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Friday, November 30, 2007

Wah!! I'm getting more and more tired easily nowadays! Maybe it's all the lack of sleep. I think I better start coming home early!!

12th Nov 07 - KFC, DCUP Day3.

Came to school for 2hours of lecture and 2hours of lesson on DBIS from 9 and went opposite to eat KFC! woohoo!! I had to share buddy meal with this yellow person. eeyer hahahah!

And back to school it was! After slacking for 2hours =3
Went for Quan lecture which wasn't really that helpful either. Went to library to do our project afterwards. Let me shared with you my favourite view in the library =)
CORE is seriously killing us! With all the research and findings on Islamic banking! =(

See the seriousness!
SCANDAL! To AHEM and AHEM dont be jealous xP
LOOK AT THE SKY! Isn't it nice? :D I think its super beautiful! But the camera can't capture everything though.
Soon it was time for DCUP! More shuai ge's to look at! WOOHOO! It isn't their face that i'm looking at. It's the way they play basketball! If they look handsome its only a bonus!
The officials and some chap ji kas.
And let the games begin!
I should admit it was rough at times! See got people fall down!!

But they do have their own sportsmanship. That what I like about them. Within 1 year, could change a group of ahbengs into a group with sportsmanship! Thats what I should praise them about! I think some of the old birds would know.

Something to complain about!! The person at the sports complex ah! Ask him to extend the light timing so many times le. In the end still go off the lights! And to re-on the lights it takes 15mins! Ahhh! Make the last group cannot play their match! =(

So after that we all headed opposite to eat dinner.

There, we played all the quiz game. Like "fuzzy wuzzy", "bang bang bang who died", "aunty sally" etc. You get what i mean :D Everyone played till super fun except a certain person :X

And it was home with CK after that =D Cause he stays only 2mins walk away from my house!
DCUP!! SHUAI GE!! basketball =)

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

YAY! I feel a sense of satisfaction!! I fought 10 spaces for my class for a community/charity event so they can write their apel portfolio report!! Thanks some for making me feel appreciated! Best thing is, SEAL POINTS AWARDED!! Though I don't really need it but I think its good for the class :D

11th November 07- Grandma birthday!!
Went to visit my grandmother at her house early in thr morning and immediately prepared the ballons and decoration for her "bday party" later on! Ahhh balloons .__."
Oh and I LOVE this balloon! Not only is it purple, it has a funny shape in it!! YAY!!
The whole room unknowingly gets flooded by balloons.
My uncle with his big mind of creation while tying the balloons together
While my second uncle with my cousin did the decorations outside! Watches how the decorations progresses!

YAY! I love this shot! It's like I arranged one :X hahahahaha! Okay thick skin!! i know!!
Progression #02.
Look at my BROTHER pump the balloons! I think he look younger here! [btw, he's 22 this year!]
Progression #03
Progression #04. Notice the string thingy at the back is remade. We took it out and twisted it and hung it back up :D
Notice the funny shape here? :D
Or the even funnier shap there? And the height of the thing and position of the thing and even colour of the thing is wrong LOL!
and TADA! Its done! This will be where the catered food will be :D
My cousin and I spent a lot of time on this balloon and the ribbons! We made the ribbons curl!!! YAYY!! But when me and my cousin hung ONE ballon, my uncle hung like 4balloons >_<
This was the inside of the house :D
After that, my dad, brother, cousin and I played nitendo WII. :D I pawn my dad in bowling!! But he pawn me in bowling in RL tho :X
The food that cost over $1000++ for being catered!! But the food was nice though :D Esp the fish!!
Look at the cake box behind! SO HUMONGOUS!!! It's even taller than the pile of baos over there!
A cake, A plate of baos and red eggs took up the whole table's space where 10 people could eat on the table at the same time!! So you can imagine just HOW BIG the cake is!

YAY! My grandma and grandpa!!

With SO MANY of their brothers, sisters, child, child's song, child's other half etc etc. You get my point!

WOOO! Cake cuttin!
Anyway, something random for the day again! Isnt it a coincidence that the two balloon at the two side are the same colour range? On thr right its like red +blue = purple. On the left its like blue + yellow = green! LOL!
Happy birthday Grandma!! Hope you live long long!

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