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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Met my gf at orchard at 1.30pm today.
Went spags together and sat at bar area.
We sit there really got a lot of things to eat/drink man.
They just love us too much <3 *blink blink* :D

Hmm let me see.
There was Italian Soda, Tiramisu, Seafood Combo with Lobster, Pizza, Vege Sizillini, Choc IceCream.
Really a lot of food man. As in. We only went to confirm whether the night is still on and they gave us so many free food! HaHa.
Sat there till after that rolecall and i left to find my clique (:

Was actually meeting them 6pm at City Hall, but i left Orchard at 6pm.
Opps sorry!
XY already booked a table for us at 6.45pm. The table was so cool lah. And I was sitting at the most "special" seat :D
I still can remeber what number we ordered.
601- XinYi
602- Weining
604- Yining
607- HuiJia
710- Alicia
721- Jolene.
But to what food name that is, I cant really remember =x Anyway, Mine was Pork Lagsane. I love Lagsane. Really! And theirs was quite nice. The cheeze was just nice. But Super Sinful man >_<
After food was the presentation of presents! *ta daaa.*
Lucky you all loved your presents <3

After that, couldnt went home with them cause I was going back town.
By the time i reached spags, it was already 9.30pm. But nvm they close at 10pm.
Waited for them to close and we went out together.

We went to Plasma. At Prinster Place. Cause they know the people there, we were given VIP rooms. So cool right.
People who went : Me, Shuyi, Michelle, Gilbert, Reynold, Gaurub, Rana, Steven, Sam and Gerald.
We drank 3 bottles of Chivas there. [One Chivas is 43% alcoholic] And one bottle was around $140. We spent almost $500 i think. Im not that sure. Cause one bottle steven pay, one bottle michelle pay, one bottle gerald pay 1st but of course we need to share it. Chivas is not bad. Both got their advantages and disadvantages. In my own opinion, Chivas is good when mixed. Esp with Ginger S-pell. You can get to taste all sorts of flavour. When drank as neat, its not that nice. Whereelse martell, 40%, is quite nice when drink as neat. But when mixed its also not bad, but chivas is nicer to me. But some still prefer martell.
Haha. Omg. I sound as though I'm advertising them huh? :D

We were quite unhigh starting. And when singing, i will keep laughing. Haha! But oh well >_<>_< "Ni Hai Shi Ai Ta. Wei She Mo Bu Ba Ta Liu Xia. Wei She Mo Bu Shou Zheng Xin Hua. Ni Hai Ai Ta. Zhe Ge Mei Ge Ren Dou Zi Dao De" Translated to eng is : [You still love him. Why dint you ask him to stay. Why dint you tell him the truth. You still love him. Everyone knows that.] That song so show what i am now. Anyone got that song? Can send me? >_<

But i was too emo already till i even teared. And Shuyi should have found out lah. But nvm. After that, Steven went to talk to me and shuyi 1-1. Say, if he want to bring us over, will we follow him? And lots of stuff.
When Steven go somewhere else [toilet i think], Michelle say, if me and him same position, you will follow who. And she told us a lot about her stuffs. Its like me and shuyi innocent one. And both managers are trying to pull us to their place. And a lot of complicated stuff. Ah. Cannot take it.

At around 3am, we left to balestial for supper. By then, it was only left with me, Shuyi, Reynold, Gaurub, Steven, Michelle and Sam. Tell you ah. The toilet is so dirty can. Like got cockroach de. Was so fan. I was the only east sider again. This time Nick dint come. Though he said he would. So I was so troubled. I wanted to like cab home myself. But they wouldnt let me. And I dont want Michelle to fetch me. She will say about her stuffs and say stuffs like "who will you choose. me or steven" And got forced to be sent back my Reynold Shuyi and Gaurub, which the taxi drove past their house on the way to mine. Im so sad lah. Halfway Nick called me. And i can tell, my reply was very rude [?]. The only reason he called me was only because Steven called him and said I was drunk, when I wasnt lah.

