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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey there! There are many awesome youtube music producer, vocals and all. And I'd like to introduce this awesome one to you.

Producer: Kurt Schneider
Vocals: Sam Tsui

This is one of the cover writen by Kurt Schneider and the on the vocals, Sam Tsui! Sam Tsui's voice is seriously amazing! I always melt when I hear his voice! Plus I like the cover of this song. It's just amazing! I'll share with you other works of Kurt Schneider next time!

If given a chance, I'd rather meet them then meet up with other more famous stars. They're enough for me. (:

Shawty's like a melody in my head
That I can't keep out

Anyway, just something else that Chris shared with me and I think its hilarious!

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Friday, July 30, 2010








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Thursday, July 29, 2010

//Miss Joyce Lau drew this on the sand and tagged the bimbs in it! (:

I really miss them a lot! So sad that I missed out so many birthday celebrations! Well anyway, I'm just glad Shihan moved her event to Sunday cause if it was on Saturday, I won't be able to attend! Oh man, can't wait to see her on Saturday! I hope they will be there! Like full attendance! :D

Well anyway, have been studying out for the past two days. Today was supposed to be spending my day studying at home! But looking at my able, I can't take it lah! So I went to pack my table! Only the first layer of my table! It's so much neater now! You have no idea how many stuff I had thrown away! Anyway, I kept all the small stuffs that will remind me of the people around me! So whenever i turn to my left, I will see things that will remind me of people! So nice! :D

My table [first level] is roughly packed but I will spend more time packing it after my exam and after my trip to genting with my parents and relative. I still got my entire room to pack! HAHA! But I believe I can do it! :D

I should have taken a picture of my room, before and after! Oh shucks~ Nvm! :D

So clean my room now! So satisfied!
I can study in peace now!

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//Bangs 8 minus Fion! [Till now I still thinking why they call us bangs 8 when some of us dont have bangs! HAHAHA!]

25th July: Selfishness.

That day I was suppose to meet Michelle Odelia they all to go support Sophia, but I didn't!
That day I was suppose to meet Holqa at SengKang, but I din't!

Why? Cause of my selfish feelings of depression over one stupid phone. ):

So that day, Jolene stayed home all day being a no lifer!

26th July: Inception

Met Apple and Dexter at Airport to interview for DFS. But I din't get the job! Aww! Then headed over to town with them to hand in their recruit express timeshit! And shun bian look for tweetbutt! HAHAHA! So happy to be seeing her! :D But okay lah! I still miss her! YAY! I saw her! :D

Then it was back over to Vivo to study! Hiuching was 2 hours late! HAHA! But it's okay cause I managed to complete 70% of one chapter when she reached! :D Then we went to meet Panthers to eat dinner then watch Inception! YAY!

The movie was really nice! It's like Shutter Island! Those that involves thinking! Woah I love this kinds of shows the most! Honestly comparing Inception to Despicable Me, I think I'd prefer Inception! :D [I LOVE THE FLYING MAN OMG SO CUTE]

Went to accompany Aloysius to eat a very expensive meal at Mac! So expensive that it cost $28! Why? Cause we accompany him to eat, then we have to cab home! By the time it reached Shang's house it was $28!

27th July: Study + Lesoson

Met up with Liyi and Hiuching to eat at TP's Mensa before going to study! :D Yay I completed my Chapter 6 of Matrices! :D And moving onnnnn. Omg I don't wanna start Chapter 5, EVER! hahah! :X

After that, went to SIM for my last lesson! So enjoyable it was! But I think for our lecturer Bernard, he sounds sad! Cause he asked something, then there was no response. Then he said "Last lecturer also don't want to response" I think it's cause it's his last lecture, not only for this bridging but for the entire SIM cause he won't be teaching there anymore. So he sounded a bit sad?

But lessons really ended quite early that day! Like 1 hour earlier? :D

And yes, I finally settled my 577pound of school fees that day! (:

28th July: Study + Dinner with Mom

Went to TP to study again! I reached at 1pm when we were suppose to meet at 12pm! Then when I reach, I asked Liyi where she was. She said she on the way and said "We were suppose to meet at 12pm!" BUT OMG! I reached at 1pm you all still haven't come! They only reached at 1.50pm! So sad lah! Sit there along! Usually when I have my phone with me, I'd be better off! But this time it's only my MP3 and me! HAHA! Jiajie was nice to come down and meet me halfway though! :D Boxersboy! (:

Today's studying was not that effective! I was more of copying notes than revising questions! Shucks!

Hiuching drove me to Serangoon today! YAY! Cause I was meeting my mom at Kovan! Had dinner with her and went to Facial with her too! Mine today was a really long session! Guess all the pimples are coming out! hahah!

Today instead of cabbing home, we took MRT home. Really had a good HTHT session with her! HAHA!


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

OKAY! Time to update after so long! HAHA! The stupid sickness made me a lazy bitch.

15th July: Send Jingyi

That day, went to meet up with Xinneh and Chuhui cause I promised them long ago! :D Had pepper lunch and chinese dessert at bugis there before meeting up with Berlinda at the MRT.

