.
and de even famous de ba chor mee.
lols. ooo. so full le.
going home liao. den saw this guy in de bball court in siglap cc
summore de cc was locked up already.
dunno how he get in. after i saw him
i got totally freaked out. man!
anyway. got home en i went msging.
wheee! my bill's gonna explode
i love u guys.
incoming incomg! pictures!!
drink urine my dear girls.
introducing. de shorties.
introducing de tallies. im tall x)
lean back lean back. and *splash* drop in de pool
bowling pins!!
man. do they love meeer-lion or wad?
twin tower.
short towers (:
worship me!
thinking BACK of de past. x) taken my mee.
one. two. STOP! u call this spastic?
now THIS is spastic. but u noe wad? *grins*
we're ALL s p a s t i c!
welcome to. SILOSO BEACH. ezagerating?
we're puny. x)
ahhh. de tram is movin too fast!!
de shamless pair.
our tickets. we smuggled alicia in. x)
look at my shades... cool huh
snapshot @ blk 85. yum! bachormee!
my life was made p e r f e c t with you as my f r i e n d s

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

hahaha. jor's party was..
how shld i put it? hmmm.
so... er... anti sociable?
dunno. mebbe cox all was boys.
and they grew up in a boys school.

anyway. i knew this guy called ziko.
and i saw him in de bbq ytd.
he was like de most sociable guy there.
and he's like super nice bahs.
now den i noe he's a half tamil-chinese.
he has a nice smell on him.
not like most tamil do. cox u noe y?
thats like wad i wan lor. gawd.
hint hint. hahaha. kidding.

hmmm. sooo. yea.
and his body is like so nice.
not too muscula and not too flabby.
wa... die liao.. hahahaha...
i shall not talk abt him anymore.

addidas deoderance! ):

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Friday, July 22, 2005

lols. today 22nd. no longer de 21st.
but de days are quite enjoyable
still hate ms goh la. she sucks man.
hmm. den ya. sorry huiyi. cant go ps.
cox need to do project. yepp.

today my chinese teacher last day.
when he said that i felt quite sad.
like gonna cry liddat. oh gawd.
summore i dun even noe him well. hahaa.
but he seems like a nice guy tho.

anyway. goin jor's bday party later.
population. 3girls. million boys.
zzzzzz... sian... i sure feel dam akward de.

k la. need to do project le.

i will miss u mr ng.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

today is so special! its de 2nd year! *screams*

but they HAD to spoile it.
ok.. 1stly went school
den cheong was like. why are u girls always sitting at de back?
its like we like to sit at de back ma. ur problem ar.

den after that was late for ms goh's period so she made us stand outside
den liddat not enuff. ben go throw de piece of paper out de window.
den banana cheong walk pass. its like.
i already told them. banana cheong coming. den he still throw de paper.
and u noe wad happened after that?
ben said "oh. cox they were smiling and winking all that thing.
and i wanted them to stop so i threw de piece of paper outside."
_l_ fuck u ben _l_
and he was like. im sorry for this childish act wad shit.
knn. den cheong made us stand in her class for 2 whole hours
and we miss Amaths and Biology.
its like these 2 sub is like de most impt subjects.
and she liddat. knn.

but cheong treat 3.10 so good.
i really wanna be in 3.10 oh dear.
and jaffra. he's super cute. we kept starin and smiling at each other.
haha. he's cute sia. den always make fun of him. dun cry ar dun cry.
but in de end he needs to tell me that. arghh.

anyway. back to cheong story. after 2 hours of standing.
den its recess. and she finally talked to us.
so she was like saying we are like "ah lians"
pls lor. den she keep sayin thats wad i "THINK"
get ur facts right 1st la. talk so much.

ok so everythings settled.
den jia suddenly cry sia. i tot she is de strong type.
de worst is that she was de 1st among me, xy to cry. omg.
den ok la. we outta anger SHOUTED at benjamin.
den we really shouted cox many ppl looked at us.
den after that. jia cry again. followed by xy.
den ME. oh gawd. so its like we were all in tears.
then jia en xy go wash up. im so dumb. i still STAND and cried there.
oh gawd. that ming jay so extra. like act "concern" but actually kpo lor.
and kiang hua keep sayin me. i already dam pissed he still made me pisser

den wn, carin, wendy, jieying, surina, sinling, peihua, eddie, zl
sean, yn, ming-j, marcus, calvin, maybelline, huiyi, emily
thanks really much.

