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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I din't plug in my adaptor cause I want to try finishing my Econs Portfolio before it runs out! Hopefully can! =))

Argh! The director talked for 5mins only! Attendance wasn't taken! Sleep was distrupted!! I was shagged!

Let me tell you why was I so shagg.

So I reached home at around 12+am. Talked on the phone till 1+am and was too tired to continue so I put down and since I was lying at the sofa, I instantly fell asleep. At 3am, brother woke me up so I woke up and went to bathe knowing that I have not. Talked only till 4am++ before heading to bed cause waiting for hair to dry. At 4.29am, sheep msged me and I woke up a bit but fell back. At 4.43am, Yuanlong called me cause his phone cui-ed and he wanted JY's number. I passed him and went back to sleep. 2-5mins later, he called again and asked for Apple's number. So it was near 5am and I only left 1 hour to sleep cause of some 8am lecture!

TRAGIC RIGHT!!!! So shagged! Arghh!! I slept in the clubroom for a bit though. Have to thank Dessie cause I kept lai-chuan-ing and he had to kept calling me up! =X

Anyway, I also had a terrible dream ytd!! x.x And the only people I remember in it was dessie!!! Ahh! haha! But he wasnt the bad dream tho.

And please sheep, take care of your body!! Don't make me walk the big gate and small gate and kp to anyone's available ah!! Be it your mom, mango jack agi tabby or anyoneneko! So shocked to hear that you were sick la!

Seriously tired!!!

pieces of me @ 10:47 PM.

So dumb! Forced to go to an 8am lecture which I had never been to since the first one.

Why? Cause the director is coming to our lecture!! =[[[ -sulks

Go to other course's lecture la!! Like CDS GET IMI ITO MWC or something!! ROARS!

Not only forced to go lecture, but also forced to wear shoe.
I shall be brave and NOT wear shoes! =P
Actually there is a high possiblity that Jolene would not go too!
Since when does she listen to rules?
First to break all rules in FBI for my year!

Shall see how! =P

The smell is inevitably there
My bolster. For tonight.

pieces of me @ 3:21 AM.

Just got back home not long ago!
Today was super funn!! =)
Should be considered a DD? I think so. HAHA!
Dark Knight was okay I guess! I bet joker is dam cute!!
Why So Serious Son?

Really shocks me how the first time I met HuiLing and YiRu turns out so different from today!!
The first time I met both of them, I SWEAR their voices are not like that!!

So to sum up.

Leave school - 518 - Ticketed - PopCorned - Entered - Sasuaged - Find HPed - Arcaded - Chicken Riced - Mangoed - Dou Jiang You Tiaoed - Walked - Homed.

Thanks for bringing extra jacket today! =P And it's still with me! Bwahaha!! Like the cubee!!

ohefefseeeyeehelelwhy teaedgeyee efeyeareasstea assohamyeeteaedgeeyeandgee
Take your time figuring it out

pieces of me @ 12:23 AM.
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Found this in Hakim's blog! =P

You Are Ernie

Playful and childlike, you are everyone's favorite friend - even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.

You are usually feeling: Amused - you are very easily entertained

You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.

How you live your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won't play with you!

The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

I dont know la! How true is it, you rate! :P


pieces of me @ 11:45 AM.

Hmm. I went to Katherine's blog and ponder upon this personality test thing. Was bored so I tried it out.


Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun, people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Honestly, I refuse to believe in such things but sometimes, it's just very true ah. I know sometimes things inside are super general, but then again, it's so true!!! ROARS! Some is what some people tells me and figured out about me. Most of it, I think have been identified by you.

There's another test I took, I think I shall put in nxt post!

ROAR! Stupid personality test!
Weird questions they ask but they come to such a conclusion!
Wonder how does everything works

pieces of me @ 11:36 AM.

Happy Bday Qing Ai De!!
Euu kn0es moii lurBex euu l0rts l0rtss!!