Went to find Jingyi at the airport! So fun! (: I got to see everyone again! It's not a birthday but everyone is there! Whoots! :D Miss them!

Her flight delayed and many of them went home! I'm one of them that stayed throughout! Nice friend right? Then me and Jiajie just kept thinking of ways to earn money through stomp! HAHAHA!

Dancing partner! You're flying to Australia! And I think your Mini Cooper needs a new owner! *points to myself* HAHA! Jokes! Anyway, will really miss you man! Missed out way to many chances of hanging out with you! But I promise comes November when you're back, I will spend more time with you kk! :D

Thanks Qiyang meh meh for sending us home! ((:

16th July: Nua at home day!

No idea what I did that day but I think it was spent at home? I dont know! But it's friday! How can I be at home? But that day was the day that I felt sick so perhaps it must be why I was at home!

17th July: Uncle House

My uncle won 4D, I think quite big! So he treated our family and his other relatives to dinner! It was exclusively good for a coffeeshop standard! The cold dish was dam nice! Giant lobster meat! Oh gosh! The sharkfin! The crab! WAH! Everything is just so dam nice! One table cost about $400+? It's really dam nice!

Went back to my uncle's house to play the new Risk with my cousins. The new risk so complicated lah! But it's a faster game play. But before we could finish the game, we needed to go home! Awww! )):

18th July: Sentosa

Met up with Hiuching at Habour Front before meeting up with Jolyn at Resorts World! Went to eat at an Irish Bar! The cottage pie was NICE! (: Liyi and Liying met us after that while we were eating! :P

Went to watch a theatrical circus spectacular "Voyage de la Vie". Thanks to Jolyn for getting the free ticket for us!

More info, view here!

The show was really nice! :D :D :D And I meant it! ALL THE GUYS ARE SO CUTE THERE! =P And I seriously don't know why they got so much stamina to climb here climb there! Army people should do this! LOL! I think they are fitter than them can! :P

After that, went to PS to meet up with Bson, Chris and Juen! It was a totally random outing! And everyyone is connected to someone in a way or another!

Me, Liyi, Jolyn, Bson, Chris= FOD same OG!
Me, HiuChing, Bson, Chris, Juen= FOC same OG!
Liyi, Jolyn= ODAC same OG!
Liyi, Liying= same PARENTS. [oops]
Me, Liyi, Hiuching= same TP!

So funny right? I dont even know its a FOC or FOD outing!

Went for tauhuey and started a Bson and Juen scandal! :P Pictures are not out yet!

19th July: TP TP TP!

Went to meet Sylvia and Michelle for... DESPICABLE ME! It was really really really funny! Ever moment the director makes sure there is a little humour, like the sudden potato floating across, sudden and funny. And other small small details. It's the details that makes the movie nice.

Now I have joined the "I HAVE WATCHED DESPICABLE ME!" group! HAHAHA! If you have yet to catch it, I urge you to! Cause it's really nice! :D

Went to TP afterwards for dinner! Had Mensa's dory omg so nice and awesome! Can't get enough of it!

Went to watch Olivia Ong's concert after that! Thanks to the extra ticket left and thanks Yong Yi for helping me get! LOL! This was the queue! Can you spot it?

//Credits: Nicholas Soon

Her voice is really awesome. I'm not bluffing. Even when I listened to it, it felt like I wanted to hear more!

Oh, we managed to sabo Yong Yi up the stage, not once, but twice! HAHA! And the second time we even managed to get Johnny up too! :P

It was so nice! :D I still miss TP. It made me who I am today!

20th July: Lessons

Night lessons that day! And it was that day that I found out Christopher really is having the same lesson as me! HAHA! So himbotic! We were like "we same class!" then "we different class!" end up is mr Himbo president got mixed up, so we were actually in the same class! HAHAHA!

21st July: SIM +Panthers Outing

Travelled all the way to SIM to find Hiuching, Liyi, Liying and Chris. After much talking, me and Hiuching left to find Panthers while Liyi and Liying went home and Chris went for lessons!

Panthers also full attendance man! Only Chris and Brandon din't make it! ): But we had fun at Waraku! Shouting at every new people "TAKE OUR YOUR SHOEEEEEEE!" cause we had a private room and the room does not allow shoes in! :D It's really kinda like a Japanese setting.

//All of us! + Beverly

After dinner, we din't had enough so we walked to Esplanade to HTHT [heart to heart talk] It was so nice. I really am in love with Panthers! Each and every one of them! Yay to them! :D

//Us at Esplanate!

We took retarded photos! And it really was fun! I guess we really are cam addicts! Always taking and snapping photos!

Was it enough? NO!

After that we still went to eat Tauhuey together! HAHAHAH! Only Xianhuan left home! See! All so awesome and super on people! It's no wonder I love them so much!

//Us eating Tauhuey

Plus our next outing is just the following monday! [26th, watching Inception] HAHA! It was actually 21st August, Timbre, but I guess many of us can't wait!

