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Monday, June 30, 2008

Design's AGM.

So design maincom! I HOPE YOU'RE LOOKING!!
Please dress well for our AGM !! =PpP.

I wore the stupidunwalkableungodlyablehells for all of you!! =P
And dam proud! I look glam for that time! HAHAHA!!

The night of Vegas
vs. Mafioso!

pieces of me @ 10:17 AM.

Was out with Atiqah Meiwei Marcus and Mario.
Before that I went to school there.
Someone dabaoed 2Kaya waffle, 1 mango and 1 passion fruit bubble tea.
Bused 23 to bugis to meet the rest of them there.

HEH! Act blur live longer!!
I know I could count on yah.
And trust in yah.
Dont worry about the waitings.
Cause I'm not! =)
Lei ^(OO)^ Ngoh
but Ngoh ^(OO)^ Lei too! =))

pieces of me @ 1:49 AM.
Saturday, June 28, 2008

YTD was not bad! In fact, everyday was not bad :P
Thanks for sending once again. LOL.

Overnighting was fun also!! Tho I was the first to sleep and last to wake up! OOPS!!

Da de de dum da de dum da de dum da de da de da de dum da de dum dum dum
I really love the Chen Jis. =)
Both from you and I

pieces of me @ 5:55 PM.
Friday, June 27, 2008

Continuous amounts of telepathy!
Continuous amounts of stealing each other line before we speak!
I know what you want to say before u speak! And vise versa!
I guess we know each other too well?
Either that or we're just dam qiao!!
Fated right? :P

+ Random chenjis!! TSK!

I drop a pencil on the floor
Hello Hello. I'm linsys Lohan!
I'm not your gf. I'm your wife!

pieces of me @ 11:42 AM.

29th May 2008- Swenson! Last day of election

HEHH! See my long nails? I cut it dam short just for guitar! Who cares if I dont look feminine? I just wanna play my guitarrr~

Anyway, went mensa to eat C183's FAVOURITE combo!! Burger [of any choice, fish preferred] with egg and soup! HAHA!! Dam retarded but we love eating that! [As you can see]

Last day of elections that day. Due to some childish people tearing down/destroying everyone's poster, we decided to take it down that day, a few of the posters pictures. Now then I realise, ALL of it was beside someone :P But not gonna post all.

After lessons, went with my class to TM to eat our swenson's icecream! It was having this crazy one for one deal la!! Coupon was printed at soshiok.com. And INDEED!! It was so super shiok!!

The popular demand, the cookie submit! :D

Sharon with her banana spilt :D

There's also waffle etc etc! Lazy to take everyones!!

And tadaa!! MINE!! Nutty something!! It consist of 3 flavours! Machademia nut, mocha and peanut! :D Dam nice the machademia nut!

Me with my icecream! :D

After that, rushed back to school by bus to help them remove the posters! :D That's when I saw the super undecisive clouds!

One final look at the concourse full of pictures and posters!

Taking down posters was fun fun funn :D After that I think we all went opposite school to have dinner? I'm not sure!! But SHOULD be :D

Posters Posters!! So fun!! Esp doing it together!!
From putting up till tearing down!

pieces of me @ 2:03 AM.
Thursday, June 26, 2008

Omg!! The bed kept calling my name throughout the whole time while I was doing my work!! It had reception at 12!! But I slept till 1.30 before waking up to certain sms.

Glad to receive that sms tho.
I understand how you feel.
Glad you said out everything. Esp the part you removed from your SMS.
Feeling so much better. Esp when you reassured me once more.
I trust we both know what we're doing.

To be trusted, its a greater compliment than being loved.

And of course we would still eat icecream together. You silly silly boy
Not only icecream, but dou jiang you tiao, mango milk, almond with glutinous rice ball, etc etc!!
The Chen Ji-ing, the pinching, the biting etc etc!!
The stupid song make and stupid hand actions. "Viva la vida", "Like a rose"
Just all the stupid things.
Not only icecream okay.

pieces of me @ 9:58 AM.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't say stuffs to people.
That you don't want them to say to you.


Tml Cash submission and 20% test! AFter that, left one presentation and it's BYEBYE CASH!!


pieces of me @ 11:25 PM.

Hmmm. Should I chu stun?
I only scared I don't know how to go.
Or late for school....

But.. Aiya, heck it! =P
I know you need me more right now!

pieces of me @ 8:39 AM.

No, you don't know what it means.

You think you know it all.
But you really don't know anything at all.

How much of things said are true?
How much of things said remains untold.
How much of uncertainties amongst everyone.
Couldn't you just clear everything to prevent more hurt?
I'm already doing my part, why aren't you?

Last voice that I listen to every night.
Starts with a smile. Ends with a frown.

pieces of me @ 3:11 AM.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From a song full of meaning.
Till an empty song.