Hope you liked yesterday!! A last minute celebration!! Last minute planning!
Of course it wouldn't have happened without Atiqah, Berlinda, Chinsoon.
Unexpected guest, Katherine.
And not forgetting [in alpha order]
Ahmad, Christine, Ivan, Jasmine, Marcus, Mario, Sky, WeeYou, ZhenXiang etc.

Half success in making Marcus drunk I guess! =P
And I failed in making Kat drunk! HAHA!

I love you lots dearrie!
PS: Sorry I posted one day after your bday!!
I reached home like 12+ yesterday then fell aslp immediately after putting down phones. And was out of reach of blogger for past day cause of COTS!

Happy Birthday yet again!

pieces of me @ 10:25 AM.

WOO! Completed CMSK and COTS!

Honestly I think CMSK went super well! As for COTS... uhhh, only my functional requirememts dint go well. But for criteria I think I did okay bahs! =X

The COTS was like super 100+ pages can!! I counted till 50pages and there was still more than half left! WOOO! PROUD! But of course not as proud as SAS! That one was really like 200+ pages!

Still deciding whether to go school or not!!

Waited for today for quite long! Actually since Saturday only la! Wonder if both of us got the time or not later! =P

I wanna master wedding bells! =) Duet Duet!!

Dark Knight
3 \-/ + p

pieces of me @ 9:12 AM.
Monday, July 28, 2008

I tried the "Go offline method else got a lot ppl talk to you and you cant complete your work" way, but it doesnt seem to work. Instead, coming online is better!

Why? Cause people that talks to me are motivating me! I've found my motivation, not in myself but in my friends.

sharon says:
jia you

Coburn says:
jia you for your

† ♫.siN.♪ † ♀devilwiffork☠ says:
good luck then!!!!

- Rio ` says:
gd! y'can do it

Shockest was coburn and marcus. Cause I din't talk to them and suddenly they came to give me lucks for my assignments! But I really needed that! Feeling so motivated now!!

And of course, must thank some sheep for comin online to help me see if I'd be awake everyhour in msn :P That's the most you could do! And it's a big thing if you did that small effort!! Cause if I'm aslp, I cant do my work which is dammmmmm badd. So yea! :P

A simple "jia you" makes me so motivated, be it by who.

Having a momemtum already!
Please dont go outta fuel!

pieces of me @ 11:59 PM.

So super lazy to post up my AGM photos so I just uploaded them to flickr instead.

Will be posting them up once I'm done.

Anyway, this is not all of the picture. Less than half of it! But anyway, woo!! :P

Dont have to view them, cause most of it is only 2 person picture.


Enjoy! :D

Look so pretty
Look so dashing

pieces of me @ 9:08 PM.

Just heard news from my mom that my uncle cmi! Vomiting blood and such.
Doctor says he'll be gone earlier than 3months. In the noon he was still in critical condition.

Tho I'm sad, but I'm also happy.. For I know he's going to a better place. He's going to have a better time elsewhere than here suffering. Rather being here vomitting blood, sufferring from pain and all, he can go to a place where there isnt any pain. In another words by weichoy, "Get promoted". All I can do is spend any time I can with my uncle before he really gets promoted.

Yesterday my cousin asked him if he wanted a pastor to pray for him and he said no. After today, he asked my cousin to invite the pastor to pray for him. Suddenly reminds me of what Rio's mom told me.

She said she used to don't believe in religion till one day her husband was in a bad shape and she started praying to Gods and the husband got better. Ever since she remained faithful to the religion. Can't remember the exact words but it's around there.

Couldn't visit my uncle today yet again! Next week perhaps! Or after tuesday.

Being promoted to a better place
A better place than here

pieces of me @ 8:02 PM.


Wah! I swear there's still so much more left to do for COTS! AHH!! Guess I won't be able to sleep tonight! Would someone be nice enough to call me every hour to make sure I'm awake? LOL!! jk!! X_X
Anyway, I like that abv pic. HAHA! Dam cute!!