I can declare out loud, I LOVE PANTHERS! =D

22nd July: Shopping + Bash

Went to town to meet up with Hiuching and Liyi for some shopping for Bash. Idiot lorr! Initially I din't wanna buy anything but HIUCHING lah! HAHAHA! I go and try and really liked a dress in the end I just got it without thinking. zz HAHA but nvm cause I love it! :P

Ate pastamania woah so full man! I really love their Cheesy Ham Crumble Pasta! LOVES LOVES. :D

Went to MRT to meet up with TWEETBUTTT! [I MISS YOU SO MUCH] I saw Jo-an and Maybelle too! Wah they dam tall HAHA! Went over to city hall and ate at Shokudo cause Maybelle and Jo-an were also eating there! HAHA!

Halfway Shang and Melissa [Shang's friend] came to meet us and joined us for a while. Wah I tell you, that day hor, I really like some dam busy PA. Every call is "Hello. I'm at Shokudo." "who's there?" "Shang, Shang friend, Hiuching, Hiuching Friend and me" "hiuching going?" "no hiuching not going we just eating together." Then next call again, "Hello where are you?" "I'm at Shokudo" "With who?" "Shang, Shang friend, Hiuching, Hiuching friend........"

HAHAHA I TELL YOU ITS CONSTANTLY KEEP CALLING AND KEEP SMSING HAHAHAH! Can't take it! It's so funny! :P Even Melissa also laugh at me can! But okay lah, cause I wanted our FOC to meet together since all the FODs are meeting together. So try to pull pull here and there! haha!

Went to meet up with Rebecca Berlinda Beverly Shuxia Juen Boonyen and headed over to Bash! :D Whoo so excited! Saw people here and there! CHRYSTAL AND KAHYUEN ALSO THERE! hahahaha!

Went in and tried to gather everyone. It's very difficult alrights! And did I mention the drinks were served dam slowly? It was so slow that I asked everyone else to go down first. HAHA! Aloy made me ps lah. He asked me to order Jagerbomb I heard as Yellowbomb! The bartender and the person taking order laughed at me! ): But I still managed to drink Jagerbomb after that! Yay! :D But there was more redbull! Booo!

Went to dance with Liying just right beside our SP group cause I can't find my group! ): Halfway saw yongjia and he brought us to our group and we just "AHHHHH" and dance dance dance! So sad cause the good music was when we were upstairs at the bar but it's okay cause we kinda danced there too! Halfway got the "sorry sorry" music! Shit them, Shang immediately SMSed me cause of my SP. When I met our group they keep telling me about it!

//Some of the Panthers!

//Taken by Chris

Halfway our 3 of the guys of our SP group, [Chaoyi, WenHao, JunKwang] and their OGLs Berlyn and Edmund. joined us to dance together. It was really dam fun lah! HAHAHAHA! Danced like no mother! Though the music wasn't nice, we still just danced! There was a point where it was really squeezy and I just pushed the guy behind me with all our might! In the end, Junkwang and Edmund had to help me so malu. LOL!

It really was very fun! I don't know how to describe it but really! Dancing and suddenly Jumping jumping! wah! :D But hor, turned off! Got a part a random guy suddenly went to hold my waist and dance with me wth! Gave a deadly stare! :P

Halfway we went to rest! I was just suddenly with my SP OG. With Berlyn Kheii and Wenhao on the bed to rest our aching legs! Wah! Once an OGL always an OGL! Edmund brought water for us to drink! Then Bel came to bring us over to join the rest and head out.

So just suddenly, our OG and our SP OG got closer due to this Bash! So fun! So glad we went to Bash! (: Yay! :D

We even took a group picture outside!

//OG 12 + 8

Starting to love their OG suddenly. HAHA!

Went to Jalan Besah's Swee Choon dian xin for supper at like 4am? All cabbed there! haha rich people!

And the shocking thing was, we din't auto sit at our own OG! Wenhao Junkwang Chaoyi and Kheii sat with us! HAHA!

//These 3 guys PS their OG! hahah!

//Our table minus Yong Jia!

//The other table! with some people missing

//Us, combined! ((:

SHANG WAS THE JOKE OF THE SUPPER. HAHAHA! He ordered way too much and after that kept saying "wah i really dam full. wah i dam full. can we faster go home cause i'm dam full!" HAHAHAHA!

IT WAS SO FUN that we had post BASH syndrome even when we get home or even after we woke up! All the music replaying in our head. Oh so awesome! More clubbing events to come! HAHA!

23rd July: Prawning

Ate zhe char with my family at the coffee shop opposite our house. So nice! :D After that went back to bathe, pack my bag and off to meet Jia at my house there and off to Bedok inter to meet Weining and Xinyi!

That time when I went, 3hours 2 rod, me and my friends caught 49 prawns! This time, we caught only 7 prawns! It's like /7 can! HAHA! But there were three nice man! Frist was two of them on our left gave us their prawns cause their friends already caught some! Then the uncle on our right gave us some worms. Not long after, he gave us his prawns too! They gave us 11 prawns in total so much right! So nice people! (: The uncle after that gave us ALL of his worms. Really A LOT!

After that we went to cook our prawns! Guess that was there my phone got stolen cause I remember I took the phone off from my neck and stuffed it inside my bag! The next moment it was stolen! ): Really dam sad but oh well!