esp zl, sean, marcus, calvin.
cox zl was like sayin.
u dun cry la. wait he see not good.
i was like he wasnt even looking
and he was like. how wud u noe. mebbe he is. and i tried hard to be happy.
sean was like sayin that he will help to teach me amaths.
marcus and calvin.
u both rawk. they said that they wanted to help me scold ms goh.
thanks really much. i din really think marcus en calvin wud actually
do this or even help me become happier. thanks.

and to everyone else who helped to console me.
really thank u. i felt better after that. ^^

racial harmony concert was next.
and i felt sad again.
cox they were like announcing de top team.
den it was like top 4 and im de 5th. so its like
i run for no use lor. i run not for me. but for our team.
den i nv get. arghh. nvm la.

special days aren't meant to be perfect.
they just make u feel as tho they were.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

lol. i love sebastian!

i really do ^^

pieces of me @ 9:53 PM.

wa sian! simi need jersey to take pic.
smlj man.
i wanna take today. den they say take in aug.
arghh.. i wan to take today!! cox today i not say veh bad hair day.
den den... its like..
ahhhh. vincent.......
tml 2years liao..
those that say i like *ahem ahem*
its not true k. cox i still like vincent. bleah.

stupid foto taking.. arghhh.
dam mrs tiu. i wanna take today
xy. if u readin this. sorry leh.
wanted to go de. but spent too much.

so many ppl birthday. so lil time.
hais. i wanna die man. haha.
my bday comin le. zhen. u noe wad i wan right?

foto taking super fun

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

today went plaza sing as usual.
hmmm. ok today. went school.
morning exersize so funny.
so many ppl never wear de shorts.
after morning exersize, we chiong to chEong's class
but she dun let us go in. zzz.
den in de end ask us to stand. arghh. wadeva..

class was so so.
as usual. goh ying ying class dun understand.
den we really dam talk cock.
esp dat jia la..! hahaha.

went ps again.
den we made fwens with pmk shop owner
she's super cute sia.
and i help her to zao dai ke ren.
she was like askin me to show them de dressing room.
wahahaha. and her name is huiyi. SIA LA!

went to spotlight after that.
saw this fairy outfit
i think thats de wan cleo en try wore.
den me en huiyi go wear de thing. hahaha. so funny.

went to eat ice-cream after that.
yummy yummy!!
tho din buy de watch.
but still happy la. haha.
i think de watch too childish =S
but its cute. oh well.

reflection of us.



who? =O


of cox not. its angelic lil me. LOL

im a kind fairy

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Monday, July 18, 2005

today went school. as usual.
wanna pon de. but nvm.
ahhh. den i need to sacrifice my recess.
just to go en read bio.
mdm rao asked me to stay back. arghhh.
den so hungry. but we ask jia help us buy sandwich.
hate ms goh y.y. __
suck sia she.

after school, me en huiyi went to ps.
bought xy's present. wahahaha.
den i saw this watch. super cute.
its like 9bucks. izzit ex?
i dunno. but i wanna buy it.
and i saw this bag. 22bucks. izzit ex too?
cox i wanna buy it too. haha.
and this pmk shirt. ahhh.
so many to buy. so little MONEY!
hahahahaha. hint hint!!
but i hope to buy de pmk shirt today. cox 25%discount
lol. dunno bahhs. lalalaa..

i wan more money!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

im sick. ulrghh. sickening.
my stomach pain
den my muscles tore
so whenever i wanted to walk.
i have to slant my right leg right side.
and its so hard to walk like this.
always lose my balance de. arghh.
its so not my day.

when to grandma house.
de MRT is so packedthat i hafta stand
all de way from tanah merah to chua chu kang.
oh gawdd. my leg is so dam tired. haha.

hmmm. den during de journey
i saw this couple. so cute
they have de same everything.
evious of them sia
same bag, same shoe *diff colour* and same shirt.
wahahaha. cute sia.