On the side note, WAH! 3 of my classmates are all attached during this month of July!! So now 4 or 5 of my classmates attached I think.
4 more days to end of July! Will thre be any more? :P

Okay, love my slides now! As in my CMSK slides. Edited and did a nice picture! Woo! =) Left with complilation and a bit of script talking and good to go!

I know my blog's been boring but bear with me more okay!

Go Jolene go you go we go!

Song's jumped to Michael Buble- Everything.
It's a special song! & I loved it many! =)

Whatever comes our way,
We'll see it through

And you know
That's what our love can do

pieces of me @ 7:12 PM.
Sunday, July 27, 2008


Seriously I haven moved on since just now! HEH! So dead!
Thankfully my project is due on tues instead of monday!

And I know why am I feeling this way already!
Someone reminded me why! And I totallllly agree! LOL!

Had a small nap! Should be up and ready to go!
I'll be offline for now so anything, please offline msg or email me! :D

*Motivates self

pieces of me @ 11:45 PM.

The blogging disease is back!

Just put down phones with sheep.

AHH! Cannot concentrate on work!
Must be cause I'm at home!
Seriously can't concentrate work at home!
I miss the super productive sessions at starbucks!! =[ -sulks.

The clock is ticking but my cots remains untouched

pieces of me @ 10:16 PM.


Like finally! HAHA! Omg! Tho the ani looks dam cock. HA! WHO CARES!
I've completed it! That's all i care!

Half proud but half not willing to use it. diees. If only I had more time! I had to cut frames that were 0.5 secs long! wanted to do a 0.33 secs long frame cut. Okay dont mind me, I dont know what am i talking about!!

Next up, COTS!
16 more functional requirements
7 more functional requirements
9 more criteria!

altogether estimated time: 32hours needed.

LOL! Bye!

pieces of me @ 8:33 PM.

I just love this picture! Dam cute dont you think?
Taken using my laptop on 25th July. It has a lot of cool effects.

Anyway, chionging my cmsk and cots now. Well, more of cmsk. Almost complete! But it looks funny. But heck, I've put in my best already.

Yesterday, there was a terrible war in my stomach. Really a war ah! Million of particles fighting each other, cold + warm. But it's finally cleared!

Uncle-in-law is in hospital, critical condition. Cancer lumps has spreaded to his lungs as well. Doctor says he only has 3 more months to live. I know hoping his condition to get better is a bit unrealistic. But all I know is that we should spend time with him whenever possible. I hope his son also spend the rest of his time with him more. All his life he's been defyien. [oops how to spell?] I hope he doesnt regret when he's really gone.

Rioszx called me ytd midnight suddenly to tell me ahmad's kitten died. So sad ah. The whole thing is so sad. One little life that many people were trying to protect just passed away like that. The effort that I see ahmad, mario, his mom, atiqah and felix put in just faded away. One life, many tears. At least the kitten died in its sleep, and not died painfully. Rest well little kitten.

Woke up with terrible aches today. Shits! Aches at this hour.

Life is full of ups and downs
But try focusing on the ups instead

pieces of me @ 6:29 PM.
Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stayed over and slept at like 7am yesterday!
Chiong project chiong project!! :D
Now it's my turn to wear the ren bandana.
Of course I din't chiong straight to 7am.
Had like short intervals.

BUT! SOME Mazilucuno, kept disturbing me! [HAHA! yes you disturbed me]
And I'm still very shock at certain things! Though it's already over.

Woke up to do project again while that stupid legendary sheep bird is still sleeping.


pieces of me @ 1:24 PM.
Thursday, July 24, 2008

Omg. Haven been posting for DAM long already!
Actually, I hadn't even had the time to do other stuffs.
Seldom had the time to be online also. Even if you see me online, I was doing other stuffs. Couldn't affort time to do other useless things.
Was super super busy! Thank Goodness, AGM IS OVER!!!!
Dont have to read unless you're super duper free! :P

Though it din't went as smoothly, but at least we ended it wth a dance!
And at least we knew that we tried.
We will learn from our mistakes! That's for sure.