Cabbed to Weining's house after that. by the time I bathed it was already time for me to go for lessons.

24th July: Grandmother's house

So continue the previous post, went to lesson at SIM at 8.30am! Since it was Simei, I had to leave her house at 7am to reach SIM on time. So early right! Tsk!

Thankfully the lecturer was Bernard Ong! He was really good and I am never bored during his lesson. A pity this is his last time teacher as a lecturer but I feel lucky cause I get to meet such a great lecturer the first time I enter SIM. (:

Went back home and told my parents all about it. They really are nice people! Haha! I love them a lot a lot more each time!

Had a little nap before being woke up by my parents. Went to parkway to get my SIM card, packet food and headed over to my grandmother's place. It was really nice and heartwarming to be with my grandmother! Once she saw me she shouted "girl girl" in a very happy expression. I still remembered the face lah! I even gave her a hug oh man! I should visit my grandmother more! Give her the strength to carry on living on each day! (:


HAHA, wah took me more than an hour just to finished these post! I guess nowadays its the "unlucky" aura! My friend lost her iPhone too and my friend is in an even worst situation. Guess I shouldn't let such a small thing affect me!

Thanks guys! Those who were there for me. Really appreciate every one of you! Love you guyss!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I guess Karma really bites a bit part of my ass out.

Perhaps it's cause I've been doing way too much bad stuffs that these are all happening in my life. Bad karma comes yet and again and it doesn't stop.

I really feel like screaming and shouting to someone or somewhere.

But where..? & who..?

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& You know what's the worst feeling?

Wanting to tell your closest good friend about the terrible stuffs that has been happening.

When one of your closest good friend's girlfriend doesn't have complete trust in him and don't allow him to even have any form of contact with me. So what if you're his girlfriend. Can you please ask your boyfriend how many times I said stuffs to salvage your relationship when I can actually tarnish it? And please get your facts right, I know him way before you do so what right do you have to stop him? And another fact, if you don't trust your boyfriend, please learn to trust him more. If he is close to whatever girls are you gonna just ask him to stop contacting? The way your faith is hovering, i pity the guy, not you. Plus it's just not no faith, it's selfish and lack of attitude.

Please wake up your idea.

Argh, I don't care if you read it though I know you do, [obviously since after THAT other incident that I wanted to rant] and you double obviously know who you are. You don't deserve any respect for seperating two good friends.

I hate you, and I also hate my friend now thanks to you. Even though he admitted his mistakes to me, I still don't feel like talking to you anymore. I'm sick and tired of "it's okay" already. Good bye. No more the friend I used to know. So you should be happy after reading this post cause I won't bother your boyfriend anymore but I'm sorry to tell you even if I'm gone, there will still be other girls. Oh wait, there isnt other girls since I think you've already made him to just listen to what you say and only talk to you.

(: Please hate me.

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Another pictureless post for a !@#$% post. you'll know why in a while....




The thing is I roughly know who it is but when I got to notice it, they were long gone. freak it! I am feeling seriously bad. Seriously guilty to my parents as well. Especially since when I got home today, my dad told me "come, lets go down and get you a new phone" without scolding me. I feel too guilty to even want a new phone. I feel so bad so terrible oh god. With them not scolding me I feel even worst. Yesterday I felt so strong and still tried to put a smile on my face even though the worst happened, but at home especially with such great family [my brother is dam nice to me too] I can't help but to tear/cry [yah like what i'm doing now].

I promise I'll really study hard, graduate and find a good job to give my family a good life like how my parents are to me. I seriously can't imagine not having them by my side. I really can't. Please stay with me till I grow old. Even though my mother is 50 and my father is 60 while im still 20. WAH. The more I type the more I feel like crying. I should stop here.

Sorry for the emo post.

Can I wish for the impossible and have my iphone drop from the sky?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

//Panthers appeared in Stomp! (:

Wow so many pictures appeared in Stomp! For those that don't know, stomp is a place of Singapore's gossip! I guess it's just a place to go when you're bored but you won't wanna go there everyday cause people are just posting useless things and harrassing others.
If interested click here or visit http://www.stomp.com.sg/

Anyway, so excited for bash later! (:

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Blogging using my iPhone so no pictures.

It's 3:43am in SG timing and I'm still not asleep. I guess my body clock is really turned upside down else I would have been asleep by now.

Anyway, finally finished the drama 海派甜心 [sweetheart] and able to close my lap top to let it rest! Cause buffing the show takes a super long time and dint want to re-buff my show. So I just left it on 24/7 for perhaps 6days? That explains why I don't reply your msn nowadays. Cause I'm not really there.

Watching finish this drama also means, no more excuse to not pack my table. Faster pack alright jolene? It's pilling up! And I seriously need to pick up running again! Oh mannnnn~~

I feel super guilty tonight
for various reasons.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

//The remaining INTSC back then left.

Haven't been posting lately cause I was sick. Well it doesn't mean that I'm posting now cause I've recovered. It's the 7th day now. Please let me get well soon.

The only reason why I'm posting now is cause today is one of my GFs birthday! So,

I've met my greatest enemy, the doctor and he forced me to have committements to.... ANTI-BIOTICS! Having anti-biotics is like having a boyfriend. You have to be committed to it and remember to take it everyday! Well, tomorrow I will officially break contract with my "boyfriend". Hopefully I will get well soon.

