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Saturday, September 30, 2006

LOL! Jo introed me this "game"
You all should try. Heres the link

XD its really easy! I'll post the results on tuesday for those who dunno how to do XD

Have funn~

pieces of me @ 12:22 AM.
Friday, September 29, 2006

Waa! got back my SS and Bio marks. =As follows:
SS : 26/50
Bio: Practical 29.5/40. MCQ 26/40. Structured 28.5/50

im not so selfish like some ppl know other people marks den never say.
Well. still got room for improvement!! =)

rahhs had bio remedial today! till so late!!
but i enjoy spending time with mdm rao~ =)
missed her lots!! =D had fun doing so many praticals too!!

Rahhs. My phone is spoilt. All my numbers gone.
Initially my SIM card spoiled. already 250 numbers gone [not exagerrating hor]
Now my phone spoile. so its like. all my other numbers are gone also!!
Ard 180 of them in my phone. x.X
so its like. i pratically lost EVERYBODY'S number. haiss!!

So sad can!! Im so not used to life w/o my phone
Feels so weird not to msg or receive a morning msg in the morn
Feels so weird to not bring phone to school
And the worst part is. I cannot contact my friends for the pass few days!!
Arghh~ but nvm. My dad wanted to buy me a new phone o.O
But see 1st. I'll let my kor change phone 1st =)

<3 muacks all.

pieces of me @ 8:41 PM.
Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rahhs! not gonna blog a lot today.
Boring day. Had Sci and Bio lessons >.<
Stay backed till 3.30~ rahhs!!

cant wait for tml. shld be getting back some papers!! =)

yay! i lvl my TM 2 times in trickster and my lvl once! bwaha!

k la. i go call someone to talk to le =D byebye~~

<3 maucks

pieces of me @ 11:28 PM.
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Meh~ 1st day after prelims got mock exams le
Thankfully today is Emaths and Eng.
Did my emaths for de 1st half hour. 2nd half hour i went to sleep LOL!

The Eng compo ROFL!! i wrote a super lame story ahh!
Topic chosen: Journey
- got a map and a journal, writen "Journeys of The Upright Man" *LOL! ohanians shld know*
- place took place in Altzea Forest *trickster ppl shld know also LOL!*
- found the location but got a big beast there called Cerebes.
- fought the cerebes, dug the place. and found a box.
- inside is another map. and a note saying "Your journeys have only begun"

LOL crappy right? >.<

Oh ya. the Bio remedial was crappy. I almost slept._.
And my phone spoile!! *dum dum dummm*
Sad laa. Now have to use that Ntec fone as substitute -.-"

Baaaka!! Later going Eng tuition le T_T

Bye guys! <3 ya.

pieces of me @ 5:50 PM.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today was the last day of prelims!!
Finally!! LOL! but not as if its the last day of Os >.<

Went to weining house after that.
We tapao KFC! and see weining eat porriage LOL! kelian!!
well anyway. we talk lots of stuffs.
we on the com but nv play it LOL!
Her brother keep bioing the com.
In the end he played it LOL!

oh ya. her dog ah. super entu!
baka! keep licking me.
i still rmb got one incident where i jump up the chair
and the dog jump up also. lick my face summore. rahhs!!

and i loveeeeeeeee her green teddy bear!!
i treat the bear like huijia and kept torturing it LOL!
show you all some pictures once i see XY online =)

after that we watched tv together and talked a lot!
<3 yep. love the time man!!
but nvm! after Os!! sure got a lot time one!! n_n

Till then,
Muacks =)

pieces of me @ 11:42 PM.
Monday, September 25, 2006

today bio sucks!
a lot careless and dunno how to do Qn.
sure fail de T___T oh well.
went home super early today. having amaths tuition later rahhs!!

im soooooo not used to having nobody no msg me in the morning!!
jo went over for a holiday in bintam. =nobody to msg me!! rahhs!! not used to it sia! ):

nvm. jo coming back tml =D bwahah! got ppl to msg me after that liao!!

Bio sucks

pieces of me @ 2:42 PM.
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rahhs! tml is bio le. and i haven even study finish!!
Guess i have to ton up late again!!
=\ boo. dont have confident in bio.
Msged my tuition teacher to say that i wont go for tuition.
After that he called me and we talked for 11mins plus!!
omgg!! i dont believe it man!!

ok so i was studying. then suddenly alvin msged me good luck
shockeedd!! LOL! stupid tuition teacher
told class i nub cannot go tuition cause must study! :x
rahhs. but so shock to recieve that msg o.O

Bleah. im so screwed!! hate bio.!!
got a feeling that i will flunk it =D
oh well. off to study!!

Byebyee! <3

pieces of me @ 8:55 PM.
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yes! Its saturday again! Happy!! =D
Studied a bit of bio today. Then i slept ROFL!!
Kept waking up and sleep .___."
Monday is Bio paper. Must jia you!! (=

Went for Ohana Meeting today.
And uhh. I got promoted to ExCO ._. rahhs!!
Wasn`t expecting that either.
Yan got promoted to Senate!! whee!!
Ivan is Trial Senate!
Baka. I became photographer for today >.<
Post pictures in forum then halfway mouse spoile!!
Must repost T___T

K ahh. Me go call someone to talk le =D
Till then, Byee~

pieces of me @ 11:45 PM.
Friday, September 22, 2006

Recently had lots of test!!
But nvm!! YouTube keeps me going!!
Just sharing some of the few links i found from my Guild forum!
Yes and my guildmates made that horny-beibi.sytes.com.
BAKA! *stares at Flaire Jie*

1st time going digging in trickster today!
Found a lot of stuffs! LOL! Quite fun =D

Stupid physics and amaths paper!! rahhs!
At least I know I wont fail. (:
Man i really gotta change my link!
Not big enough to see the YouTubes ):

Gonna relax and have fun today!!
Till then, Love you!

pieces of me @ 4:02 PM.

Billard!! omgg!!

LOL! this is super nice!! die die must watch!!

pieces of me @ 4:01 PM.
Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pokemon in ms or ms in pokemon?

Rofl! found this youtube in my guild forum.
super funny LOL!
they made maple and pokemon combine.

enjoy =D

pieces of me @ 3:54 PM.

Had emaths today =D
Only that stupid AX->2XE question i dunno how to do!!
Freaking 3 marks. At least i got 1 mark i think =D

Tml is phys and Amaths!!
*prays to God*
its my doomsday>.<

Love ya =D

pieces of me @ 11:56 AM.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Had geog today! like wth the papers is shietified =had funn after geog!! rahhs!!
secrettt :x

bleah. bitter taste


Dunno whadda hell happened to me ytd.
Forgotten that i had tuition at 7.30 and only came to realisation at.... 7.30 -.-"
Walked there and saw one bus left. BAKA!!
Then after i board the bus, i realised i bought my wrong stuff!
Went into the lift and forgotten to press my floor.
So it went up to 7->11 den it went down to my floor -.-"

screwed up

pieces of me @ 2:09 PM.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

=D gonna restart my blogg! rahhs!
so much to do so little time!!

having my prelims too!
Left 8 papers and tml is Geog!! rahhs!! >.<
I think im gonna change my skin!
Till then , love you!


pieces of me @ 3:22 PM.

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