This AGM really bought many of us together.
It let me to see the other side of the other main coms.
It opened up the main coms.
To see how much effort we all put in together is really heart warming.
To stay overnight together and do stuffs and all.
Being in school from monday to sunday.
Sometimes staying in school so late till we miss our last bus home.

I think I skipped a lot of meals this week.
Not like I want to, but it's really no time to eat.
Quite pathetic right? At times my body also refuse to move like how it does.

And to you.
Everything is finally over!
Please rest well alrights!
I know I kept telling you that I felt so super helpless.
Sometimes I even think I'm a burden when I'm on the phone with you, cause I think you cannot concentrate. But you kept telling me if I never phone you, I think you'd have slept.
All I could do is watch you do your stuff.
And kept wishing I could xfer my energy to you.

But I'm happy for the whole AGM.
I'm happy at the door gift! We thought of bits and pieces of it together. Though you thought of most of it, but at least I'm happy I helped a bit.
After we thought of it at starbucks, immediately you went home and executed it! That means a lot!
Happy that I was the first you showed for director's gift also.
I'm happy to hear that you were very happy when designing my name card. And that you took very long to do it. And that you kept smiling!
And on the name card, there's two things that is a secret between us. =P
SUPER happy to be able to get the pamphlet done! The only job you asked me to do. I know about your "dont like to ask ppl to do work" And that you passed me the job means you trust me to do it. Quite an impossible task at first. But managed to execute it! And it was the first thing I wanted to show you when you woke up that day. I did it not for myself, but for you.
Was happy you slept that day cause I wanted it to be the first thing you see when you woke up.
And hearing that praise from you is really heartwarming.
Sharing one pathetic sleeping bag and frost our butts off.
Helping you with mini stuffs like printing poster and such was the only thing I could do for you. Though it's small, but at least it's something.

To the rest of the 13 main coms,
We all tried our best! Gambattee for upcoming events! =)

But first, I have to gambattee myself for TBC! T.T
But before TBC proposal, I have to gambatte for my DERV quiz! 20% shit!

AGM, a start for IITSC!
It won't stop here!

pieces of me @ 12:13 PM.
Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jia you weird mushroom with a ren bandana!!
Whine more! :D Cause it's cute! HAHA! :P
Cannot do anything but to listen to you whine! Can't do anything to help out.
The only thing I could help you is to contact your call list now. [which includes me! LOL!]

Today, your first whine! HAHA!
Just so happens I called you 5mins after something happened to you!
This is how qiao everything is!

pieces of me @ 11:37 PM.
Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm glad for all the surroundings.
I'm glad for all those stupid things people always try to tell me.
I'm glad for all those who tries to japadise things.
I'm glad for everyone who wanted to tiao bo li xin.

But I'm sad to tell you, it's not working!
I'm standing even stronger and firmer and more reassured than compared.

Sorry but your plan din't work.
Sorry but your motive din't work.
Sorry but you have to try harder to make it work.

Come and attack us!
I'm gonna tell you, we'll face you head on.

Don't try to act now. I know your next chess piece move.
It's nearing the end. And checkmates' every so near.
Every cunning moves are read and countered.
Of course, my piece isnt just a king or a queen.
It's a mixture of both!

Like I said, I won't regret. I've got many memories and pictures to remember the days by. At least I know we once had it even if it's gone.

At least I know our first ___ on 19th May.
At least I know our first ___ was on 31st May.
At least I know you _____ from 2nd to 8th June.
At least we ____ together on 9th June.
At least I know we watched ____ on 10th June.
At least on 15th June, you told me ___ ____ __.
At least I know the rolling and etc on 18th June.
At least I know we watched _____ octopus on 20th June.
At least you gave me the first ____ on 3rd July.
At least I know our first ____ on 5th July.
At least I know i did my best by _______ till 4am on7th July.
The most shocking thing happened on 13th July.