If you were to play the same tune.
It'll just be a melody and only a melody.

Learn to take a precaution step.
That's what I've learned everytime.

I thought I was right.
But you proved me to be wrong time and again

pieces of me @ 1:06 AM.
Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey! Wanna share this video with all of you :P

When I saw this video, the first thing I remembered was the cartoon video that Mario showed me the other time, with the drawings and humans in it!! And weird flying stuffs.

Anyway, this GUY's voice is gosu!! You just play the vid and look away, you would think it's a girl's voice! Plus the guy look a bit like butch! HAHA! And and !!! The people there super talented!! Got all sortsa guitar and such! Got violin all those also! Zai!!

This song is nice ! :D:D
AHEM! *hint hint* blink blink *


pieces of me @ 12:06 PM.

Super super disgusted with SOME actions! =T

I really don't know whats in anyone's mind right now. All I want to do is do my job well as a classmate, a friend, a committee member, a senior, a sister, a daughter and someone's LAA.

But no la, won't make it affecting me! I got like 1000 happiness to the ratio of 1 sadness :P There's so many things to look forward to in life! HAHA!

SOJOLENE! Faster chiong your CASH report!! 1 and half more months to go!! You only need to read thru like 20 more reports only! GOGOGO!!
After that have to do the manpower allocation for recruitment!!
After that have to help clear board!!
Go for meeting and head home to prepare for presentation!!

Look forward to life
Thats the LEAST you could do.

pieces of me @ 10:17 AM.

Tell me tell me!
How does it feels when someone who RARELY wakes up early, who doesn't have to wake up early, especially when he's got no school on that day, wakes up early so that he could morning call ya cause you've got proj to chiong?


Tho you should do this cause I spent 2hours OTP with ya =X [haha! making it sounds like its your fault], but it is all so touching!! =)

You told me she wasn't appreciative, but I am okay!! I really am!! And you know it! =P Esp that i'm "MORE" bossy! HAHA! =PpP

Shan't waste your morning call and make use this time to the max! So I could help ya out later!! =P

Anyway people, SUBCOM POSTER!

Doki & Nabi, Step 1 & 2 & 3
Conee & Popp!
They shall be Step 4,5,6,7,...... infinity!

pieces of me @ 8:58 AM.
Sunday, June 22, 2008

AHH! I'm going nuts! So many projs to do!! T_T

I dowan to do le!!

pieces of me @ 7:32 PM.

Wahah! Today from super busy till suddenly not busy!

Actually had to go for Mic's bday at 2 at somerset, and had proj meeting at 2 at suntec! And at night had to rush off to Ophix's bbq!! Suddenly both at 2 are cancelled!! WOOTS! Now have to rush Cash proj and can head for Ophix'x bbq! :D

It is love
From the first time I pressed my hands into yours
Thinking oh, is it love?

pieces of me @ 1:29 PM.

X: "Hey! Let's give this a name!"

Little actions
That means a great deal of things to me!

pieces of me @ 1:15 PM.

Back from camp! :D

Grouping together, eating together, having drinks together.
Spotting mistakes at memos!
Night gazing, watching octopus float by with a can of soy bean and sleeping bag.
Thumb wrestling in the middle of the night.
Sleeping in lectures.
Stupid drawings all over. Body, papers, balloons.
Fierce Conee and Friendly Popp.
Singing stupid songs. With stupid hand actions1 by 1, rah rah!"
Sleeping in clubroom.
The kiss that rebounded from the lift at 6th floor.
The senseless talks.

The stupid times
It could have been the worst camp ever!!
But cause of you and everyone else, it wasnt! =)

pieces of me @ 10:13 AM.
Saturday, June 21, 2008

So regretted eating lunch at 3+4+pm just now!! Both of us were too full to eat our dinner after that lah. LOL!

Omg briefing/training/whatever was so fun just now! Esp when we splitted into our respective positions! Asst President with Secretary, President with Treasury and Quatermaster. The rest of us were together.

At the first event, we splitted into grps of two people. Both of us dam zai pls! He is like indemn king and I like budget queen. Pawn the rest of them! Bwahaha!! =P Everyone so stun when I pointed out the food thing. Everyone was like "EH! Not bad ah!" haha! :D

After that was splitted into different groups. So fun also! Think of stupi ideas! Me and Mario with other retarded and fun people! :D Design: Amos and Mallory, Biz: LinYu and May, Engine: Din and forget, TPSU: Zin, CSC: Sharmaine, SC: Shah, the rest forgotten :x

Final debrief and was off to oppo sch for supper :D Yade Yade, did some things and went back. Bathed with Kat and Ber and went back clubroom.