oh yea. when i reached my grandma house.
nth to do sia. so boring.
den my cousin came. den we were talking
halfway talk till movies. she's like 20 so she watch all type
M18, nc16 all watched b4.
den she said M18, nc16 de show all dam eee wan.
gruesom and perverted.
she say till i feel like watching.
but i dun dare to watch u see.
i need someone that dares to watch to watch it with me
de type that wun scream when de scary parts arrive
de type that i can help squeeze tightly when im scared or wadeva.
haha. liddat watch more en quang gan ma. hahahaha
k la. i noe crapp.

den after my grandma house at cck
i went back to bedok blk 85 to eat.
oh no. stomach pain like siao. but i force myself to eat.
when im done eatin its already 2am plus le. oh no! so late.
so of to bed i go. haha.

sickening feeling. im sick.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

wahahaha. today road run.
im kena forced to run so i took my own sweet time to run.
got number 14 but who cares. but i wanted 11.
and and u noe wad? my tag number was 7. so lucky hor.
maybe im fated.
den today vincent so called "call" me to lend him tie.
waaaa. but i not at home. so sad.
den i at there wine here wine there. oh man.
today when running i ran pass vincent.
den my heart pump dam fast.
hmmm. 6days to 2years le. hahaha.
2years not of stead. but of liking him. yepp.
no chance but i dun care.
i noe wad im doing can le.
im oso not deso for stead so yea.

after road run we went to mac to eat.
chomp chomp. hungry siaa.
den my leg cramp. oh gosh.
hmmm. vin called me at mac.
ahhh. den i in heaven le after that.

we went to yinings house and we all do project
do fin le we went to drink her steamboat de soup.
dam nice to drink sia. den after that we played "true or dare"
they asked me who was in my mind now.
so i thought and thought. i still like vincent.
tryin to like another person doesnt help to 4get de other
oh well.... den we talk cock and sing song.
we even made a "MTV"
de "ke ai nu ren" and "an jing" our trade mark liaoo.

went tm after that. took picture and i glued my eyes to something.
bleah. wanna noe wad? i dun tell u. hahahahaa
anyway. yepp yeppp. i wan de sling bag like yining's
de billabong de. but i wan another pattern.
so nice de bag. i dun have. nvm. my bday comin le
u guys should noe wad to do. hahahhaa

ke ai nu ren

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

hmmm. went to central for shopping.
i saw a roxy pencil case. super nice.
maybe buying that another day bahs.
bought a photo frame for eddie.
and in it. i put his en maybel's foto.
den buy a key chain and magnets.
haha. den huiyi ar.
wrap de thing so obiang.
so many plastic bag. den de final wan is red durian bag.
hahaha. eddie poor thing sia.

happy birthday eddie

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hmmm. today went school was right behind vin.
den car-in en jia dee siao. arghh. i hate him la k.
burger king burger king.
burger king's burger is nice to eat. xD
cheap summore

had a terrible day. i hate steven teo.
he scolded me. and i was like scolding him fuckk.
den he critic my hand.
critic me nvm. but critic de drawings my fwen draw for me
that makes me mad.
den we were doing de test i no mood to do lor
in de end he apologise to me. but i was still angry
i answer back in de sian sian dai dai look.
den can tell he regret scolding me. haHaHA.
im soooo good that teachers even regret scoldin me =x
but he spoile my mood sia him. grrrrrr.

anyways. went to slack after school with xy en hy.
so much fun.
my food is like soooooo much.
all three of us cudn't eat finish.
and we ended up playing out food.
hahahaha. so fun and ny.
yep yepp. den i dunno y. i still wrote duck.
=(( wads wrong wif me. aiyoo.
stupid duck. i love duck but i hate duck oso.
hahaha. yep yepp. we have loads of fun laughter peace en joy.
love u guys forever mann.
u guys rock my world..

when u feel that everything is down
ur fwens will be there for u. ^^,

pieces of me @ 7:28 PM.
Monday, July 11, 2005

haha. today. had a weird day
1st in recess i saw vin countless times.
den after school i saw burger king many times
so many happenings on this date.
den i saw weiling patted vin's head.
wished i din see it.
esp on THIS day. =((

hmmm. went to bugis after that
had loads of fun and laugher.
den me, xy, wn, kiang, zl take pic together
haha. de neoprints is super funny.
lets take again some day!
oh ya. i 4got to buy my bros bday gift.
but we bought yining's.
it looks super nice.
i wished it was mine but... oh well.