Of course there's more! In fact, everyday there should be one! hahah! Woops! Just that these are the few that I remembered la! I know I've always been trying to protect some people. Not wanting them to get hurt. So I kept all my posts, post somewhere else or never even post at all. But what if one day... [the thing we talked at the busstop?]

I know about the throwing away the _____ sometimes.
I sometimes just wished you were like ______ that could just openly hold on.
But it's okay! =) Tho it's quite pain at first. But at the back, you get accustomed to it!

Thanks for waking me up!
Thanks for worrying for me when I was the one worrying about you!
Thanks for everything!

pieces of me @ 1:22 AM.

Was sorting out pictures to put on desk today! Been sorting out for dam long!
From few thousands, to a few hundreds. Now to 300+ and now to 280+

So many pictures to post! So little time! But there is one picture that I LOVED a lot! =) We bothed looked dam happy together! HAHA! Not gonna post tho! But on my table it will be!! =) Seriously loving that picture. A candid shot taken by meiwei but we both just look so super happy la! =D

Today so happy! Bought my black pants! Subcom meeting a success!! Got a freshie named Ivor DAM CUTE!! Cause he walks pass me. Den I said a very mini "hi". Den he just walks pass. Den i told meiwei "Omg i dam sad" after that he just came to me and goes like "OMG SORRY SORRY!!" and we both started to continously, non stop, comboing saying sorry to each other. Meiwei witnessed the whole thing! HAHA! RETARDED! Is cute de.

Informal meeting was also filled with joy and laughters. So good to see everyone attend, with laughters and such. To see things moving.. To see all 15 of us present for the meeting. With most of us wearing the blue shirt. So heart warming!!!!

Happiest was when I got to see you again! :D And after that dinner, at busstop, on the way home. And putting phones down with your best friend that you hadn't contacted for dam long for someone you talk to every night.

Happiestest was the Ngoh ^(OO)^ TOOOOOOOOOOOT.
HEHH! You all prob don't know but you all don't need to know! =)

Today was so happy!
If everyday could be a blast!
Wait.... Everyday IS a blast!

pieces of me @ 1:13 AM.
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Talking to meiwei darling made me realise some stuffs.
I'm glad to have the mini time with her alone today!
Seldom I tell people my stuffs. But I'm glad I told her today! =D

It's been two days!
Absence makes the heart fonder.
Can really feel it! =P
Tml will be it! =))

n 5 5 1 v v 1
OUR Secret code! Bwah! xP

Oh baby I'm so sorry
I hope I din't do you wrong

pieces of me @ 11:57 PM.

I CRIED!!!!!

Not cause I'm emotional but cause I was watching this REALITY SHOW and the eliminated people and they cry so I just cry with them. HAHAHAHAHAH!

Thinking back, it's quite dumb!!! I bet most of you were like "omg what happened? Why you cried?" When you saw my first line right? :P

Anyway, watched Red Cliff yesterday. Makes me fall in love with history all over again! I just wanna go read the whole china history now! LOL!

Anyway, the movie seriously had some funny parts to it. ESP THE ONE PERSON HORSE ROPE THINGY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!

I know most of you will be like "huh what?" But if you watch it you will understand. DAM FUNNY!!

Red Cliff
I know... a bit

pieces of me @ 3:16 PM.

(),,,,*() /\___/\
( n_n ) (=^_^=)

[Doki and Nabi]

Our secret. =)
There she is!
The Rabbit that never gives up.
The Cat that em eye double ass the Rabbit

pieces of me @ 3:06 PM.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If there was a chance that things din't have to be so secretive.
If there was a chance that things could be open as can be.
If there was a chance that things are not as hard as before.
If there was a chance that things are not as tired as it could have been.

I'd wish to have that chance

But if given that chance again,
I'll gladly take this road again

pieces of me @ 1:41 AM.

