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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

25th Oct 07- Day4 of school, BizPark frenzy
Started school at 12pm but got to school at 10.30am cause I was meeting Desmond and his lesson starts at 11am. So qiao at the bus inter I saw him so we went school together.

Went to the CDS room to try to change CDS but the FBI teacher wasn't there. So I figured out that I'd just call Merlina straight! And guess what! T07 IS FULL! AHHH! She told me if I called her earlier, she would have changed for me! SAD ah. But I talked to her a bit saying "ahhh! cher i very saddd!" that kind then she told me she was willing to help me swap class!! =D A glimmer of hope! Or so I thought.

After that went with Desmond and Zen to Flavours cause Desmond wanted to eat. Accompanied him till 11am and headed to BizPark with Ming to eat also LOL! My job is only to accompany people to eat lah!

There we saw a whole bunch of witwicky people and some chap ji kas like gdine. Ming wanted to move to sit near them one. So he got his tray of food and walked towards the empty seat. But walk halfway someone sat down and you can see his expression SUPER FUNNY. HAHAHA! And SEE! Xiao Andy with 2 girls LOL! ooops oops.
Saw my classmates at BizPark too and found out that lesson was cancalled! AHHH! Imagine your first lesson starts at 3pm but you were in school since 10.30am! T_T

After that it was back to the concourse to relax =)

Relaxed awhile den Ming wanted to find some food, den asked me where CKM is. So I told him CKM was at Flavours so we shun bian went Flavours. But flavours got nothing to eat le. So we went back to concourse, waited for CKM and went to BizPark [yes again for 2nd time!]. Me and Ming ate the chicken chop + set meal! And dam freaking full can! While CKM ate his 20cent IkanBilis.

Halfway, benben, zen and eugene joined us at BizPark but din't eat LOL!

And YES! It was back to concourse's booth again :P
After that it was CORE Lab. I swear that lesson was really fun! With the ice breaking and all! The teacher is nice! Joanna! =) Spent the last hour discussing on projects! ahhh! 1st week got project already =( I grouped with xinni and alvin and we're doing Islamic Banking :D

After lesson, it was back to relax at the booth. They were all playing DOTA lah! Against AI summore! haha.

Don't remember what I did after that! Did I go home or went out! CANT RMB! omg! But i think it's home ah :X

YES i know my posts are a lil tad toooo detailed :X

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

24th Oct 07- Day3 of school, Dcup meeting.

There wasn't any apel lesson so class starts at 2pm. Had OOPG lab and so qiao the person using the comp that i was using was someone I knew! :D Super paid attention to lab lessons and did everything :D Lecture after that was alrights also. Super hardworking as usual :X HAHA!

Lessons ended at 5pm that day and my class girls headed over opposite for dinner/food. Lucky I went and din't went home. Cause halfway through the dinner they called me and told me I was down for meeting. I din't even know lah! So i'm one of the helper of basketball i guess.

After meeting, I went to clubroom awhile and headed for bastketball court shortly.

Talked to benben and CY and watched the guys play their full court match. Halfway left to clubroom to relax abit. I saw NaNa Maryam Dawn Long returning back to school. I very peifu them for being so committed. I don't think i can do a better job than them. =)

Went to lounge with SoonSoon cause long wanted to pass him something. Talked a bit there and headed back to clubroom. Sat at our beautiful retro floor, played PSP, and watched reallife "movies"
PSP mania.

Movie #1. SM of Maryam to KumBor.

Movie #2. RA clip of xiang. :P [i love xiang's arm :X]

I just lazed on the retro floor and got taupoked there lah! Like there was a "no tau pok" sign there but nobody cared! LOL! After that we all went for dinner opposite at ang kong[?]. There was this super FAT cat lah! Maryam was like running all over to avoid the cat.

And what's IIT without GAYisms haha.

And we went home after that :D WHEEEE!

DCUP! Sign up sign up! Esp the basketball event!

pieces of me @ 11:20 PM.

TPrawkz was an event that I wanted to join even before the event posters, email was sent. Maybe way back in May, June?
Now? It's all crashed. Thanks ah.
You don't know how much it meant to me.
It means more than just an event to me.

... :'(

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Monday, October 29, 2007

23rd Oct 07 Day 2 of school, ate at blk85.
It was the second day of school! I was quite sick lah! And imagine the first lecture, CORE, was taught by GRACE YAP! AHHH! And guess what, I went in rather late as well oops! But her class rep went in even later ._." Quan was next and I din't expect myself to like Quan so much! I had fun paying attention lah!