Chilled a while before heading to GET room together and sat at my fav spot! =P

Now at clubroom with one person! :X That idiot luh. Want watch show den make me stay! HAHA! Oh well!!!!

It's as simple as that
All of it's true

pieces of me @ 1:44 AM.
Friday, June 20, 2008

Going for a two days camp!

And so late! Was meeting someone 1.30 for lunch but it's already 3pm and i'm still at home! BYE!

Dont miss me ya?

pieces of me @ 3:11 PM.

LOL! Someone let me hear this song.

Baby, it's fact
That our love is true
The way black is black
And blue is just blue

pieces of me @ 3:01 PM.

On the bright side, I shall summarise some stuffs.

1) Anderson's IceCream.
2) 3rd Home
3) Had fun in KSB.
4) G-ing and Youtubing.
5) Papaya Smell!
6) Dinner! Rice, Curry, Egg, Vege, YOGHURT!
7) Agi and the other Meows.
8) Movied.
9) HeartlandMall-ed and got scamed.

No hot, No red, Just pure feverish temperate okay!! =P
But okay, at least it seems like you DID care the prev morning! :D


First and last?
You decide! :D
But I know you sure don't want it to be the last!

pieces of me @ 1:59 AM.

Thanks for showing me that he betrayed me.
Thanks for pretending to be kind.
Thanks for giving me this shit i'm in.
Thanks for trying to get rid of me with _________ so your dear ones wont get hurt.

But you should know that what you did wasn't only seen by one person.
I think you know that.

But sorry, you'd have to try harder.
It's not gonna work on me anymore.
Cause I know, he's there for me. =)
Not I think or thought, but i K-N-O-W.

pieces of me @ 1:57 AM.
Monday, June 16, 2008

28th June 08- Sandwich day

Went school that day for lectures. First thing MeiWei walked in, she passed me a sandwich that she made for me, benben and Atiqah! omg can! !Love you lots!!!!

Tsk! Come late that day!! :x

After that, when change lecture, we went to itas to meet benben and eat the sandwich together LOL! The sandwich was dam nice I swear!! Reallly dammmm nice! :P

Tak glam :P

So was having lesson den break again. I went to find benben at concourse and we slack a while before heading to biz park to find space. After that Atiqah and MeiWei came with this random tortise that Marcus gave Atiqah the prev day. LOL! Benben look so in love with the toy! =P

And we all ate cutlet rice!! [i think] hmmm.

Tried to post but fail :P

And this girl!! Msg msg only !! =X

BenBen!! Super duper blur face!

YAY! BenBen's file! :D

So went back lessons and everything. After lessons ended, I met my IIT people yet again! hahaha! [SEE MEIWEI TRY TO POST FOR PIC AGAIN!!! hahahaha!!!!]

I rmb after that only left with Dessie Ting Marcus Kat Me Xiang. So we headed over to cheers to buy drinks and tibits :D *AHEM* The two infront!! Jiu Qing Fu Ran ah!! LOL! jkjk la.

I still rmb I saw my friend. Then I just gave my friend eat ONE chip! Den marcus niao niao niao me a lot! EEE! Jian de lor!! hahah!! Den don't let me eat!! JIANS!

Anyway, waited for ONE guy till after 9pm before heading over to opposite school to eat.

This is me and Marcus's friendship band. LOL!! I was so bored that I went to do stupid stuffs la!!

After that we even say a very stupid thing. Like "EH! We both dont take out!! Den see who can last till Isabelle's birthday party tml!!" HAHAHA!! Dam retarded!!

Our limited edition Polka Green Tea friendshipband!
It's nice! It's plasticy!! It's GREEN!

pieces of me @ 9:24 AM.
Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thanks carebear soon for finding this for me.

News Part I, 12June:

News Part II, 15June:

For memory sake.

pieces of me @ 11:45 PM.
Saturday, June 14, 2008

27th June 08- Accuracy of death

Cabbed to school that day cause was late and had to hand in assignment! =X 1st few lessons were CMSK. after that at 11am to 12pm it was break. Din't meet paper to eat that tues. =( Anyway, I ate dory! Yummm :D *ahem des* =P

My bunch of GIRL classmates super nice can! After eating at mensa they immediately went to do the voting. Haha. =) muackss.

After that, had a horrible lesson of BIS and COTS lab in a row!! 6hours! Ahh!! T.T I swear BIS is so freaking boring!! COTS was alright tho.

Larry called me after that to ask me accompany him. But I told him I meeting someone else. In the end he joined us. LOL! So me Desmond and Kat went to flavours to chit chat a bit. See me and Kat chiong-ed all the tibits. LOL! Dam nice can!! Halfway FY came and left with Larry. Then Mario came. So we went to clubroom to slack a while.

After a while, we decided to head to TM to catch a movie.