It really hit me hard today during Derv lesson.
When Ms Marlinda was going through the teaching plan, and double checking with sharon our dates and such.
About how much work I had to do.
And how much work was actually done.

24th Jul- DERV Quiz 1
29th Jul- COTS Report Submission
29th Jul- CMSK Oral Presentation
5th Aug- COTS Quiz
11th Aug- DERV Presentation/Submission
12th Aug- BIS lab test
12th Aug- COTS project presentation
12th Aug- CMSK Brochur Submission
14th Aug- DERV Quiz2

Not to mention all proposals, subcom stuffs!
Faster end please! =((

So stressed and all. Esp with external stuffs on hand
But thankful, someone's always there. Really appreciate it!

pieces of me @ 12:20 AM.
Monday, July 14, 2008

What happened that day shall be a secret
A very long nap

pieces of me @ 12:50 AM.

6th June 08-FOI paper, 1st formal meeting

Things that have been keeping me awake throughout my whole week of study =P

So the last paper was FOI. I kinda felt that I screwed that paper up!! But oh well!! Waited outside for a ghost as usual till they all finally decided to go home! ROARS!

Me and sharon's bag!! =P Same colour, different pattern.

Was looking forward to meeting someone for icecream that day but that someone had to be sick! Still ask me to do personal get well card and hand it over to him at where he was which was his house. Tsk! But no, I stayed in school instead.

Talked outside with poseidon's people while waiting for the formal meeting to start. They all too scandalous le!! Tsk!

Get what I mean? Halfway Andy joined us! =P

The long awaited formal meeting time is going to be officially up. And we all went our way to meet them.

15 Main comms at ONE lift! YAY!

First formal went passed. After that, we all went to techno to eat cause ang tiong closed already i think. Veg ivan, nicSoon and meiwei darling waited for us that day! Omg! So late leh!

Slacked for quite a while before cabbing home with nicSoon and mel that day! =)

Papers ended that day
First formal ended!
But it's not the end, it's only the beginning

pieces of me @ 12:49 AM.
Sunday, July 13, 2008

5th June 2008- Lunch, Study, Bball, Dinner, Formal

Had BIS paper that day. After that, went to meet up with benyap meiwei atiqah chinsoon and andy cause BenYap had a cravin for opposite school's $1 chicken rice.


Surprisingly he's one that doesn't take 5 =P

Darling meiwei! Happy darling's day! =)

After heading for lunch, i went back to school library to meet up my classmate to study.

But after I came not long, many of them wanted to leave already! Sadded!

After that went to library to meet up with ZhenXiang and Marcus at lib too, lvl 3.

At opposite I saw RYAN AND SHAH! Woohooo! ESC!!!

After that I went back to find Xinneh Denver and JunHao and had our lovely pancake!!! =)) LOVES!

Xiang and Marc came to biz park to find me, after which we headed down to bball court together.

The dam cool thing was venos and iit was playing basketball together

The next dam cool thing was that, I was having paper the next day and yet I still went there! TSK.

After that was dinner with venos peeps at techno. See what that stupid long doing. haahah!

Tak glam dexter and stupid yuanlong :P

Saw someone at techno wearing black formal then. You look good in that tho =P Passed him back his cube and left back home after!! =D

I love yuanlong!
Literally, love him

pieces of me @ 1:04 AM.
Thursday, July 10, 2008

YAY! One more project down!
2139821309 more to go!
you can de!!

Mel you also can de!!
Next day submission, previous day still can go meeting!
Cause we are zai! WOO!

Projects make me feel happy!

pieces of me @ 1:13 PM.

';...;' RONALD WEE!! Next time got work to do, tell me all at one shot ma!! You ask me do analysis one day before submission. But it's okay la! 80 more words den complete le! =P

Cause I wanted to submit Portfolio. Den peagion hole too small. So I went to staff room to call him but he wasnt around. So I sms him to check where he is. So he says he's having a meeting, not in school.