Break was for 3hours and I went back to my concourse to slack. Isn't it nice to have a standard place to slack where all your frens will gather there when they have breaks as well? =)

Halfway we all went to bookshop cause ben and forgot who wanted to buy hair dyes LOL! I swear our bookshop shouldn't be called a bookshop. Rather, convinien stall. Where can you find a bookshop that sells stationeries, FOOD, HAIR DYES, JACKETS, SHIRTS, DRINKS etc? LOL!

Gene and me accompanied Ming to BizPark cause he was hungry.

And I left halfway for CMSK lesson. I still rmbed before I left they were saying, "aiya.. CMSK can be late de! Unless your teacher is weilin!" And guess what! When I walked in, I found out my teacher really was weilin .__." Lucky nv accompanied them.

CMSK lesson was ZZZ. The teacher like prefer guys lah! [nudge sebast] And DBIS lesson was fun and short =D Our class headed for blk 85 after that. There were me nicole xinni sharon jay junhao alvin weichoy denver ronald. Look at the AUNTY xinni looking for place to sit :P

So shortly after, this OLD MAN came and ask us where we wanted to sit and brought us to our places. So we just ordered drinks from him lor.

After that everyone just sat there and like waited for other people to go order food LOL!

Look how happy the hungry ghost is :P

And finally, our first dish arrived! But what's this? Nobody's touching it!! All act shy one!

Our $75 worth of food arrived!! There were 3 $15 StingRay, 1 LahLah[?], 1 Vege and 1 Sotong. SO MANY FOOD! LOVES.
See! Once all the food came, all the act shy hungry ghost ate them all lah!

Alvin: Anyone wants more food? [Actually only Alvin wanna eat! Act nice only! LOLL] So he ordered one porridge for himself and we all ordered carrot cake and oyster egg. YUMM

You thought we ate a lot already? Think again! We even went for dessert! TANG YUAN!!
Us: Xiao Er! Give me one 6ball TangYuan!"
Denver: Hao de! $2.30 please!

Random pictures!
WEICHOY DRANK BEER! [Guess yes or no! Watch out for clues!] *Highlight next
text for ans!* NO.

Ronieeee! Why so stress?!

EEYER! Behind Alvin got the dreamy effect! =[


I was so happy lah! Everyone, as in denver xinni weichoy me all got bus 13 home! I WAS SO HAPPY! SO SO SO HAPPY! It's like they alighted behind my house and took bus 13home!!

BUS 13! The bus that link us all =)

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

22nd Oct 07- 1st Day of Schoool.
Today was the 1st day of school!! Was suppose to have breakfast with CKM JYand Siewlin, but CKM and JY was late! LOL!! Like so expected!! So me and Siewlin went to labs to print our stuffs but the printer was spoiled ._."

1st day of school and I was late for lesson LOL! When I entered the lecture, I thought I entered wrong lecture cause the left and right was not our own people. But in the end I realised we were same lecture with other course! I saw brandon nelson JE irving kahray donald etc etc in the same lect LOL! YAYY!!

After break, JY and CKM came to Flavours to accompany me to eat lunch :D
Stayed there and talked till 1pm and we parted and I headed for IT Concourse with the IITSC people :D See my water bottle! I left it there and went for lecture and forgot to take it! For 2days in a row!

After lectures, Siewlin and joanne went with me to meet up with CKM and headed to library to meet up with dexter JY and we went for interview together. On the way saw those Absolute random people.
Siewlin and Joanne went in for interview 1st. Next was CKM and Mervin. And followed by me and Dexter. Me and Dexter was kena chap by 2 other ppl, then CY came in, and JY came in. So we had 6 people. We went seperately cause the chances of togetherness is higher :X

We all stayed at the longue to play card games with Dex CKM Jacq and Eugene. It's like OOOOPHTEN +cjk. Stayed till longue closed and we headed off for techno.

Halfway in school, Dexter saw _secret_ and pointed out and CKM and JY went to CJK. See 2 idiots KPO running and looking! LOL!

And the JY doing stupid things with his SUNbrella LOL!

YAY Dinner at techno with JY Dexter Maybelline CKM and CK! It's been a long time since we had dinner together!

After that we all headed back to school. And someone "clever" walked the wrong path out and we had to step all over the wet open field!

So stupid right! LOL! Cause of our laziness to walk the long path back school :X We headed for design school to relax! There was super windy but there wasn't any power plug!So we went to BSC's clubroom and relaxed there.

After a while, everyone went off to head home.
Dexter emo-ing! And at the background, CK and CKM gaying.

At the busstop, I saw MingShen, YuanLong, Eugene,Shawn and Maryam. :D like so qiao! haha.

The inseperated bond between us =)

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