He: Eh you okay or not. Steven said you were drunk.
Me: I'm okay lah. Like thanks lah. Never come. You go enjoy your time lah. Bye
-hangs up-

Maybe I was angry. But still. I dont know lah. After that I even went to msg him.
Me: Like thanks lah. I wantred to go home alone they dont let me. In the end need shuyi reynold gaurub send me. Plus the cab drove past their house on the way to mine.
He: Eh sorry i did't turn up. Next time leh. How many people go?
Me: There was me shuyi gerald gilbert reynold sam rana gaurub steven michelle. I dont hink I'll like go if there is a next time. You enjoy your time ba. (=

and it goes on with 2 msg and i dint want to reply him after that. Normally he'll be the one not replying me. This time is me not replying him. And all the msg i end off with "You go have fun with your frens" That kinda stuff. Cause he dint want to come cause he was with his frens wad. So go have fun lohs. And i feel asleep after that. Took me around 30mins to get to sleep after that.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today was a boring day for me.
No work, no nothing.
But lucky meeting my bball frens later.

Met at swensons, @ changi.
And ate to our hearts content.
Ordered Salmon & Mushroom Cream Pasta <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

Happy Birthday Surina, in advance.

pieces of me @ 2:01 PM.

yes. 2 more dramas down.

hanakimi and smile pasta.

both quite nice to watch <3
links for smile pasta is in the forum.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

before i blog about anything, i would like to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to weining and alicia.
(= haha. one year older, one year closer to death <3>Today, was sentosa with Ohana.
Met Jor and went together. [i was like soooo "early"]
Took sentosa express and went to siloso.

It was quite fun. We did many things!
Dog & Bone, Scream, Shout, VollyBall, Soccer, WaterFight, RAPE!
Haha a lot lah. countless. it was very funnn!

People who went :
Jonathan, JingWei, Bei, JiaWei, Gabrel, Calven, Jordan, Kelvin, Guan, Coangel, EmpireQueen, NaNa, CamMan,TickTock, Mal, Brandon, LihYee, Kent, XK, Judy, Verena, Lover, Kleo, Hyper, FallInTheFire, Joselyn, Ivy, Monta, Ivan and Howdy.

Hope i dint leave anyone out :P
Look more like class photo hor.

After that we all went to vivo the grass patch to slack. There is so nice. The view, the breeze. So relaxing. A lot of them left after that for Ohana's meeting, while me guan and mal stayed back.

Haa after that they all msg me say that they regretted going for the meeting. Too bad xP~~

Oh yah.!
I'm super suntanned now.
Red like a lobster! >_<
I was the reddest among them all . AH.

It was super fun. <3

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Congrats to Lindy and Desmond for getting married <3

Today was my 1st time attending a wedding without my parents.
Fortunately, i know both of the bride and the groom =D
Seeing them there, makes me feel so happy.
Since 2years ago they wanted to marry.
Now they are finally officially husband and wife.

Wonder how will my wedding be like next time.
Or should i say, wonder with who . haha.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

today was 4e2's BBQ !
its located at Sunplaza Park.
1st time going there for BBQ man.
tho it isnt located near beach, and doesnt have any ambience.
but its a cool place. the play ground is like super huge, there's a bball court nearby, the things there are wayyy cheaper, there's a fitness station with all sorts of cool stuff, and the best thing is, its very convinene to go back home.
cause there is like a direct bus 5mins walk away to home =)

Guest : Mr Shah, Mr Yong, Mr Chong.
Mdm Rao couldnt make it halfway. =(

BBQ was funn. And there was a lot of food to eat :D
after that everyone was just throwing water bombs at the teachers.
>_> too lazy to blog about everything so i shall end here :x

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

actually today wanted to pei lynn and yh to tp cause she wanted to know more about appeal.
but i overslept ! oops.
in the end when i was ready, they were already done.
so they cabbed to fetch me to marina.

when semi shopping at marina.
i bought a demin shorts like finally ._.
and ate at bk !
mushroom swiss. <3 gawd i love that burgerrrr!! rahhh!
went to watch the movie called dreamgirls.
not bad. but its a rather musical show.
my next show i want to watch is "the pursuit for happiness"
=( i soooooooooo wanna watch that can. haha.
went to lynn's hse after that and left at about midnight to catch the last train.

i want to watch pursuit for happiness =(

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

5th March 2007.