But despite being sick, I still go out everyday! Haaa~ Guess I deserve it? :)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

//Nightmare at Cine

#1. Who cares if you were a legend during mid-school, but you graduated with a bad reputation and people hating you. They'll remember you for who you graduated as and not your legend years.

#2. For not listening to our advise and continue on as you please, you see the results of your planning now. I hate to tell you this but we foresaw these but you all din't care. There is a difference with 3 years experience and 1 year experience.

#3. Quit your yapping. You're not that good. All you do is scold and scold, get jealous if not invited and make a fuss so that you'll be the next time. If you're that good, people won't "forget" to invite you at all. Instead, you'll be the first to be invited. Now you see why you're not invited? Cause they dislike you and your yapping presence.

PS: All three rants are to all different people. (: I don't wanna use the mind-f* line "if you think i'm talking about you, means you're guilty" but i just wanna say, it's anyone that i'm talking about.

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Previous post is a wedding entrance, this is a divorce entrance! LOL!

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//As Bson said "Where we first met"

I know I've been MIA for quite long! But I guess the sick bug caught up on me right after camp! Both me and HiuChing sick like no mother!

Continuing last Saturday's post, it was my Cousin's wedding! It's been long since I last attended a church ceremony kinda wedding. Then I recalled looking at this "Funny Wedding Entrance" video. It's below.

I would definately like something like that! :D HAHA So funny! :D

Sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! =D Stayed at home all the way till 7pm in case my mom needed any help to prepare for the wedding. After that, went to TM to get SP gifts! LOL! Bought back popeyes that day for my brother and me! Yay popeyes! :D

Monday was the start of the camp! Can't believe I stay at Bedok and I'm still earliest to reach habourfront than Hiuching [Serangoon] and Liyi [Boonkeng]. HAHA! Anyway, met my group [OG 12] for the first time then. Looks promising at first sight!

Played in Sentosa and all the other station games! I guess it was really fun? Like even though we just knew each other, I think we're already starting to get comfortable with each other already! Yay to that!

I only know our OGL has all the sickest forfeits ever! LOL! Well prepared I should say! And it was there and then that me and Hiuching laughed about Aloy's purple fetish! HAHAHAHA!

SP review was one heck of a nightmare! Initially was the fake SP review! They made me so shocked lah, like why so fake! Then after that, was the real one. The widely known, Sorry sorry. OMGGG!

Okay, off to next day!

Spent the entire time playing amazing race around town area. The first time at Suntec area was a bit average only! [LOVE LINGYU] But after lunch, we were dam high lah! And really had fun in the rest of the stations! :D Yay!

After that was meet your SP day! HAHA ANOTHER NIGHTMARE! BUTTTTT, i'm glad I got him as my SP. Cause more entertainment and really like, brought those quiets one to be a bit more not quiet cause even they will also laugh at my SP please!

The food was godlike! You won't even know that it was a camp! Got grilled prawn, wrapped hotdog with bacon, sphagetti, cream buttered dory, steak on the spot, waffle icecream, bao, brocolli, baked cheeze potato. WAH! A LOT RIGHT? I don't even knwo if did i miss anything out!

Break camp! Went over to eat with our SP group. Lucky my SP not there! HAHA! Cause they forced them to sit with their SP. Our table was the SP-less table, except 1 pair. But we had fun! ((: Too bad Aloy! HAHA!

One heck of a camp right?
I don't know why people say SIM not nice or what, but I think they already bought my heart over, either that or is panthers bought my heart over! ((:

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

//Looking stupidly in the air at our wishes flying high!

Camp is tomorrow! [Technically today!] HAHAHA! Okay, I'm gonna go and rest now since I have to report at Vivo at 7.45am! Why so early! Plus it's so far! When I was in TP, I'd just cab to school cause it's so cheap!

Removed all the lanyards on my bag that I got 3 years ago during Venos! It's time to remove everything and have a new beginning. Back to being a freshie, I wonder how different will I be, comparing to the me as a freshie when I just got into TP. I guess tomorrow will be when I see all the difference!

I will be away and will come back on the 14th! So, don't miss me! =D

Anyway, it's really time I got down to packing my room. It's in a messss! I myself can't stand it! I wonder how my parents do. Well, actually they don't!Elle magazines, accessories, things, things and more things are everywhere my room! HAHA! One dayyyy, I promise! Before school really officially starts!

Pray I'll have a hell of a time tomorrow alrights?

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I feel stalkerish but.....


pieces of me @ 7:15 PM.

The scenes of Singapore while walking the bridge of Esplanade!

To all my overseas viewer! Here's some background sceneries [yea, i know the images suck! ah well! =\ *shrugs*

1st Pic: One of our Merlions!
2nd Pic: Background of Fulleton Hotel
3rd Pic: Esplanade
4th Pic: Marina Bay Sands
5th Pic: Singapore Flyers and Helix Bridge

Okay fine, the picture isnt good at all! HAHA! That's why you have to come down here to visit okay! (: I'm sure you'll find it a pretty place here! While I on the other hand, will work and save money to go to your country one day! (:

Went to meet up with Xinni on Thursday! We ate Seafood Ramen! [DIE PAULLLL! Stupid octopus! HAHAHA!]