milk makes me drunk-

pieces of me @ 8:55 PM.
Saturday, July 09, 2005

i was kinda disappointed hearing rumours
abt you and that girl-
it all seem so true.
yet so fakee.
slap me pls. someone.

oh well. im sure things dun work out de way they do.
but wad to do? this is reality.
and u gotta face it.
if de person u like HAVE to be with u
it also means that we HAVE to be with de guys that liked us.
be it ugly, handsome, fat, thin, malay, chinese.
so sumtimes we have to understand de fact y isnt it us
and have to just accept de fact that de person isnt us

pieces of me. pick me up-

pieces of me @ 7:15 PM.

BOY: I need someone to talk to ..
GiRL: I`m alwayz here for you.
BOY: I know.
GiRL: Whatz wrong?
BOY: I like her *s0o* much..
GiRL: Talk to her.
BOY: I don`t know.. she`ll never like me
.GiRL: Don`t say that. You`re amazing.
BOY: I just wanna tell her how I feel ..
GiRL: Then tell her.
BOY: She won`t like me.
GiRL: How do you know that?
BOY: I can just tell.
GiRL: Well, just tell her.
BOY: What should I say?
GiRL: Tell her how much you like her.
BOY: I tell her that daily.
GiRL: What youu mean?
BOY: I'm alwayz with her. I love her.
GiRL: I know how you feel. I have the sameproblem. But he`ll never like me.
BOY: Wait. Who do you like?
GiRL: Ooh, some boy..
BOY: Ooh, she won`t like me either.
GiRL: She does.
BOY: How do you know.. ?
GiRL: Because who wouldn`t like you?
BOY: You..
GiRL: You`re wrong. I love you.
BOY: I love you too.
GiRL: .. so are you going to talk to her?
BOY: I just did.

pieces of me @ 12:32 AM.

woahh. my mom told me.
my age have stead is normal
den she ask me got or not.
den i was like dun have.
den she was like. i not is u dun wan right
so pai sehh.
but i tot my mom was anti stead. but now...
woahhhh. haha. im such a lucky girl.
hmmm. i wonder if she were to see my stead
wad reaction wud she have...

im lucky-

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Friday, July 08, 2005

haha. i miss my fwens!!
today talked for so long.
den jia they all got band
so me and xy talk oso
i lurve this type of fwens.
like we can really talk never endingly
and we can share secrets and all.
i just love u guys.
dun ever leave me.

today. weining said de best stuff ive ever heard
she say she wun stead for this 2 years.
unless it was bc.
i really respect her.
being her blur blur self.
can make such a decision.
so good!
im loving u for almost 2 years
just 13more days and its 2years.
but still no progress.
hmmm. ooh well. i think i might have a new target
if this carrys on. u ruin 2 years of my life in sec school.
i wun let u ruin de other half of my years in school.
u just watch me.

xinyi weining huijia alicia yining.
3e2 rocks.
i'll love u always.
dun ever leave me.

pieces of me @ 5:26 PM.
Thursday, July 07, 2005

lol? y do u all have this concept tat
tis guy got stead le. den cannot talk/play/hit him?
i mean like. if it was me. im sure i wun mind
even if i did. i wun mind a lot wad.
i mean like. i oso talk to other boys.
and i wun mind if he does that too.
so y u all have this concept?

i wan a purple duck for my burfday.
quek. ducky duckie duckee.
but pls pls pls. dun ever paint a duck purple.
i wan a real purple duck.
softtoy oso can la.
cox im so in love
ducks. arent ducks adorable?

ahh. wad to get for eddie. hmmmm
im not sure oso lehh.
get socks for him? haha. i dunno.
i noe! buy him gel! cream! wax!
for him to style his hair.
hahaha. oh man. sumone help me!
wad to get for a boy. arghh.


pieces of me @ 3:49 PM.
Wednesday, July 06, 2005

oh no! yang meh meh noe my secret liao
shhhh. haha. ok la. but im oso not sure.