And the movie was Accuracy of Death.

The movie was alright. It's the kind of think a lot movie. Starting you might not get it. But when you get it, it's nice luh! =P My blog's song is from Accuracy of Death, "Sunny Day". If you watched the movie, you will think that this song is full of meaning =)

Guys just came smile properly! Tsk.

Accuracy of Death
To 'proceed'? Or not to 'proceed'?

pieces of me @ 1:27 PM.

Grow game is super fun i swear!!
Try it =) These are the two recent ones that I played.



Also another rather addictive game. The bigger the fish, the more shiok you feel :D


pieces of me @ 1:01 PM.
Friday, June 13, 2008

Seriously I don't believe in horoscopes. But sometimes, you can't help it to say "omg. It's so true" right?

I'll provide the fuel if you provide the spark

pieces of me @ 12:04 PM.

Omg. Suddenly I think Eugene going in tml. Like very sad. Esp this.

+`__jolene * // P.F.L º*° Shittts. This shows how vulnerable life is. °*º
reality check- ㋡ says:
+`__jolene * // P.F.L º*° Shittts. This shows
how vulnerable life is. °*º reality check- ㋡ says:
?K?O?? Fanz act
blur. live longer Was training tougher or did we became weaker ? says:
?K?O?? Fanz act blur. live longer Was training tougher or did we
became weaker ? says:
?K?O?? Fanz act blur. live longer Was training
tougher or did we became weaker ? says:
u tc of urself ok

The part about the "you tc of urself ok" made me teared la. Omg. =(((( Saddeeeed!!

You then take care of yourself la.

pieces of me @ 2:06 AM.

26th May 2008- putting of posters day!

Went to school early in the morning at 8am to meet Brandon and Desmond to print posters in lab. Me and Desmond went early to help Brandon out! He's the pride of IIT school man!

So after that, Kat came to school and after we helped Brandon with the posters, we went to do ours as well. We went to print and went to get the posters chopped. There I made friends with Benny Ho. LOL! He dam cute I swear!

Managed to find some board and made a big board to put 4 A3 pictures together, with the help of meiwei. [btw, whole day I dint have any lessons.]

After everything, I went up to put the posters! SEE ME! :D

BenBen suddenly dam sad la. Cause of SOMETHING. So I tried to cheer him up and bought Nacho Cheese :D He loves cheese ma! So do I. :P 1st thing he saw it, he smiled la! Very worth it the smile!

Afer that, saw Larry and his classmates. Were talking to them a few. This was where the SiangFong attacked them! And the keith dam funny! He counter attack her. But she suddenly turn to offense mode and attacked them back! I laughed till I fell down can! HAH

After that, when at concourse, Brandon asked me to acc him for lunch. So I went. My honour okay! Mr President ask me out for lunch. LOL! And he ate my most healthy and favourite dish in ITAS, Yong Tau Hu!! :D

Halfway benben joined us.

Dont you think IIT suddenly got the election feel? Few days back it was quite empty!

Mr TPSU President looking at Ms IITSC President poster :P



Ber's overwhelming posters. LOL!

The sides of the posters full of Brandon and cjks.

Beyond that, empty. LOL!

At then, Atiqah came and she helped to design Andy, Kangyan, Chinsoon, Benben etc poster. With help from Mario. They rushed thru and had to run and print and run to SAA to print la! I went to tu the printing shop while Mario went to tu the SAA side. Halfway when Atiqah and Meiwei printing for the rest, I went to SAA to tu time also. But halfway they caught up. So they passed the posters to me and I ran all the way to SAA to chop them! YAY! At there BennyHo was like "omg!! you again!!!!" And we talked a bit. HAHA!

Went back to do all the posters again!

I dam proud of myself! I did all these posters, with the help of my dancing partner :D YAY!! Dam cute right! It's going down de. hahaha!

Plus one from Kat! She did this herself! :D

Cob and Mario trying to make a super nice falling down poster :D

Hardworking Cob

Plus a blur Mario

The more and more Election hweeling.

Hehhh? Suddenly I cjked for the poster making :D


Halfway, even Atiqah gave a helping hand!

Back view of master piece!

One RANDOM Ber pic.

And taaaadaaaaa!! Our completed falling down poster work! :D

Our nice work hanging at the AS side! Nice right :P

WOOOOOOO! Super proud of it pls! :D

Went back to clubroom to catch a breather for a while! And picked up the guitar and managed to learn twinkle twinkle ON MY OWN! hahaha!

Meiwei Takglam!! LOL!

Anyway, din't join them for dinner that day cause had to rush home to rush CMSK. Hopefully my CMSK din't screw up! :P

Poster day!!
Had lots of fun together =)))

pieces of me @ 1:47 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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