Managed to buy 2 F21 tops! Loving them! Gave up on 2 Zara tops cause after trying them on, they don't feel right! ): Polka dotted crop top! Noooo~

Had a nice time catching up with this girl!

Friday, was a super no life day! It was meant to be TGIF but it din't apply to me as I have classes!

Anyway, something that made my day that day was that I got into FOC! Guess my camp heart really won't die down after all! (: Gonna give in my all! FOC here I come!

I'll blog about the wedding later on when I get home.

Anyway, preparing to go Grace house later go watch third placing! One reason why I hate to plan. I guess it's just cause I'm quite a perfectionist, so if it was me to plan the outing, I'll just get super stressed out cause I always wonder if things din't go right for this or for that what would happen? Plus everyone will just send you de "text me the details." "i anything one" but when it actually happen people will say "i think nevermind, i xxxxx straight." or something similar! [Not referring to the go Grace house one only]

I guess I rather plan events! HAHAH! Planning events is less stressful! Trust me! :D Cause what you are dealing with aren't your friends so maybe it's better? I don't really know actually.

Anyway, later it feels like as though the whole world is going! From "Can A go?", to "Can B, C, D go?", to "Can E" go? The initial XX amount of people suddenly became XX * inifinity + 1! HAHA! The whole world is coming! Noooo. But no la, not that I mind. HAHA! But watching soccer together! It'll be memoriable!

As much as I want Germany to win [cause I support Germany], I hope Uruguay wins in a way. I hate Paul the Octopus! Why are people so superstitious to believe that a stupid Octopus can predict the future? It's only a 50-50 chance for the Octopus to guess. It's either right, or wrong. Argh.

Okay, end of ranting post! HAHA!

pieces of me @ 5:39 PM.

//Off to attend a wedding! (:

pieces of me @ 12:34 PM.

//Went clubbing with these 3 awesome girls! Yea!

At wednesday, went clubbing with them! All the way till 2am! I was totally dancing with Jia lah! So no little brothers attacked me. MUAHAHAH! *PROUDS* But after she left at 2am, and when we got back into the club, I got attacked!

Apart from two weeks ago, this time I drank a whole lot more at a shot! Like 3 glass in a row! Cause I wanted to drink more and xinyi and weining dint want to! So I asked them to queue for me! I seriously glupped the drinks cause after I drank the 3 cups, Jia was still drinking her one! =P

Oh and I really love this shot!

And besides that, I talked to these ang mo guys! Oh man! All of them asked me the same question! "Are you from UK?" and "What's your name?" Hahaha! Happy to the max! This guy below is so totally hot!

He might not look hot or cute, BUT TRUST ME, in actual he looks frigging hot and cute! (((: [and i looked cui here! dam!]

Clubbing that night was awesome! As long as guys danced with me, I bluff them I was a lesbian! Then I halfway ran away from them [including xinyi and weining] and ran to people i dont know and asked if i could dance with them! I guess girls in the club are super nice! They look after one another even though you don't know them!

There was this once, a guy PEED ON MY LEG. What the FF right? It was warm and all GROSS! So I went to the toilet and just said "Omg a guy peed on my leg!" And they were like "OMG QUICKLY GO WASH YOUR LEG! Nvm, we let you queue after us!" SO NICE RIGHT! I couldnt remember their faces but later on in the club, when they say me, they asked me if my leg was alright! They actually remembered me! I love these girls!

Lets club more! (:
So far, once a week! But comes 21st, I'll be going on 21st, 22nd and 24th! Gosh!

PS: All the ang mo guys! Ahhh! (: That time was the French guy, now him! HAHA! That explains my MSN nick!

pieces of me @ 1:41 AM.
Friday, July 09, 2010

//Take me away.

Going for lessons now. FML at 7pm lessons.

I wanna go out out out.

Everyone can say TGIF but me cause my life is wasted away in school.

pieces of me @ 5:37 PM.

//Me with my favourite number! (: We sat on this table number for the whole 3days of KL! Such a co-incidence it was!

Back then in TP, if I din't get into any camps, I guess I would feel super upset. It din't change for the fact that I din't get into SIM's FOC. I was super duper upset at first.

I asked myself what went wrong. I blame myself for not getting in.

As days get by, hope grew smaller. Now I don't even feel like going. If it was the past me, I'll sure feel like going even if I was a last resort kind.

I guess, if by Saturday there is nothing, perhaps this is where my camp heart dies.

pieces of me @ 1:35 AM.

I bet not many of you know Priscilla Ahn! And maybe some of you won't appreciate her songs [maybe except designers]. But maybe after you listen, you might love her and this genre of music! (:

pieces of me @ 1:07 AM.