hmmm. i still miss camp.
i miss hazzie. i miss an too. =((
oh well. i hafta let go right? ^^

i saw vincent many many times today.
recess, sittin behind me summore.
den assembly. den outside teachers room.
but i said no word. ok. great!
when im tryin my best to 4get.
he keeps appear. thx ar. zz

oh ya. assembly talk. was like talking abt sex
whoo. sex. im horny!! hahaha.
"ive sex more den once"
omg. that was like wad one of them said
"sex. u just gotta love it"
said another. omg. americans are horny bastards.

i love snakes. but i love ducky more.
love hiss hiss hissss.
but love quek quek queekk more.
LOL. hate swams. GET IT CARIN? lol

pieces of me @ 8:26 PM.
Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ducky duck duck. i love duck.
im in love with duck.
guess only some ppl noe wad im talkin abt
hee. ladedaa.

hmmm.today talked to lynn en yinhui.
we talk talk eat eat.
den halfway. haha. yixiang so funny.
see joanne cover face say.
haha. whoo. 10points man u.
ai si ni la. haha. help me shoot her.

hmmm. joanne. i hate u.
make y****i cry.
hate u hate u!!

sunday market i saw ******** en he was starin at me sia.
today i saw him again. den he stared again.
he dam shuai la.
maybe hes just staring at how weird i m.
i mean compared to de rest.
im nothing-

and i think he likes ***
aww. i dunno. haha.
and wad a relief.
weiling dun like vincent.
and im suspecting she likes boonpeng.
gotta find out. hahaha-

keep u guys informed ya?

pieces of me @ 8:19 PM.
Monday, July 04, 2005

sunday market. whoo. fun.
sian ler. so many ppl wan dunk me.
but i have to have my periods.
urgh. periods. loath them.
but it was fun laa

im quite disappointed tho.
saw boonpeng. but where are you?
hais. sometimes things dun work out in life
but u gotta carry on.

xy asked me who i like nw.
frankly i oso dunno who.
me myself dun even noe de ans.

oh ya. sunday market i pai seh 2 times sia
once is cox i said i like JAY chou.
den chih hao tell ming jay i like him
den after sunday market i noe i saw ming-j
den he keep staring at him.
machiam i really like him liddat sia. omg
but its so not true.

den after that. ard midnight.
me, jia, wn and melvin sit in de bus
den i sit 1st ma. den jia sit.
den wn sit beside jia at de 3 sitter sit
den melvin come sit beside me
den jia was like. orhh. jolene. so u're melvin's new boat
i was like so dam pai seh la k!! not funny.

hmmm. sometimes i wonder.
is my standard too "high"?
thinking back.
there were quite a few of good choices.
but i stuck to one.
its all ur fault.
i cud have been happy already
y did u come to ruin my life?
now im left with nothing.

but looking on de other side.
all de fwens i have.
im left with nothing too.
nothing more to ask for.


pieces of me @ 8:03 PM.
Friday, July 01, 2005

lala. ok guys. im sorry i din blogged for so long. anyway...

im back!! and back for good. man. i miss hazzie
hazzie is sooo cute =((
hmmm. oh well.

anyways. haha. i noe who gw is le darling.
budden he say will wait oso nv wait.
he already got stead.
so im lucky i din accept or wad. haha
but im happy being single.

hmmm. oh ya.. u all miss me nots? =x
today i just went to get my class tshirt.
soooo nice!!! omg.
but oh well.

hmmm. have u all tried to 4get someone?
but cant at all? hard to 4get?
well. i noe exactly how u feel.
since 21st July 2003.
till now i find it hard to 4get him.
hey ppl.. help me 4get him k.
u noe how? intro me boys!!
hahaha. kiddin. as i said.
im fine being alone.

i got my darling yinhui.
and my dear lynnette.
my action bedeh clickz.
my ling famm.
and best of all.
how lucky cud i be?
i have all de things i wan.
but i love u guys just as well.

oh ya. y my blog de things all in chinese wan!!
can someone teach me how to make it back to english?

and can sumone help me find de blog skin?
i wan PURPLE colour wan.
cox purple so rock my world.

pieces of me @ 4:42 PM.

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