So I left to go toilet with ber and check notice board. After that, I came back with a msg and a miss call. Both was Jerry ang. So this was what happened

*Calls Jerry Ang*
Jerry Ang: [note. I haven even said hello] Why you all must pass me portfolio one by one. You think I very free sit in the office just to wait for you all to collect portfolio from me ah? Blah Blah Blah [cannot remember]. Where you?
Me: In school.
Jerry Ang: [He continues] You all don't know how to hand in together one ah? blah blah blah. Where you?
Me: Ermm. In school?
Jerry Ang: No where are you?
Me: IIT school?
Jerry Ang: Hurry scramble up to 6 floor to pass me your book.
Me: Err. Orh.
Jerry Ang: *Hangs up*

HAHAHA! DAM RETARDED! When I heard I was like "woahh. JA first time so firce ah!"

Meeting yesterday was fun at the end. When only left the surviving few. Me, Ber, Mario, Marcu and Desmond. HAHA! DAM Fun and retarded I swear!! Not gonna post out tho. =P Lalala~~~

HEhhh! CJs again! =P
I miss Jack and Agi!!
& this is the time of my life

pieces of me @ 10:34 AM.
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

LOL! It's super funny to be always sleeping with the lappy on!
And see the amount of people chatting with ya!
And the time difference.

Like at 1.56am that person talked.
Then at 2.01am that person talked again.
Suddenly at 3.51am he talked again.

LOL! a lot already! Dam funny! =P
But sorry people! Don't stop talking to me because of that okay!
I still reply to ALL of you in the morning using offline msg!!!!
And it made me late for lesson! So be honoured!! =P

Sleeping conversations!
OMG! I so tired easily! LOL! Sleep moree!!

pieces of me @ 9:37 AM.

Yesterday was fun for the whole day!
I loved yesterday! =)

From lessons to agm to dexter's dinner to slacking at busstop to going back iit to find the rest to going to get a drink at concourse* to back home.

Whee! And I saw something I shouldn't have seen! Oops!

& the seventh thing I hate the most that you do.
You make me ^(OO)^ you

pieces of me @ 8:59 AM.
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh anyway, about the prev post, it's not like I was angry or sad that I had to blog something.

Instead, I feel super lucky thats why I should blog!!

I was doing the subcom recruitment thing. And I saw the name, and was thinking "EH! GOT PAPER MISSING!!" Den I was dam sad about it! After that, halfway, someone passed me that one last piece of paper. SO HAPPY! WOOO!!

And about later in the day, also super lucky. Shan't mention why but.. yea =)

Lucky lucky
The way you look at me.

pieces of me @ 8:21 AM.

Eeeee!! Got 2 people already say "if jolene is angry/sad, she'll blog about it"!!
I purposely DONT blog this time! =P LaLaaa~~

Omg!! Later is the deadliest lesson of all!! 3hours straight of COTS and BIS!! T.T
CMSK lesson later too! Funnn lesson. wooots!!

And the giro felt nice
When I bite, I'm okay!
Or is it I bite to be okay.... hmmm...

pieces of me @ 7:42 AM.
Monday, July 07, 2008

4th June 08- Study!!

Wah! Just when I said "I feel so naked without studying with xinneh", The next moment was an sms from her asking whether to study in school or not the prev night.

So I made my way to school and met a i.chef for lunch. To be exact, to see me eating lunch. Even folded my white paper to a paper crane!@#$

Met up wit Xinneh and Vale after that at the library! Actually they were sitting at my fav seat but some bugger just went to put their bag and just sat at that place! Oh well! Anyway, din't felt like i studied much tho :X

As I went outta my favourite cereal, it's always good to settle for second best. I went to buy the two most attractive cereal that I've never seen before. Not bad tho! =D Both are equally nice!

At night, I called some friend to have a chitchat for 30mins or so cause he was ever so bored! Called till his phone cui-ed away!

And I was so shocked that day
The MSNs, and what you said

pieces of me @ 3:48 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

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