//TOPTABLE was wwith these bunch of lovely people! (:

Love you people! HAHA!
Shah, partner, Dorothy, Sab, Graciie, Badd, Fion and Sylvia! The miracle after the KL trip. Thanks to it, we bonded more! LOL!

pieces of me @ 12:31 AM.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010

//OPHIX at Apple's 21st birthday! ((:

Rotted at home for the whole of yesterday and it felt really nice! I think my body's really tired of everything! It needs rest! So it was worth it to be home for the whole of yesterday.

Spent the first quarter of my day at home today too! Gonna meet my GFs to go butterfact later! (: Can't wait. Clubbinggg!! This time Jia will be there too! Yay!

Been listening to Jazz song nowadays!
It's quite nice.

pieces of me @ 7:00 PM.
Tuesday, July 06, 2010

//Sending Yining off at the Airport to Brisbane on 2nd July

Really have to thank God i made it there, or rather, thank John! Else the last time to see her would be november! I hope you're coping well for your studies!

Looking at the five of us, we all really are going into different places and leading our own created lives more and more.

[Left to right]
HuiJia - NTU Sports Science
Me - SIM UOL Banking and Finance
Yining - University of Queensland Technology Marketing Comm [something like that]
Weining - NIE
Xinyi - NYP Radiography

But thankfully, even how we lead our lives, we hold onto each other as closely as we can. That's what make us friends for 8 years and counting, and for me and Jia, 10 years and counting!

All the best Yining!
We can still skype everyday!

pieces of me @ 2:19 PM.

//Super chio place at KL golden palm resort!

During Saturday, stayed at home for lunch before meeting Amos and Sylvia at marbleslab [all of us PSed them so they can have er ren shi jie] then meeting the rest of Zadaz at Bugis MRT. Had steamboat for dinner. Actually I don't really like steamboat! :x but I still went. hahaha.

Went over with Odelia and VV to buy koi bbt! Yay! Koi rocks but the queue is mad long. Then back over to arcade to meet them! Dam happy! I used one credit to complete bishi bashi! Hurhur!

Headed over to PS to meet the grads. Sylvia and me had our bimbotic moments. We waited for a bus that never came! hahaha! Went to play L4D2! It was super fun! I had lots of fun! Yay! But never made it to the safe house! Aww!

Tauhueyed and went home!


Went to one of the restaurants in hard rock hotel to eat on Saturday to celebrate my brother's advance birthday! The food choices were limited but the quality is shioking nice! FRESH oyster, wayu beef, imba icecream etc! Shiokk! But maybe not really worth the price. The experience is enough!

Seriously when walking into Sentosa, you wouldnt think of it as Singapore now! Went to walk around with my family and really like tourist! HAHA! I still take photos machiam tourist! :x

Monday, went to Top Table with grads! ((: Yayy! I was the earliest lah! Tsk! *AHEM* DEREK SIM *AHEM* was super late and still can go and get dance pants! I reached at 11.50am! Derek and Fion reached at 12.40pm!!!!! I thought the food was nice though they kept saying the food wasnt nice. I guess it rocks to be easy going! HAHA! Partner and tweetbutt still kept commenting about their service! TSK!

Walk around TP before going to lounge as the last pit stop! Taboo [i never say tattoo le hor!] was fun! Joke of the day!
1) "What is a Dull-mar-ti-an"?
2) Grace laughs "PENIS! DICK! PRICK!"
3) Shah "Sab, stop vibrating derek's leg"
and many more! LOL!

Went business AGM after that! Partner and me totally tried our best to fall asleep during IG presentation! The food disappeared dam fast! I wanttt! LOL! Went to techno for dinner before going to play ground to play S.S.M! :D

It was super fun today! I enjoyed todayyyy~

Tomorrow so bored! Nothing on! Tsk. I should really find a job soon! Or is there any lobangs? :D

But I can't say here!

pieces of me @ 12:24 AM.
Monday, July 05, 2010


It's 3:11am now. I was suppose to be in bed long ago! Tomorrow gotta wake up and head to school for Top Table lunch with the Grads! Can't be late de!! (: Sleep Jolene SLEEP! Can't wait! It's my first time to Top Table even after graduating from TP! hahah!

Updates on Sat, Sun and Monday after I'm back! Yeahhh!

Germany you din't disappoint me!((:
Arizona just told me she is happy! I'm happy too!
PS: Arizona is the new name for my iPhone

pieces of me @ 3:05 AM.
Saturday, July 03, 2010

Want to cry but can't? Watch these three videos! 80% guarenteed to cry! [I think! hahaha!] Got these two videos from Lingyu's facebook wall.

Army in the states are way different from Singapore. In Singapore, even when they are gone for two weeks, people can't stand it already. How are they gonna survive in the states? haha! :x And all their pets reaction were so great, no wonder even for Christian the lion, the Lion also reacted greatly! I guess it's another one of their animal gesture. :D looking at the video i thought of Dear John! HAHA!

//Oh god, I watched the soldier videos and cried again, haha! I suck!

pieces of me @ 11:33 AM.

//Spilling photo of Werining [left]

This girl wore like xxxs kids size jacket and couldnt bucket so she adjusted to the losest. It was still tight but she still went to buckle on. In the end, she still thought it looked alright! Looking at this pic always made us laugh so much!