Was actually working dinner only but at 10.50am michelle called me and ask if i can work s2. so i agreed [wonder why]. when work was suppose to start at 11.30am and i take like 1hour to get there and around 20mins to get ready.
So yah lah. Was late for work :x

Work was really really slack. So was dinner.
During the whole thing i remember a lot of people kept saying.
Are you staying back later and all those.
But never ask me! T_T Even Gavin was like "eh you staying back later ah?"
After that i heard that they never ask me cause they were saying "aiya dont need to ask Jolene. she sure stay back one"
Cause know why? Got Nick! LOL! idioooott.
So it was me Reynold Steven Pong Snoopie Ramesh and nick.
Just stayed back and chilled and relax.
At 11, the rest went back so it was only left with me nick steven.
Oh man you dont know how much they drank man.
Lucky i only had Shandy. =D

Actually me and nick wanted to catch last train home. cause cab fare is dam ex.
But steven gave us $20 for cab fare and asked us to stay with him o.o
Tml he got nafa test one leh steven! ask him stay back and drink so much >_>
We talked a lot about the old birds. QH and Ben breaking up..... again ! LOL!

When we cabbing home that time, he was like "shiet lah i sure cannot wake up for nafa tml"
So i told him I would morning call him at 7am.
So i stayed up all the way till 7am just to wake him up and go to bed.
Ahhh you must be thinking that I'm mad right.
But if i dont stay up i sure overslept and sure wont call him up one.
But I dont mind either cause I can shun bian watch my smile pasta.
Its dam nice also. haha. XY I SO LOVE YOU CAN! <3

Who knows. After i slept at 7am, only to be woke up at 8-9+am cause of the posting results.

6th March 2007

After being woke up so many times by the countless sms and calls.
I decided not to sleep and went out with Gav.
Oh btw, I got into Financial Business Informatics.
Cause my accounting and finance COP was 12 LOL!
Well anyway. Went to Marina and i found 2 lovely shirts :D
Ate subway at Suntec after that. Subway melt <3
Wanted to walk to bugis from city hall but in the end we lost our ways.
The worst part was.. It started to rain heavily!!
Imagine all drenched and cold. hahaha.
Lucky i still got shirt to change to :D
Went to esplanade and walk walk and went home after that.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Just watched finish TokyoJuliet.

Its dam nice!
Thanks XY for introing.

Really had a lot of emotions while watching it.
Especially the last part, i kept crying and crying.
Its really the dam jiat lak de cry.

pieces of me @ 1:50 PM.
Thursday, March 01, 2007

=( Steven is leaving! I dont want Randy to plan schedule. That sucks.
Angeline and Zoey also leaving. So many people leaving. Ahhh.
Steven dam funny lah. Go around spraying people with his collonge.
And I am uber sensitive about all this things RAhhh!
So sad lah. I have MAN'S smell! >_>

Ohhh. After that Hamdan came over and said
"Jolene, Nicholas ask you if you want to catch a movie"
Ahhh! *melt melt* But of course not with him alone.
Its with Hamdan and Gaurub and Nick.
So funny lah. Gerald put the french fries at the expo line.
Who ever walk past it will take some, eat and go.
After that still had crayfish. LOL! He reserved one for me.
Omg can. Crayfish are like dam expensive one.

After work was to Youth Park.
Sat there and eat some light stuffs.
He began to ask me some weird stuffs.
Like "why i dont like to go home", izzit cause of a guy or sth.
A lot of stuffs he asked about my past. Abit weird actually.
Went to cine for the 11.50pm show afterwards.
Seatings went like this.
[Gaurub] - [Hamdan] - [Nick] - [Me]
:D Get the hint? :x
I think I cant concentrate on the movies lah.
Watched «Hannibal». My 1st NC-16 show!
So meaningfull right ? :D
The show was grusome. Very Saddist! Ahhh.
He kept asking me if I was alright LOL!

After movies, me and Nick went to Basement.
Since i was there, I just went to the toilet.
When i was like peeing halfway, the lights, everything, suddenly offed.
So afraid can!! Its really like you «Shen Shou Bu Jian Wu Chi». [ha! chi expert! :D]
Later it was like an "angel" came to my rescue.
Nick was like suddenly, "Jolene you okay?!" And he opened the door.
So there was like a glimsp of light. Hahaha. So fairy tale right :x
After that we cabbed home.

My 1st meaningful NC-16 movie.

pieces of me @ 11:59 AM.

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