On Thursday, went for Orientation Day. Seriously thankfully for me, I got Dexter Liyi and Meiwei. Else the camp would be awkward. So quiet plus totally not bonded! ): I wished I was in the other CGs that were playing all the fun games. But oh well, the people at my CG were quite nice? (: At least, we cliqued. Haha!

Chionged home to bathed and off to Play! I was super suay I tell you! I was super on time! And suddenly my phone died! I had to go back home to get the portable battery and went back! By then I was 30mins late! From 10mins early to 30mins later! ):

Went play! So exciting! The "guys" there really are different! So many of them looked dam cool! But anyway, went there for Andro hunt! OMG! I swear Lina is dam cute! It's like I initially cheered JiaMin on! But after I see Lina perform I was totally cheering for Lina! HAHAHA! But I also cheered for JiaMin kk! Looking at the five contestants, like what Fion said, they really have different personality! I still think Jiamin is dam cool! She got the heck care yet still dam cool attitude! (:

Danced till I felt tired and told Chrystal! There was one incident where me Fion and Sylvia were sitting outside waiting for Chrystal and Kahyuen. Then a quite drunk girl approached us and talked to us! Haha dam cute and funny. :P

Yay! It was a good experience escpecially with no little brothers to buah you! Tsk.

Friday, it was raining super heavily! I got awoken by the thunders! But the weather was really super shioking nice! HAHA! My initial plans to go post office to collect my parcel became nua at home day [by partner]. Super funny!

Went to meet NicSoon and went to the Apple's birthday together. It was awesome to meet so many people again! The cake cutting ceremony was super late! By the time they cut cake, I was in a rush to go airport to send my bestf, yining, off! Thanks to John, who sent me all the way out to Pasir Ris so that I could get a cab! Really, like Jesser say, walk out will walk till I old.

Met yining for the last time! The next time, it would be November already! But I know you'll do just fine there Ning! Love you lots k! You can always MSN me! I'm always online!!!!

The 4 of us managed to catch 24 home too! Yay! (: Jia and me continued our tradition of walking home even though we got bus! HAHA! [Good exercise hor!]

Let's get the party started!
Let's all have fun!(:

pieces of me @ 1:03 AM.
Thursday, July 01, 2010

Forgotten to mention, yay going Play tomorrow! And it's private ladies party only! So cool! The whole club will just be girls! I wonder if there would be any shuai girls or pretty ladies to look at! Haaha!!

And 1 more day to my package! Whoots!!

pieces of me @ 1:54 AM.

//Graduates + 1 [unless u eat fish and co] at Awards Ceremony today! ((:

Went for awards ceremony today! Saw with partner and the rest of the IIT people! SCREAMED MY HEARTS OUT! I swear! And I think everybody just kept laughing at me especially *stares at IIT people* THEM! Hahaha!

I was dam happy when Badd suddenly came to me and "OMG I HEARD YOU!" *inserts himbotic action* Badd dam cute I swear! HAHA! ((: Super happy for IIT! Seriously like finally break through!

Anyway, SEE PARTNER! Tell you the TPSU gang keep cheering so VC will take picture of them! But we managed to get our solo shots also okay! :P HAHAHA!

OH OHH! PARTNER DAM LOSER! HAHAHAH! He was calling Badd to tell Badd that we saw him! Then he stand up! And after that, he tried to sit down again! BUT THE CHAIR WAS LIKE THE FOLDABLE KIND! So it was always back to its original position AND HE FELL DOWN! HAHAHAHA LOSER TTM! I laughed hard and long! Even Zain and Pamela saw! :P :P

After the ceremony, we chionged to get food immediately! Wah! So nice! :D Then was just looking for random people and talking to them! There's this one incident, super funny! Cause I was looking for Badd! Then cannot find him! Then I think got people tell him I was looking for him! Just happens that when I was in the toilet with fion and tweetbutt taking pictures, Badd called me and he was standing outside the toilet! So imagine someone happens to walk out also! Then I was like "OMG BADD I THINK I SAW YOU LE! IM IN THE TOILET!" *as i speak, the door closed* SUDDENLY THE DOOR OPEN AGAIN! Me: "OMG BADD YOU OPENED THE DOOR! HAHAHAHAHAA" HE FREAKING OPENED THE GIRLSSSS TOILET DOOR WTH!

Went to eat Fish and Co with Fion and partner! Super worth it I think! :D Went watson for some adventure shopping before going to catch a super last minute movie! Ip Man! ((: The three of us managed to get a bus home, or maybe, close to home to take cab home [*ahem, partner*] hahaha!

I think this post super high leh! HAHA! Well, I had lots of fun today! (((: Yayyyy!

Will be super busy tomorrow! ((: Orientation Day! Then chiong home to get changed and bathed and off to Play! Yayyy!
The day after, there is enrolment talk then apple's birthday then send yining off at airport!

Thankfully Germany vs Argentina's match is on Saturday. Else I sure upsettttt one!

My first awards ceremony in year 1, I witness IITSC getting BCC.
My last awards ceremony as a fresh graduate, I witness IITSC getting not only BCC [Constituency Club of the Year now] and our President getting Student Leader of the Year.

pieces of me @ 12:44 AM.

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